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Because I Live in the US 176

Because I Live in the US 176

Chapter 176 – Workers in the Decaying Industry

Rachel’s prediction was correct.
If you limit it to NASDAQ, that is.

“Are you sorry?”
“It’s not like that!”
“It’s written on your face that you’re sorry.”
“What? What? My face?”

However, the target of the bet is the KOSPI.
Contrary to the global trend, it has completely collapsed.

‘The personality that can’t even joke is still the same.’

Rachel pulls out her hand mirror and checks her own face.
All I can see is the cheeks that are stained like persimmons.

“Are you kidding me?”
“I’ll take it as a joke.”
“Why are you always…!”
“Oh really.”

Skin as white as white paper.
A face devoid of any emotion feels arrogant.

‘This year.’

But it’s young
No matter how mature he may be, to me he is just a kid with no blood on his head.


Hit a honey chestnut.
If you don’t listen to me to this extent, you can do worse.

“Are you going to rape me?”
“Do you want to listen to me quietly if I do a striptease on the street?”

He pushes Rachel against a wall.
Although she is tall for a 170cm woman.

‘Because I don’t wear high heels.’

And I put on some insoles.
It’s not even a matter of bullying a woman.

This is not a position to take as a joke.
You lost the bet.

“Sorry, sorry.”

We are familiar with global standards.
That you can get into trouble while messing around in a foreign country.

There is no such thing in Korea, where security is too good.
But I instinctively bow my head.

‘It makes me want to eat it.’

Low profile Rachel.
It’s not something you see often.
I barely suppress the urge to jump out.

“What was the promise of the bet?”
“The one who loses obeys the one who wins.”
“I know it well. You’d better listen to me today.”

If you don’t want to get hurt.
A little intimidation has to be added to make the aloof princess obedient.

He nodded his head with a hard expression on his face.
I have also received the consent of the person, so I will move her seat.

‘I’m also concerned about the gaze.’

It is also a crowded city.
You will know that you are experiencing dating violence.

Even foreigners deserve more attention.
If you don’t know how rowdy this white colt is.

“How many days has it been since you came to Korea?”
“……A little over two months have passed.”
“Where have you been?”
“There aren’t many.”

It is a position that has been dealt with a lot.
That’s how I know how picky this pony is.

‘It’s a businesslike answer.’

It’s chilly
Deny human access.
That’s why I gave up flirting when we first met.

If you know it, it’s nothing special.
Human relationships are clumsy.
They cannot accept others within themselves.


Put Rachel in the passenger seat.
No words were spoken throughout the drive.

‘I don’t even know how to speak first.’

Because of the situation.
Prior to that, I feel awkward having private conversations with other people.

A bit of an economic otaku.
On the topic that my mouth is full when I talk about economics.

“Shall we change out of the dirty clothes first?”
“It’s normal everyday wear.”
“Because I want to do that.”
“You can do whatever you want!”

Deliberately limiting topics.
Then, looking at the front, only the minimum answer is given.

‘Okay, let’s see who wins.’

The north wind and the sun.
In order to take off the traveler’s coat, he needs warm sunlight.


Change the appearance first.
Take a quick look around the department store’s luxury shops.

“Oh my, you look so good together!”
“I’m going to wear it, so please pay.”
“Yes, customer!”


“Wow, your style!”
“Do you think it fits well?”
“Are you a model? I’m so sorry I didn’t know, customer~”
“I’m going to report it, so it’s a calculation.”
“I’ll get ready right away!”


“I think it’s the first time I’ve seen someone born for jewelry like this in the 10 years I’ve been working at a jewelry shop. These are all very expensive luxury goods, but I’ve become a bridesmaid.”
“Please in moderation.”
“Hi Goshujin-sama!

The more you match each one, the more Rachel’s hidden nobility is revealed.

‘It’s pretty.’

It’s not pretty.
Like a medieval aristocrat, an aura that is hard to be touched flows.

“Is this your hobby?”
“About half.”
“I will send the corresponding amount to your account.”

Each one is a luxury.
It is also because the staff salivate and salivate because they are VVIPs.

‘If you usually buy me this much.’

You know how to do it.
The staff may be like that, but the woman who receives the gift feels like she’s dreaming.

Even that is annoying.
Perhaps he thinks he’s making fun of himself, but rather gives off a chill.


What was expected
The sun shines like a futile effort until the traveler takes off her cloak.

