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Because I Live in the US 178

Because I Live in the US 178

Chapter 178 – Workers in the Decaying Industry

Virgins are very troublesome creatures.

‘There are many things I want, but I don’t know what I want.’

The standard is infinitely high with the simulation in the head.
But I’ve never actually done it.

Discrepancies there.
If you experience it in real life, you will be disappointed because it is uncomfortable.

“How was it?”
“It was fun. But…”
“I wish I had come in a lighter outfit.”

I know that.
Especially the severe delusions of this 23-year-old spinster.

‘She would have thought it wasn’t in the mood for a date if she was dressed lightly.’

To enjoy it, I had to wear thin and comfortable clothes.

If that happens, the atmosphere will not live.
I can’t satisfy this virgin’s delusion.


So she got on a motor boat.
I came back after a light tour of the upper reaches of the Bukhangang River.

“We’ll do that next time.”
“What’s next?”
“Would you like to come with me again?”
“Sometimes… I think it’ll be fine.”

The name of the water park.
There are many variety of rides, such as flying boats, wakeboards, water slides, and water jinggungdam rides.

Even those who enjoy it.
Rachel and I are watching the users from a distance.

‘It’s a bit of a disappointment.’

The aftertaste lasts for a long time.
The maiden’s imagination will explode in her head.

It’s annoying in many ways when you actually ride it.
Splashing water, having to take a shower, etc.

“Would you like to eat one more lap on the boat?”
“Didn’t you say you’d let me eat something delicious?”
“Not more than this, though.”

She’s nerve-wracking for a virgin who likes to keep things tidy.
I even considered that part.


Also, having quarreled with her from the first meeting.
Her face turns red as she lightly kisses her lips.

“Why do you keep kissing me…”
“I do not like it?”
“No, good and before!”

That’s the very reaction of her shy girl.
However, as before, there is no sign of displeasure in her.

‘There’s a gap.’

Bad people.
It’s true that I had a good time making a decision like that.

It will be very complicated in your head.
It created an atmosphere where it was not safe to be angry.

“It’s a man’s instinct.”
“Don’t you know it can be a crime under the circumstances?”
“It’s too late after someone snatches a good girl like this.”

And understand
It draws into the realm of emotion, not reason.

I look at you with my eyes closed.
Embarrassed, she shut her mouth again.


There is no word until you get off the motorboat.
You will need time to organize your thoughts.

“Did you take me seriously?”
“Then why did you say something bad. Especially during the day…”
“Oh, that’s rape.”

Move her steps from the boat to the ground.
Startled, Rachel almost fell.

She holds her waist
Even after calming down, she can’t face her with me.

“Because her instincts tell her to make such an attractive woman her own.”
“That, stop…”
“I want to make you mine, even if I attack you.”
“Stop teasing me…”

Whisper behind your back
Until the white ears ripen to red.

No tolerance
Rachel’s pleading voice signals her surrender.

‘Actually, it’s something I want a man to do.’

Waiting for a prince on a white horse is what all virgins have in common.
This guy in particular is serious.

The way the sun always stands.
There is no way to lose a word.
The truth is, you want someone to crush you.

“You don’t like aggressive men?”
“Chuck, it’s vulgar!”
“I thought you were the type to be assertive even in bed.”

More economic knowledge than Rachel.
A personality that will lead a relationship between a man and a woman.
With these two things, she is a woman who is surprisingly easily captured.

‘It’s just that there is no such man.’

Aside from her knowledge, her appearance is unusual.
She doesn’t exist a man who can disrespect her in front of her.

She shuts her pouting mouth again.
But the more she gets to the restaurant and sees the fish being cooked on the grill.

“What kind of fish is it?”
“Eel. I think you’ve eaten sushi before.”
“Oh, that fish!”

Curiosity is aroused.
Before her investment idea, she is also a gourmet.

‘Because my taste is so picky.’

Even if she takes me to a Michelin star restaurant, there is no reaction.
Since she was a child, she has eaten all kinds of delicacies.

Chi profit…… !

She is an interesting sight even for Rachel.
Eels are different from common fish in appearance and taste.

“Do you eat it even if you bake it like this?”
“If you eat it, you’ll probably be surprised?”
“We’ll see if it’s a bluff or not.”

She is turning her head away pretending not to be interested.
But her instincts as a foodie cannot be resisted.


Saliva goes over
Anyone who sees grilled eels lined up in a row will do the same.

“Now, try it. First of all, a piece the size of an eel.”
“I’ll try it.”

Anyone can see that her hands are itching.
The reason the tip of the chopsticks you are holding is shaking is not because you are clumsy with chopsticks.


Gets into her mouth
She chews it slowly over time as if she would thoroughly savor it.

