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Because I Live in the US 177

Because I Live in the US 177

Chapter 177 – Workers in the Decaying Industry

A place to go by car.


It is a bit far from Seoul.
It does not leave Gyeonggi-do.

“I’m here.”

It is Gapyeong.
It took just over an hour.
The time in the car that is bound to be boring.

‘He’s very protesting.’

It gives off an unpleasant aura.
This immature princess needs to be treated with a little force to listen.

“You don’t like lonely places like this?”
“It doesn’t make any difference.”
“Have you ever heard that you don’t like playing outdoors?”

Thick thighs.
As if you are constantly doing aerobic exercise, you feel a firm yet full stomach.

When I stroke it, I am startled.
Also, it seems that the imagination is unfolding in my head.

“I mean exercise.”
“……I know.”
“Is it okay if I put some strength into it?”
“Never mind.”

Pretend to be calm and respond in a calm manner.
On the topic that my heart must be thumping.

‘It’s fun to tease.’

You must be pretty nervous.
I didn’t even ask where I was or why I was here.

“Two people, please.”
“Are you a first-time customer?”
“Then I will help you pay 25,000 won.”

Rail bike.
It is literally a bike (bicycle) that rides on rails (railway).

It’s not like a real bike, it’s like a small car.
Although the power is manual.

“Do you like hard work? Do you like not hard work?”
“It doesn’t matter either way.”
“You’ll regret it.”
“Never mind.”

Nowadays, there are also electric cars.
It’s because they say it’s fun at first when they bring girls, but panting after a while.

‘Do you think you are confident?’

He is the owner of such thighs.
I’m hiding it with a skirt now, but when I put on pants, the hip line is about to explode.

“We are leaving. Please fasten your seat belt and have a pleasant outing!”

It’s time to exercise those muscles.
The bikes on the railroad start one by one.
Let’s also pedal the bike that Rachel and I rode.


It’s easy.
As if this level is not a big deal, it naturally moves forward.

Even on the bike, he maintains an expressionless concept.
But it doesn’t last long.

“Isn’t it hard?”
“I brought you water, would you like a drink?”
“Unless you said it!”

It is over 40 minutes long.
It’s different from doing it at the gym because the sun is shining brightly.

‘The clothes must be uncomfortable.’

Dressed up to the fullest
Flashy clothes that are not usually worn persistently hinder the movement of the whole body.

Gulp! Gulp!

I have no choice but to be strong.
Drink water from a plastic bottle roughly enough to observe the movement of the uvula.

That alone makes it a scene in a fashion magazine.
She is a prickly princess with a fraudulent appearance.

“I’m fine with what you said.”
“Is that so?”
“Isn’t the scenery here pretty?”
“Well… That’s not bad.”

Even more so when it blends in with the surrounding landscape.
The place where the railroad was laid is really the road where the tram passed.

Now it has become obsolete.
It is no longer used.
There are no people, so nature grows wonderfully.

“I’ll correct it. It’s beautiful.”
“That Forsythia is my favorite flower. I don’t know what it’s called in Korean.”
“In Korean, it’s forsythia.”

Exercising relieves irritation.
The natural environment is also very pretty.
If you talk in a place like this.

‘The date has no choice but to go well.’

Humans are creatures that burn the atmosphere.
Rachel has already fallen completely into my trap.

“It was my favorite flower when touring Central Park.”
“That was also brought from Korea and planted.”
“I can’t believe what you say…”

I still haven’t relaxed my guard.
However, it is only a matter of time since it started once.


Arrive while talking.
Gyeonggak Station.
It was used as an actual station from 1958 to 2010.

It has now moved to Gulbongsan Station.
The railroad is no longer in use, so it is being used as a rail bike.

“It’s like we were running past.”
“Isn’t it pretty romantic?”
“Unless you’re the only one with me.”

Ashamed of being late, but it was too late.
It’s more awkward not to talk now.


There is a cafe instead of a ticket office at the station.
Buy a cup of caffe latte and quench your thirst.

And ride again
The Rail Bike is a course that takes Gyeonggang Station and returns to the main point.

“I didn’t know on the way.”
“People are doing something in the river over there.”
“Because there is a water park.”

There were more words
A curious character, she loved to wander around her travels.

‘Because I know your taste.’

It’s not like we’ve known each other for a day or two.
It is also important for investors.

“Whew……, This is a lot of work.”
“Are you going to the water park too?”
“A little before that…”
“Are you hungry?”

