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Because I Live in the US 24

Because I Live in the US 24

Chapter 24 – Values ​​

Microeconomics class.

“Our group researched oil and coal! Recently, stock prices around the world, including Nasdaq and KOSPI, are rising, right? So I thought the demand would increasehehe.”

A male student in a sloppy outfit gives a presentation from the podium.
Because there are individual tasks.

International commodity prices have been rising recently.
Accordingly, investigate the benefit sectors that are expected to rise in stock prices and the damage sectors that are expected to decline, as opposed to the sectors that are expected to rise, and investigate the reason.
※ If the stock price of the sector actually increased after 3 months, the increase will be reflected in the first semester evaluation.

Raw materials.
Starting with the basics such as oil, gold, and silver, it refers to materials used throughout the industry.

Fluctuations in prices also affect the real economy.
After hearing the student’s presentation, the professor smiles benevolently.

〈It looks like you listened intently to my lecture?〉
“Yes, professor!〉
〈 That’s right. There is no clearer logic to explain price increases than the law of supply and demand.〉

This is the direction Professor Myungcheol Choi wanted.
Economics is really hard, and thinking about it in relation to reality is even more difficult.

However, it will be easier to understand if you think about it based on the medium of raw materials.
In that sense, it is a task given to me.

“I’m Hyeri, the leader of Group D. Our group is a little special? We started researching raw materials. Yes, that’s how it happened.”

There’s also Joe who cares.
Of course, as a professor, there are students that I care about, and there are students that I look forward to.
It’s a problem because it’s neither of the two.

“I’ve been researching raw materials for agricultural products. May I proceed with the presentation, Professor?”
〈 No problem. Rather, I was wondering if there were any students who investigated.〉

Raw materials are not only minerals.
Rice, wheat, and soybeans, which are staple foods, are also included.
And although it’s not common.

“Recently, there is an orange epidemic in the house.

A topic no one expected.
The students sitting in the lecture hall are agitated.

“What is orange juice?”
“Why is there orange juice!”
“Is it true?”
“Did you research the price of orange juice at the mart?”

Hyeri’s face also turns red.
Although she begged me to select a normal subject if possible.

‘I do not know!’

The explanation seems plausible.
So I was convinced, but when I was about to announce it, I couldn’t open my mouth.

Orange juice is a gentleman.
I’m already at a loss as to what to say about the next topic.

“And you went short on the price of salmon.”
“What is a short?”
“Yes, short means betting on prices going down. According to the member, Norway’s accession to the AIIB, a China-led IMF, in 2015 has led to a rise in futures prices, but It is said that production has been shipped since 2017, leading to a price drop.

He reads the prepared script like a quick-fire gun and barely passes it.
Orange juice is acceptable, but salmon?

I don’t even know the leader himself.
Looking at the professor’s expression with a sidelong glance, Hyeri gulped her saliva! Swallow

The professor’s face completely hardened.
Again, I did not like the content of the presentation.

“There are normal ones too! It’s about iron ore…”

That much was expected.
At least you won’t get a low score because you have an elite team.

“Wow…They’ve done a really good job with the investigation.”
“Didn’t we also iron ore?”
“Let’s fix it now!”
“Should I invest in iron ore?”

As expected, the response is good.
Since it was a topic organized by none other than Sora, it has no choice but to be.

‘Yeah, it’s someone’s announcement, so of course the reaction will be good~.’

At least an A grade is likely to come out.
I was relieved by the sounds I heard from all over the classroom.

〈 Good job on the announcement. That was interesting.〉
“Thank you professor!”
〈Are there any questions left for the presenter?〉
“No, I want to ask you something. Can orange juice and salmon be considered raw materials? Aren’t they?”

My heart is pounding.
Even though it’s not as big as Sora’s, I’ve never thought of it being inferior anywhere.

‘That bitch is trying to be our Mac on purpose, right?’

A female motive with whom he does not get along very well.
I dared to ask about the part I was most concerned about.

The presentation was good, but if the topic itself is eliminated, it is a joke.
The professor’s expression obviously didn’t look good either.

〈Orange juice and salmon too, salmon I just checked, but both are raw materials.〉
“Then squid is also a raw material, Professor!”
〈 Huh? No! Let me explain a bit…….〉

It is limited to those whose consumption is high in the world and whose production is predicted.
In other words, squid that cannot be farmed cannot belong to raw materials.

Salmon served on the table is mostly farmed.
From an industrial point of view, salmon is tantamount to being produced in a factory.

‘Takes two years to grow.’

The difference is production time.
It’s as big as a living thing, so of course it takes time.

Demand forecasting failed?
If that’s true, then the law of supply and demand could cause prices to go down.

The special raw material called 〈 salmon and the fact that we bet on the short will be positively referenced in the scoring.”

It is no different from other raw materials.
Rather, it is highly praised for having a unique idea.

“I’d do that too!”
“You have to do something unique to get a lot of points…”
“Group D is great.”
“Do you have anything else besides salmon?”

It’s just that the classroom is in an uproar.
Even if you do the same research, you can get a higher rating.

‘It’s not like that.’

