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Because I Live in the US 21

Because I Live in the US 21

Chapter 21 – Re: Investor Life Starting From Zero

The act of buying or selling the future value of a company.
In fact, stocks are just what ordinary people imagine.

The company strives to expand its business based on the investment received from shareholders.
And it is returned as a profit in the name of a rise in stock price.

‘It just doesn’t apply in Korea.’

Korea is a country that has developed at the fastest pace in the world.
It’s literally the truth after skipping the soup.

One more drink
There are a few countries with rapid GDP growth, but Korea is the only country that has crossed the barrier of democratization, which is called the barrier to entry into an advanced country.

It is the opinion of many experts that it will be unique in the future.
That’s how his body was big enough to be compared to that of a powerful country.

“Institutionally, it is still a backward country. Have you heard that Korea is a country of fraud?

The mind can still be said to be in its infancy.
To be more precise, there are remnants of the days of developing countries.

‘In the case of developing countries, release legal regulations for rapid economic revitalization.’

It is to enable entrepreneurs to expand their business without being noticed.
In times of economic development, that is certainly true.

But something that should disappear as time goes by.
The time passed by so fast that it did not disappear.

“It’s also because the chaebol are too powerful. Anyway, the bottom line is that when buying stocks, it’s important to determine whether the president of the company is a fraud or not.”
“Leave me alone.”

It also affects the current stock market.
There are too many swindlers among company presidents.


Its scale is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
That’s why the so-called ‘Operation Week’ is born.


A list of contemplations brought by Sora.
I have been writing essays directly on paper, probably because of my analog sensibility.

‘It’s worth seeing.’

I saw it often when I was managing the fund.
It’s not an important indicator, but it’s a reference point.

Of course, I received it from shamans who have a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of.
Even if it doesn’t reach that level, it has formality.

“If you go somewhere to get something like this, you have to pay tens of thousands of won per sheet, but thanks to that, the money is solid.”
“I don’t know.”
“Why? You’re good at acting cute. Yeah, there’s nothing you can’t do.”
“I don’t~ hear~ Lee~!”

Thanks to Sora for your hard work.
However, he is humble about his achievements.

It occupied the most corner part of the narrow room.
Hug your knees up to your chest.

‘My chest is 15 cm in front, so my posture must be comfortable.’

Ears are blocked
I can’t seem to accept what happened yesterday.

“This is why contemplation has to get old.”
“Looking at it, she’s acting like a virgin while wearing an obscene pouch on her face to suck men’s spirits.”
“What is an obscene bag, you madman!!”
“It sounds good.”

Male seniors in the Department of Astrology.
So-ra, who is a fresh newcomer and has a good body, asks for a favor, so I can’t refuse her request.

“Ah~ Brothers. I wish Sora would do me a favor.”

No one seemed to hear the low-pitched swearing.
I’m glad that natural people are my opponents.

‘Maybe Sora Aoi was like this when she was a girl.’

Everyone has their youthful days.
Future Sora may not know it, but the current Sora doesn’t seem to have much experience with men.

“Haven’t you ever been to a club? Is it because men are attracted to you if you stay still?”
“But I’m not going.”
“Why not?”
“Why…, There’s nothing to say. It’s not a good place.”

‘What a nice place!’

Even if I had gotten older and had not been cut at the entrance, the first table would have always been mine.
How can you not enjoy such cultural facilities?

“Anyway, I’ll keep asking you, so try polishing your man-seduce technique.”
“Why me!”
“A deal that has already been concluded cannot be undone.”

Disgruntled eyes.
He shows protest by glaring at him with his mouth tightly shut.

‘It’s just a baby.’

It’s about to sigh.
A newbie like this can’t survive in the stock market with open eyes.

“It should be worn and worn. You’re wandering around like some kind of maiden.”
“Don’t say anything strange… I don’t know how to receive it.”

It is natural.
If you learn stocks easily, it is more risky.

I expected that far.
It does not ask for fruit from a tree that has not yet grown.

‘No, no way.’

Horrible thoughts run through your head.
Statistically, this is an improbable probability.

But your reaction.
I really want to cover my chest with both arms and look at them.

“Do you know?”
“Are you crazy?!”
“No, you can ask why.

The imagination that I wanted to do once in a while came true.
It is a situation where there is no choice but to let out a deep sigh.

‘How does that intersect?’

Smooth face.
Even a body like a machine.
Were all the seniors at school only eunuchs?

“I’m really dumbfounded.”
“Why is it that I don’t have one?”
“Don’t talk to me. I’m busy.”
“Heung! That’s what I’m going to say.”

If I had gone to a club at least once, the experts would have taken care of it.
There was a reason the relationship was awkward.

‘I’m the kind of person who doesn’t even eat kimchi at Jonggatjip!’