There is no better way to learn about a country than to travel.
Direct investment information is also heard.

Todok, tok!

It’s no big deal to the common people.
Depending on how you interpret it, you can make or keep money.

“What are you doing?”
“Here? You don’t even have an address?”
“There is nothing that cannot be done in Korea.”

Make one chicken
When I explained the situation over the phone, the owner took care of it.

‘It can be used as an app in the future.’

Now, it is possible with Korean judo-ri.
After waiting for a while, BBC Chicken arrives.

“The price is a bit high because the delivery fee is included.”
“Is there no delivery fee in Korea?”
“Until last year.”

That fried with golden olives.
Even though it’s changryeol, the taste can’t be beat.

‘It wasn’t expensive from the beginning.’

From one day on, it became a national dislike.
That was at the beginning of 2018.

The Korea Times− 「Franchise price hike despite falling chicken cost」
Fact News− 「”Pay 2,000 won more”」

A ‘delivery fee’ was created.
It was something I had never even imagined before.

“Isn’t it actually a 10% increase in prices?”
“Then the blow to the common people’s economy would be great… What kind of measures did the state prepare?”
“Because that’s the policy from the beginning.”

Suzhou City.
The purpose of income-led growth itself is a really good policy.

‘But the process is always the problem.’

My heart was in too much of a hurry.
Policy makers were so focused on performance that they did not anticipate the side effects.

One of them is delivery charge.
Of course, the price of goods also increased.
BBC Chicken did both and ate the curse.

“Are there any other side effects?”
“Specifically, there will be inflation, rising unemployment, and declining corporate profits.”
“That’s why the stock market fell.”

Indeed, it is true that it is a burden for companies.
Because the minimum wage rose 16.4% in one year.

‘Even this is a fistfight.’

Actually, that doesn’t cause much of a problem.
The government did not push for no reason.

The problem lies in the details.
The minimum wage should be applied differently depending on the region and occupation, but it has not been done.

“I checked that part too…”
“Did you see the economic indicators?”
“So you’ve been tricked.”

The Korean economy is different from what it looks like.

* * *

Shocking truth.

‘CPI doesn’t include house prices?’

I don’t know about the Korean stock market.
But that’s not to say that it came without investigation.

I looked at all the economic indicators.
As a result, because there was no abnormality, he was convinced of the upside of the stock market.

“Still, real estate is on a downward trend worldwide due to the Fed’s interest rate hike…”
“Because this is Korea.”

There were things you didn’t know.
The more I listen to Chan-wook’s story, the more my mouth opens.

‘Why is the policy going against the global trend?’

Stands for the consumer price index.
It is a measure of inflation in a country.

There was a loophole in it that he was not aware of.
Inflation in Korea was much higher than the index.

“Did the unemployment rate look good?”
“It was at a level that matched the natural unemployment rate, but…”
“Due to the rapid increase in wages, the number of regular workers has decreased significantly. It is a situation that has been mixed up with public jobs and senior citizens’ jobs.”

And that wasn’t all.
The unemployment rate is an important data that can directly know the economic situation of a country.

‘No, then it’s like creating jobs with taxes.’

Even he was a bright apricot.
There was a difference between the visible and the real as the sky and the earth.


Rachel knows too.
This is something to be aware of when investing in developing countries.

Jokes by some politicians.
However, I did not know that a country the size of Korea would cheat the indicators.

“And there was also a push for legislation to impose double taxation on foreign major shareholders.”
“Are there any more?”
“Can you talk all day?”

Got it right
If you really invested, you would have suffered astronomical losses.

More than that, it was a strong desire that controlled Rachel’s emotions.

“How about from a foreigner’s point of view?”
“I’ll take the money out of it, even if it’s outrageous.”
“I know because I am a foreigner. So my prediction was that I would take advantage of this bull market and sell it.”
“That kind of thing…”

Local information is best known by the locals.
That is why she came to Korea to study abroad.

No need to.
If you can catch the man in front of you, you can know Korea better than anyone else.

I feel that way.
Talented people must be acquired at any cost.

“Rachel, I know you’re not interested in marriage, but…….》

It was also the words of my now deceased grandfather.
I couldn’t understand it either then or after.

‘I never thought there would be such a person.’

Even on Wall Street, I hadn’t met such a person.
Will it be in the future life?

He may be the man in front of you.
Rachel’s feelings for Chan-wook are growing.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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