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Because I Live in the US 36

Because I Live in the US 36

Chapter 36 – Equity Community

Revenue for the last 3 months.

『Deposit and Withdrawal Passbook』
Account Balance: KRW 200,006,974

The number of digits is slightly different.
The days when 500,000 won was everything are now a thing of the past.

‘Because I have to manage risks.’

More revenue.
There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.
That is if you take a little more risk.

This is common in derivative markets such as futures and options.
Even tens of thousands of times the profits come and go in just 5 minutes.

I couldn’t do it because the cost of living right now was tight.
No, I had no intention of doing it in the first place.

‘There’s no need to do that.’

Touching big money and retiring is not my goal in life.
Try again

Wall Street.
The world’s financial center.
That’s where I should be

To do that, there is something absolutely necessary.
I’m thinking of making a legend of investment step by step.

─I was attacked by the enemy!

Recent transaction.
It doesn’t yield very good results.
Although it’s an investment that can’t always go well.

‘Did he come as expected?’

A little bit different.
It’s not that my judgment is wrong, or that the forces are robbing ants.

There is a third party.
Someone who is interfering with the stock I’m in.

‘There is such a ghost story.’

It is a famous story among stock investors.
Individual accounts are being monitored.

– Shit, is this just me?
If you put a loss cut
Like a ghost, I even filmed my loss cut and bounced back
It’s not just once or twice, I’m so fucking suspicious

└Did you not know?
└ㅇㅇ Therefore, it must be sold at the market price
└Overview Bastards, let’s all know where the ants walked
└ The Financial Services Commission is also one team, so I can’t catch ithaha

And it’s true.
When not, there is no smoke in the chimney.

‘Well, it’s a story with no secrets.’

Some of them have even been published as books.
From Jack Schwager’s book, Market Wizards.

Wow, that individual trader is so damn good!
Would you like to work for our securities firm?

This is an episode where the customer’s account was monitored and even scouted.
It happened on Wall Street.

If it doesn’t happen in Korea, that’s even weirder.
If there is one thing different.

‘These bastards are taking advantage of it.’

It’s just surveillance, nothing more happens.
It’s a big deal legally.

South Korea has too many people at the top of the law.
Institutions, pension funds, and the Financial Services Commission are all in one.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Double Kill!

It’s like a gambling den.
If a customer makes too much money, a high-level dealer is attached.

To make you lose money.
A similar practice exists in the Korean stock market.

‘That’s why it’s difficult to earn even if you have the ability.’

It is said that there are unspeakable circumstances for self-proclaimed super ants to make YouTube profits and book sales without making money from stocks.
Sloped playground.

Structurally, ants cannot earn money.
Even those who pierce the needle are taken away.

─Sell order has been executed!

Being good at stocks in Korea is not just a blessing.
Glad to know that fact.

‘Pushing with pride.’

Oh why not
Like a gambler who lost money, she will continue until her daughter.

Hit a rock with an egg.
Seed units differ by at least two digits.
It is impossible for an ant to defeat an organ.

Kicks cans despite having skills.
The person who did that is widely spread in the stock market.

Tak, Tak!

Because it is such a market, there are also opportunities.
Many frustrated ants want an idol.

‘If it doesn’t work for the dog owner who went all-in on credit.’

Stop using other strategies.
It’s time to show off my real talent.

* * *

Bright sunlight coming through the window.
It collided with her long, glossy black hair and shattered it.

A landscape like a painting is created.
The culprit doesn’t even care.


The immediate concern is urgent.
Sora has a firm goal of becoming a trader.

Why did you enter Korea University’s Department of Economics?
If you study hard, you will be able to achieve your dream.

《You just have to get into a good college and graduate with good grades!》

That’s what my dad said too.
So-ra is proud of her father, who serves as a director of a stock company.

‘Can it really be like that?’

She experienced the reality that it was not.
A world that cannot be explained by common sense spreads out.

The vague expectation that you can learn by studying at school has completely disappeared.
What should I do?

‘I’ve been talking about doing it for a while.’

The one Sora relied on was her senior at school.
Weird senior.
Crazy guy

At first, it was an object of hatred.
But the more you know, the more you think about it.

‘What are you trying to learn here?’

It was because he really didn’t know that his senior was ignoring him.
She made mock investments and was only full of confidence.

I realized while doing real stocks.
The world is wide, and there are many things to know.
That’s why she bowed her pride and asked for advice.

