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Because I Live in the US 28

Because I Live in the US 28

Chapter 28 – Clubs

Wall Street, New York in 2025.

‘Wow…… , This is the famous Wall Street.’

Myung-soo, who came to America for the first time, is overwhelmed by his enormous presence.
Buildings as tall as mountains stand densely.

Such a high-rise building.
Of course, there are also in Seoul and Busan.
These days, Sejong City is said to be in full swing.

But the meaning is different.
As a financier, I have no choice but to feel new.

‘It’s the world’s financial center.’

Wall Street and Wall Street are places that come to mind when you hear ‘finance’.
Because it leads the US stock market.

The size of the U.S. Stock market in the world.
At a whopping 70%, the importance is realized even if the simple ratio is calculated.

In other words, other stock markets are on the sidelines.
Money from all over the world is pouring into Wall Street here in the United States.


And he is one of the traders who touches the money.
Myung-soo got a job at a fund on Wall Street.

It’s like a dream.
As a financier, I was envious.
Working on Wall Street is the highest honor as a trader.

‘I think I’ve really seen The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short 5 times.’

There are not only a couple of movies based on this place.
Each one is a masterpiece and has become a guide for life.

One of the reasons I chose to become a trader.
Maybe he’s one of the extras.

『CW Securities』

That’s enough.
No, enough.
The company he worked for was none other than a Korean company.

‘Really big building! A Korean company is in the middle of Wall Street.’

It is one of the most expensive regions in the world.
It is famous that even if you receive 200 million won in annual salary, the monthly rent is 100 million won.

A large building on Wall Street.
It proves how well this company is doing and how successful it has been.

There is a Korean as the CEO.
There are many Korean employees, and the capital is made of Korean capital.

‘Kyaa~! That’s why you’re looking for a ringleader!’

I feel ashamed and feel distant.
Because I am a trader and a financier, I know how great it is.

I will work here and raise the status of Korea.
I was proud of myself as a Korean and my heart was growing proud.

“Anyway, NTR and fuck you.”
“No~ You can only rent for 3 months anyway. Even if you eat during that time, you can’t become an assistant?”

The reality was very different from the imagination.
As soon as I go to work, I hear an unbelievable conversation.

‘Such small talk at work…… , Can I do it?’

Good looking chatter.
If you look at it rationally, it’s obscenity.
It’s not a story to talk about proudly anywhere.

That’s right.
It will be the same wherever you go in the world.
No matter how much it is in the United States, common sense would not be very different.

“Look. NTR is the answer, right?”
“It’s okay to fuck while borrowing it. Don’t you know that if you eat it out of your mind, it’s supposed to open on its own?”

Even when the work starts, the atmosphere does not change.
Looking around again, this is Wall Street, and I am in the office of CW Securities.

‘Is it because it’s America? Originally, the atmosphere was so free…… , Is it?’

CW Securities has a head office and branch offices.
Myung-soo worked at a branch office in Korea, and was recognized for his performance and came to the head office.

Of course there are fantasies.
Employees at the head office are the elite of the elite.
Working on Wall Street is not a culprit.

CW Securities also has a great track record.
Even on Wall Street, I thought there would be a lot of people who said they were the best.

“Ah~ The supply and demand are really not sticking together.”
“If you eat it once, you should throw it away.”
“It’s pure.”
“It’s already been a year since I’ve been a bitch.”

No matter how you think about it, you are not wrong.
During working hours, he continues to talk dirty and talk about women.

Deepening troubles.
As Myung-soo glances at them and notices them, the parties themselves realize their gaze.

“What, are you new?”
“Yes…… My name is Park Myung-soo. I received an order from the governor.”
“Let’s talk! Anyway, nice to meet you.”

It seems there is nothing to be ashamed of.
He naturally pretends to be a senior.

He’s an intern himself.
You have to adapt to the company for a while and learn the new job.

“It’s just performance here. If you don’t perform well, you’ll become a Pokemon Trainer.”
“Yes? ○Ketmon?”
“Do you not know ○Ketmon?”
“No, I know about ○Pokemon…”

Adaptation was not as difficult as I thought.
Although it is on the other side of the world, the United States, the work environment is similar to that of Korea.

The only thing I don’t understand is the obscene talk.
No matter how free the United States is, isn’t there such a thing as common sense?

“Something is so different from when I was in Korea…”
“No! No! No! You’re right.”
“We just talked to each other as usual.”
“Is it because America is open-minded enough to talk about sex life freely?”
“No! It’s business talk.”

His common sense was not wrong.
It’s a law not to talk about your private sex life at work, and even during work hours.

‘No way.’

But what about work?
I also heard the name.
There is a secret expression used among traders.

“Is that it?”
“It’s like that.”
“I heard words that sound like Hitomi.”

It’s hard to believe.
However, it is impossible to say otherwise even though the parties and proud seniors say so.

‘So that’s how it is.’

There are some guesses.
Graduated from the stock club at Korea University.
Notoriety in the securities industry.

