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Because I Live in the US 25

Because I Live in the US 25

Chapter 25 – Values ​​

The act of making money through investments.
But it doesn’t look like that from the third person’s point of view.

Copy money with ease
They enjoy unearned income just by the fact that they have ‘ability’.

I don’t understand.
What are you good at?
On the outside, you have to nod your head.

Because people around me say that.
And because I don’t have the confidence to do it myself.
I accepted that reality and lived with it.

‘Why why why!’

What each person is good at is different.
He was born with a neat appearance and a personality that was loved by adults.

He is also good at studying.
At Korea University, you could be in the spotlight as a goddess with a top-notch appearance.


Waiting is a normal reality.
Hye-ri grabs the mouse in her hand and throws it as she pleases.

When it hits the cosmetic stand, it makes a loud noise.
There is only one mouse, but I do not go to pick it up.

‘Why do you only have me? You can climb it in a day or so!!’

Because I have nothing to write about.
I don’t even want to look at my account floating on the monitor screen.

『Nam Hye-ri’s Total Assets』
KRW 4,220,892
-5,396,974 (-56.11%)

I had no thoughts of wanting to do it.
Why am I such a bother?

The trigger was Sora.
I wanted to buy the stock she recommended and show that the stock price went down.

《As long as you wait for the stock that Sora picks, it goes up unconditionally.》

But the result is profit.
I had to say something out of my mind.
It only ended up expanding Sora’s position in the department.

‘What on earth am I worse than that girl?’

Do you know that only you are good?
Hyeri opened a second account secretly from others to buy stocks.

Not with Sora’s recommendation, but with his own will.
If you make the same profit, or if you make more.

‘If you wait for her, it will rise, right? How long do I have to wait for mine!!’

Waiting is a cruel reality.
Loss, not profit.
The more you accumulate, the more impatient your mind becomes.

To make up for it, they dabble in high-risk investments.
And the result comes back with a bigger loss, and the vicious cycle repeats itself.


The stock price was obviously only going up.
After he had an accident, he fell like a ghost, and instead of recovering, he went farther and farther away.

All you can do is drink water.
I put in everything I could put in, such as part-time job, pocket money, and living expenses.

“You want to raise your living expenses?”
“It seems like it hasn’t been long, but do you have a lot of money to spend?”
−That happened.
−Is it not possible?
“It’s a secret from Mom.”
−Dad, I love you♡

That, too, is slowly reaching its limits.
If it had been restored, if I had gone even near it, I wouldn’t be like this.
It just grows like a snowball.


I know the truth.
He has no talent for stocks.
It is also wrong to buy a company you do not know well.

I’ve lived a life where I can be fooled like that.
I had no doubt that it would be like that in college as well.

But Sora’s presence.
From the moment I attended the welcome party for freshmen, I felt that I was not the main character.

“I came to study at school.”

Her remarks also took away the identity she had.
She can’t bounce herself even though she is still.


As I pull out her wire, the mouse comes up.
The cosmetic package that was bumped into and fell over also reveals itself.


She has been interested since she was a child.
No, it was natural for him.

She hears that she is pretty and cute wherever she goes.
It is the human heart to want to make use of the strengths more.

Still, you want to differentiate.
Unlike others, I was originally born pretty without paying attention.

She found out that there really are people like that.
Celebrities are celebrities, so I passed it on.

‘I have to wash off my makeup, take care of my skin, and there are so many things to do.’

I know because she is the same woman.
She is a beautiful woman who shines even without makeup.

She meets Sora and her self-esteem is shattered.
She wears thick makeup every day, which she didn’t even do well.

All kinds of negative emotions.
Ever since she entered university, she has been unhappy with herself.


* * *

KakaoTalk received from Hyeri.

[Hyeri Class A]
“Your brother is good at stocks, right?”
− What is stock? I prefer rice to bread
“Hey, don’t play around.”
「Sigh emoji.Jpg」

The content was no different.
That’s how I usually get it often.

‘Because he spreads stocks.’

Some incidents drew attention and built trust.
It is no exaggeration to say that there are believers.

“Is there a sport that you must climb?”
「Within a week!」
−What is the sport? I know the rank
“Don’t keep joking around!”
「Angry emoticon.Jpg」

Some people have personal contact with them.
She usually pretends not to care.

‘Kids who aren’t interested in money in the first place are more revealing.’

No, there is no one who does not like kkongdon.
In particular, stocks are treated as ‘unearned income’.

Money earned by not working.
At least those who don’t know stocks think so.

It’s the kind I hate the most.
There is no reason to give fish to those who do not work.


But Hyeri.
I am familiar with
From the first time we met, she was friendly.

‘Kuhm! It’s also A-class.’

It’s because it’s covered by Sora.
Among the general public, the standard is quite high.

If you are interested in stocks, there is no reason not to teach you.
It wasn’t like that.


I honestly don’t understand.
I often hear that I don’t notice.

But for stocks, it’s different.
Even if it’s not my area of ​​expertise.

“Are you on your period?”
“Among many people saying, what is menstruation? That’s why girls don’t like it.”
“Because if it’s not that, there’s nothing like a stock.”
“That’s right.”

A bright and pink girl’s room.
I can’t help but notice the contrasting tone of his voice.

‘It’s different from usual.’

It’s not on good terms with me.
The expression of being close to everyone in the department is correct.

Mood maker.
It is a human image that has a good friendship with one person in any group.

“I thought you weren’t interested in stocks or anything like that.”
“That’s right. I’m not interested.”
“Were you interested in yourself making money from stocks?”

