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Because I Live in the US 172

Because I Live in the US 172

Chapter 172 – IF Gaiden Sora

Sora wasn’t the type to just get hurt.

“Because I know the senior’s weakness too?”

It was a while that I went black just by touching my stomach.
Reverse attack.

Anyway, I don’t know how to do anything.
I thought it would be a little fiddling with the cock.


It relaxes quite a bit.
She took off the pants she was wearing and crushed me with her big ass.

“Hey, it touches your ass.”
“Whoops, sexual harassment is useless.”

Put on a proud face
She seems to think she’s taking the lead.

I squeeze and rub her ass.
Let the lower body stand up as a natural bodily phenomenon.

“Does it look like you’re going to be beaten by your senior now?”

Whisper in ear.
The warm breath along with the sweet scent tickles the eardrum.

I’m excited and tempted.
Without even knowing that you are providing the service.

‘Should I drain some water soon?’

For me, just having fun is a benefit.
I was trying to see a little bit of the ace of the granddaughter room.

More active
He brought the erect object to his crotch.

Sweep! Sweep!

Do smata
I don’t know how dangerous the act is if the child has gone to taste.

The posture is also quite serious.
They do a bunch of things with their faces flushed red.

“Don’t overdo it.”
“I’ll do it until the senior is cold.”

Unlike her granddaughter, the stimulus does not come immediately.
Actors are also clumsy.

Comes in and continues.
A strange sound echoes in the quiet room.

“Are you completely stiff?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Try to get hit by a senior.”

Her body supports her.
I can’t stand it because I’m rubbing it with my dirty body.

Smata also becomes more and more natural.
So much so that it looks like it does from a distance.

“Senior, you think it’s going to be cheap? Do you feel it? Now, she tells me to make it cheaper.”

Sora triumphantly declares war.
I’m thinking I can’t afford it.

Deliberately makes noise.
Then, excitedly, he thumps the mill with her buttocks.

“Please treat it pathetically. You couldn’t even put it in me… Huh?”

Once you get used to it, it feels pretty good.
I thought the last one was really good.

Pop! Pop!

It was right.
An awkward, slippery object dug into the inside of her panties.

“Uh, uh, what should I do?”
“Take it off for now.”

Sora doesn’t know what to do.
She belatedly lifts her ass and tries to get her things out.

‘Is he really an idiot?’

Red blood drips from her.
Judging by the feeling, it seems to have entered the front of the glans.

“Of course it hurts.”
“Oooh! Ueeng~!”
“Are you stupid? Are you really stupid?”

Covering her crotch with her hand, she wept in a pitiful voice.
It’s 100% your own fault.

‘Should I count this as something I ate or something I sampled?’

It’s ambiguous for me too.
I don’t know where I can go and boast that I ate conch.

“Black, black, black…”

A very serious look for myself.
That’s right. For a woman, her virginity is important.

“Should I apply Fucidin?”
“It doesn’t get better just by putting it on.”
“Isn’t it possible to grow new weight?”

I can’t even take a joke.
It was an important Ada who was aiming for 20% of my stake.

‘I didn’t expect it to be pierced like an idiot.’

She thought that one day it would break through.
On the day Sora grew up sexy.

Still a kid
It’s a funny situation that she gets tricked while playing a joke.

“It’s Sora.”
“Why, why?”
“Can my brother fuck you?”
“People are serious, they’re going to die, but what are you talking about…”

I can’t even leave it as a memory.
I pat Sora on the cheek to wake her up and show her my towering object.

I am at a loss for what to say.
It’s probably not because I’m interested in big things like I usually do.

“It’s better than wearing a dangling hymen.”
“You’re dangling!”
“Do you want to end your first experience like this?”

He puts her weight on her and throws her over.
I try to avoid my eyes that are staring at me.


Kisses you on the cheek
After releasing the tension, he quietly whispers in his arms.

“Do you really want to?”
“Then… I can’t help it.”

Relax your body and close your eyes.
It looks scary and scary for a topic that has already been pierced.

‘Then shall we eat before it gets cold?’

I take off Sora’s damp underwear.
It slides down her tight buttocks line.

The precious place inside is normal except for a little blood.
I must have heard it once.


Seeing her sobbing with her arms covering her face, she found it.
Slowly turns Sora into a woman.

“It’s all in now, so it won’t hurt.”

