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Because I Live in the US 18

Because I Live in the US 18

Chapter 18 – Actual Condensed Stock Training


The tips of my long, white fingers touch them carefully.

‘Here…… , Right?’

Sora arrived in a neighborhood outside the university.
It is an undeveloped place, and there are rumors that the security is bad, so students do not go there.

But some.
I’ve heard stories of students who couldn’t find a dormitory and found their own room here.


That fucking old man.
No, it is also where Chan-wook lives.

It is an old house with cracked white paint.
I want people to live.


Maybe I’m not really living.
Second the doorbell.

Even if you wait, there is no sign of coming out.
Could it be that you found the wrong house?

‘That’s right…….’

I want to learn stocks.
He honestly expressed his feelings to Chan-wook.

“Learn from your father. A trader?”

Dad treats himself like a kid.
Don’t do stocks as much as possible until you graduate.

They answer questions only when academic help is needed.
It doesn’t tell you about stocks.

‘Could this bastard do it on purpose?’

The reason why I put my ego aside and asked for it.
But that is, to an extent, one’s own circumstances.

From Chan-wook’s point of view, it can be annoying.
Beyond the level of open dislike.


You can pass.
He intentionally gave me the wrong address.

‘Fuck you!!’

For some reason, I was puzzled when he told me so obediently.
In the meantime, there is a sound that has been spit out.

A poor man’s house.
No, it may be that they are beating on the lungs where no one lives.

‘If I really meet you, I won’t let you go!’

All I can do right now is to resent it.
I can’t help but open the door.
The moment Sora was about to go back.

〈 Gazuah~~~~!!!〉

Inside the house
A man’s voice sounded a bit distraught.

I didn’t hear it wrong.
It was definitely a sound coming from inside the house.

‘There can’t be many crazy people like this.’


The doorknob that I tried to open was open.

It is rude to enter without permission.
However, it happened like this.


You didn’t hear it wrong.
Inside a house about 7 pyeong.

I was in that tiny one room.
The damn old man is screaming.

“What is it? Fuck off!”
“Do you know what kind of candle I am? Go out.”

I came with a strong heart.
He might hate that too.

Between himself and Chan-wook.
Because it’s true that it’s not very good.

‘I think I’m out of my mind?’

That wasn’t the reason.
Sora can also see and know at a glance.

Chan-wook is doing stock.
HTS appears on the monitor screen.

“Where are you going?”

But I can’t help but stay calm.
What is the reason for doing that

“Why are you here?”
“Senior can come…”
“You’re being cheated on. Get out of here!!!”

I don’t even have time to ask.
There is a person in front of you who seems to have gone out of his mind.

‘Even though I was far from normal.’

A human being who should be confined to a white house on a hill.
Perhaps because of his mood, his eyes are slightly rolled.

Nonetheless, he must remain rational.
He is the one who can have personal circumstances.

“If you get cheated on and go down, will you take responsibility?”
“It’s not even a gut, what are you talking about!”
“It’s illegal, so get out of here quickly!”
“Shouldn’t you at least explain what’s going on?”

A winking brow.
Sora can barely hold back his angry feelings.

He had a reason he hated him so much.
What are you thinking?

‘Are you trading stocks…… ?’

Monitor screen.
It seems that he has a trading program on his computer turned on.

He may have gone mad because the deal was sabotaged.
Thinking so, he understands to some extent.

‘Did you buy the stock of Woorison Food?’

You want the stock price to go up.
He understands as much as he has made real investments.

When stock prices go down, money melts.
He can only sincerely wish to go up.

“I guess you are investing in our own food.”
“Could you tell me what aspects of the company you looked at and bought from?”
“I don’t know.”

Ignoring it outright
He doesn’t give a glance and looks only at Ho’s window.

‘Yeah, I didn’t think it would be easy to learn from the beginning.’

There must be something that can be learned even over the shoulder.
Look for it once

Todok, tok!

What is our hand food company?
By knocking on the phone.

‘Meat related stocks…… ?’

It is engaged in various livestock industries such as pigs and Korean cattle.
In other words, when the price of meat rises, the company’s share price rises.

“There is no article about meat prices going up?
“By the way.”
“So I don’t think there’s any particular factor driving the stock price up.”

Of course I could be wrong.
Confirmation bias.
How dangerous it is to approach only theoretically.

It is a yard that has already been burned once.
But I have no intention of giving up.

‘I just don’t know yet. The more you know and the more you study, the more you will be able to grasp the reality.’

Reasonable judgment.
Even if there was a lacking part, I didn’t think I was wrong.

“What are you talking about earlier?”
“So you’re a meat-related stock? That’s why I said that there is no big change in meat prices.”
“Why is this about meat?”
“Yes? Then what is it?”
“Whoever sees it, it’s related to Son ○-Min!”

It was more than I could have imagined.
No, it’s a story I couldn’t even guess.

‘Son ○-Min? The Son ○-Min player I know?’

He wondered if he had heard something wrong.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

“Is this company related to Son ○-Min?
“My hands! You don’t know my hands? Were you a sucking dog sucking dog cock?”
“I really don’t understand why he’s sucking on his dog’s cock udder.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

A situation I can’t understand.
Even if you try to fit it in, it is impossible.

‘Wait a minute. Are you kidding me?’