Just as there is old virgin hysteria, virgin hysteria is not to be ignored.
Ignoring it can lead you to the goal of life.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I know because I’ve actually been there once.
In this life, I will not repeat the same mistakes.

“What did you buy?”
“He said he wouldn’t talk.”
“I wasn’t talking to you, I was asking what sport you were playing.”
“It sounds like you drank some alcohol but didn’t drive drunk.”

Look, it’s dangerous.
I’m afraid someone might not be a virgin, so I’m obsessed with it.

‘Maybe he has a passion for learning.’

If it’s the latter, it’s not that I don’t have the heart to teach you.
But stocks are inherently.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”
“This is a newly listed place.”
“How much is your market gun?”
“30 billion.”
“Isn’t that a complete mess?”

You have to realize yourself.
In terms of knowledge, no matter how much you learn, you can’t be great.

「Investing is an art, not a science」− André Kostolany

Warren Buffett of Europe.
Kostolani’s quote most fully describes the ecosystem of the stock market.

“Don’t call me miscellaneous stocks. Call them small stocks.”
“Ah yes~ So you’re saying it’s a good company or a bad company?”
“Answer me, please.”
“I just sympathize with you! Are you lacking in small-cap stock sensitivity?”

Emotions are needed as well as reason.
Stocks, especially the Korean stock market, have such an aspect.

‘From that point of view.’

It is optimized to develop a sense as an investor.
How does the company’s share price go up?

“It’s true, it’s dog-jap-ju! I’m going to die of annoyance with the dog-jap-ju because of you.”
“So, who wants to buy dog ​​soup?”
“I heard that it was a small-cap stock earlier. Yesterday, I heard that the stock price went up because Son ○-Min scored a goal.”
“It’s different when I live and when you live.”
“What’s different? It’s the same stock.”
“What time, minute, and second did you buy it? I bought it at 9:28:22?!”
“Are you a senior elementary school student?”

In a word, imagination.
Investors dream in their heads before buying this company.

‘In the case of our own food.’

Is it true?
Is Son ○-Min scoring a goal a good thing?
In fact, the stock price is going up, so I believe it.

Son ○-Min is doing well.
He is a world class player
So my dream is to go higher.

“I bought it at 43 minutes. Well, not much difference.”
“Don’t sigh!”
“There will come a moment when you realize how big and heavy those 15 minutes are.”
“I don’t think he’ll come.”

And dreams disappear when everyone faces reality.
This is the reason why Woorison F&G’s stock price plummeted.

‘That’s why investing is called art, not science.’

Artistic investment.
Art can be worth 100 won or 100 million won depending on the time and period.

It is as if Van Gogh’s works, which no one bought, are now being traded at astronomical prices.
If there is a difference, the time axis is arbitrary.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Buy orders have been placed!

“Are you buying it again? Same thing?”
“Why don’t you buy it all at once…”
“Small stocks are delicate and should be handled with care.”
“What is it? It’s not glass.”

Of course, that’s not all.
In order to make a profit in real-life investment, various skills are also required.

‘Especially the current stock market.’

It is a small-cap market.
As the market capitalization is small, it reacts sensitively to small amounts.

You need to do a little bit of buying and selling.
The stocks that I was sure would go up.

“Can I ask you something?”
“Don’t bite.”
“Why do you bother to buy small-cap stocks? Surely there are good large-cap stocks as long as you filter out the bad bosses?”
“You’re not accepting it.”

Especially at this time.
Global equity markets have been booming since the correction of 2015, and now the 2017 bull market has all but ended.

‘If I had regressed a year ago, I would have been buying large-cap stocks too.’

That side is much more stable.
You don’t have to take a big risk.
But at present, there is not much gain compared to the risk.

“Large-cap stocks have already risen enough to rise. Among small-cap stocks that have not risen relatively, we are looking for something that will hit the jackpot.”

There are stocks that go up every time.
Smart investors should use this to reduce risk and generate more returns.

‘This is the reason why you’ll get screwed if you jump into the stock market late and buy something like this from Ohsung Electronics.’

This is called business cycle investing.
Sora nodded heavily, as if he had any guesses.

“I know you very well, sir.”
“If you don’t know this much, you can’t be called a professional gambler. It’s a flaw that you’re not even.”
“Shall I cut it?”

A theory is, after all, a theory.
It is knowledge that seems to be helpful to learn, but is actually of no use.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Experience must be gained through practice.
If you don’t know how to actually use it, it’s dead knowledge.

“So, why did you buy this stock? Son ○-Min or whatever has no basis.”
“Because the gathering of forces is over.”
“The kids don’t have to know.”

I am sharpening and polishing that sense of practice.
I will bring my skills back to peak.

Physiology is to reduce risk.
My body itches at the thought of gambling or investing after a long time.

“Are you a real kid?”
“My dad doesn’t teach me what forces are like that.”
“Then watch the movie Operation.”
“A movie?”

You can see the reality of the Korean stock market at a glance.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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