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Because I Live in the US 173

Because I Live in the US 173

Chapter 173 – K-Stock Market

My authority.

“Hey, what is this?”
“Can’t you see?”

It is true that within the department, it is somewhat separated.
It became difficult to make a fuss like before.

But club.
As usual, I was going to show off the dignity of being a top stockist.

“Why is the stock market down these days?”
“It’s because the Fed is absorbing money from the market.”
“Is it a rate hike or something?”
“Sister! Me too, me too!”

The atmosphere in the club room has changed.
No, I don’t even bother looking at it.

‘Why are you here?’

It stands out.
Anyone would notice a blonde western beauty sitting there.

It’s not even just there.
I give some advice to the club members.

“There’s interest rate hikes, there’s balance sheet shrinks.”
“What’s different?”
“Umm……, If you control only by raising the interest rate, the side effects are great. So I am using another method.”

I am listening to it with interest.
It feels like I am receiving a special lecture from Rachel.

‘I told you that, damn it.’

When I speak, those who pretend to listen listen with their ears pricked up.

“Can you explain what’s going on?”
“It’s an explanation, and it’s just what it looks like.”
“My assistant sister often comes to the club room to help!”

It is also recognized by Hyeri, the club leader.
At some point, it seems that he was completely influenced by the enemy.

‘I can’t believe this happened while I was teasing Sora.’

It was so rewarding to tease, I didn’t notice the time passing.
But in clubs.

“What are you helping me with?”
“It’s been a bear market these days.”
“Should I say market trend? Because there are more interested members.”

Of course, the stock market is in a state of flux.
I am curious about the current market situation.

I want someone to answer me.
Rachel was filling that need.

‘So why?’

If it’s Rachel, it’s enough to do it.
She never had any doubts about her skills.

The question is Why?
It is, after all, a stock club.
I had some guess as to why.

Soon you will be sure
Rachel, whose eyes met by chance, comes with a faint smile.

“Teacher sister is pretty, right?”
“Her face is not smooth.”
“By any chance, are you interested in unnie? Just like this.”
“Oh my goodness!”

A smile that looks good on people
No, if a man sees it, it is likely to be mistaken.

‘That’s why I was called a witch who possesses people.’

The reality is as it appears.
Her obsession with me led Rachel to this point.

“Long time no see.”
“Didn’t I see you often in the classroom?”
“Seeing it in private is a story like that.”

When she replies nonchalantly, she swishes and turns her face away.
There is no other crazy bitch like this in the world.

‘He ruined a good man’s life just because he picked an old maid.’

Now he is stalking me just because he ate some of his lips.
His personality was twisted.

“So what happened to that private affair?”
“I’m here, do I need your permission?”
“That’s probably not it.”

She had her first kiss and neglect, so she must have been anxious to find it.
She’s still pretending she doesn’t care.

‘If you keep ignoring me, I’ll do all sorts of crazy things again.’

Experience in a previous life.
In this life, you have to overcome it in a certain and smart way.

“It’s true that I came here because of you.”
“Ah~ Last time I was tall…”
“What, What, What?! Stop being silly!”

Anyone who sees you will know that you had sex.
His face is so red that his usual cool image is nowhere to be found.

As soon as I shouted, the attention of the people around me was focused.
Then, as if coming to his senses, he coughs blankly.

“What’s up with you two?”
“Is it because we got into a fight in class?”
“That’s right! I really hate this guy.”
“Doesn’t that mean you’re interested?”

Desperately deny it.
If it was a department lecture room, it would be an excuse that could be eaten.

‘Because this is my base.’

They are the only ones who know a little about me.
Poor Korean expressions also cause misunderstandings.

“Come to think of it, even when I first came, I looked for Chan-wook oppa.”
“Didn’t we become friends while fighting?”
“In Korean, strong negation is a synonym for affirmation.”

That part is fun too.
In an instant, an atmosphere of teasing Rachel is formed.

If only she had a little bit of her personality.
I would have known that and accepted it in moderation.

“Absolutely not.”
“Not at all?”
“That’s right! The reason I came here in the first place…”

There is no such thing as a guide.
They start talking badly about me.


It seems that he has decided to oppose me.
He is a character with no middle ground.

“I came to know about it by visiting stock clubs for the past few days.”
“A man like me?”
“Yes, I’m very thorough about the man you are…”

Of course, I’m not the type to say things without foundation.
The story she tells.

