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Because I Live in the US 16

Because I Live in the US 16

Chapter 16 – I’ll Bet Your Life

There are many advantages, but of course there are also disadvantages.

‘It’s nothing special.’

A phone call comes.
No, it comes as a talk to individual investors.
It kindly informs you that if the stock price goes down a little more, you can be liquidated.

You have to do something before that.
It is good for the body and mind to always think positively rather than negatively.


There were people who didn’t.
I don’t know if I’m ashamed, but I’m naked! Run and run

“Your stock is dope.”
“Me, me, me, are you crazy right now?!”

Wearing a shower robe.
A barely visible mass of flesh swayed above the loosely tightened waist knot.

The bathroom door opened and the moisture that came over smelled good.
He covered my shoulders with his wet hand.

“Fuck you!”
“Quack! Pretty much!”
“Come out. Don’t come out!?”

Strangles the neck
It feels like the blood flowing through the carotid artery is clogged with so much force.

‘Fat…… , Ryo…… , Give…….’

My eyes go dark.
The time when the brain’s oxygen density was low and I was trying to cross the real Jordan River.

─Sell order has been executed!

The thing to come has finally come.
This is a notification that a carefully placed sell order has been executed.

“What, what? What did you just do?”
“Let your head cool down a bit and hit it!”

I try to get out of the gap where my hands are loose.
And hold onto the shoulder of the Pokemon trainer.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 6,919,758
−1,580,342 KRW (−18.60%)

Shows the income window.
One hundred words are not enough.
If you have eyes, you will know what I have done.

“What, what is this?”
“Money Copy.”
“No, how did you do it? I… I was losing money.”

Revenue of 1.1 million won.
This guy earned it while taking a leisurely shower.

‘Although there is still a long way to go.’

Less seed
You did it quite a bit.
But it is also true that hope is beginning to appear.

“Keep your shoulders together.”
“My, why am I…”
“It’s hard because everyone is strangling me so much. It’s not SM, it’s something.”
“Okay! If you don’t, you can do it.”

Thinking positively, I don’t think it’s that bad.
The busty girl, whose attitude has changed, gently caresses his shoulder.

─Ants have been attacked!

Meanwhile, the market is turning.
The stock price, which raised its head briefly, plunged again.

“Shouldn’t I buy it now?”
“Uh huh.”
“Not a single massage is cool.”

Buying opportunity.
The ants who just saw the rebound cannot help but think that way.

‘There’s no way the kids who sell short will give you an easy move.’

Selling at a high price is not unconditionally profitable.
There are securities transaction taxes and commissions paid to the country and securities companies.

You can ignore the fees.
Although it varies depending on the securities company, it is a negligible level of around 0.015%.

“Wouldn’t it be possible to buy it soon?”
“It’s also a stock that has room to rise…”
“Don’t fall in love with the sport.”

The stock transaction tax is currently 0.25%.
If you sell 50 million won, you will lose 125,000 won in taxes.

‘There’s no need to take risks just to get tens of thousands of won.’

It is until 9:30 that the volatility is very high.
From now on, the trading volume is significantly reduced.

How to make a profit in small fluctuations.
It is to capture the purchase price as precisely as possible.

『Interested Items』
Forsk KRW 263,500 −2.5%
Mirae Steel KRW 59,600 −2.3%
Donghae Steel KRW 15,000 −6.0%

Donghae Steel stock price.
The price per share is 15,050 won, which is optimized for single hits.

‘If the stock price is 10,000 won, it moves 50 won per tick, and that’s about 0.33%.’

Even just a few ticks can make a huge profit.
Donghae Steel was chosen not only because of its volatility, but also because of its price range.

“Are you going down?”
“You may think this stock is Tenberger, but short-term market movements are only in response.”

Buy at 11900 won.
This time, he uses only credit and puts about 20 million won worth of stock.

“How do you buy 20 million won?”
“There’s a credit transaction.”
“City, credit?! Mine?”
“It’s not my life, so what?”

‘Should I have put more?’

The hogachang is moving with fear of fraud.
Still, if you can take me with you.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Credit default.
Kaiwang Fist goes 8 times.
Stocks worth 55 million won are put in the shopping cart.

“Aren’t you being too careless with other people’s money?”
“Because I want to take a breather?!”
“Hey, that’s what a trader is.”

A job where you trade with other people’s money.
I rode the last train well.
Fortunately, it wasn’t the end of my life.

─Did you take a picture of the Donghae steamed bottom?
─If I go to the 15th floor, I will never do stock again.
─Suddenly, foreign buyers are coming in
─Donghae Steel Bomb Sale in progresshaha

The rebound is better than expected.
The reason.
Among the buying institutions, foreign institutions began to appear.

“Foreigners are buying!”
“By the way.”
“Doesn’t that mean that the stock is good enough for foreign people to be interested in? There are a lot of purchases.”

In reality, nothing matters.
It simply means an institution headquartered abroad.

‘It’s all black. Other than the sword.’

