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Because I Live in the US 175

Because I Live in the US 175

Chapter 175 – Workers in the Decaying Industry

Recent stock market.
There are stories floating around that he came back to life.

‘Why is this bastard alive?’

Of course it can look like that.
Because the stock market is not unique to Korea.

The uptrend of the Nasdaq is unusual.
The KOSPI may also be like that.

Knock! Knock!

I’m not always 100% right.
In this case, there is a good way.

“Yes, let’s go~ Senior?”

Human index.
Sora comes out of the room wearing a thin tee and dolphin pants.

“Why are you here?”
“I have a question.”
“I don’t think it’s a very good purpose…”

She’s getting sexy in her sophomore year.
It is the influence of YouTube broadcasting.

‘I’ve been wearing some clothes like this before.’

His stubborn personality is being corrected.
I got to know men’s preferences.

White, firm thighs.
A top that reveals the waist and cute belly button.


In my mind, I want to grope it.
It’s a problem because there are more urgent things than that.

“How are stocks these days?”
“It’s going well! The recent bite almost escaped…”
“Ah, yes. That’s good. Goodbye.”
“Wait a minute! I don’t think I came here just to say that.”

The moment I was about to turn around.

‘Could Sora cut her hair?’

Grabs the hem of my shirt
I thought hard about something.

“Isn’t there another bear market coming?”
“I don’t know.”
“Right? Mr. Woo, you should sell them all.”

Seodang-gae said it would take three years, but Sora also learned something in the past year.
My eyesight has been quicker lately.

─Sell order has been executed!

Sell ​​her shares with HTS.
And he looks at me and smiles triumphantly.


I’m sorry.
I closed the door and put my hand on Sora’s cheeky thighs and chest.

“If you keep fussing around, will you eat it?”
“Have you tried eating it?”
“Instead, you have to buy properly.”

Her lips are shiny as if she had applied tint.
A clear liquid flows through the gaping holes.


Want to suck
I moved Sora’s sweet saliva to her mouth and swallowed it with a gulp.

‘The color of the water has risen.’

I was expecting it to change.
You can’t be a kid forever.

It has grown beyond imagination.
I learned how to seduce men.

“It’s delicious?”
“It’s delicious.”
“Is it worth buying?”
“It’s great.”

If you don’t buy it, I won’t kiss you.
I had no choice but to give 5% and take over.

‘Actually, I bought it because I wanted to have a fella.’

I’m sorry when I try to do it, so I’m comforting my regret with a kiss.

“Thighs are NG.”
“This is fine.”
“No. Please purchase properly and enjoy.”

Even Sora’s buttocks.
So she raised her hand and is encouraging additional purchases.

‘No, dolphin pants are against the rules!’

It was dangerous even when she was covered with jeans.
Now I can’t stop my itchy hands.

“How much?”
“Um~ 5%!”
“Okay. I’ll live.”
Hehe, okay ♪”

After buying, feel free to explore.
It is very soft to the touch with a fluffy feel.

‘When I’m naive, I’ll make it according to my taste.’

I regret buying every single one.
It is more so because there is a sense of satisfaction.

“Would you like to buy everything this time? Just pay 10% more.”
“Has it already happened?”
“It’s cheap~ A virgin who has never held hands with a man except for her brother.”

It’s an opportunity to do your best.
The skill of whispering in the ear is not a virgin no matter who sees it.

‘Did I just tell you to do YouTube?’

If you look at the contents of the broadcast, there is nothing special.
It is a nogari broadcast focused on the economy.

That alone had an impact.
If it had been before, the color was attached to the body to an extent that could not have been imagined.

“There are so many viewers flirting with me.”
“I’m still hitting the iron wall…, Don’t you know what will happen in the future?”

It’s irregular.
Even if you carry it on your back with both arms and carry it on the bed, kyakkya! Do not resist while walking.

‘This is why it’s so talented.’

I knew it was the body that drives men crazy.
I never thought it would bloom so quickly.


It’s still a long way off.
He squeezed Sora’s belly.
I tried to keep it quiet by sending it once.

“Did you exercise?”
“Now I won’t get hurt like last time.”
“Even like this?”

It’s not soft and sloppy.
You can feel the strong muscles under the soft skin.

‘It will kill the usability.’

It’s the inside where the name is still suspicious.
I can’t imagine how much better it would be if I exercised.

“You want to put it in?”
“If you put it in here, most cocks will melt.”
“Who is it?”
“The viewer.”

