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Because I Live in the US 174

Because I Live in the US 174

Chapter 174 – K-Stock Market

Direction of the stock market.
Matching is not an easy task, even for experts.

‘I also behaved in an unmature way.’

War is fought every day in the futures market.
Wall Street’s elite wrap their heads.

However, the predictions are wrong.
The god of stocks despises arrogant people the most.

‘I know…….’

Investors should always be humble.
Invest based on a systematic plan.

It can be said to be Rachel’s motto.
Aim for a highly probable win through sufficient hedging.


If you stand in front of that man, your reason will not be controlled.
He unknowingly slams the desk with both hands.


In response, the bouncing chest hits the desk once again.
Without even feeling the pain.

‘Why am I because of such a pervert.’

The place where I am now is the dormitory of Korea University.
To live like a normal student.

That’s how much the suffering is multiplied.
So, after careful consideration, I decided on my destination.

‘I came to Korea because I thought you were a good person.’

As an investor, I was interested.
The more you research who you are, the more you do.

I was honestly looking forward to it.
As he encountered Korean culture, he had some illusions.

‘Is it true that Korean men have lost their personality…….’

It was the same in drama.
A ruthless second-generation chaebol who treats the heroine harshly.

Every action is coercive.
But there’s a side to it that makes people’s heart beat.

Pounding! Pounding!

It makes viewers feel like it.
It’s a story that was like that in the drama.

‘A sudden kiss is a lot of trouble for people.’

At first, I thought there was such a crazy person.
No matter how much time passes, it will not be erased from my mind.

The worst first encounter ever.
Perhaps, like a Korean drama, it will have a happy ending.


It can’t be.
After that, they continue to argue and do not even pretend to listen to themselves.

‘I will thoroughly defeat you.’

She herself is not the passive type like the heroines of Korean dramas.
What you wish for, do it yourself.

I will bring Chan-wook to his knees.
Apologize for what happened in the past.
After that.

‘Hmm! That can be decided at that time.’

The first thing to do is to show the difference in rank.
Definitely win this bet.

And so it will be.
Chan-wook made one serious mistake.

“Oman electrons!”
“Really, Oman Electronics came. Thank you…”
“You’re not going to thank me for anything.”

After a week, things went as expected.
Taksu Kim, an assistant professor of macroeconomics, bows his head and expresses his gratitude.

It is said that he suffered severely from being bitten by Ohseong Electronics.
He says that soon he will be able to escape, and he holds himself up like a prophet.

‘Actually, it’s natural.’

If there is a decline, there will also be an upswing.
It is possible to detect the foreshadowing in advance.

“Are you done now?”
“Did you know how to rise again? Are you really a god? A goddess?”
“It’s not that grandiose…”

Fed Fundamentals.
It gives clues about how the market will go in the future.

‘Because the direction was already given a week ago.’

The rebound has begun.
Since Korea is an emerging market, the response may be a bit delayed.

But in the end, they are going in the same direction.
It is a country heavily influenced by the US economy.

“You really know how to look at macroeconomics!”
“It’s no big deal.”
“My professor is a professor of macroeconomics, but he’s wrong.”

The professor who was watching from the back seat.
Yang Min-seok is also one person who has been bitten by Ohsung Electronics.
Unfortunately, he hasn’t come to his own critique yet.

“Hum! Hum! Is it possible to reach 5.5 million?”
“I’m not sure about that, Professor.”
“Why not?!”

Ask Rachel to put down her pride.
But I don’t hear the answer I want.

‘Though I think positively.’

It is not known whether individual stocks will rise or fall.
What he analyzed was the direction of the stock market.

Still, Ohsung Electronics.
It is a world-famous Korean company that even you know.

“Since the preference for risky assets is increasing, I think that companies that can perform at the current interest rate will rise.”
“Ohsung Electronics has a good track record and a lot of reserves, right?”
“Well, then…”

A rate hike is not necessarily a red light for stock prices.
The Korean proverb, ‘the ground hardens after rain’ is apt.

After going through a down market, it grows stronger.
That is, if you can afford high interest rates.

‘The Korean stock market belongs to the side with good basic physical strength.’

This fact can be seen by looking at the exchange rate.
At one time, it soared to 1100 won, but it is protecting it from 1080 won.

CDS premium, bank stress test and more.
Even if you look at various indicators, they point in the same direction.

“Is there anything like that?”
“It’s common sense when investing overseas, but…”
“Ah, that’s right. To my sister, Korea is an overseas investment!”
“Wow, you look like a real professional.”

Wall Street isn’t the only place to invest in US stocks.
Emerging markets are also to be taken into account.