“Touch the style without cutting as much as possible.”
“Okay! Our team will do our best to serve you!”

Go to the beauty salon
As a high-end makeup shop, there is no upper limit on the price, but it provides the best style.


Rachel doesn’t care about her appearance.
In a way, it can be said to be more than conch.

“Customer, I think the lines look natural like this. Or should I use a little more strength?”
“Customer…? Is there anything you don’t like?”
“I didn’t say anything originally. Please do as it is.”

Koreans are basically very interested in their appearance.
It’s to the extent that it’s a problem because you only care about your appearance.

‘That’s why I’m affected unknowingly.’

Foreign countries are not
He was so smart even when he was born that he has a sense of dignity even with basic dressing up.

“Is it beautiful?”
“I am not your doll.”
“Today is my doll.”

However, people show their true value when they decorate.
I change it to my taste from head to toe.

‘Look at how thick your lips are. A day would go by just by eating the lips.’

Gently stroke the line where cosmetics do not stick.
She is sitting in front of the mirror.


Chew your teeth.
She seems to think she is humiliated.

She noticed the unusual atmosphere.
The artist lady doesn’t know what to do.

Square! Square!

She must feel like stepping on ice.
Even so, a professional who does not stop her hand.

Work done in a tense atmosphere
The results are quite satisfactory.

“Is that your purpose?”
“You dressed up to enjoy a night with me.”

I let go of the chill on the way out after paying the bills.
She is a prickly princess.

‘Oh, does your head roll that way too?’

Kuck, kill!
If I had been born in another world, I would have lived with such words.

“Yeah I want to.”
“I want to put plenty of my baby’s seed between the buttocks who don’t know their own lewdness.”

He puts obscenities directly into Rachel’s ear.
Her face, which had been pretending to be relaxed, quickly turned to bewilderment.

‘This bitch.’

It’s not that I forgot my grudge.
I really want to rape her and make her a single mother.

Reputation around you falls to the ground.
Watching her lonely breastfeeding in the nursery while working a day job at Walmart will relieve your stomach a little.


That’s not enough.
The only way to be completely satisfied is to let this beautiful woman’s life go completely down the drain.

“Aren’t you rebelling?”
“Because I can’t.”
“You hate being treated like this?”
“Of course.”
“Is your heart beating so fast?”

I run my hand down my thin white neck.
Feel the pulse in the carotid artery, where warm blood flows.

‘To the subject I’m so nervous about.’

Outwardly, he maintains perfect composure.
She is also a woman I admit.


He puts her full lower lip into her mouth.
It has a soft texture that makes you want to swallow it as it is.

‘Your lips are true.’

The soy sauce is also delicious.
However, there is bound to be a fundamental difference between Asians and Westerners.

If Rachel gets a little aggressive, she could be a wild kisser.

“Come on, kiss me.”
“She’s pretty…”
“Are you learning?”

It’s not common to shoot a scene like this on the street in broad daylight.
The footsteps of passers-by stop.

I can feel the eyes staring at me blatantly.
That Rachel’s face heats up like a blush.

‘The stimulus must still be too strong.’

Unlike Sora, it is a natural monument that has not been developed anywhere.

It would be fun to play with it like this.
Goes into moderation in moderation.


Hide in the car
She shuts her mouth tightly as if she was completely pouting from earlier.

“It was delicious.”
“Women are not food.”
“First of all, is it a compliment?”
“Not for me.”
“Then shall we eat something more delicious?”

He gently scratches the tip of Rachel’s chin.
Even though it is a point quite far from the carotid artery.

‘A man pretends to be strong without knowing.’

The tension is transmitted through.
Your heart will be beating faster than before.

It works.
This cheeky young lady may be imagining her first experience with a man.

“What are you thinking?”
“It’s a real food story.”
“Let’s go eat something delicious.”

He tapped Rachel’s thick thighs.
As befits the owner of a great hip line, her thighs are no less.

She grabs her skirt as if she is ashamed of herself.
She has her face tangled with shame and anger and all kinds of emotions.

‘Revenge is just beginning.’

Of course, it had nothing to do with Rachel now.
I’m just letting go of the grudge in my heart.

I really want to engrave that kind of scratch.
Trauma to the point of becoming a bit of a bad taste.

“Do you cover food?”
“If I’m eating with you, no matter what I eat, it won’t taste good.”
“I’ll make you regret that.”

It really ruins Rachel’s first experience.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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