There are real foreigners, but they are few.
Most of them have separate Korean departments.

Koreans trade.
The difference is that they are more capable than Korean institutions.

─Sell order has been executed!

It is very likely that Horogura rises.
It shows that you bought it intentionally.

To lure ants.
And behind the scenes, they’ll be secretly selling it.
Just as expected.

“Fall, fall!”
“Stop making a fuss.”
“How are you staying still Kyaa~! All of them must have been bitten!”

‘My heart is falling?’

As I lowered my head, a large piece of flesh pressed down on the back of my head.
My neck hurts from the heavy weight.

It’s softer than I thought.
I figured it would be solid because it held its shape.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Foreigners are running amok!

The game of notice raises the curtain.
Institutions begin pouring out their quantities as if competing with each other.

‘It doesn’t matter anyway.’

Now it’s neither my stock nor his stock.
Finally, I ate a big bite and left.

“Are you going to do it again?”
“It’s dangerous to use an attempt on credit… Of course, I trust you, senior.”
“I will not.”

Danta has rules.
The chance to eat sure is given at most 3 times.

‘You did it all three times.’

More greed.
After a while, from 10:15, the Hang Seng Gift will be opened.

The KOSPI is heavily influenced by the Chinese stock market.
If Chinese soy sauce is not good.

“Hang Seng is going down?
“You didn’t know?”

The KOSPI also goes down.
The reason the stock price will go down +1.
From the point of view of the short selling force, God will fly.

If you are a novice investor, you may not know.
He chewed on his lips and then opened his mouth.

“Can I ask just one question?”
“You said something before.”
“So what?”
“That……., What did you say about love?”

Difference in class.
He seems to have realized the difference between a Pokemon trainer and a real trader.

Became very polite
There’s nothing that can’t be answered like that.

“The more you do research on the stock, the easier it is to be sure it goes up.”
“Is that bad?”
“You have to know the company well and invest in it. Rather than investing recklessly, it should be stable…”

The explanation is a bit convoluted.
If it was a young pepper, it would be possible to chew it to understand it in one shot.

‘Don’t have sex, just hit my daughter!’

It’s a bit long to unpack and explain.
The stock market cannot be simple.

“Why did you think you were going up?”
“Yesterday, Nasdaq Steel rose, and iron ore prices rose too…”
“So what?”
“If that goes up, does the stock price go up too? On the day that goes up, how many times will your property increase if you hit a few rounds with the leverage of all your assets?”

Of course, there were times like that.
However, the market is becoming more and more complex, and there are a mountain of factors that affect it.

‘So you’re a Pokemon Trainer.’

Juniors who challenged the market without knowing the subject.
I was going to give a sermon to fix that pitiful thought.

Pop! Pop!

I’m casting Seonjeup Pilseung.
However, the meaning of the cry was different from the previous time.

“I realized how helpless you are in the market this time…”
“Thank you, brother.”
“I didn’t want to leave this room.”

Hold my hand tight
And there’s something unusual about the way his eyes flutter.

‘For a moment. Is this a corner?’

The atmosphere looks good.
That’s right, from Sora’s point of view, I’m the savior.

A good impression would have been done.
If so, it’s worth giving it a try.

“Hum-hum! Shall we sit down and talk for a while?”
“Is that so? There’s only one chair, so even here on the bed…”

‘Good bed!’

A small bed for 1 person.
But it’s overflowing.
Two people can use it.

Some places sit on it.
Me too, as close as hips touch.

“I was scared.”
“That’s right?”
“Thank you. Thank you very much brother.”

Loss over 30%.
After escaping from that nightmare-like reality, the tension seems to have eased.

It comes as expected.
I start to cry for a long time in my chest.

‘It’s worth washing the dishes.’

You must be addicted to this taste.
Pat the disappointed junior on the shoulder.

The skin that is touched in the process.
I thought he would be tough like his personality, but surprisingly he is quite soft.

“Aigoo~ that’s right.”
“I didn’t know that my brother would help me. I’m sorry for always being harsh…”

It reaches the chest.
The heavy flesh gives a pleasant feeling of pressure.

The flat face without makeup is somewhat disappointing.
Even that is an advantage at this age.

“Sora was very tired.”
“I think my brother can be of more help.”

The woman is an older bully.
I just finished taking a shower and gently stroked my moist cheeks.

Little face.
Long eyelashes.
Although cracked, her lips were bright red, thick and pretty.

‘It’s perfect for washing.’

I can lick it anywhere because I don’t have anything on it.
Finally, a fresh female college student that is hard to buy even with a higher amount of money!

“A hundred, no, maybe two hundred?”
“If you’re going to sell your body, do it to your brother first.”

Bewildered, a question mark appears on her face.
This is the deep meaning of a senior who wants to help you choose a career path.

“No, it’s better than doing it with someone you don’t know.”
“You become a professional, but you can’t go to the field and make mistakes. I’m worried about all of this.”
“What is this bastard?”

Get ear wraps

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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