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Because I Live in the US 15

Because I Live in the US 15

Chapter 15 – I’ll Bet Your Life

Short selling.
It is a vicious investment technique that makes many individual investors weep.

‘Theoretically, it’s necessary.’

Borrow shares currently worth 10,000 won.
Buy it at a lower price in the future and pay it back.
In a word, it is a system that makes money when the price goes down.

Why do you need short selling?
It can prevent speculation, which causes stock prices to rise excessively.
Although it is advertised as being for the soundness of the market.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Foreigners are running amok!

In the KOSPI, it is applied differently.
I’m not calling it a gambling den for nothing.

‘I have to take that into consideration and get an RBI.’

If you are a KOSPI investor, this is a must-have knowledge.
How the market moves with this short sale.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─100,000 purchase wallhaha
─Sell it, you bastard.
─When I see Jongpil Morgan, I have the urge to kill, is that normal?
─No, how many substitutes are there?

The item to be traded is Donghae Steel.
It has the most active trading volume among steel stocks.
Although it is being mentioned in real time in the community as well.

‘Walls are meant to fall.’

You have to think differently than the ants.
The mind of a predator, not a prey.
What if I am an institution?

“Break the formation!”

Like the generals of Demacia, it will be destroyed in one fell swoop.
It induces a panic cell of ants who have noticed.

─Ant-nim has lost his hand.
The ant lost his hand.
The ant lost his hand.

Could it be further away from here?
In the meantime, by shaking the steel pole, he carved fear into the psychology of the ants.

I would have put my hand on the sell button.
They throw stocks at the market price to try to save even a little more.

‘Like that, by the law of inertia.’

100,000 buying wall.
When the huge dam collapses, the water pours down like a dam bursting.

─Buy, Buy, Buy orders have been filled!

Notifications posted at the same time.
It is placed 3 ticks below the sell wall.
It was close enough that even my quantity was signed.

─Let me say thishaha
─If you’re going to upload it, why take it down?
─Imalol Sensei is on the field!
─Is it the start of the Steel Stock Sex Rally?

It rises again like a lie.
Why not?
Did I lose money?
The break-even mentality is triggered, and there are people who buy.

‘It’s so strange that people’s hearts are so strange.’

People who were thinking about losing money are also shocked.
Depending on the stock price right now, thoughts change quickly.

So tempted
Without even dreaming of what the institution was thinking.

─Sell order has been executed!

Sharp rise after being oversold.
The real purpose is to use it to short sell.

‘Because short selling can only be raised one tick higher than the market price.’

This is called the ‘uptick rule’.
Only when there is a buying force, the ant buys the short selling quantity.

Throwing 100,000 shares at once?
This is to realize profits from existing sales and short selling.

─You fall, hold on tight!!!!!!
─Sex is yourshaha
─Is the moving of the main battery in the East Sea deteriorating?

The institution’s objective is to drive stock prices down further.
Only then will the profit from short selling increase.

‘I think there will be a time to play Hata one more time.’

Similar way to that.
My expectation is that it will be repeated at least 2-3 times.
But the drop was excessive.

『Interested Items』
Forsk KRW 265,000 −2.0%
Mirae Steel KRW 59,800 -1.9%
Donghae Steel KRW 15,350 −4.2%

It has fallen more than twice as much as its peers.
Shareholders who traded with Forsk and Mirae Steel.

─Donghae Steel Mouthhaha
15th floor success

└ㅅㅅ Here comes
└ It seems to match the key
└ It’s a low point that will never come again…… Respect the invincible right
Author− At first glance, it seems like you would have been bitten on the 18th floor.

Donghae Steel looks delicious.
I don’t think it will go down any further.
Although the ants are coming.

‘If you look at this as a daily wage.’

The story is slightly different.
The steepest rise in the past month is Donghae Steel.

That is, it is frothy.
The ants are also hanging around, so it’s perfect for short selling.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!
Enemy triple kill!
Enemy Quadra Kill!
Enemy Pentakill…… !

If you raise it little by little, the buying wall gets thicker.
The collapse destroys the dreams and hopes of the ants in an instant.

Even the thick buying wall of 12,000 won is broken.
Just like breaking down overlapping tiles.

─Dom Hwang Cha!
—Those who used to squeak their mouths, their mouths are rippedhaha
─No, did the damn Donghae Steel Company go bankrupt?
─ Manju 20,000 What are these kids who break through walls like this?

Everyone has a plausible plan.
That is until one hit.

‘This is steamed horror.’

It is not an institution that has been doing such short selling for a day or two.
You know better than anyone how to scare away ants.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Similar position.
When I was in my prime, I was also a body that broke short selling at the director’s office.

‘…… Uh?’

