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Because I Live in the US 20

Because I Live in the US 20

Chapter 20 – Re: Investor Life Starting From Zero

In order to invest, there are things you must know.

“You know what’s the most important thing when evaluating a company’s value?”
“I know.”
“That’s the financial statement, of course.”

Sora triumphantly answers her teacher’s question like a student who got it right in one go.
In conclusion, it is wrong.

“What are you looking at? What kind of Warren Buffett are you?”
“Then why don’t you look?”
“Haa~ I really don’t want to talk about stocks with you.”

In fact, financial statements are also important.
In order to know the internal state of the company to invest in.

‘Because there’s nothing more certain than seeing it yourself.’

Accounting report.
It is meaningful that you can know the company situation only with numbers and disclosures.
Primary processed data such as news articles and analyst opinions are often out of touch with the truth.

“I’m arguing about the same thing so that it’s not trendy. That’s why I can’t earn a penny with stocks.”
“Come on, let’s go. I’ll teach you how to do real stocks.”

That’s something you’ll do well without me even telling you.
Just looking at it, it’s an attitude that you’ll try to know.

‘He’s the model student type.’

So what I’m trying to teach is practice.
I am planning to recruit professional manpower necessary for my trading.

“Okay, okay! I don’t know because I’m Jurin, okay?”
“It’s nice to see you admit it.”
“So what’s the answer?”
“CEO contemplation.”

By using Sora’s connections.
It’s not that I haven’t thought of anything else.

‘If you ask me to come up with a baguette, you’ll hit me in the face.’

Surprisingly common.
A girl who wants to get rid of annoying things with a one night stand.

A 23-year-old female driver collided with an 18-year-old male student.
The police reported the accident but failed to punish the driver.
The reason is that the two agreed to have sex.

From a woman’s point of view, it’s rather comfortable.
There doesn’t seem to be any guidance on that side.

It doesn’t seem likely.
I don’t want to cut intimacy by making an irrational number.

“You’re buying stock without even looking at the boss? It’s absurd.”
“Am I weird?”
“Yeah, you’re weird. Do you understand now?”
“I don’t think so…”

Actually needed
Sora stares at me with her suspicious eyes as if she is dumbfounded.

‘I know I’m only joking.’

In particular, the CEO is the head of a group.
It is not for nothing that contemplation stories appear regularly in history books, especially in places like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Todok. Talk!

The faces of the presidents of Korean conglomerates.
Just a quick Google search brings it up.

『Korean Business World Ranking』
1. Ohsung Group− Chairman Lee Geon ×
2. Mirae Group− Chung Mong × Chairman
3. SKY Group− Chairman Tae× Choi
4. Helge Group− Koo Bon× Chairman

“Aren’t the faces of Nos. 1, 2, and 4 similar?”
“Uh… I guess so.”
“It’s a typical injury called turtle abnormality. It’s a prize that will make you rich.”

Jeong Mong-gu is not a tortoise figure, but he was born with a tortoise neck.
When it comes to chaebol presidents, contemplation is not the culprit.

“You know victory, right?”
“Of course I know. I used to like it…”
“Victory is the contemplation of fire, radiance, the contemplation of gaining wealth in the early twenties and losing everything after the thirties.”
“Isn’t that creepy?”

There are people who literally become criminals.
As such, contemplation is important.
It’s never going to go unnoticed.

“Isn’t this more outrageous?”
“That’s right.”

To invest in Joseon, you must follow the laws of Joseon!
It is a foolish act that arises from ignorance to disparage the old.

‘It’s not for nothing that contemplation is called science.’

Actually recognized
Not anywhere else, but on Wall Street, the world’s financial center.

There is such a thing as the ‘small number fallacy’.
An example is the book of American management scholar Jim Collins.

『From a Good Company to a Great Company』 – Published in 2001

The manager’s textbook.
This book analyzes the characteristics of successful companies and becomes a bestseller.

“But all the companies in the book are now bankrupt. Why did they fail?”
“I don’t know about one or two, but if all of them are ruined, well.”
“It’s because we only analyze successful companies.”

It was a mistake that the sample analyzed was small.
This is called the small number error, or survivor bias.

For example, there is something called the Lindy effect.
Even if it is a superstition, if it has persisted for hundreds of years, there is something.

‘There’s something about contemplation.’

So it’s still used, and it fits really well.
If it doesn’t match, it will disappear naturally like the blood type personality theory.

“Anyway, it’s a bit contemplative…”
“It’s okay. What kind of stocks are you explaining to a speculator like you? I’m sure Son ○-Min will be buying a dog drink just because he scored a goal.”
“You bought it because of the senior!!”
“Genji really thinks of stocks.”

In fact, physiognomy can also be seen as the result of big data accumulated over a long period of time.
Even more, it is the knowledge of Joseon made in Joseon land.


Contemplation is the statistics of seeing faces based on the experiences and cases of our ancestors.
Reliability is not low as it is a single ethnic group.

“At least I wouldn’t buy a stock just by looking at the CEO’s face. Never.”
“What else are you going to say. The speculator is your senior?”
“I’m not trying to find good companies. I’m trying to weed out bad companies.”

Of course, the limits are clear.
If you become famous, you clap your hands even if you poop, and there are many cases in which people are generous with the contemplation of those who have already succeeded.

‘But swindlers stink from coffins.’

Although the main characters are different, the villains are always the same.
People who look like they’re going to do bad things do bad things.

