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Because I Live in the US 26

Because I Live in the US 26

Chapter 26 – Values ​​

University life.
Everyone comes in with a dream, but the reality is inevitably dull.


It’s not a cartoon, it’s not a drama, so of course.
In the daily life of such students of the department of economics at Korea University.

“Hyeri, did you come soon?”
“Oh, you weren’t late?”
“Because I’m not late!”

There is an existence that becomes a source of vitality.
Hyeri can be said to be the idol of the economics department.

Short jeans that reveal the thighs.
A transparent white top.

Even the subtle scent of flowers.
All eyes are on Hyeri when she enters the classroom.

“Hyeri is so damn pretty today.”
“Are you interested?”
“What… Is there anything?”
“Is not it.”

To be friendly
Being popular is inevitable.
There are not only two male students with hearts.

“He’s a bit.”
“Does your personality matter?”
“No, a person must have a conscience!”

Of course, if you pick #1, there is no disagreement.
It would be the same for all departments.

Yoon So-ra.
I’m a freshman, but I’ve never participated in an event within the department, but it’s really enough.

He is the owner of an appearance that is bound to stand out.
It would be a lie if he said he didn’t care even as motives.

“A guy like that will be married to the second generation of a conglomerate when you meet him after graduating.”
“”That’s right.””
“The world we live in is different.”

Longing rather than love.
The fact that they are taking classes together is enough to make them feel deeply moved.

I feel the fact that I am not a person living in the same world.
From that point of view, Hyeri.

“I’m really grateful for Hyeri.”
“Get the subject.”
“She’s pretty, has a good personality, and dresses well.”

Maginot Line.
Wouldn’t it happen at least once in life that a courageous person gets a beauty?

These are college freshmen with a lot of dreams.
But reality is always a reality.

“It’s Hyeri.”
“You really don’t have a boyfriend?”
“I haven’t grown it yet.”
“Have you ever been?”

I don’t hear anything like this
It is also very uncomfortable in the department.

Mood maker.
When such a person starts doing CC, there is no one to hold the center.

‘I wish it would disappear.’

But it’s not just people who like it.
Joo-Ha is jealous of Hye-Ri.

It’s popular for topics that don’t seem like much thought.
The grades are equal to or better than one’s.

Senior teeth.
I saw myself bewitching returning students with my appearance and receiving help with assignments.

“I knew something was going on with my boyfriend again.”
“You seem to be in a bad mood these days.”
“Me? I can’t do that!”
“That’s right. Hyeri can’t be like that.”

Just being together brightens the atmosphere.
So I don’t like it

‘Is it because of my mood?’

I thought something bad had happened recently.
Strangely, it felt like it was less meager.

It’s the usual look as if it was like that when.
Joo Ha sighs softly.

‘Fuck bitch.’

He knows that Juha dislikes him and that he talks behind his back whenever he has a chance.
It’s a women’s society.

If you openly show hostility, you will only become a bad bitch.
I have no choice but to suppress the stress and endure it.

“Did you say something to me?”
“No~ I bought a stock, but it fell. I guess I bought it for no reason.”

Not anymore.
I look at Joo-ha, who spouts annoyance while looking at the stock app, with pity.

‘Stupid bitch.’

The account is blue.
It seems that he is suffering from losing his temper and recklessly buying stocks.

“I was bitten too.”
“Yes? Where?”
“It’s going well these days. I’m making a profit.”

Pretend to sympathize.
Hit the back of the head with a timid tone.
On the screen of MTS that Hyeri turned on.

『Nam Hye-ri’s Total Assets』
KRW 8,201,892
+2,822,646 (+53.47%)

Recent yields are floating.
Red light.
Just by looking at the color, it is clear that they are making a profit.

“Yeah thanks.”
“Should I take a shot?”
“Well, maybe with one chin?”

What to expect at the time of showing.
Juha, who tried to ignore it with a smile on her face, has no choice but to have other thoughts.

“Oh, oh, oh, fifty percent?!”

The unit was unexpected.
The investment is not even a penny or two.
Juha’s eyes widen.

“What, what?!”
“Huh? It’s a Kiwoom Securities account.”
“That’s not it… Did you buy anything?”

‘How do you eat 50%? What did you buy?’

She knows because she is at a loss.
Making money from stocks is harder than you think.

Twice? 3 times?
No, even if you eat only 10%, you can feel it.
But to really eat 50% of the profits?

“Why? Are you interested?”
“No, I’m just… Just curious~”
“Can’t you teach me?”

Belly is chugging
It’s also urgent
Because they are currently at a loss.

Smiling and looking at each other
However, they both know that they are nerds inside.

“Can we keep this a secret between us? Between us.”
“Is not it.”

I don’t know what the intention is, but I show it coolly.
What sports did Hyeri buy?

‘Nexon Bio?’

It was my first time seeing it.
A company you’ve never heard of.

“What company are you doing?”
“It’s a project to develop a new drug, but it seems to have succeeded.”
“It keeps going up. Keep going. This is a stock that went up to 50,000 won.”

Of course, it’s not without doubt.
He can’t do anything good for himself.

‘It’s real. I don’t think it’s a lie.’

