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Because I Live in the US 180

Because I Live in the US 180

Chapter 180 – The Gentleman’s Revenge

Face flushed red.
Eyes that look like they’re about to burst into tears.

Still don’t watch
There is something I must give back to this woman.

‘How humiliated I had to be for having eaten a virgin.’

It wouldn’t be a joke if the reason for the company’s bankruptcy was because of eating the virgin of a representative of a competitor.

Actually got it
My grudge is not so easily resolved.

“Somehow it smelled like it.”
“My, smell?”
“What’s the smell of pee? Don’t virgins use sanitizer? Don’t women use sanitizer?”
“Sha, I washed it clean when I took a shower…”

He protests in a crawling voice.
I’ve never used it, so I don’t know how to take care of it.

‘Actually, it didn’t smell like anything.’

It tasted like the sake I drank earlier.
It’s sweet and savory, so I think I can wash it as much as I want.

“There may be an illness.”
“Since no one has tried it, you don’t know if you have the disease or not.”
“That, that’s…”

Don’t know that
Giving me the initiative, I have no choice but to be beaten unilaterally.

‘It’s more like that because of the American character.’

Party culture dominates.
Meetings between men and women happen naturally.

A couple of boyfriends?
It’s normal that you’ve been dating unless you have a problem with yourself.

“What are you going to do?
“What should I do…”
“I’m sorry. Or is it my fault for not expecting to be a virgin at 23?”

There is no it.
I myself have a complex.
When I openly point out that point, my head is about to explode.

Exert pressure and exert pressure
I succeed in gaslighting that I have to apologize.

“Sorry for being 23 years old and a virgin.”

It makes you kneel naked.
It is a sight that exudes joy.

Resentment of the past.
It seems to have loosened up a little bit.
But we shouldn’t stop here.

“Sorry, don’t wear this sloppy girl around!”

Definitely need to be educated.
I make it so that my body and mind cannot fight against me.


One more hit
Catch the struggling and two.
The vagina that has never been used is swollen red.

‘I have to turn it into a Mazo.’

The first experience that can determine the achievement direction.
It will strike a very strong memory deep into the brain.

“I’m not feeling well.”
“Oh, it hurts.”
“It hurts to say something like this.”
“Keep it off!”

Klee hits the chestnut.
He screams funny and grabs his crotch and rolls around.

Revenge is still far away.
As if scolding a child, grab onto Rachel’s waist and prepare.

“If you’re a virgin at that age.”
“Yes or no?”

Spank the ass
The imprint of my palm is clearly stamped on the large piece of white flesh.

‘It really tastes like hitting.’

Korean women get bruised when they do this.
You won’t be able to sit properly the next day.


Very sturdy
The flesh is solid, and the size is large, so there are many places to hit.

“By the way.”
“Why is it wet here? Are you a young man?”
“Clothes! Oh clothes…”

The flesh of her pussy is also thick.
When you rub the slippery pussy, water pours out.

‘Well, it must be that way.’

It is the result of excitement over a long period of time.
You will not be able to differentiate between pleasure and pain.

Alternately teasing the ass and pussy.
Klee, swollen with beetroot.


It reacts very well when touched.
Pleasure is being input into Rachel’s body.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that such a nice woman could be a virgin.”

Also give carrots.
He caresses them lovingly and kisses them on the cheeks and lips.

‘Now, now, don’t think.’

Take away your cool judgment.
She doesn’t let her understand what she’s getting herself into.

“I’m sorry for being harsh.”
“But you have to pay for disappointing a man, right? Admit it or not?”
“I admit it!”

Listen to her as you fidget with her clit.
She shows a very tolerant attitude, which also preserves her self-esteem.

‘I have to bully her all day like this.’

A body that does not know pleasure.
However, I know better than anyone else in the world where the switch is.

That is, the person who ate it directly.
It makes a body that can never go against a man.

* * *


After the first date of her life, Rachel returns to her room.
All her emotions are bound to swirl.

‘The date, the date was really good…….’

The railroad that ran past.
A motorboat splashed with cool water drops.
And her dining table was beyond imagination.


I still remember the taste.
She tasted better than any fish she had ever eaten.

Soft flesh and crispy skin.
Even the way they eat was interesting.

Only then do you realize
The date course and the food were all made with care.

‘But why are you hitting me here…….’

The problem is then
Rachel grabs her ass where her tingling lingers.

It also throbs between the crotch.
Klee, who has suffered a rough run, is swollen at the slightest touch.