‘Because I decided to come to Korea.’

I’ve done some research.
It is also helpful for club members.

“Didn’t Chanwook teach you this?”
“It’s Chanwook!”
“Oh my, oh my.”
“Did I say something strange?”

To yourself too.
Local adaptation is successful.
Stock club activities fit my aptitude.

‘The students are bright and very nice.’

It’s to the point where I want to get hired by my own company after graduation.
Why did you find out about this stock club?

“Chanwook oppa says you’ll know just by rolling.”
“Sometimes I just give you advice.”
“Umm… I can’t say it’s a good way.”

It was in the process of looking for Chan-wook.
When the lecture is over, where is he who is hard to see his face?

‘Because there is a place like this, talent could sprout.’

The students are capable enough.
Even if not as much as Chan-wook, everyone knows enough to know.

“I think my older sister teaches me much better.”
“Can I call you Rachel?”
“It’s snowing!”
“Yes, it’s fine.”

He could tell you much more systematically if he were himself.
For these dreamy talents.

‘If you lose, I really will.’

Current stock market trends.
As predicted, it is showing a steady recovery.

The Nasdaq rose to 2/3 of its previous high.
KOSPI will follow soon.

“How did Rachel know about bull markets?”
“There is something called a stock market event.”
“Like a game?”
“Uh… In a way, it’s like a game.”

For a while.
It is, of course, unknown how far it will go.

‘The FOMC is scheduled for May, and there is nothing to deviate too much from the trend for the time being.’

There is such a thing as an inflection point.
Investors call it a ‘stock market event’.

An event that changes the flow of the market.
It mainly takes place in Nasdaq, the center of world finance.

“Oh, so you’re asking me to look at the NASDAQ…”
“If you look in detail, there are many events, and if you put them together in a big frame, you can predict the direction of the stock market.”
“Is that okay?”
“How can you do that?”
“There are too many…. There are political meetings, economic indicators, and CEO interviews.”

Take a close look at it.
Find noise in the market.
It’s what Wall Street investors do every day.

‘There were no major problems with the interviews with the CEOs. Few companies have revised the consensus.’

It is no exaggeration to say that the ability of an investor is how detailed and accurate the analysis is.
By the way.

“I heard that Chanwook oppa is going down?”
“Why did you do that?”
“Because there are people who make different predictions.”
“Your sister’s prediction is correct!”

Chan-wook came to the exact opposite conclusion.
That’s why I accepted the bet.

‘Maybe I rated it too high.’

Did he miss something?
I’ve been looking for it for a week and haven’t found anything.

Actual results also speak for themselves.
If the remaining three weeks pass like this, the result will be obvious.

“Isn’t it just that you know better?”
“Am I?”
“That’s right!”
“Chanwook oppa has a temperamental personality, so his specialty is short hits.”

His own victory.
Even if you take it as pessimistically as possible, you will not come to the index of defeat.

‘If you look at it realistically, it must be so.’

He has been educated since the moment he was born.
To become a useful talent in the family.

He is bound to be different from himself.
I set my expectations too high in the first place.

“Ah, short hit. Day trading?”
“Your English pronunciation is great…”
“You’re so cool!”

I would have traded based on practice.
It is an investment based only on intuition.

Loses a bit of strength
He thought he was a great talent to surprise himself.

‘Rather, it could be a good thing.’

That level of skill without expertise.
You may have found the right person.

It is a gemstone that can shine if polished.
It feeds on its own load.

“Why is the deal going up these days?”
“Ask Rachel directly.”
“I’m Chanwook hyung’s group…”
“Tell me too!”

Stock club.
As time goes on, more and more members follow Rachel.

Because the stock price is going up.
The stock market mood is getting better day by day.

“Rachel’s Nasdaq went up again yesterday!”
“The KOSPI is a little, but it has risen.”
“That’s fortunate.”
“Thanks to that sister, I made money, but would she eat tteokbokki if I ordered it?”

The same goes for the atmosphere in the club room.
The members who listened to Rachel’s words are benefiting.

That’s how close the relationship becomes.
Enough to order delivery food with the money earned from stocks.

“There’s a delivery fee here… It’s a place I order often.”
“Oh, delivery fee Eva!”
“Delivery fee?”
“Because not too long ago, there was no delivery fee.”

Are you taking it from a student?
It’s a strange feeling for Rachel.

‘There was no delivery fee in Korea. It was at Uber Eats.’

However, she decides to eat because she thinks it is a process of making friends.

『KOSPI Index』
2252.69 ▼224.82 (−9.98%)
[Graph collapsed in one week.Jpg]

Without even knowing that it could have been a hint.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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