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Because I Live in the US 35

Because I Live in the US 35

Chapter 35 – Investment Travel

“Why is this happening?”

Sora, completely awake, looks around with a puzzled expression.
A sight that cannot be comprehended by common sense.

‘Why a fine mountain?’

Dead mountain.
An empty plain with nothing.
If that’s the case, you might be able to develop it.

But now this is one of the most beautiful areas in Korea.
The natural environment has been preserved intact.

“Why are you here?”
“That’s because this place has good amount of sunlight. It’s a typical grain belt. Did you doze off during social work time?”
“No, of course I know that…”

I don’t know, but he studied more than I did, and he would have done well.
I don’t know anything.

‘No, I’m just turning my eyes away.’

Modern society has high access to information.
Anyone can browse the White House materials if they want to.

So-called organs.
It may be a little later than professional investment companies, but there is almost no qualitative difference.

However, there is a big difference in information power.
The reason is that there is really nothing special about it.

“Are you pushing a decent mountain?”
“If you are active in national projects, some side effects follow.”

Government policy.
It is a business in which large amounts of money are most actively invested.
An astronomical amount of money is supplied to the market at once.

‘It would be great if it was used in the right place and in the right place.’

Private companies take a long-term review of their business.
However, the government has a term of office of five years, and within that time, results must be produced.

Where is the sunniest place?
Large-scale solar panels are being installed not only here, but also in Gyeongsang-do and Gangwon-do, all over the country.

“This is what happens when you ignore business and focus on producing results.”

“Isn’t that enough to ignore?”
“It seems like it was before the end…”

A sight that destroyed nature for nature’s sake.
The government wouldn’t have wanted this either.

There are people who pay money, and there are people who do it.
That’s why my hands and feet don’t fit.

‘Originally like that.’

It happens every time there is a change of government.
It’s not just this administration that did something particularly stupid.

The important thing is the investment point of view.
How to connect to revenue when these events happen.

“If you do research in advance and invest, you can make money.”
“Is that… A legitimate profit?”
“Honestly, it’s like picking up taxes thrown away on the ground.”

In fact, I knew in the past too.
The only difference is that I bet bigger with confidence.

‘It’s a difficult reality to accept.’

Environmentally friendly, of course.
To slow global warming and preserve the precious natural environment.

It’s hard to believe that they would push it so recklessly.
I can understand Sora’s words.

“That’s an investor. It’s a job that thinks differently from others.”
“Isn’t it morally right?”
“I don’t think so.”

Some may define it as good or evil.
Or they may attack with political prejudice.

‘I don’t know.’

That’s what people think.
The same goes for criticizing the policy as ineffective.

Investors hoard money when they are wasting their energy.
That’s it.

“The ability to look at any information objectively is important. Algan?”

Investor common sense.
The process of becoming your way of thinking is your growth as an investor.
Still too young.

‘Suddenly I made a lot of money.’

Earned eye-popping profits.
A small success at a young age can sometimes be poison.

So I forcibly took care of the realization.
I know it can be a bit of a shock.

Tuck, tuck

‘It looks like a lot of shock.’

There is no talking all the way down the mountain.
Incongruously, he is bowing his head.

Even the sun is beginning to set, and it is dark.
The atmosphere of the destination has also died a lot.

“Shall we go back?”
“Is it so?”

It doesn’t seem like the day I hit a home run.
I’m sorry, but I have to promise the following.

‘What is it?’

I am satisfied because I did a lot of delicious things and sexual harassment.

* * *

Yeouido stock market.
It can be said that it is the heart of Korean finance.
However, the blood flowing here is not clean.

“Lee Dae-ri!”
“Ah… Is that you?”
“How’s your performance these days?”
“It’s always the same.”

Lee Deok-soo, a trader at Ant Investment & Securities, looks back.
You can always see the smirking face of the motive for joining the company.

‘Even something like that…… , It’s better to be there.’

All other motives are recommended to resign.
Trader is a profession with a very short life expectancy.

“It shouldn’t always be the same.”
“What should I do? My stomach is fucking right.”
“That’s right.”
“You bastards, really… Do you play games like fucks?”

In an idiomatic sense.
Work stress is no joke.
If you make one mistake, a billion units evaporate.

‘Then I’m going to follow the motives who left first.’

It is a burden that ordinary people cannot bear.
It’s not something that can be done no matter how determined you are or how much experience you accumulate.

Tobacco is a must, not an option.
When I have a moment, I feel like I need to inhale smoke to breathe.

“When did you not fuck?”
“It’s especially like shit these days. The direction is stable and it’s shaking up and down, but if you take the opposite position for no reason and get liquidated at the expiration of the option, I have to go and run.”

It is different from the world ants see.
The stock market is a pandemonium the more you know.