‘Aren’t you a real psychopath? How a woman’s body.’

There is no place where it is not sore.
Especially at the end, she made me bite the penis again.


There is still a tingling sensation in the mouth.
The size of the ignorant enough to make your chin tingle and thick white turbidity.

She held it in her mouth for a while before letting it swallow.
The feeling that went down her throat.

‘I still feel like my throat is blocked.’

It was like swallowing jelly.
It was a strange texture and smell that I had tasted for the first time.

Man’s taste.
Something very strange and unique that can only be expressed that way.

Pop! Pop!

As I lie on the bed in my room, I calm down.
Then, instead, emotions come flooding in like a tsunami.

Tears like chicken droppings.
She never expected that her first experience would end like this.

‘I’d rather be really rude.’

The psychological shock would have been less.
A crush developed in the process of dating.

It’s hard to deny yourself.
I thought it would be okay if I hugged this man.

‘It doesn’t smell like pee. It doesn’t fly.’

Rachel touches her own pussy.
Bring her finger to her nose and smell her as well.

Chan-wook’s rant.
It was lodged deep in her heart.
The swollen place is also conscious.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

It’s an area you wouldn’t even be conscious of.
Maybe it’s because Chan-wook messed around too much.

‘What does it mean to touch this place? Ah!’

Weirdly, the hands move freely.
Perhaps because of the drunkenness, his body became hot.

Rachel also knows intellectually.
Indulge yourself in something you’ve never done before.

‘If I wasn’t a virgin…….’

This next act.
You may have been able to do what you used to see in adult movies.

No, it was clear.
Because he confirmed that he had a heart too.


So he gave himself permission.
The more I think of Chan-wook, the hotter my body gets.

“Ah, ah, aang♡”

It was too stimulating an experience for a girl.

* * *

Recent market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Why are you working in a field like this, you assholeshaha
─2000 is perfect for cock speed!
─I want to turn back time……
─The reason why the Korea-US interest rate was reversed

The downtrend is starting again.
Its breadth was beyond what I had imagined.

─Why are you working in a field like this, you assholeshaha
Even if I work, the money is being deleted!!!!!!!!!!
The money will be deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaif the world is ruined
└ There is no salary this month!!!!
└ You have to pay for real online too
└ Don’t do just one job, do two jobshaha

Nasdaq rise.
It didn’t even go up half of that.
It was expected that a full-fledged rally would unfold in the future.

But the reality was grim.
Investors were waiting for a crash, not a sideways movement or a decline.

‘Wow, how did you go down without brakes like this?’

Sora is watching the community.
The reaction that doesn’t even sound like dying is the main one.

This is because the index fell by 15% in one week.
As an investor, I can’t help but be thrilled.

─I want to turn back time……
Excited with the dead cat bounce
If only I could go back to a week ago……
Is it already too late to lose money?
I want to turn back time
I want to go back to the pure days when I didn’t know stocks and work hard……

└Stock = Gambling bastardhaha
└ Won’t you give me money back at the gambling hall?
└Work now
└It’s not too late…… Take a long look at life

He could have been in the same situation.
I might have had to stomp and blame the world,


Fortunately, with the help of a senior, he escaped in advance.
Stocks were converted into cash.

Then the situation in the market looks sober.
Foreigners keep withdrawing money.

─The reason why the Korea-US interest rate was reversed
If it were you, I’d hold a dollar
Or do you want to keep the won?
Dollars pay more interest.

└ You can buy real money with fake money?
└Original painting = Poop toilet paper Nara Shimai Kyuㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
└Won Dollar 1500 goes
└ Sell everything this bitchhaha

And it seems to be getting worse.
The words of community users are well-founded.


Exchange Rate.
The difference in interest rates between the won and the dollar may lead to weakness in the stock market.

Daily News− 「”The US says it will raise more” Korea-US interest rate inverted… The exchange rate may rise to 1,235 won.”
The Korea Times− 「Korea-US base rate inversion begins… Concerns about a ‘low tide’ for foreigners facing the stock market”

Actual articles are also appearing.
In front of Sora, who is engulfed in fear of the collapse.

─Hyung said you go for a 6,000 bus?
[Gobbus Profit Certification.Jpg]
Did you say the country is ruined? Replying to @Mr.

└Korean Michael Burry
└Are you coming to the Big Short?
Written by− Come, even now, Sarah Kyeonhaha
└ Emerging countries to relive the 2008 financial crisis

‘The Big Short?’

A compelling story appears.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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