In contemplation, the life that the person has lived so far is melted.
It’s never a coincidence, it’s an inevitability.

“And this also stems from the uniqueness of the Korean stock market. It’s an important part.”
“What is it?”
“Follow me. I’ll talk to you as we go.”

○I’m taking my Pokemon trainer with me.
The destination is Korea University.

To be precise, it is a student hall.
There are many clubs, including the student council.


Open the thick glass door and enter.
There were many restrictions for me to come alone.

“Do you have many friends?”
“It’s not really a lot… But each department has at least one senior I know.”
“That’s a lot.”

The insider does not know that his friendship is good.
Because that’s normal

‘That’s why I’m weak.’

She doesn’t know how to live alone.
The true strong don’t need friends.

“I guess that’s called bullying in jargon.”
“There is no bullying in my dictionary.”
“Even if you talk like Napoleon, you don’t live up to it?”

But you need staff.
Recently, I have been suffering from a lack of information in trading stocks.

‘When I was CEO.’

You know, information comes like a mountain.
The lower ones sort it out and report it to me.

It’s convenient because I only have to pay.
It’s not particularly strange, the original fund is like that.

There are companies that only manage information.
Giving them money, buying information.

“Anyway, take care of yourself.”
“It could be someone I don’t know…”
“If I push it into that big chest, I’ll be able to do something.”
“Would you like to be a senior?”

This is also why institutions are one step ahead of individuals.
But to do it.

‘Because I don’t have the money yet to use a professional company.’

The cost is exorbitant.
In modern society, information is soon.
This is the truth without any exaggeration.

For example, crude oil prices are likely to drop soon.
Even if you receive it just 5 minutes earlier, you can make a lot of money by hitting the short.

“Then why don’t you? Was he such a mean person that he couldn’t even keep his promise?”
“I can’t hear you.”
“You can do it if you do!”

I plan to increase the number of talented people one by one, starting with admiration.
Fortunately, here at Korea University.

‘Because if it’s a talent, it’s about to rot.’

The problem is how to negotiate.
Sora could do it.
No, you must do it.

Knock! Knock!

Knock on the door
Gwansang·saju club.
It exudes a heavy atmosphere as its name.


The inside was more, not less.
Honmonos are gathering more than I could have imagined.

“Who are you?”
“Wow, it’s a woman!”
“What happened to such a shabby place…”
“Hello. My name is Yoon So-ra, a freshman in the Department of Economics…”

People who came out.
I’d believe it even if it was a monkey.
He had a beard that had grown haphazardly, and his hair hadn’t been properly groomed.

Rather than being an otaku, it is more appropriate to say that he is a natural person.
It really feels like you’re sitting on the street and watching every four weeks.

“Hey first grader?! Are you in the 17th grade?”
“Yes, by the way.”
“How many grades are you from me? 5th grade?”
“Six. You knelt once.”
“Are you interested in saju? No, it’s nothing else, I’m asking in a pure sense…”
“Ah yes.”

It’s also a face that won’t cause misunderstandings even if you don’t put on a special limb.
After all, contemplation is a science.

“Now, wait a minute.”

It seems that he lacks the spirit to challenge the unknown, but his expression is very confused.
He closes the door and runs towards me.

“What are you saying to me!!”
“You really have no respect for your seniors, do you?”
“It’s not that kind of problem!”

What are kids really doing these days?
If they were kids in the past, they would have been drunk with divine power and held a gut.

‘I feel like it’s kind of miraculous.’

At least it doesn’t seem to be a hobby of buying and selling.
I feel a determined will that I walked a big part of my life.

Ability is unquestioned.
You can trust him as an expert.
How are you going to seduce those who are so picky?

“Would you just do some cute acting with a soft voice? Aang~ Senior, please do it! Something like this.”
“I can’t do that!”
“There’s nothing you can’t do. You’re not doing it.”

No worries about that part.
I put the list in Sora’s hand, who is freaking out.
And pat her on the shoulder.

“I thought you weren’t coming back.”
“Be comfortable. We are all good brothers.”
“Ah, yes. Over there…”
“Well, do you have something to ask of me? Ask me to look at things like compatibility.”
“I’m good at dating too!”
“It’s not compatible, that’s… I’m asking you to look at it.”

All the members of the club were waiting in front of the door as if she had woken up and was looking forward to it.
Even so, not a few people.

‘It’ll be enough to take a look at the tops of the CEOs.’

The peculiarities of the Korean stock market.
That’s because there are so many companies out there.
It is equivalent to a whopping 5 to 10 times the German and Swiss stock markets, which have similar sizes.

That’s what the so-called ‘dog owner’ is.
Most of the ant investors who have made money in Korea have invested in this dog soup.
If there is one problem.

‘Because there are so many swindlers.’

Sometimes the president of the company runs away at night.
Abnormal behaviors such as bankruptcy, suspension of business, and sudden disposal of shares are prevalent.

To reduce that risk.
Just by looking at the president’s face, you can tell if it’s a scammer.
This is what I need right now.

“Who are you? Father?”
“It’s a bit much for my father. The number.”
“That, that’s it.”
“Can’t you just do something for me? Aang~ Oppa?”

This is because the higher the number of dogs, the higher the expected profit.
I have to work for my profit.

‘You can’t seduce me, that bastard.’

Re: Hajimaru of investor life starting from zero.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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