Seeing the students’ reactions, he puts on a bitter expression.
It never gives more points with a butt.

The more specific the sector, the less data there is.
And it is difficult to understand the market structure.

Above all, the idea.
The trigger of the restoration of relations between Norway and China was used in reverse.

‘Kids these days might not know.’

The body that awards the Nobel Peace Prize is in Norway.
In 2010, Chinese pro-democracy activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why is the Nobel Peace Prize given?
The CCP seized the pod, and imposed de facto economic retaliation by controlling Norway’s salmon exports.

But then again, it got closer to China.
If so, the price of salmon will also rise.
I was able to think of Myeong-cheol up to this point.

“Really? Salmon prices are coming down these days!”
“Where did you see it?”
“I tried to gift salmon to Google.”
“Isn’t that senior stupid?”
“My neighborhood sushi restaurant raised the price, but it’s strange…”

Reality works differently.
For raw materials, a so-called ‘futures market’ is opened to predict future prices.

‘It’s all been reflected.’

What you remembered
The market already knew.
And try to reflect on the next future.

It read the future of the future.
It is an analytical ability that has no choice but to stick out the tongue.

It was not his own delusion.
Chanwook has an unusual talent.

He occasionally makes strange remarks.
Even if it embarrasses people.

“Senpai is the best.”
“Can you teach me some microeconomics?”
“What is microeconomics? Aunt Microcos knows.”

He may just not understand the fact that he is a genius.
Because the idea is so ingenious.

“It’s a female statue that can be seen a lot in Dongtan.”
“”Oh oh!””
“I usually have a body like that..”
“Would you like to be a senior?”

‘Yes…… , I guess?’

It’s so ingenious that it can cause a stir.
Even now, I am fighting with the first year chief.


Looking at So-ra and Chan-wook, Hye-ri sighs.
She was to die for herself making the announcement.

Fortunately it worked out
The ratings aren’t going to be too bad either.
No, if she did well with what her senior did.

“I hope.”
“Your group is all good~ I’m the team leader, and I’m going to die having a hard time even investigating.”
“That’s how you get on the bus.”

The year I tried to be Mac earlier.
Hye-ri smiles brightly and agrees with Ju-ha’s words.

It suits you
The mood maker of the department with a lively personality.

‘Everyone has such a strong personality, so I guess I don’t have a presence.’

Secretly clears away worries

* * *

“How did you come up with salmon?”

School road.
There is a difference from before.

‘I guess he doesn’t have love cells.’

It makes me think about physiognomy again.
Sora asks another stock question.

“Because salmon is relatively predictable.”
“Is it such a special raw material?”
“What’s special!”

Raw materials are not one or two types.
It is significant that there are so many types.

‘It’s important to have expertise in investing, but.’

The wide range of defense is also an ability.
The ability to take advantage of a situation at the right time.

“How long does it take for salmon to grow?”
“I know how to eat.”
“Two years. Then, if you look at the production two years ago, you can guess this year’s shipments, right?”

2015 was the peak year for salmon.
Therefore, salmon will be shipped a lot this year.

‘Because it’s closely related to the game.’

Although it is not high-end, it is a food ingredient that has its own price range.
Therefore, it sells well only when the game is good.

“The game has been good since last year.”
“Yes. The stock has also risen a lot.”
“Last year, too, there must have been a lot of production.

In other words, the price will be cheap for a while.
In this way, there are raw materials that are good to eat at any time.

“Do you like flatfish?”
“If you have to ask, it’s the one I like.”
“How are the prices these days?”
“It will be cheap in another year or so.”

A growth period of 1 year + α is required.
Although the futures market is not open because it is consumed only in Korea, it is possible to predict the price because it is a food.

‘To make a proper prediction, I need to buy paid information and analyze it.’

In fact, the commodity market is a typical global playground for big players.
Since information power is a weapon, it is a tilted playground for ants.

It gives a lot of roundabout up and down.
The so-called ant hair.
No matter how many countries there are, there are limits to predictions.

It was just a basic cycle prediction.
The evaluation period is two months later, so if you look at it from a long-term perspective, you are probably right.

“I want to eat flatfish.”
“There is no fish as delicious as flounder. It’s cheap because it’s mass-produced, and it was one of the high-end fish species in the past. Even now, it’s expensive in Japan.”

Gulp! A dripping sound is heard.
Even Sora seems to like flatfish.

‘In fact, flatfish tastes like vinegared soy sauce.’

Crunchy taste.
There is no doubt that it is the best fish to eat with chojang.

It is also a good opportunity for investors.
I thought I would try it even when it was cold, telling me the value of flatfish.


“Who is it?”
“I don’t know, it must be a fucking commercial talk. Huh? It’s Hyeri.”
“Hyeri? You didn’t come to me?”

KakaoTalk is coming.
Although they are friendly, they are not close enough to keep in touch without any business.

‘That’s right.’

“What do you say?”
“You do not have to know.”
“Oh why! He’s my friend.”
“Well, friendship is shallower than it seems.”

‘It’s not flatfish, though.’

Maybe you can try something else.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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