Even if it is such a country, it cannot be 100% accurate.
Because that’s the guy called the market.

A little further down.
It’s not just ants that are terrified.
Institutions also start throwing their stock.

A little bit more.
It is a very regrettable situation for me.

‘Fuck you. Not my life, of course.’

Credit transaction, to be exact.
It is an act of purchasing stocks with 70% of the stock market value as collateral.

The greater the expected gain, the greater the loss.
If you make a mistake in your judgment, you can really become deficient little by little, whether it’s your liver or kidneys.

‘Fortunately, I’ll be able to pay it off enough just by running Opie.’

I guarantee your talent.
However, it is also true that if you lose like this, you will lose face to your juniors.

A good senior who cares about the lives of juniors.
In case this happened, I was preparing a means.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Securities companies lend money for ants.
It can be useful in a situation where seeds are scarce like now.

Credit is 2.5 times.
Attempts are 3.5 times.
When the two are combined, it becomes a special move for the ants on the last train of their lives called ‘Attempted Credit’.


After all, it’s not my life.

* * *

Shoot aaaaa!

Warm water in a week was enough to wake up.


But that’s not necessarily a good thing.
The head that had been stopped for a while starts to turn.

A loss of 2.7 million won.
No, it may be increasing even at this moment.


I was preparing for a deal today.
I couldn’t do it due to sudden circumstances.

Current time 9:30 AM.
It’s already been more than 30 minutes since I entered the bathroom.

‘I have to wash up quickly and leave.’

Originally, I was going to do that.
I want to take a leisurely bath, but I can’t afford it.

Every minute and every second is a luxury.
I need to recover the seed at least a little bit.
I know I have to go outside now.

Shoot aaaaa!

Feet do not fall
The head and body move separately.
No matter how much I send orders, I won’t budge in front of the shower hose.

It is no longer possible to deceive oneself in order to wash.
The shower ended a long time ago.

‘Should I just die?’

It might be rather happy to forget everything and get in the shower.
That will be too.


‘If someone like that idiot even spreads rumors.’

Going to school will be very painful.
Unknowingly, power enters her right hand.

He realizes he has hit the bathroom wall.
A person who can’t really not get angry just by imagining it.

Far away!

But it’s true.
He said that he failed to invest, and that he lost a bet with that person.

‘I, why am I…….’

It took a long time to shower, so there was water on the floor.
Relieve stress by kicking chambangchambang with your feet.

That doesn’t change reality.
As I get hit with hot water, other thoughts come to mind.

“That’s right, gambler! Instead of Go-Stop, you play stocks. Is there any difference?”

The words of a crazy old man.
Now that I think about it, it was a bit excessive, but it wasn’t wrong.

When he sees the stock price fluctuating at will, he can’t help thinking that way.
Is it correct to evaluate the value of a company?

‘It’s definitely a stock that will go up.’

When you bite your chapped lips, you can feel the fishy taste of iron.
Take precedence over that.

What are institutions thinking when they buy and sell stocks?
Won’t you lose money if you trade like that?

Common sense doesn’t make sense.
Buy at a high price and sell at a low price.
Did he even have a secret he didn’t know about?

Pop! Drip!

Water dripped from his wet hair and ran down his cheeks.
What traders who are their goals and dreams do.

I don’t know what they think.
I don’t know myself now.
No, will the day come when you can understand?


I am not confident.
I know it when I trade with real money.

How difficult it is to follow the movement of numbers.
Every time Sid is cut, it feels like my heart is ripped out.

Is this only worth a few hundred dollars?
Sora knew how much money the traders at the securities company made.

Since it is a job that you are aiming for, of course you do research.
I thought that one day I could be like that too.


It’s a luxury to think.
Close the hot water valve.
After washing my body, I became a little calmer.

You should clear your account now.
If it goes up, stop loss and prepare more for the challenge next time.

It is not a dream of a trader who thought it easy enough to give up once failed.
But what if it got off?


Squeeze the water out of your long hair with a towel.
I put on my bathrobe and open the bathroom door.

Turning the handle.
It makes Sora’s heart hesitate.
I don’t have the courage to look into my lost account.

‘Todok, talk!

So knocking on the smartphone.
You can check your account with your phone as well as your computer.


Again a loss.
The stock price is going down.
That too on a very large scale.

Close your eyes tightly.
I rely on my body as if leaning against a wall and open my eyes again with courage.

‘Yeah, even now?’

However, I cleared my mind while taking a shower.
I forcibly suppress the feeling of crying.

Investment failure.
I tried to admit my incompetence and reality and prevent further losses.

Purchase amount│47,706,892 won
Valuation gains│−3,130,204 won
Donghae Steel│3269 shares│−0.74%

‘800……. No, 48 million won?!’

The account is a bit strange.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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