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Because I Live in the US 19

Because I Live in the US 19

Chapter 19 – Actual Condensed Stock Training

Mistakes that beginners in investing often make.

“Isn’t it right to invest after looking at the company’s performance?”
“What, value investing?”
“You really don’t know anything.”

It’s almost decided.
A few words, including value investing.

‘I know value investing as an easy and simple way to invest.’

“What is value investing?”
“Aren’t you investing by believing in the value of the company?
“How do you know whether a company is good or bad?”
“Uh……, I also saw the financial statement. Analysts said it was good too.”

These days, there is a lot of talk on YouTube.
If you buy good stocks and hold on to them, you can make money.

‘Warren Buffett didn’t even know that it was the KOSPI that he gave up.’

The father of value investing.
It is also famous for Warren Buffett’s investment method.

Good companies are destined to rise someday.
Buy an undervalued company!

“Do you know why Grandpa Buffett was so successful?”
“As I said before, I believed in the value of the company and invested in an undervalued company…”
“No. It’s because I invested in NASDAQ.”

The secret to success is not surprisingly difficult.
You don’t have to look far.

“I was able to succeed because I was born in the United States against 1/40 odds.” – Warren Buffett

The Nasdaq has been trending steadily upward for the past 100 years.
It’s not that easy to make a loss.

Gold spoon + gifted education.
He was born with such a full buff, so he was able to succeed.

‘I was born in Korea. He must have been a construction site grandpa carrying an Ohama, not a wise man from Ohama.’

Of course, there are many who have failed under the same conditions.
Establishing value investing is also a great achievement.

“While the Nasdaq is rising 20 times, what do you believe in value investing in the KOSPI, which has doubled? I don’t understand.”
“It might go up in the future…”
“Oh, this is frustrating!”

But if he hadn’t invested in NASDAQ, he would never have been as famous as he is now, no matter what.

‘In the first place, I wouldn’t have invested in the 20-year sideways Gagscam stock market like the KOSPI.’

Warren Buffett has also been interested in the KOSPI.
Even so, what Sora said was unmistakably true.

Corporate value!
In terms of fundamentals and future growth potential, there are more than one or two attractive undervalued companies.

“Then why do you think it’s underrated?”
“Because people don’t care enough…”
“So why is there a lack of interest! No matter how pretty you are, it’s not the same as not being attracted to men because you have a bad personality.”
“What the fuck?”

It’s not a day or two, it’s a yearly unit.
If the KOSPI has been undervalued for decades, there is a clear reason.

‘It’s not that it’s underrated, it’s that it was getting a proper evaluation.’

Stocks are not valued solely on the value of the company.
Global political, economic, social, cultural, and military trends have direct and indirect effects.

You have to look in more detail.
Why are the stock prices of Korean companies inevitably undervalued?

“I will teach you common sense that you must know if you are a KOSPI investor. Do not buy stocks with Mr. Gu and Mr. Heo buried.”
“Mr. Gu and Mr. Heo?”
“The two of them are of the same blood. They are from the family of swindlers.”

Because it makes them unwilling to invest.
There is no such thing as ‘conscience’ for business owners.

Shareholders are not seen as owners of the company.
They don’t think of it as anything other than a money grab.

“The elixir… Isn’t it too harsh?”
“Where are you going?”
“Still, Helgi and KS are conglomerates recognized in Korea.”

Helge is famous for its Helge electronics.
KS, familiar as a 24-hour convenience store.
Although both have a bad image to the general public.

‘Originally, the bad guy gets better at pretending to be nice.’

Notorious for investors.
It is a company that has grown by eating ants in all kinds of ways.

1. Absorbed and merged with Hulga after intentional bankruptcy
2. Transfer of debt to subsidiaries within the group
3. Dilution of shareholder value through physical division

“Do you know what the average rate of return for long-term investors in the KOSPI is?”
“Well. One 120%?”
“-74%. I didn’t aim for 74.”

There are many such actions as above.
Although Mr. Gu and Mr. Heo did a lot, other companies did it too.

‘The KOSPI is the enemy of investors.’

If the stock price rises a bit, they are anxious to suck it up.
The reason why you should never invest long-term in the KOSPI.

“Should only Mr. Goo and Mr. Heo be careful?”
“No. Even so, it is notorious.”
“Hey, where are you?”
“Don’t you know what life is? Great King Morgan! Teamfight Morgan! Iron Wall Morgan! Don’t you know what Morgan protects?”
“Axe Hand Morgan knows.”

It’s not just one or two.
Some companies do not intentionally raise their stock prices.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the stock price went up?
If you think about it based on common sense, of course it is.

Ignore that common sense.
Surprisingly, there are many companies in Korea that stop stock prices from rising.

‘There’s something called inheritance.’

Inheritance tax.
It’s literally a tax you pay when you die.
Chaebols with a lot of money really pay astronomically.

