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Because I Live in the US 179

Because I Live in the US 179

Chapter 179 – The Gentleman’s Revenge

“Open your mouth wide. Your jaw drops.”

He forced it into Rachel’s mouth.
Fortunately, there is no sign of chewing or chewing.

‘As long as I’ve already entered.’

From now on, this mouth is my onahole.
Squeeze your hair and swallow it all the way to the roots.

Pleasant warmth.
Above all, the sense of conquest that he can handle a woman as he pleases is amazing.

“Breathe slowly. That’s right.”
“Put her mouth shut like she’s sucking on ice cream, and put her nose up and she’ll be able to breathe.”

Of course it’s clumsy.
There’s no way this girl has ever sucked an ice cream properly.

Sukkeng! Sukkeng!

Does not matter.
The natural tightness of the throat and the pressure of the thick lips are enough passing points.

Even a small head like a handball ball is delicious to hold.
This miniature onahole will definitely satisfy men.

“Whoop! Whoop!”

Rachel seems to have adapted as well, timing her to breathe her breath.
The more she does, the more she doesn’t seem to know that her face is ruined in a funny way.

‘It’s a fucking fit.’

In the words of a princess who always pretends to be lofty and lofty.
It’s not just filming Kyu, Kill Me in another world.

“Suck the other side.”
“Make it like a nostril pig? Quickly.”

Two hands holding the head.
He shoves Rachel’s nostrils with her thumbs.

It makes a more funny face.
Then, as she listened, the pressure in her mouth grew stronger.

‘I trained them well with the fella machine.’

In a previous life.
From the first time I saw her, I had a strong desire to destroy her.

Makes the man tremble under the man.
A figure of Rachel that others could not imagine.


Watch from the special seats.
He poked her glans hard enough to make her cheeks pop out.

Wrap it against the warm cheeks.
Whether or not the party suffered.

‘Ha, they’re begging me.’

I can’t help but get excited at the thought of having cum in this cheeky bitch’s mouth.

“Don’t spit.”
“Open your mouth as it is. Say ah.”

Lift the nod of her head
Surrendering to her coercive touch, Rachel opens her mouth.

A white, cloudy liquid fills the mouth.
At this point, gently stroke her hair.

“Nice job. It felt really good.”
“I want you to eat properly until the end.”

It makes you choose for yourself.
In fact, there would be no such thing as judgment.

‘He must be out of his mind.’

Sexual activity for the first time.
It is also a hard play that Fellara could not have imagined.

Don’t know what’s normal
I have no choice but to follow what I say.


My seed goes down my throat.
Putting it down is good, but putting it on top also gives off a sense of conquest.


First step of the day.
It is thick and has a lot of volume.
I barely swallowed it in two sips.

Then he glares at me.
It is an expression as cold as ice, enough to give you goosebumps.

‘I like this.’

He treats such a noble woman as a sexual toy.
It is the greatest pleasure a man can obtain.

“Are you going to rape me?”
“……Okay. At least let me take a shower.”

Situation assessment completed.
She knew that from now on, if she rebelled, she would suffer even worse.

There will be no heart at all.
When I swallowed semen obediently, my mind was ready.

Shoot aaaaa!

Wash yourself in the shower room and come out.
He is still wary, but his expression is more relaxed than before.

“It’s beautiful.”
“Don’t force it, just a little… Gentle.”
“Then, is the relationship established?”

Stroke wet hair
Let’s hug her tightly, and breathe very quietly in her arms.

‘It must be swollen with imagination about the first experience.’

It wouldn’t have left my head the whole time I was taking a shower.
Adjust the tempo again.


Dry your hair.
Then, bring her to the bed and lay her in a position where her butt is visible.

“What are you doing?”
“I’m seasoning it. I want to eat it deliciously.”
“What did you say…….”

Apply lotion.
Take your time and relax, from the nape of your neck to your toes.

‘Because there’s no way I’d get excited about a virgin like this.’

The situation should excite you.
The feeling of being touched by the touch of others.


I feel the temperature getting warmer.
It goes through the waist to the hip line.

“I tend to have a fat ass.”
“Is it good to evaluate women like that?”
“This is by far the biggest woman I’ve ever hugged.”

It leaves her palm prints.
As soon as it is released, the body that is released cannot be accepted as pure pain.

‘This sow.’

Apply lotion and do spanking in between.
Her thick buttocks taste like pounding.

“Come on, ahead.”
“I can paint the front.”
“I’ll serve you.”

And make it lie forward.
Rachel’s naked body is completely exposed.

For a while, she covered her breasts with her arms.
When I focus on the area between her thighs, she panics.


Cover her eyes and escape from reality.
But she can’t hide her moaning.