“It must be related to the market view.”

Even in her previous life, they often bumped into each other.
Her and my views often diverge.

It does not mix like water and oil.
It was a daily routine to criticize each other’s views.

“I heard that it was a stock club, but it didn’t seem like they were studying stocks systematically.”
“Are you organized enough?”
“And I also figured out that it was your influence.”
“It’s you.”
“How, how.”

Even in this life, the difference in personality is revealed.
The classroom debate was just the prelude.

‘I have to.’

Yard already lit.
I knew this would happen.
Then it is right to secure an advantageous battlefield.


Rachel points to the whiteboard, a club fixture.
And start drawing something with skill.

“It is true that the current stock market has been bummed out by the fear of peaking.”
“By the way?”
“But that’s no reason to panic that a bear market has begun.”

It was a chart.
I have drawn the Nasdaq flow for about a month in a pretty plausible way.

『Nasdaq Composite Index』
7069.74 ▼258.41 (−3.65%)
[A graph that has been falling for about a month.Jpg]

It’s a downtrend-down graph.
The rebound was also for a while, and the rise is returned again as if it had happened at some point.

“Do you think the bear market is right?”
“That way of thinking is wrong. As a stock investor, pessimism shouldn’t be ingrained in you.”

But that is consequentialism.
As an investor, you need to be able to look at the market rationally.

‘It’s not wrong.’

On the NASDAQ, that is.
If I had taught based on NASDAQ, I would have done the same.

“Wasn’t it a bear market because the Fed absorbed money from the market?”
“There’s interest rate hikes, and there’s balance sheet shrinking…”
“It’s the investor’s job to analyze it in detail.”

The purpose of this self-respecting young lady.
It’s not because I really don’t like the look.

Close to the opposite
I want to make sure the relationship between the top and the bottom is clear because I’m a partner who admits it.

‘Because she’s a queen whose true nature is revealed only when she’s on top of others.’

He is already making his own side.
No, I must have worked hard the last few days.

“Are you checking the recently announced indicators and the Fed’s stance?”
“Even so, are you making the members aware of the prejudice of a falling market?”
“By the way?”

An argument between me and Rachel.
The members of her club, who were watching her, start to stick to her one by one.

‘You speak very well.’

It’s not sarcastic, it’s an honest admission.
There is no choice but to be different from me, who dropped out of school, let alone studied.

Rachel is the elite of the elite.
He is a rare talent in the United States.
You may have already accumulated practical experience.

“There’s only one thing I can say.”
“Is it sophistry again?”
“Let’s see what happens in a month.”
“I hope.”
“However, on the KOSPI.”

A career in the stock market doesn’t feed you.
Both veterans and novices fight in the same position.

‘I don’t have a special advantage because I have a lot of experience.’

Rather, there are times when a long career creates a blind spot.
Even so, I am confident that if I have to fight, I will win.

“Okay! Let’s take this opportunity to study the Korean market as well.”
“That senior is still good at singles.”
“That’s right. He’s a crazy gambler!”

Even if you don’t do something like Danta.
I don’t want to do anything mean in a fight with an old nemesis.

‘That’s the only way he’s going to admit it.’

I know it’s not just once or twice.
How to break this lofty queen’s nose?


Hyeri comes out to mediate.
As a club leader, I can’t see the fight.

“Then, are we only going to compete with the KOSPI index? When the results come out, we clearly admit each other.”
“It’s okay.”
“If you fight again, I’ll ban both of you from entering with the authority of the club leader.”

Surprisingly straight
He deserves to have led the stock club well while I was gone.

1. One month later, the KOSPI index becomes the standard.
2. Chanwook’s older brother Seungri went down, and assistant sister Seungri went up.
3. The losing side surrenders to the winning side, and decides to follow as instructed.

Write the rules on the white board.
I didn’t even do it separately.

‘I really like number 3.’

Perhaps because she is already my woman, she penetrates my heart very well.

“I’m on the TA’s side!”
“Still, KOSPI is a senior…”
“Did your teaching assistant’s explanation make more sense?”

Members also make bets with each other.
It is also a constructive direction at the stock club level.

“You think you’re going to win?”
“Of course.”
“Whether one wins, I hope they don’t fight more.”
“Weren’t you cheering me on?”
“The two of you arguing seemed to be having fun.”
“Me? I must be mistaken.”

Hyeri leaves an unknown message.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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