There is only one conclusion that Sora can reach.
However, we cannot deny the reality in front of us.

“Our hands!!!!”

Screaming like a madman
There was reason to cry.

─A foreigner has been attacked!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
The forces are running amok!

It’s climbing like crazy.
Not 1%, 3%, 5%.

『Our Hand Food』
2,420 ▲225 (+10.2%)

No, while I didn’t see it for a while, I climbed up and shot the upper VI.

“Why are you climbing? At least explain a little…”
“No, didn’t you know?”
“What, what?”
“Son ○-Min scored a goal yesterday!!”

I have a headache.
I’m sure I’m listening to Korean, but I feel like I’m listening to a foreign language from a country I don’t even know the name of.

“What will happen if Son ○-Min scores a goal?”
“I do not know.”
“Son ○-Min related stocks are skyrocketing. Isn’t that obvious?”

It’s a strange feeling that I can’t understand even if I understand it.
I feel like I’ve become an idiot, so I’m even more upset.

‘This is speculation. Isn’t that an investment?’

Of course I know.
Theme week.
The fact that there are stocks that fluctuate in response to issues with a specific person.

Representatively, there are political theme stocks.
When that politician is elected, the stock price goes up.

But that’s not the right stock investment.
It’s a speculative act close to gambling.

─Quadra Kill!
I can’t stop you at all!

It doesn’t stop at 10%.
12%, 13%, 15%!
I climbed up with the momentum to break through the ceiling.

─Institution-sama has ended the faction-sama’s genocide!

Dripping down again
Again, it was an incomprehensible rise in stock prices.

‘It’s strange that the stock of a completely unrelated company goes up just because Son ○-Min scored a goal.’

I have never heard of Son ○-Min’s father running a company.
It’s just the company name.

So it will find its place.
Though I think it’s my own opinion.

─Double kill!
Triple Kill!
The faction is slaughtering!

The brake was applied for a while.
It strikes again and climbs as if it did when.
Even if you try to deny it in your heart.

─Quadra Kill!
Penta Kill!
A legend emerges!

I can’t turn my eyes
Stock prices rise like crazy in real time.

“We are living in the age of Son ○-Min.”

That rise.
It is becoming blood and flesh in Chan-wook’s account.

I don’t understand.
The stock price goes up just because Son ○-Min scores a goal.

“BJs also shoot star balloons if they do well, but isn’t it weird that we don’t get congratulations even after scoring a goal overseas?”
“Is that so?”
“Do you know how many Son ○-Min fans there are all over the world? How many sponsors? Tottenham just bought 100,000 shares. They can’t lose. Manchester United buys them too! Chelsea buys them too! No no, Liverpool is perfect for mid-table.”
“We’re having dinner today. We sooooon~~!!!”

I don’t understand.
Even talking about it is ridiculous.
Aside from that.

‘Is the stock really going up?’

To be humiliated
It is true that stock prices are rising rapidly.

Really award.
It may hit its biggest daily rise of 30%.

─Buy orders have been placed!

The person you want to be your teacher.
Although his temperament is dirty, his skills are genuine.

If you bought it, there must be a reason.
Sora pretended to be cheated and bought it.

─Sell order has been executed!

A notification that rings out of sync with him.
Sora is taken aback by the soundhehears from the computer.

“I’m going down? They say I’m going up by scoring a goal.”
“What are you talking about? Think rationally.”
“What the hell does Woori Son Food have to do with Son ○-Min? If you bought stocks believing that, you were speculating, not investing.”

‘…… What?’

Stock price goes down
The fact that he rose like crazy with unstoppable momentum seemed like a lie.

1 million won for testing.
In an instant, -10% was taken and 100,000 won was blown away.

“No, the senior said he would definitely go up.”
“I heard that there are so many fans of Son ○-Min that he is going up? Wouldn’t it be rude to Son ○-Min if he didn’t go up?”
“It’s okay, because I’m Buggy.”

The day when the heat fire will explode.
He is yawning as if he has sorted out his stock before he knows it.

‘Are you really crazy?!’

Who did you buy the stock for?
However, pressing the buy button is at your own discretion.

Can’t even complain
Sora holds back for now and decides to reveal the purpose of coming here.

“But why are you here?”
“Did I tell you I’m coming!’
“Why are you so angry? I don’t know why kids these days are so angry.”


How do you make people feel angry just by talking to each other?
But I can’t help it.

A person who is good at stocks.
Except for his father and his co-workers, I have never met him in my life.

I don’t understand the process, but I just made money.
By buying and selling stocks.

“You want to know why you lost money?”
“I must have lost my head because I was stupid.”
“No… That doesn’t make sense.”

Since then, he is the senior.
I have pride in myself.
I’ve never heard anything similar in my life that I’m stupid.

‘I don’t get it.’

Even my father, who is a director of a stock company, found out belatedly and called me.
How do you know in advance when the stock price is going down?

If it’s just a coincidence, that’s fine.
But what if there is a reason?
What if you just don’t know?

“I’ll do anything if the senior convinces me.”
“But, not the same nonsense as before.”

I was bitten by 100,000 won, but it hurts my stomach to say that it is nonsense.
I still want to know

“Oh, I hate to be serious.”
“Seriously, do you know how to speak?”
“Yeah, it’s different from when you’re in agitation mode.”


Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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