But high returns.
My eyes roll when I see the stock price going up day by day.

I checked and it’s true.
The share price has jumped to 50,000 won in the past.


The current share price is 30,000 won.
There is room to go higher.
No, I don’t even want that much.

‘Even if you buy it for 30,000 won and sell it for only 40,000 won…….’

You can eat more than 30%.
After calculating in her head, Juha decides to buy Nexon Bio.

“By the way.”
“Where did you hear and buy it? No, I mean, I thought there might be someone who recommended it.”
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m not good at stocks.”

But there is a catch.
There is no way that Hyeri would have known and bought these stocks.

Someone may have recommended it.
If it was Sora, he would have heard it in his own ears.


The lecture ends with only words left unintelligible.

* * *

Gyoja chaesin.
It’s not really a new name for vegetable gyoza.

‘Don’t give me a fish, teach me how to catch it.’

It’s a famous proverb.
If you haven’t heard of it, at least your hometown is in Yanbian.

But it doesn’t work in the stock market.
Even if it’s difficult, it’s too difficult.

‘It’s not that economists make money with stocks for nothing.’

Knowledge is important, but you also need to be able to infer causal relationships.
Such open thinking is the realm of talent.


That is, no one can
Therefore, it is one way to boldly catch fish.

“It’s my brother♡”
“Then I thought who it was.”
“There’s no one to come except my brother. Especially men.”

Hyeri’s bedroom.
I’ve been shooting often lately.
Because I had a request.

“Brother Nexon Bio.”
“I ate 50%! I think I almost recovered what I lost.”
“Well done.”
“It’s all thanks to oppa. Thank you~♡”

Helping with account recovery.
It was clear that teaching stocks was not the answer.


I’m taking pictures openly.
A stock that is likely to rise in price.
It tells you when to buy and when to sell.

“Slowly sell that.”
“It’s a scammer that only reveals the president’s money, so it’s better to eat moderately and fall out.”
“What’s going on?”
“No. I don’t have one.”

I don’t know stocks, and I have no will to learn.
It is the only trading method that is possible for such Hyeri.

‘There are downsides.’

It’s so easy and convenient.
You just have to do what you are told to do.
Then the money is automatically copied.

“I sold it. As my brother said.”
“Well done.”
“What should I buy next? I’ll do as you say.”

In return, you lose your ability to think.
It’s like a person who only receives fish can’t catch fish himself.

‘It’s not a sound trading method.’

Of course, this is a risky activity.
It is a common story in the stock market to invest after listening to others and kicking a side gourd.

I just want to earn money without getting a headache.
People who depend on others are surprisingly widespread.

“I’ll tell you if there’s another stock that can go up.”
“Really? Do I have to tell you?”
“I love you♡♡”

Especially when the target is a celebrity.
A large number of believers are born, and groups close to religions are formed.

‘I need it too.’

Same with streamers.
It is good for publicity and content creation only when there is a fixed fan base.

Influencer in the stock market.
The more believers there are, the greater the ripple effect of the statement and the more it becomes an issue.

“Thanks to that brother, I ate a lot.”
“Don’t you want to eat too?”

It would also be good from Hyeri’s point of view.
Almost recovered huge losses that exceeded 50%.

It also gave me the hope of earning more.
If you just buy and sell stocks as I tell you to do.

“Knowing everything! I expected it.”
“Are you getting eaten?”

Of course, that’s not the only reason I’ve been tempted like this.
A breath that touches you at close range.

It was fragrant and even sweet, belonging to a 20-year-old female college student.
Hyeri’s arm wraps around my waist.

‘I’m sure I thought I’d give it a try and finish it.’

It wasn’t like this from the beginning.
Like all pretty girls, she has a strong ego.

I would have thought of it as a give and take.
But let’s mix it up once.

“It’s so soft.”
“Brother, don’t touch that place…”

I knead the inside of the white and soft raw thighs as I like.

If that alone makes your body hot, the arms wrapped around your waist become stronger.
Breathing is also rough.

‘It’s really fresh. It’s fresh.’

A place that cannot even be called an erogenous zone.
However, it was enough stimulation for Hyeri.

It is like drawing paper.
He is a young and fresh 20-year-old who still has a lot of blanks to fill in.


Match your lips first.
A warm creature lives inside it, soft and sweet like the cream of a cake.

‘I want to harass you.’

Adult sex.
When I slowly took my time and teased the loose body, it came over so easily that it was absurd.

After that, he rather runs from Hyeri’s side.
He pulls my body as if whining to go to bed.

“Do you remember that?”
“When you first date a boyfriend, you roll around like a monkey all day…”
“Ah, did you tell Sora?”

The first time I went to Sora’s house.
I remember very well what I forgot.

“I want to be a monkey.”
“I’m not really a boyfriend.”
“Because an older brother is a more special person than a boyfriend.”

Thump! Falling down on the bed
Hyeri, who was buried under me, rubs her body.

‘Originally, when I was a college student, I was doing what I wanted to do.’

No matter what the outcome
There are also economic quotes related to this.

“Not doing what you want to do is like saving sex for later life.”- Warren Buffett

Respect the words of seniors in the industry.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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