Sora’s behavior.
Again, it was the influence of broadcasting.
The jokes the viewers say.

‘You absorbed it like a sponge.’

He was a guy who couldn’t understand even if he was sexually harassing her.
If it suddenly changed, there must be an opportunity.

Honey Twist 1 day ago
My waist is so thin
It seems to be popular with men
Musso 1 day ago
Yea give me
It’s a bad year!
Pickled radish 1 day ago
It’s not a concept, but a student?
Anyone can see that the body is a female cam.

“It’s popular.”
“Occasionally, there are strange comments.”
“Can I delete it?”
“That’s scary…”

Sora comes to embrace her with open arms.
Enough to put pressure on her breast against her.

She thought it was a joke.
Seeing her shivering softly, I can’t think of that.

“I didn’t know men would see me this sexually.”
“That’s right?”
“I was scared because I thought about the trip.”

It is stabbed in the most viewed position.
However, as Sora, she had other thoughts.

“What if it happens again?”
“That, that’s it…”
“Is it okay if I have someone I love?”

Eyes staring at each other.
He got closer and swallowed my lips.


Actively stick to it.
A sticky sound echoed in the narrow room.

Body temperature is hot
Everywhere I touch is so soft that I want to fall into it as it is.


The eyes that Sora wants.
The slightly wet eyes are tempting me.

“To make the remaining 10% take over?”
“No way. You bastard.”
“Ehehe, failed♡”

Put on a cute smile
I can’t tell if it’s a joke or serious.

‘I’m desperate.’

That within a month.
It might be good if it’s this kind of influence.

“Still, did you eat a little?”
“You will become prettier in the future, is it too late to regret it then?”

It wasn’t bad even if the cow was tickling.
It was fun to tease him for being stupid.

Body care.
In addition, as the sexiness is attached, she is becoming more and more feminine.

“Why do you regret it?”
“A pretty girl is a growth stock? If we let her go, she’ll keep going up in value?”
“It could be a declining industry, right?”
“The specification industry…?”

But Sora is Sora.
Grilling and boiling horse teeth is a piece of cake.

Todok, tok!

Show the evidence
The recent trend is different from Sora’s claim.

『Girlfriend, I will borrow it』

“It’s a popular manga these days. It’s even been made into a drama.”
“So what’s the matter?”
“The heroine is a prostitute.”

This man, regardless of that man, I’m making a job that I’m going to have a job.

‘Surprisingly, it’s the truth without even 1% of exaggeration.’

Trends reflect the times.
As urbanization progresses, a disordered society is revealed.

“The popularity of such a heroine is evidence that her virginity is not as favored as before.”
“There are no virgins in Korean dramas, right?

Sora’s hair gently stroked her chin.
It’s cute that you’re genuinely worried.

‘If I gaslight well, I’ll be able to eat it for free.’

Maybe 30% is a burden.
I want to take it easy and take it under that.

“I think the evidence for a dying industry is weak.”
“The more you become an old virgin, the more the price goes down?”
“You’re not going to be an old virgin, are you?”

It doesn’t seem to be smooth.
Sora became a fairly stubborn investor.

‘Well, Sora still has a lot left.’

As you claim, it may be a growth week that has just begun to prove its potential.

“Let’s see. Is it a growth stock or a declining industry?”
“Then go and regret it to your heart’s content.”

The fun of stocks is that you don’t know the future.
I will closely watch Sora’s growth and buy it.

‘There are not just one or two types of stocks.’

There is another target that I have been focusing on recently.
I’m going to meet another worker in the dying industry.

* * *

One month.
In the stock market, it is time for more than a change of mountains and rivers.

‘It was definitely on the rise.’

There has been a change in the tone of the Federal Reserve System.
This is because the employment rate index came out badly.

Raising interest rates?
This is possible only when the real economy supports it.
So the Fed will slow down its rate hikes.

『Nasdaq Composite Index』
7708.92 ▼258.41 (+9.04%)
[Graph that has been going up for about a month.Jpg]

That’s why the Nasdaq is rallying.
The fact that the boulder was overshadowed by the last bear market also plays a part.

‘So it makes sense to predict a bull market.’

That’s normal stock market logic.
Think of Yankees who have made fine investments.

The lawless KOSPI is different.
In order to survive, you must realize what Seon-Young and Nunchis are.

“Oh, you’re here soon?”
“You must be late.”
“I don’t think you’re in a position to say that right now, do you?”


You don’t know it at all.
A worker in the farming industry from a foreign country dyes her face red.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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