“It’s really pretty.”
“Don’t do that…”
“Thank you for allowing me this delicious body.”

I’ve never given permission
Mumbles in a low voice
It’s barely audible, so you can ignore it.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

Entering into earnest.
As you rub her pussy, water gushes out like an oasis in the desert.

Loose enough
Squeeze the hardened nipple lightly and twist until a moan comes out.

Jjook! Jjook!

Don’t forget to kiss
It presents the most ideal sex that a virgin desires.

‘It feels like that.’

I will make her body and mind go beyond it.
It makes you excited enough to want to open yourself up.

“How long are you going to touch me…”
“Until you ask to have sex.”
“Do you think I’d say something like that?!”
“Let’s see one or not.”
“Oh, oh!”

It could be.
Rachel’s weakness is that she knows all of her weaknesses.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

It rubs the sensitive labrum.
Cum flowed as he slapped her ass.

‘This mazo bitch.’

I like being led by men.
It also handles hard play very well.

My favorite is pebbles.
If you fuck her pussy, it will be very juicy.

“Stop, stop!”
“I’ll do it. I’m going to do it anyway…”
“Okay. Then I’ll leave it as a video.”

It made me annoyed.
Then comes the prelude to vengeance, the time of disgrace.

Whisper in Rachel’s ear.
In Korea, you have to make an agreement before a relationship.

‘Of course it’s raw, but.’

Be deceived.
It’s not even a job to coax an inexperienced girl into moderation.

“Because I have to leave evidence with video.”
“I will. I will, so stop touching me!”
“Touch a little more.”

Force to convince
It must feel like she’s on drugs for Rachel, who has never even masturbated.

The feeling of burning your brain.
In a stuporous state, he says as he is told.

“That Rachel…”
“By your full name.”
“I, Rachel Bigger, will have sex, sexual intercourse… With Mr. Lee Chan-wook under mutual consent on April 27, 2018 at 10:00 pm.”

If you watch him chew his teeth, his disposition remains.
She is also a woman worth fucking.

But it’s still not enough.
You have to leave an embarrassing video that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

“Open your pussy.”
“Wouldn’t it be natural to act cute? Where are you being threatened?”
“Uh, ugh…”

She spreads her own pussy with her fingers.
The shameful hymen is exposed to the world.

Recite as I whisper.
A video swearing to offer her virginity in a distant foreign land.

“Well done.”
“Uh, uh…”
“Instead, I’ll make you feel better, so let go of your anger.”

Her face is red with anger and shame.


Gap strategy.
He lovingly strokes her cheeks and gives her virginity the caress she wants.


I gripped her coveted breast tightly and rolled the nipple in her mouth.
It tastes like unripe ricotta cheese.

Straight down to the bottom
He puts his tongue on her navel and licks it persistently.

“Your belly button is pretty.”
“Thank you.”
“Then let’s see if this hole is pretty too?”

Go down again
Golden bushes that have not been trimmed grow thickly.

Gently stroke it to find the hole.
I try to block it by tightening my thighs.

“Wait, wait…”

Grab Rachel’s thick thighs.
The difference in power between men and women is inevitable.

‘Long time no see.’

A pussy that has been eaten several times.
I am deeply moved to meet again with a new brand like this.

“It’s dirty there. Oh, no…”

Say goodbye with a light kiss.
He buries his face and licks it carefully.

I hate it at first.
However, the strength of her thighs, which gradually loosen up, speaks of her honest feelings.

‘Is the taste of the pussy born? It doesn’t change.’

The shape is the same as you know.
I lightly bite the pretty labia that haven’t stretched yet.

Clitoris questions vaginal rubbing with her hand.
Send Rachel away with her full power.

Push! Push!

A clear liquid gushes out.
The more you touch it, the more it grows like a stream of urine.

“Oh, my god…”

I can’t even believe it myself
She covers her face with her hands and breathes heavily.

The panting body is wet with sweat.
Orgasm for the first time in my life.

I twist my whole body and enjoy the afterglow.
To that Rachel’s pussy.


Blows a stick
Surprised, he covered his crotch with both hands.

“What? What? What are you doing!”
“Yes Yes?”
“You are a virgin.”

She’s holding her pussy in a ridiculous pose, looking pretty sick.
As if trying to hide

“That, that’s…”

Stutters her.
It would be embarrassing to speak.
Especially considering her own age and her image at school.

‘I would have liked it to come off naturally.’

I don’t think so.
She waited for this moment to inflict all sorts of humiliation and humiliation.

A body burning with excitement.
The person I want to be with this man.
It presents an indelible dark history at the best moment.

“You’re saying you’re a virgin at the age of 23? At that age?!”
“Uh, uh…”

Apologize for being a virgin.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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