“I thought it would taste similar to salmon, but it’s much lighter. The texture is soft and fluffy, and the accent from the crispy skin is attractive.”
“It’s delicious, right? I eat a lot.”
“How should I eat the side dishes that came with it?”
“Ah, that’s wrapped in wraps and eaten…”

I was embarrassed for a while.
Like a gourmet, he quickly recognizes the charm of eel.

‘A delicacy that cannot be tasted with ordinary fish.’

Can’t resist the temptation
Without even noticing, he starts eating in earnest.


Place one piece of eel on top of the lettuce.
Drizzle with Hoisinjang sauce and arrange ginger evenly.

‘Although sesame leaves are the standard.’

Just as Koreans can’t eat coriander, foreigners feel burdened with perilla leaves.
The lettuce here is particularly delicious.

It was grown in the field in front of the restaurant.
Unlike those sold in the market, it has a very low bitter taste, so it is delicious to eat raw.

“How’s the wrap?”
“Korea’s ssam culture is interesting. Is it like a vegan’s ideal? It’s also nutritionally excellent.”
“Just enjoy your meal.”

I would like to introduce you to the traditional Korean culture where people who make noise at meals are beaten with a spoon.

‘Let’s wait.’

I’m already obsessed with food.
Undoubtedly, eel is a food ingredient that people who know the taste of food can’t help but like it.


And delicious food is only sad when alcohol is missing.
We prepared Korean traditional liquor.

“Do you know how to drink?”
“Yes. Soju?”
“I don’t like soju very much.”

Ureonggi Rice Cheongju.
It is an alcoholic drink from a brewery with a 100-year-old history that is not common in Korea.

‘It has a different charm from sake.’

The taste and aroma are much more complex.
The body is also thick, so it definitely feels like drinking alcohol.


The fragrance is a mixture of grain flavor and grain syrup flavor.
The taste is sweet like a liquor with a high proportion of glutinous rice.

‘The vanilla scent is also heavy.’

This happens if you let it mature for several months after purchasing it.
It’s a little self-assertive, but it’s a strong drink.

“Does it go well with food? I can drink as much as I like.”
“Didn’t I say I’d treat you to a delicious meal?”
“I can admit this.”

Considering her foodie side, it’s quite a compliment.
It’s hard to hear even Michelin chefs.

‘Of course, there is an advantage of tasting food for the first time.’

Food and drink of the country.
Eating is an interesting thing.
Of all the smiles you showed today, you smile the brightest.

“It was delicious.”
“Especially because the charcoal cooking method adds flavor to the fish, which can be boring…”

I feel slightly intoxicated.
He is constantly talking about his foodie views.

‘I think the most delicious thing is yourself.’

Don’t notice the fact
The sun had already set when we came out of the restaurant.

Walking around in the chilly night air.
When Rachel comes to her senses again.

“Where are you?”
“You checked in when you came up.”
“Didn’t you come knowing everything?”

After entering the hotel room.
It’s worth listening to her chatter.


Covers her noisy mouth.
Then he puts his leg between her crotch so she can’t move.

I don’t know what to do.
Her eyes wide open and she struggles, but her prework is over.

“Eup! Eup!”

It seems like you are trying to say something.
Her lips are also covered, and it’s not something she really wants to hear.


Unbutton your blouse.
Fingers that go down naturally.

‘Your bitch’s erogenous zones are completely known.’

Get inside your panties.
Then, with all her strength, he tries to pull her thighs out.

It’s a huge tightening.
Although my leg, which I put in, is giving me strength as much as Afri.


Solved soon
Insert the finger that touched the vaginal opening to the close.

‘Don’t pierce it for now.’

Caress only the outer part.
The increasingly wet hands tell us everything.

“Did you feel it?”
“Yes Yes?”
“You’re begging me to wet your pussy, but what are you talking about?”

Right before it gets screwed up.
However, it did not lead to a satisfactory level.

‘She’s a complete virgin who doesn’t even masturbate.’

It would be if it had not changed from the previous life.
I had never even touched myself until I met you.

It’s not that I’m not interested.
If you attack steadily, you will surely respond.

“Have you ever been pregnant?”
“It can’t be!”
“I’ll do it today.”

Oppressive situation.
Makes the girl’s imagination explode.


With her face flushed red, she is unilaterally harassed.
The slowly unraveling body shows the desired response.

“Is it good?”
“Mo, I don’t know something like this…”
“Then I should have fun too. Come on, try sucking.”

Legs in the crotch.
When I put it up, I was startled and tightened my thighs even more.

That’s how strong the calves are.
With just a slight hit, the balance collapses.

“Ah, ah…”

Appears in front of the collapsed Rachel.
The first man’s penis I’ve ever seen.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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