The senior said
There, she says, she’ll find the answers she’s looking for.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─ Nara Shimai is a babyhaha
─You still don’t buy a bus? Is it a view?
─I will never buy Korean stocks again.

Psychopaths found a lot.
No matter how you look at it, it’s not a normal community.

‘Why are you laughing when stock prices are falling?’

I’ve heard it by rumor.
It’s a strange site that you should never do.

100% consistent with preconceived notions.
It’s hard to see that it was written by a normal person.

─I will never buy Korean stocks again.
Help me, this new kidhaha

└ Dare to buy Korean stocks?
└Season 14124 Shimai Narahaha
└ Chewscam stock market investor is dying Q
└ E~~~Hangang or ~~~Galkkwa~~~~~~~~~~~

To the point of dizziness.
The expressions used are vulgar, and the story is not sympathetic.

‘It’s a Korean stock gallery. What does it mean not to buy Korean stocks?’

There are plenty of kids like seniors.
There is nothing to learn from this place.

Tak, Tak!

Having concluded that, Sora finds another way.
A place you usually see.

[Item discussion room− Donghae Steel]
─Are you buying steel crazy?
─I’m bitten on the 15th floor, can I escape?
─Dog garbage company that only unloads for 3 months
─Are you whining here that you still haven’t sold it? Lol

And stocks traded.
Naver has a discussion room like this for each stock.

It’s good to get information because it only talks about the stock.
So sometimes I see it.

‘As expected, everyone is crying.’

The atmosphere is different from before.
Because the stock price is going down all the time.

A plunge of over 30%.
Shareholders are crying as there is no sign of a rebound.

─Are you whining here that you still haven’t sold it? Lol
It’s the stock you chose, so what?
I should be evil
Hyung will be holding his mouth on the 8th floor
Good luck

└ Tear your mouth open!!
└ Hey, doesn’t your boss give you a part-time job? Can I pay for a drink, bro? The market isn’t open on the weekend, so I should take a break with a drink^^
└ The 8th floor doesn’t come before your memorial day
└ I’m really afraid to go there.

There are mudfish everywhere.
Sora frowns as she reads the malicious comments.

‘Would you like to do that to people suffering from bites?’

I know this because I traded stocks myself.
The feeling of being bitten is hard to describe.

You’re giving medicine to people who are already having a hard time.
I feel like I want to get angry on his behalf.


If it wasn’t for Chan-wook, he might have been in the same situation.
Sora sweeps her chest.

‘Yes, I can’t help it.’

Stock investment.
It’s a common topic of conversation lately.
Not one or two people do it even if it’s only with friends around them.

But, surprisingly, there are no ‘people in the know’.
Sora, who she thought she knew, felt keenly after experiencing various things recently.

A frog in a well
Stocks are not in textbooks.
The knowledge learned in school does not advance.


I go to Chan-wook’s house once again.
Dad always says no, so he has no one else to ask.

‘Isn’t it coming out?’

Door that doesn’t open.
But it’s not the first time she’s experienced it.
The doorknob that I tried and turned.


Sora cautiously goes inside.
It was because I confirmed that Chan-wook was there.

Tap, tap, tap!

She doesn’t even know she came in, only banging on her keyboard.
Procrastinate with the constant typing sound.

‘Are you writing anything?’

I am concentrating.
I don’t want to disturb.
But I want to know what you’re doing.

Sora sneaks up behind Chan-wook.
I looked at the monitor screen over her head.

『Writing in progress』
Shit, tell me to sell it, I won’t do ithaha
My brother said he went up to the 8th floor, but is there any black beef that has been bitten?

“If you’re like me…”
“What are you doing!”
“Oh, what a surprise!”

I’m writing bad comments.
When I checked the ID, he was the same person as the author of the article he was angry with earlier.

“Are you leaving bad comments right now? In the event discussion room?”
“What are you? When did you come?”
“No, that’s… Aside from that.”

After all, that’s the way it is, but it doesn’t matter now.

Chan-wook’s actions are absurd.
You’re making fun of shareholders who are having a hard time getting bitten.

‘I thought it was a dog class from the beginning.’

The only thing I acknowledged was my skill.
No matter how bad it is, it’s a different thing to go around messing around like this.

“You can’t see it? You’re investing.”
“Too… Are you sleeping?”
“Yes, it is the work of driving iron nails into the hearts of Donghae Steel investors one by one.”

It wasn’t the way people think.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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