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Because I Live in the US 23

Because I Live in the US 23

Chapter 23 – Operation?

Yeouido stock market.
It is a place that can be called the heart of Korea’s financial world.
Although usually engaged in legal work.

“No, fuck!!”

There are also parts that don’t.
Crown Capital’s main business is lending.

But money needs to be rolled to grow.
Kim Min-goo is in charge of an operation called investment.


The alarm just rang.
Min-gu, unable to understand the meaning, runs to the company.

“The conductor’s meal was delicious…”
“Get out of the way, get out of the way, get out of the way, get out of the way!”

He goes to the office without even saying hello to his subordinates.
It is such an urgent situation.

『Omega Information and Communication』
520 ▼18 (−7.97%)

‘Sir… , What did you get all the way down here?’

This is because the stock price of the stocks he was managing fell below the pyeongdan.
The share price has deviated from the plan.

Itself can be.
When a chase buy comes in.
It throws water to shake off the ants.

They go round and round for a few days without deliberately raising the stock price.
There may be ants who hold on, but it’s stupid.

Relative program.
Shake the stock price as set without any emotion.
The ant trembles with infinite fear.

‘Still, you shouldn’t get off like this, you old bastard!’

But there is a degree to shaking.
I did something that was blatantly damaging.

To make matters worse, the quantity is also reduced.
When the stock price fell too much, institutional buying came in.

3 months of hard work is about to go to waste.
I am in a situation where I have to make a decision.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Close the program and go directly to management.
Recover the reduced quantity.

『Omega Information and Communication』
597 ▲18 (+5.37%)

Stock prices rise sharply.
I got back the amount I threw today.

‘Fuck it, the chart will be ruined.’

Side effects follow.
It is an item that the program has been managing naturally until now.

The charts were also made beautifully.
It just collapsed.

‘If you openly give a buy signal like this, the hyenas will stick to you.’

Quick-witted guys.
It’s troublesome if that happens before the collection is completely finished.

It’s already spilled water.
If the best solution is not available, then the next best solution should be used.

“Oh, it’s me.”
〈 Did you eat, Chief Kim? 〉
“I ate rice, but I can’t digest it. From now on, prepare an article about the sport I’m talking about. I’ll send you the ingredients.”

In the short run, the share price pumps.
And once you get out of it, you will get your money back.

‘It’s an event that I’ve been watching at least 5 times, but it’s like recovering the principal.’

You decide whether to go back or not after seeing the situation.
It doesn’t matter if things go bad.

There are many operators under management.
You can just pour the money you have collected elsewhere.

〈 Shall I upload it right now?〉
“No, around 5 o’clock after the market ends. You have to hit the outside of the city once to seduce the ants the next day.”
〈 As expected, Deputy Director Kim~ I will do as you command! 〉

It’s a choice I didn’t want to choose.
Omega Information & Communications is a stock with very good materials.

From the first operation, Min-gu had been paying attention.
No matter how you think about it, you made a big mistake.

‘All the programs are good, but sometimes they say shit.’

There are many items to manage.
As such, monitoring of each event is inevitably neglected.

Looking at the chart, it fell all three days.
Clearly something went wrong with the program.

‘Not really? Are the other states doing well?’

If something goes wrong, other stocks should also be affected.
It’s going well for that.

Only Omega Information and Communication is a problem.
Min-gu frowns his forehead and thinks about it, but nothing comes to mind.

OhmyNewsTV− 「[Feature stock] Omega Information & Communications, ‘Strength’ amid expectations of benefits from expanded 5G investment by 3 mobile telecommunications companies”

5 p.M. By appointment.
A reporter dealing with Crown Capital frees Chirashi.

Once the stock price rises.
And it’s a way to make a reason by posting an article.

‘If I release it when I get more attention from the sector, I can even hit 5th consecutive.’

When the movie Operation was released.
At that time, I forcibly lifted it up with fists.

Even the ants were stupid.
It was because there were a lot of idiots who would beat up all their assets when a certain stock went up.

But now it’s smart.
We need to create the grounds and conditions for the stock price to rise.

The grounds are sufficient.
Things are still bland.
The rise in stock prices will inevitably be the same.

『Omega Information and Communication』
671 ▲61 (+10.00%)

‘Once the city prize was raised…… , I can give it a gap increase for about two days, and then sell it by giving it a roundabout from the third day.’

The joy doesn’t last long.
You should throw the stock around when the trading volume is down.

Second best.
I don’t see any benefit for the time spent.

Operation is not as great as it looks.
Rather, it rarely succeeds.

In terms of probability, it is 20% if you hit well.
The rest pays for themselves this way and looks for the next opportunity.

‘I mean, Omega had high expectations for information and communication.’

It has been so since the program was introduced.
Diversify your investments over a long period of time.

Much more stable.
But the returns are less.
It is also a sport that shows the buds of success.

Omega Information and Communications showed its buds.
The material is good, and above all, the market cap is small.

The company’s value is only 30 billion won.
It is as light as it is small, so it flies well even with small issues.

In particular, information communication
What kind of company are you doing?
Things whose reality is unclear are evaluated only as ‘dreams’.

‘Even a company that doesn’t make a penny, whether it’s Tesla or something, has a market capitalization of more than tens of trillions because the CEO talks a little.’

When the fire is on, everyone only looks at the positive side.
It is to pay a premium and buy while looking forward to the future of this company.

