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Because I Live in the US 17

Because I Live in the US 17

Chapter 17 – Actual Condensed Stock Training

A loss that reached −30%.
It was restored to near perfection in just one hour.

‘I’m not crazy, really!’

But the bad feelings remain.
So-ra, whose hatred for Chan-wook is filled with Max, can’t think of anything positive.

Everything that just happened is a coincidence.
I bought a good stock at a price that had already fallen, so it only went up.

Tak, Tak!

Transaction history.
Let’s look at how Chan-wook traded.

‘Wow, did you use credit here? With mine?’

It’s ridiculous.
And miss.

It was like gambling with other people’s money.
If it fails, it usually doesn’t end in a big deal.


But the results prove everything.
Chan-wook’s trading was successful.

Conversely, own trading.
I thought it was a safe and sure investment.


The thoughts in my head stop.
Sora wakes up to the sudden vibrating cell phone.

〈 Uh, Sora! I called because of what I asked the other day…….〉

It was from my father.
Managing Director of a securities company.
Do you have a trading career?

So I asked.
Rather than doing something particularly dishonest, it was to add confidence to the investment.

〈 It’s a bit difficult, but is it okay?〉
“Yes. What is it?”
〈 Steel stocks have an aspect that precedes the game. In the future, when the economy improves, steel demand will increase, meaning that steel stocks will also receive strength…….〉

At the time, it was definitely good.
It’s not a sector to worry about as long as you don’t show a lot of greed.


They say the story has changed.
The global situation is diverging from conventional forecasts.

〈 It is said that the rate hike in the US will be steeper than expected, but speculators’ bets are rising. As a result, the prospect that the timing of the economic slowdown in emerging economies could accelerate……. Oh, wasn’t it difficult to explain?
“No Dad. Thank you.”

I still can’t understand everything.
The reason I’m proud of my dad who works in such a difficult world.

‘That’s what happened.’

There was information you didn’t know.
There was a reason why the stock price went down.

〈 This is why stocks are not easy. In particular, the Korean stock market is heavily influenced by external factors. Didn’t you buy stocks by any chance?〉

Didn’t know that.
I didn’t even know that it existed.

Own sight.
I realized that it was so shallow and insignificant.

“It’s okay, I was just interested.”
〈 Phew~ Thank goodness. Did you make a promise to your father? Decided not to stock until graduation.〉

Before you get irreparable damage.
Sora tells the story with a bitter smile.

〈 Huh? 〉
“It’s not me… It’s a record of a transaction made by someone I know.”

If Chan-wook’s trading was just luck.

‘…… You don’t have to thank me very much.’

It is you who take the risk.
I was expecting a negative answer.

〈 Isn’t that Motu? 〉
“Motu… I know it’s not.”
〈 okay? If not, that’s great. Got the RBI right.〉

Emotions are transmitted even over the phone.
His trading was not a fluke.

〈Can you catch it with such precision without any force?〉
“What are the forces?”
〈 Uh, that’s……. It’s like an unofficial investment group. You don’t have to know yet. Okay?〉

I know because I watched from behind.
It accurately captures when the stock price goes down and when it goes up.

The more you listen, the more you appreciate it.
Not once, but three times, so it’s more strange that it’s a coincidence.

〈 The timing of the profit was amazing. The work of a professional scalper.〉
〈 You seem to have a name, how did you find out?〉
“Ah; that’s it…”

I knew.
I didn’t want to admit it.
But if you listen to it like this.


Sora blurts out his gibberish and hangs up the phone with her dad.
Even if I die, I can’t tell if it’s my daughter’s account.

《Don’t fall in love with sports.》

I remember that human voice.
Even the absurd thing that just happened.

Incredibly rude.
A person who seems to have no manners or common sense.


But he doesn’t say anything wrong.
I was the one who fell into the confirmation bias.

“Steel stock is down again.”
“Sora, didn’t you say you bought steel stock?”
“I’m sorry!”
“Oh, it was.”

The next morning.
When I go to the classroom after a long time, my friends welcome me.

In the meantime, I was absent.
What is the reason.
It wasn’t that my friends hadn’t guessed either.

Todok, tok!

Show it for your worried friends.
Your account has changed in the past 10 days.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 8,712,892
+212,892 won (+2.45%)

“Wow! You earned?”
“How did you make money in a bear market?”
“As expected, future traders!”
“Yeah… It was a little difficult.”

‘Actually, I didn’t do it…….’

My conscience is pricked, but it’s useless to say the truth.
It was said that he had been bitten and stuck in the corner of the room.

And who saved it.
The fact that he was the senior Cheolcheon supporter, Chan-wook, whom he hated so much.

“But what about senior Chanwook?”
“It’s the first time I’ve seen you call me senior.”
“That, that’s right.”

What if you continued to johnber?
There may not have even been an opportunity to escape.
I wouldn’t have even passed the rice to my friends right away, let alone side dishes.

[Item discussion room− Donghae Steel]
─Chief Yeom highly recommends ‘overweightinghaha
-Chief Yeom said confidently, so I bought it.
─Don’t say Yeombli, say King Yeomra
─I bought it after subtracting the deposit, so what should I do?