Speech is rough.
Not to mention that he has a tremendous amount of talent.

“Just think of it as a military analogy that’s easy to understand. You’re in the army, right?”
“Ah yes…….”
“It also works as a kind of password!”
“A password?”
“Yes, if you are a finance person, you know, but security is important, right?

CW Securities is a fledgling hedge fund.
As in any other industry, the stones that have been rolled over are trying to keep them in check.

You cannot be free from such storms.
But they even use slang in Korean, which is hard to understand.

“I guess that happened.”
“Yes, here on Wall Street, opening your eyes and cutting your nose is a daily routine that doesn’t even need to be made into a proverb.”
“By the way…….”
“How did vulgarity become the standard? A famous financier.”

Of course, that’s not common.
It is the elite of the elite that exists at the top of many white-collar jobs.

It is no exaggeration to say that there is no more elite than this in the liberal arts department.
Not to mention Koreans working on Wall Street in the US.


Did this happen?
All the clues were in the stock club at Korea University.

* * *

“What is short selling?”

Short selling.
It’s a story you hear a lot when you’re doing stocks, especially Korean stocks.

Why are my stocks down?
The most cited reason for this is the large amount of short selling.

‘Isn’t it an act of borrowing stocks, selling them, and paying them back with stocks?’

A question of motivation naturally comes to mind.
Sora knows what short selling is.
Let’s make it simple.

[What is short selling?]
1. I think that a particular stock will go down.
2. Pay a small fee and borrow stock.
3. Sell borrowed stock and wait for the price to go down.
4. When the stock price goes down to the price you want, you buy the stock again.
5. Return the stock to the lender.

You make money when stock prices go down.
It’s good if it goes as predicted, but on the contrary, there are times when the stock price goes up.

People who have been short selling have to buy back stock.
In this case, it is called a ‘short squeeze’, and the stock price rises rapidly in a short period of time.


Club room.
Just got a new one
As much as I was interested in stocks, there was no reason not to sign up.

Above all, there is Chanwook.
Surrounded by club members.
It’s because you said you’d tell me about stocks.

“Short selling can be summed up in one word.”
“You could call it a kind of netorare.”

‘What, what?’

A long distance, two tables away.
Sora, who had been listening with his ears pricked up, heard a grin.

I think I just heard a strange story.
I try to deny that I heard it wrong.

“Because the stock I borrowed is being eaten.”
“My girl gets fucked by the gold sun named Short Seller. She’s not the girl I knew when she came back.”

It wasn’t.
Even if I try to think as positively as possible with my eyes closed and my brow furrowed.

‘Really, are you really crazy?’

I feel skeptical even for myself who knows such dirty words.
Also the fact that you are doing stocks.

“It was like that.”
“I understand at once!”
“Short selling is NTR memo…”

‘Why do I take notes on that!’

Surprisingly, the response is good.
Not only male students, but also some female students pretend not to listen and are listening.

Absolutely not normal.
Stock is a noble thing that moves the world’s economy.

“I thought stocks were difficult, but I think I understand after hearing my brother’s explanation.”
“Can I ask another question?”
“That’s it.”

But there are definitely positive effects.
Even though stocks were popular at Korea University.

‘Everyone just asked if I was going up or not.’

I have never been interested in ‘stock’ itself.
I know because I have been consulted the most.

Although it is incredibly vulgar, it is clearly understandable.
I might admit that.

“I’m going to do it with a lot of money from the beginning, so I’m trying to make a mock investment…”
“Is there a lot of difference between simulated investment and actual investment?”
“It’s completely different.”
“How different is it? It might help though, right?”
“If simulated investment is masturbation, real investment is sex.”


He also got help.
Black history.
Seizure button.

It was the first time I actually started investing.
I fell for Chan-wook’s provocation and suffered a huge loss.

Ironically, the person who received help was also Chan-wook.
Although I have feelings of gratitude now.

“If you hit your daughter a lot, doesn’t that make you good at sex?”
“I know what it is!”
“So what about Sora?”
“What is Sora? Aoi Sora knows.”
“I know Sora did a lot of mock investments.”

Various complicated feelings are bound to be entangled.
She keeps telling weird jokes to herself.

“Gezi, a severe daughter addict.”
“My daughter is coming. Run away.”

When Sora screams at her, she runs away from the club room.
And club.
She was assigned a good position thanks to her formal permission from the professor.

She slips like a tide from a large room.
Eventually, she returns like the ebb tide and hands her an apology.

‘Ah this haircut…….’

Stock club.
Still, she must have learned something and she signed up.
And yet she speaks so much that she cannot believe only vulgar words.

It can happen.
To begin with, she wasn’t a normal human being.
If there’s a problem with her, she’s more of a human being than she is.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 8,390,514
−322,378 won (−3.70%)

The fact that stocks do not.
Even if she tries not to admit it, she cannot possibly turn away from the reality in front of her eyes.

I realized that knowledge alone is not enough to know.
Sora wants to go deeper into the world of her stock.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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