As if it was a hit, she jerked her head and turned.
It’s not that uncommon in Korean society.

‘I get impatient for no reason when other people do well.’

A society that cares about the eyes of others.
If you don’t do it yourself, you will feel left behind.

Jump in without any preparation.
It is a problem in general society, but the field of investment is no exception.

“Still, I’m not acting like a beggar like anyone else.”
“No. I’m talking to myself. So what do you want?”

It’s like jumping into a battlefield where missiles are coming and going with a firearm.
If the results are good, that’s even weirder.

‘Still, I wouldn’t have lost much if it was a field like this.’

Rising market.
The entire KOSPI index rises.
There is a trickle-down effect from program purchases.

A case like Sora is a special case.
I traded in a risky way with an unfounded confidence as a trader.

“How about it?”
“What is it?”
“It’s your account.”

If you feel influenced, is it because of your mood?
No, he committed a more dangerous trade than Sora.

‘You clumsy boy!’

Hyeri’s account.
The first digit is unusual.
No matter how much investment fails, there is no half tomag.

Stocks are among the least risky assets.
Compared to a gift that is dragged into a squid game after having 6 billion in debt overnight.

“Two couples? What is this, this dog owner?”
“Why? Bad stock?”
“Did you buy without knowing what stock it was?”

These are stocks that were traded right after the regression.
Since I am acquainted, I can understand the situation right away.

『Dual Financial Statements』
[The situation where the rumble palace was crushed.Jpg]

“What it this?”
“Financial statements. Quarterly reports of how much the company earns and spends.”
“It’s red.”

A typical dog catcher.
I can’t even make money, and what I earn goes to the company’s operating expenses, so I only see a deficit.

‘Ironically, that’s why it’s good for strategy.’

Do you think the company will go bankrupt?
Normal people don’t buy it.
From the point of view of the forces, it is good that there is no obstruction when collecting.

It pumped up the stock price by sprinkling jokes about taking over a deadly vehicle.
Even after that, it seems that he made excuses and posted it several times.

“Still, it’s a stock that went up to 4,000 won…”
“What does the past have to do with it? Stocks live by looking at the future.”

The current value is around KRW 1,000 per share.
The stock price fell sharply to the level of half in half.

‘It’s definitely different from Sora.’

This is a common mistake that novice investors make.
Since it was a stock that went up to ○○ won, wouldn’t it go up again?

If it’s a good stock, there’s a good chance.
But in most cases, the operator doesn’t have to do that.

“If you look at the chart, there are piles of listings at 1,700 won?”
“What’s the sale price?”
“To break through this, you need that kind of material, but it seems difficult with most materials to ignite the operation week that ended a while ago.”
“What’s the operation again?”

A stock that has never gone up.
Since no one has been bitten, it is easy to raise the price easily.

If you shoot once and come down, there will be a sale table.
Many stocks are abandoned because it is difficult to break through again.

‘Oh my gosh.’

As an economics student and aspiring trader, Sora knows more than the basics.
She is such that the smallest things don’t need to be explained.

Mistakes are understandable mistakes.
However, buying and selling with ignorance like scratching a lottery or lottery ticket is not something that can be solved by helping.

“Do you just pretend to be bitten by a dog and lose your hand?”
“A hand loss?”
“You don’t even know how to lose your hand?”
“I know. But… It can go up, right?”

Because I don’t understand myself.
I can teach anyone who wants to catch fish how to fish.

It really feels like ordinary people have stocks.
If you consult as a fund manager, there is usually no countermeasure.

‘To the extent that I don’t know why I’m doing stock.’

From the fund’s point of view, it is good to have deposits.
So nod your head and get paid.

“Senior stocks are good.”
“So why don’t you do something about it?”

But acquaintance.
If you help me, only annoying things happen, and I eat swearing as I want.

‘Why do I do such unproductive things?’

The reason whyhehelped Sora was because he could see the buds.
It is rare for young talent to dream of becoming a trader at that age.

I’m sorry that I moved my back.
I don’t feel sorry for Hyeri, and she doesn’t have much expectations even as a trader.

“I’m a bit busy today…”
“If you do.”
“I’ll make it work for you.”


‘It’s worth bowing down to.’

There is nothing that cannot solve the concerns of a dear junior.
But it will be in a different way than before.

* * *

To be honest, I had no expectations.

‘Something pseudo.’

Hyeri knows too.
The fact that Chanwook gathers students who are interested in stocks and discusses various things.

She must be doing it because she is confident.
You may have some skills.

『Nam Hye-ri’s Total Assets』
KRW 4,087,593
-5,530,273 (-57.50%)

But her own account.
Even if she calmly thinks about it, she can’t use her hands.
It would be impossible unless you’re really lucky.


That fortune has gone down.
After finishing her class, Hyeri checks her MTS and her eyes widen.

‘It went up by 5%.’

After selling the pair, the remaining 4 million won became 4.2 million won.

It is far too small to make up for the loss.
But the important thing is that she really earned it.

“Oh, brother?”
〈 Did you eat 5% Solera energy? 〉
“Yes, but…”
〈 Sell that and buy Youngchang Technology. It’s okay even if it’s out of town.〉

That’s just one day.
When she woke up, she had 200,000 won of money copied.

You don’t have to wait weeks like Sora’s recommendation.
She’s addicted to those quick returns.

‘Youngchang Technology…… , And what about DYNature next?’

First time companies.
I don’t know what else you might be doing.
One thing is certain: if you buy it, you make money.

It was the first kind of pleasure to taste.
Like someone new to alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs, they quickly become addicted.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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