Like the people in Jongto’s room, they must be lamenting their lives.
Think of it as a multi-million dollar job.


I can’t help but get goosebumps.
Sora is staring at her cellphone screen in disbelief.

“I did the assignment though!”
“Well… That brother was too rough, so I finished it myself.”

I don’t know, but maybe it’s my own fault.
It was because I spent the entire morning helping out.

‘…… He also slapped me on the cheek.’

It was absurd.
It’s the first time in my life that I’m experiencing it.
To the point where I want to tear my brain open.

That’s what I felt when I first saw it.
There is no other idiot like him in the world.

“Oh, it’s Chanwook senior!”
“Ah… Sora doesn’t like it. I’m sorry.”

School cafeteria.
Eating lunch alone.
Friends look at you

Because they don’t get along well.
When I met him, I wanted to hit him one more time.

‘I want to know.’

But curiosity precedes it.
If you’re a human like that idiot, you might know.

What mistake did you make?
How can I get closer to that world?

“No. No.”

The friends are surprised to see So-ra stride away.
Soo-hyeon grabs Hye-ri’s wrist as she was trying to stop him.

I don’t mean to say anything.
I can’t quite admit it, but I’m still an annoying human being.

“Why do you eat alone? If you tell me, I can eat with you.”

The senior’s back, which he thought was strange, starts to look a little different.

* * *

But it is also true that it was unavoidable.

‘It’s a bit cheesy, so I said I’d pay for it, but did I call it too cheap?’

Fresh college girls are expensive.
To buy on the black market, she has to call in at least a billion.

Even freshmen.
The level is also high.
He doesn’t seem to have any experience in the entertainment industry.

Depending on the bidding situation of the big players, the premium will be broken.
There is no chin with a hundred or two hundred.

‘How did you know the market price?’

Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to pay now.
When I was struggling

“Why do you eat alone? If you tell me, I can eat with you.”

○The Pokemon Trainer is approaching.
Transaction failed.
I thought she was dissatisfied with the price and left to find another buyer.

‘Is there still room for bargaining?’

Eye-catching long legs.
A full-bodied hip.
It shows off the fact that it is a high-end item.

It’s not even bare like last time.
Lightly applied makeup, as if it hadn’t been applied, is rather nice because it is natural.

“Don’t get me wrong. I just came here out of pity.”
“So why!”

Call the price you want.
No matter how expensive the final distribution price is, it has to be cheap locally.

With the popularity of K-pop and other Korean Waves, Korean women are expensive.
Supply is short of demand.

‘There is such a thing as Korean affection.’

What should I do if I get everything I get while pretending to be cheap like a traditional market?
Her business wasn’t like that.

Her face heats up
If you look closely, the cheeks are also slightly inflated.
I’m not a kid.

‘Ah, he’s a kid.’

It was like a sex machine, so I forgot about it.
There is still a lot to learn and learn.

“Fight! Fight!”
“It’s not a fight.”
“I fought.”
“What happened to you two? Oh, no way!”

Hyeri and Soohyun were also there.
Age to study.
It looks like he came to eat.

‘Learning is delicious.’

Our school is doing pretty well.
I heard that it became Changryeol after 2020, but at least it is at this point.

“That’s it.”
“No it’s not?”
“Oh, I heard you.”

There are many students.
There seems to be quite a few people eavesdropping on our table.

‘It must be famous.’

A kid like a machine walks around, but I can’t help but notice it.
I don’t know, but all the seniors know.

“Don’t make up nonsense!”
“You never made it up?”
“No… It wasn’t like that.”
“That’s right. First love.”

Who the hell will eat this bitch?
It’s a story that every man can’t help but wonder about.
Even women have kids who like to gossip.

“I gave you some counseling, counseling.”

The attention of the surroundings is focused.
Hyeri and Suhyeon are also urging them as if they are quite interested.

“What kind of consultation was it?”
“Oh, can I tell you this?”
“I guess he’s surprisingly the sloppy type. He’s clinging to his first love.”

Very good to die
It’s not real love, but it’s a stock story.

To be honest, he’s crazy.’

I mean, it’s just one color.
It’s the first time I’ve lived and lived and held my throat and let go of the twins.

The head doesn’t look bad.
I wonder if I understood, and I just look at it.

“Is your brother running for office next to your first love?”
“That’s it.”
“Please take good care of our Sora!”

They wouldn’t have taken it seriously either.
I wish we could reconcile

He winks and runs away.
○Ketmon Trainer’s behavior while trying to catch Hyerine was also short-lived.

“Did you break up? Did you say goodbye to your first love?”

Stock story.
Falling in love with a stock is a must for stock investors at least once.

‘There are times when I’d rather suffer a loss.’

Rather than getting lucky and losing big the next time.
What matters is what you get.

“I wouldn’t have easily shaken off the lingering feelings of first love.”
“Love, don’t fall in love. People around you… Are staring at you.”

In stocks, investing doesn’t matter how much you earn right now.
Who is the strongest in the market.

‘He’s the one who survived.’

No matter how much you earn, you can lose it in an instant.
Therefore, it is necessary to build a tower with a lot of effort.

“I want to know.”
“Ah, stocks.”

You may have taken that first step.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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