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Because I Live in the US 27

Because I Live in the US 27

Chapter 27 – Clubs

Short height of 160 cm.


However, the place to come out comes out, and the place to go in goes in.
I untie the shorts that covered my peachy hips.

A piece of cloth inside.
Let’s take a look at it, it’s more than moist.
It seems to be enough just to put it back without having to take it off.


‘Three will be over.’

Stick one’s fingers
It’s warm, but it’s a good tactile sensation.

I’m already looking forward to it.
If you do, nine out of ten, no, it will definitely make you feel good.

“I feel like a dog.”
“It’s too big.”
“Is it a finger?”
“You can’t compare to when you’re alone.”

It doesn’t move much, but it wriggles on its own.
He sucks his finger and begs to be scratched inside.

‘I don’t even need foreplay.’

Already fully prepared.
Just waiting to get hit
It’s a reaction close to new, so it’s fun every time I touch it.

“Didn’t your first boyfriend do this?”
“Do you just put it in?”
“I was just hurt and annoyed. So we broke up.”

It’s not completely new.
It would be even more strange if you were pretty and popular, but the opposite sex wasn’t swayed.

It’s rather good for me, who doesn’t like kimchi at Jonggatjip.
He takes out his wet fingers.

‘I don’t think I’ve touched much.’

The place filled with clear love juice is tightly closed.
Even after releasing it, it is still a cramped hole.


The front part goes in.
Hyeri lets out her moan as she shyly covers her face with one hand.

It’s as narrow as a small stature.
It’s so tight that it hurts, but it’s probably not because you feel it.

“Brother is?”
“Is your brother different?”
“It hurts, but it feels good. Ah!”

Put her weight on her and push in slowly.
The pleasure of knowing her own body that she did not know.

‘I like the feeling of pioneering.’

It’s a feeling of conquest for me.
Widens the cramped interior.
By the time your body gets used to the sense of heterogeneity.


It moves.
Just a little bit of excitement leaks out a fierce moaning sound.

It becomes more muddy and accelerates the action.
It’s still a nice touch.

‘Though the technique is poor.’

What you wish for is something more.
He brushes Hyeri’s disheveled bobbed hair and kisses her.

Her body struggles as I force her to hold her hard breathing.
The more you do, the deeper you get entangled.

“Ah! Ahhh. Aaaaang!!”

The inside was also released.
Raise a solid object at an angle and insert it as if scraping it.

Erogenous zones driven forward.
It would still be all Hyeri knew.

There seems to be a reaction, so keep scratching.
Every time you pull it out, the inside gets wider.


Suddenly, the bed gets so intense that it shakes.
Small size for women alone.

That’s why it smells good.
Despite the fact that both men and women are sweating.

“Brother Brother.”
“I ate well. It was a bitch.”
“Hug me.”

As soon as you take it out, the condom comes off naturally.
Take out the bite and put it in the trash.

Hyeri is looking at me.
You may be the unexpectedly troublesome type who longs for affection.

‘Sex is good, but it’s good.’

Being able to sleep with a young and fresh female college student is a blessing from heaven.

Even just a few months ago, it was better than wild ginseng.
Although the taste is so great.

“You know I only do this to my brother, right?”
“It’s true. Back then…, My eyes went wide.”

It bothers me because I think I’m not a woman.
I don’t think it’s particularly cheap.

‘On the contrary, because he knows his value.’

You can make a deal to compensate for damages worth 5 million won.
Position to accept it.

“If I fill it up, won’t Hyeri be able to eat it?”
“I want to be eaten by my brother every day…♡”

Even though she looks like a C cup, her body is small, so even holding it in one hand, she has a lot left over.

When you touch it, it tickles.
Start the 2nd rotation naturally.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been messing around with girls.’

I fall in love without even realizing it.
Honestly, it’s not my taste, but it’s the prettiest and most beautiful time.

“No, I was surprised. I reached inside and got it.”
“Has your boyfriend not reached this far?”
“I don’t even remember.”
“That’s too much.”

Loose eyes.
An unpretentious response adds to the pleasure of having sex.

Get to know the feeling of the unexplored land.
The softly unraveled inside feels good just by swipe.

“Do you know where this is?”
“It’s a place where babies are made.”
“I know.”

Little by little, Hyeri realizes the true pleasure of her sex.
Her legs grab her waist and won’t let go.


Firm, bright red nipples.
When I pinch and twist, I don’t know what to do.

He stomps like he’s half-crying.
The inside, which has become more soggy, is pistoned without mercy.

I tremble while holding my body tightly.
I also experience a pleasant feeling of ejaculation.

For five minutes, we hold each other’s breath and catch our breath.
Until the warm body temperature feels uncomfortable.

“Me too a little.”
“What’s in the fridge?”
“Ah, that’s…”

I was sweating.
Hyeri, who hurriedly opens the refrigerator door in her naked body, can’t help but look so lovable.

‘This is why I’m making a big deal.’

She carries her cup with one hand and carries a 1.5L Samdasoo in her arms.
It’s an uncomfortable posture to pretend to be.

“It’s cold.”
“It’s delicious?”
“Yeah, cool.”