“That’s why I don’t deliberately raise the stock price.”
“Because the higher the stock price, the more taxes you pay. There are many companies on the KOSPI with stock prices that are strangely low compared to the money they earn, but most of them are inheritance issues.”

Let the representative company do it.
The market capitalization of the 7th largest company in the business world is only 2 trillion won.

Its operating profit far exceeds 2 trillion won.
Even considering the holding company discount, the price makes no sense.

‘It’s a policy that discriminates against shareholders, such as giving a small amount of dividends, and presses down the stock price.’

“There is also a sense of work.”
“What is that… It’s scary to hear.”
“It’s giving the company of the chairman’s son three brothers a decent job, and the rest of the company is taking care of the loss instead. It’s a shortcut to lower the gift tax by growing the company of the chairman’s son.”

There are all kinds of ways.
Eating shareholders is like a long history and tradition of KOSPI.

Sora’s expression is not very good.
It seems that he has been disappointed in the stock market he has been dreaming of.

“Isn’t there a normal company? Is Future Motors a bad company?”

It is refreshing to see a child who was so strong and unrestrained, crying.

‘The original reality is 3 times worse than I imagined.’

To the point where it would be better not to know.
But stock investors have to face it.

With reality.
Even in sensitive fields, there is a need for analysis based on clear judgment and evidence.

“The future is a nobleman compared to the first two.”
“But it’s breeding parasites in the company.”
“A parasite?”
“Yeah, remember that it’s a movie that will become famous in a few years.”

Strong union.
You must have heard the story of the aristocratic union at least once in the news or anywhere.

‘The final boss is in the future.’

The madmen who make homebrew guns and flamethrowers based on Molotov cocktails and take over company buildings without permission.

The damage they do to the company is enormous.
They know it and even use it intentionally.

“If you think the company is going well, you’re holding a demonstration. You can’t go up if you want the stock price to go up.”
“But what else!”
“Isn’t it for the improvement of workers’ rights and interests? The purpose of establishing a union is absolutely not bad…”

Of course, workers’ right to organize independently is a legitimate right.
A good society is a society where people can express their dissatisfaction confidently.

‘The problem is that society is too good.’

Inelastic employment structure.
South Korea has made it difficult for companies to lay off employees.
It is abusing the system to protect workers.

In order to monopolize their interests.
From the company’s point of view, the parasites that they want to cut off immediately take advantage of the benefits and block the company’s development.

Daily News− “”Our union is guilty” The reason why the double-headed union belatedly shed tears of repentance”

No, it even ruins it.
Every time they strike, they suffer astronomical losses.
Companies with competitiveness can survive, but companies that are not can’t survive.

“There are many things in the KOSPI that you can never know until you start investing in stocks. If you don’t know and apply them all, you can’t call it a real investment.”
“I see…….”
“Yes, you motherfucker.”

Organizations know this too.
The fact that the KOSPI cannot rise structurally.

‘So if you want the stock price to go up a bit, start with short selling and see.’

Why did steel stocks go down?
There is really nothing different.
The stock price went up, so it was just a short sale.

“Does that make sense?”
“It makes sense.”
“I know that short selling is not easy because the loss is infinite.”

Short selling in the KOSPI is special.
Institutions were given weapons advantageous to them, such as non-borrowing, indefinite term, exception to the uptick rule, non-computational procedures, and low interest rates.

‘The Korean short selling win rate is 97.5%.’

It’s not because the institution is doing well.
The market itself is a tilted playing field.
In other stock markets, short selling is risky, but in the Korean stock market, there is almost no risk.

“Why are you crying!”
“But, but… It’s nonsense. Then someone invests.”
“That’s why 95% of ant investors lose. Can’t you see the statistics?”

How far apart is the world of traders you dreamed of from reality?

You may have found out a little too early.
The bigger the dream, the bigger the disappointment.

‘If I knew this, I would never do Korean stocks.’

Going to Kangwon Land and playing baccarat has a high winning rate.
Stock investment, especially Korean stocks, is very different from what ordinary people imagine.

“I don’t think there are any stocks to buy…”
“That’s the charm of KOSPI.”
“If there are disadvantages, there are also advantages. Isn’t that what the world is like?”

It is easy to get burned if you challenge the stock market with only vague preconceived notions.
It is preyed upon by higher predators.

‘It’s such a world.’

Earthworm game.
If you bump into a dog for a day without knowing how scary it is, it will be broken into pieces.

But what if you use your head?
If you know how to write that?

“We know the winning formula for the worm game.”
“I know what game it is…”
“The smaller the earthworm, the nimble it is, right? The same goes for ants. If you use nimble body movements, you can try to win.”

Brightly shining eyes.
I still don’t know what it will look like after cutting it.

‘Looks like he’s motivated.’

The most important part.
They have a basic attitude.
But before that, there is still something to be calculated.

“This is the explanation, but do you understand it?”
“Yeah, I guess that’s what I heard.”
“Is there anything you’ve decided to do when you’re convinced?”

There is something I really want to do with that body.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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