Omega Information and Communications could be like that too.
No, just 5 servings was enough.
The flow was interrupted.

If this happens, there is a problem with my incentives…….’

Luxurious life where you can enjoy course meals at A-class restaurants for simple meals.
There are not many people who can do it here in Yeouido.

Belong to the top 10%.
0.1% of the population of Korea.
That is Kim Min-goo, a well-known stock broker.

In the past, they were called operational powers or bullies in the stock market, but in this world, those with money have both power and honor.
It’s almost legal now.

‘I’ll have to tighten my belt for a while. I’m lucky.’

Because the program made an error, the revenue was reduced.
After all, it’s your own fault.

Because it was relaxing.
I was relieved because the usual program was so good.

Securities companies don’t pay much attention to this kind of mischief.
Even if ants fly and crawl, they are still ants.

‘There’s no way this happened because of the ants…… , I can’t see any signs of other forces intervening…… , Is it an error?’

They are predators.
It is an existence that can be called an anteater that gently twists the ant and eats it all at once.

The operation owner is an ant hell.
It gives off a delicious smell and throws countless ants into a hell where they can’t escape.

Are you suffering like that?
It can’t happen.
Min-gu tried to erase the question that popped up in his mind.

* * *


Stock investors don’t have to eat rice.

『Lee Chan-wook’s Total Assets』
KRW 5,738,893
+4,228,658 (+280%)

Even if you only eat profits, you will be hungry.
Just saying that really makes me feel that way.

“Clean your head. No, don’t clean it. It smells good.”
“That’s great. Did you make 4 million won in 3 days?”

Sora stuck to the monitor and didn’t know how to fall off.
It’s the first time I’ve ever seen stocks make money.

‘It’s really fresh. It’s fresh.’

I wanted a college life like this.
Unfortunately, the master is only interested in stocks.

“Did you use your credit? I remember that senior seed wasn’t great.”
“Of course you’re a man.”
“Didn’t you even try to use credit with mine? Why are you only using credit?”

Notice even useless things.
This is why I don’t like quick-witted kids.

‘Should I take my dick off?’

Not really for that reason.
Unlike the last time, there is a clear reason for not using the credit attempt.

“This is my life.”
“It’s not like that, it’s because you don’t know when to shoot.”

Credit default.
The deadly moves of the ants on the last train of their lives.
In terms of Dragon Ball, it is equivalent to 8 times Kaiwang Fist.

‘But strictly speaking.’

Credit and misrepresentation are different.
In the case of an attempt, after +2 days have passed, the securities company can arbitrarily reverse trade.
The risk is great when you have it for a long time.

“The commander of the operation is, in the end, the faction at will.”
“You mean you don’t know when to climb?”
“Whether you pick or not, the approach to shobuchi is inevitably different from scalping.”

2.5 times the King’s Fist is the limit.
This is reasonable when making long-term investments.

‘There’s something like that because it’s my money.’

Originally, there is such a feeling.
Securities companies also consider trading with their own money as low risk, but trading with customer money is considered high risk.

This is information that the customer does not need to know.
Sora looked at the charts of Omega Information and Communications as if it were strange.

“That’s why you’re doing the operation week, the operation week.”
“That’s it.”
“I should have bought it too. Shall I put my money in if the stock drops?”
“Hey you idiot.”

Huge returns.
An upward curve that has no choice but to open its mouth.
It more than doubled from the bottom in just 3 days.

‘If I fall for something like this, I won’t be able to live up to my name.’

That’s why people fantasize about stocks.
Money is copied!
It is also the reason for wearing a side gourd.

“The dishes are being washed the moment a kid like you enters.”
“Will you wash the dishes?”
“Yeah, you’ll wash the dishes later too.”

The act of belatedly jumping into stocks that have already risen as they rise and receiving the volume.
It also has other meanings related to marriage.


Getting bitten by either side is dangerous.
It was enough to wash the dishes with a conch, but in principle, it was right not to do it.

“Isn’t that why washing dishes is the essence of strategy?”

As Dr. Woo in the movie operation said.
After instilling illusions in the ants, they lower the stock price at an unbelievable rate.

Especially dog ​​owners.
Once bitten, recovery is impossible.
Since the fundamentals are not good, there is nothing to go up unless it is a strategy.

“Did our hand food get washed?”
“Yeah, you bastard.”
“Woo-ssi! I was excited when I first saw table setting.”
“It’s not the first time.”
“You inherited steel stock the other day and shot yourself.”

”I can’t even joke.’

It’s a story among stock investors.
If you come to Rome, you must do as the Romans do.

A real cry
He puts on a gloomy expression, as if the trauma remains in his heart.

“Don’t tease me.”
“No, why are you so serious?”
‘I…… , I mean, it was really hard.”
“Of course it’s hard. Who made money from stocks and didn’t have a hard time?”
“Thank you so much for helping me. I’m still grateful.”


I only applied lip balm, but my lips were plump and lively.
As soon as it is slightly reflected in the light, it cannot be so desired.

Is it green light?
Is there a turning point in your life?


The moment I was soaked in romance for a while.

“Oh, Hyeri.”
“Senior, I came to Hyeri.”
“Why is he suddenly!”
“Don’t you know? It’s tomorrow’s assignment presentation day.”

Students have to go to school.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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