Eat a faucet instead of water.
The breasts that have been refreshed by touching Samdasoo taste like fresh water.

Why do students who become CC for the first time become monkeys?
Have a meaningful time to understand.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”
“Please? What is pregnancy?”
“……Not that hard.”

It’s sex for the first time in a while, so it’s fun.
But it is not an aimless approach.

* * *

Department of Economics, Korea University.

“I know that?”
“Aren’t you saying that?”
“No~~, it’s news from our department!”

Prestigious university department.
Fun things like that don’t happen very often.

Small things spread very quickly.
A case that has been a hot topic recently.

“Senior Yoo Kwang!”
“Oh, Hyeri! I was talking about you anyway.”
“What are you talking about? Ooh, you weren’t mocking me, were you?”

That party.
The seniors in the department are also thrilled with the cute appearance as always.

‘It’s really fucking cute.’
‘Even if I came to college 5 years late!’
‘Honestly, isn’t it worth trying if you’re 4 years old? They say they don’t even look compatible.’

Very popular.
Beyond that, I send full support.

That will be the case, returning students.
In particular, the group of 3rd and 4th grade boys are always lonely.

“No way.”
“I-I heard that they are making a club! I heard the news.”
“That’s right. Seniors, do you have any clubs you join?”

‘I have to leave and enter.’
‘Is spring finally coming to my life?’

Even though they are students, they are treated as adults.
Are we students too?

A kind junior who talks to the lonely themselves.
Cute and even cute

It’s not difficult to help.
Please ask for anything you can.

‘Fucking easy.’

Hyeri started a club.
Club members are indispensable for formal registration.

It is easily solved by using one’s personal network.
There are many seniors who look leisurely.

“Here’s your autograph! Will you sign it?”
“Ah~ I don’t go into clubs or anything like that.”
“Aaaaa~! Senior, you’re petty.”

If you show a little bit of aegyo, it will come easily.
The minimum number of people to create a club has been filled.

“You said you were opening a club.”
“I know. Are you thinking of joining?”
“How long have I waited!”

There are also motives.
I thought it wouldn’t be difficult as the friendship was good.

‘Wook oppa is also very popular?’

The response is better than expected.
Recently, more and more kids are interested in ‘stocks’.

Chan-wook’s influence.
It’s the same with yourself right now.
There were also followers who followed directly rather than indirectly.

“Even if that brother is a bit out of his mind…”
“That’s for sure.”
“I’m not saying anything wrong about stocks.”

It has a good reputation even among the general students.
Of course, this is limited to stocks.

‘I don’t know oppa Uk’s charm. I like it.’

Looking at those friends, I smile of repentance.
In fact, he was no different.

A kinky returning student.
He can’t wear clothes and has a normal face, so he’s far from popular.

“Understand? The man slept with his ability!”

But a man’s face isn’t everything.
The gaslighting that female seniors used to do.

He does it to keep himself in check from stealing a respectable man.
I thought so at the time.

“But if that senior is the president, uh~.”
“No. I am the president.”
“I think you’ll be very busy as president. Isn’t that interfering with your studies?”

I understand now.
I realized with my body, in bed, what is really important to a man.

My nerdy friends will never know.
It’s good for Hyeri because the number of competitors is decreasing.

‘I wonder what Sora should do.’

What worries me is Sora.
I’m not stupid enough not to notice the change in air flow between the two.

Your body is like that of a celebrity.
You can’t be popular with men.

There are many seniors who are actually interested.
It’s not even a fuss asking me to introduce Sora.

‘If you add a few seniors who are crazy about women……. Um~~~~! I would have screamed if we hadn’t been on good terms.’

You can take it to a drinking party.
At first, he goes reluctantly, but later he goes because he likes it.

If you hit once, the game is over.
However, since they are best friends, putting it into action is a concern.

“Uh, brother?”

I get a phone call from Chan-wook.
Hyeri whispers her happy voice into her cell phone.

How about 〈? How is it?〉
“Yes, it’s so good that it’s amazing. I’ve gathered a lot of club members, and ah! Do you know what the professor said?”

Making a club.
It was none other than Chanwook oppa’s request.

〈 What did you say?〉
“That’s it~ oppa, you’d be surprised to hear it.”
〈 what.〉
“Actually, I didn’t expect too much, did I?”

But it’s not easy.
Club members can be gathered somehow, but running a club is another thing.

After some time, the ghost members are all over the place.
Rather, the majority of cases are maintained as small social gatherings.

“You know Professor Myungcheol Choi, right?”
〈 Doesn’t improve memory.〉
“I think it would be better to raise them… Anyway, there is a professor of microeconomics. Oppa also listens.”
〈What is microeconomics? Missy knows.〉

The story changes when it comes to a department club.
There are cases where club activities are connected to major classes.

The department also allocates activity expenses.
I don’t give permission that well.

〈 That professor?〉
“Your brother also has a conscience.”
〈 What is conscience? Sirloin knows.〉

Surprisingly, he readily agreed.
The recent investment craze of students is positively observed.

Korea University stock club.
The starting point that changed the history of Korean finance was born that way.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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