‘Young ants will think that stocks are everything in the world.’

Futures, Options, Currency.
There are only a couple of things to be concerned about.
In such a derivative market, the corruption of foreigners is enormous.

It dominates not only Korea but also the US, Japan, China and Australia.
I use all kinds of methods to fake it.

“Let’s sell our worries.”
“It’s annoying.”
“If you’re having a hard time, you can rip off the ants.”
“Is it?”

Can’t help but lose money
Financial advanced countries.
Korea, which is behind in careers and funds, is always losing money to foreigners.

But there are ways to make up for it.
Just as a middle school student robbed by a high school student targets an elementary school student, an institution that has lost money to foreigners targets the pockets of ants.

‘I can’t help it when my condition is bad. I have to go after the fire ants and rip them off.’

Sloped playground.
It is unilaterally advantageous for securities companies.
Except for short selling, it is not one or two.

“Do you have some these days? Give me some if you have.”
“With your bare mouth?”
“I’m not bare-mouthed. I have morals.”
“That’s fine. Actually, I was going to use this, but I like the feeling of a gift these days.”

There are also illegal ones.
What do ants do
What stocks are bought at how much and how much are sold are recorded in real time.

As a customer of a securities company, it is natural.
In principle, it should not be leaked, but using it secretly is a secret that only ants do not know.

‘Is that bastard a really good fire ant to say such a thing?’

It is set by default in the program.
In a rising market, the ants take the stock, and in a falling market, they pass it on to the ants.

And that’s not all.
A very rare ‘real’.
Search for ants who are amazingly good at stocks.

“This guy’s Sid was originally 500,000 won.”
“500,000 won? Are you kidding me?”
“I listen to the Korean language to the end. But do you know how it was called?”

Just as there are tajja in gamblers, there are similar guys in the stock world.
The feeling is insanely good.

Or a string.
There are also cases where insider information is used to generate huge profits in a short period of time.

‘Well, if the seed is 500,000 won…….’

If you follow such guys intensively, it’s easy to make a profit.
Buy first, sell first.

So I was looking forward to it.
If it’s a really good guy, it’ll shoot a big chin.
But no matter how well you do, if Sid is like that.

“200 million.”
“200 million. So it’s multiplied by 400.”
“In how many years?”
“How many years? Three months, you bastard.”

Three fingers.
Deok-soo’s thoughts stop for a moment.
It’s because common sense doesn’t make any sense.

‘Even if I had a full-time job, I would barely be able to eat twice as much in a month!’

It’s a problem even if you say you ate twice.
Eating twice as much for three months in a row, and even if it is called compound interest, the limit is 8 times.

In practice, there is a chance you will lose.
It’s not strange to kick a can, let alone a double.
It is only a theoretically possible number.

“Aren’t you looking for loopholes like in the ELW incident?”
“When will that be blocked?”
“No, there’s no guarantee that something similar won’t explode.”

It’s hard to admit.
Someone with that ability.
A trader is a job where ability pays off soon.

It goes without saying that he is a better person than he is.
There’s no way that’s just the subject of an ant investor.

‘Isn’t it exploiting a program trading loophole?’

There is a guessing part.
Modern stocks are divided into what humans do and what programs do.

The latter sometimes causes problems.
Because it only moves according to the set settings.

“If something like that explodes again, it’ll be a mess. At least the director’s level will fly away?”
“There are sneaky little ants.”

There are times when you periodically make mistakes in the same pattern.
There was an incident where profit was made by aiming for that point.

ELW LP loophole trading.
Due to the incident that occurred in 2012, there are many ants sitting on a money cushion.

‘Anything like that would be possible.’

400 times your skill?
5 years of trading experience.
It is a ratio that even he, who has been in the finance industry for 10 years, has never heard of.

“It’s not unreasonable to think like that, but…”
“First of all, it’s a stock trade. Since it was a circular sale, it doesn’t seem like you used insider information. You have to lose money to make a profit, so why don’t you take a look?”

Of course, the world is wide.
There is nothing to wonder about 400 times in stocks when there are people who hit the lottery and people who hit 777 in casinos.

There might be one person who is very, very, very lucky.
How many times did each stock you buy go up?

Tak, Tak!

Deok-soo looks at the transaction record of the ant.
The more I look at it, the more I have no choice but to stick out my tongue.

‘I went up several times…….’

What matters is the detail.
The skill of catching a low point is not an ordinary bet.
It follows the movement of forces and catches the timing to shoot.

It’s a shame to check it with the trading records.
If you watched it in real time, you wouldn’t even know what the hell you were doing.


Sense of defeat.
Cheers at the same time.
If you use fire ants like this, you can make a big profit.

‘Even if you fly and crawl, you’re still an ant.’

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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