He is trembling as he is held in his arms.
It’s not just because it hurts or because it’s scary, but it shows a different feeling.

‘Why is he so cute?’

I thought I was going to make a fuss by saying that I was in a good mood.
Surprisingly, he surrenders himself quietly.

Smack! Smack!

When you move a little, your whole body responds.
Moaning, tightening thighs, wriggling inside.

“Are you sick?”
“Um… It’s okay, kiss me.”

I feel like I’m eating conch.
Her lips were more colorful than usual.

Is tempting me
Whether it’s really seducing or fooling around.


Eat deliciously.
Her outer garment, which was tightly hiding her breasts, also hurriedly peels off her.

“Are you naked?”
“Aren’t you ashamed?”
“I think I’m fine in front of my seniors.”

Shy but not discriminated against.
Every time I exhale, my big chest swells.

‘I’m very nervous about drilling one.’

Not once or twice.
There is nothing more euphoric than making a mess of other people’s precious moments.

I want to be as serious as today.
Eating with courtesy so that you can have the best first experience.

Smack! Smack!

Move very briefly.
Sora gradually learns to match my movements.

‘I want to eat like a dog.’

I don’t think that would work.
To make this woman mine, her body and her mind.


He comforts them with a kiss and eats them lightly.
Things that don’t move properly feel like they’re going to explode.

‘Oh, oh!’

As if he knew my heart, the inside is moving.
Just putting it in is stimulating.

“It’s Sora.”
“I love you.”
“Me too… I love you too.”

A word I said to get permission to cheat.
It becomes a signal and sucks in more.

‘Do you know? This lustful bitch.’

The eyes are infinitely pure and clear.
I move her waist while holding Sora tightly.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

Surprised by the intensified movement, Sora let out a moan.
It will also give itself away in a moment.

‘Let’s think after eating.’

I want to write this pleasant inside.
I want to clearly mark the fact that it is mine.


My seed spreads through the tender body of the conch.
A deep pleasure that cannot be compared to that of a granddaughter.

Sense of conquest.
This is the moment when this naughty, mischievous beauty became my woman.

‘No, wait!’

It should have tasted so good.
It tightens again at the point where you are careless saying that it is all packed.

Squeeze and squeeze the soft object.
The wriggling wall to the last drop.

“I was eaten by Sora…”
“I-I’m talking about it!”
“Sora, I love you.”

It’s a perfect ejaculation with no leftovers.
Sora’s hole was a semen-sucking monster.

‘Looks like he’s trembling right now.’

It is carefully closed as if it had eaten the penis.
Not a single drop of liquid leaked out.

Hiding inside this
That’s my baby
Let’s gently stroke the proud Sora’s belly.

“It still hurts.”
“It’s the first time.”
“Is the first one you gave to your brother okay?”

I look at you eagerly.
Shining bright eyes reveal Sora’s young age.

“I love you.”

I know how to make a cracking sound.
Has the woman in my arms ever been this cute?

‘Is this why dating in college is memorable for the rest of my life?’

Realize that you are not exaggerating.
When I gently touch her chin, he hugs me like a baby squirrel.

However, as if it were true that it hurt, there was a rejection reaction to touching it.
She is a girl with a lot of hands.

“Can I call you brother?”
“Brother, I’m sleepy.”
“I can’t go anywhere until I wake up…”

A lot of fatigue was accumulated in the body.
It seems to have been driven mentally as well.

She falls asleep in her arms.
Sleep the conch and imagine happy thoughts.

‘From now on, I’ll be able to use this erotic body every day.’

At first, it was such an impression.
Because how many women can have it.

“You know Sora is a giant oppa now, right? Oppa will fuck you again tomorrow.”
“Do you know what a vagina is?”
“Isn’t that short for creampie?”

Sora’s personality isn’t too submissive.
She tried to educate her face to face.

‘Why is he so submissive?’

No matter what happens to me, I smile and smile as if I will accept it.

“Keuheum! It’s dangerous to get wet, so I’ll wear a condom from tomorrow.”
“Instead, I won’t look at you and I’ll fuck you, so you know that.”
“Yes, brother.”

One strange thing is that I became like that too.
I want to treat you with respect.

‘The pussy sucks semen, but what it does is so cute.’

I officially dated Sora.
Contrary to my thoughts, it was a pretty love that enriched my heart.

“Today is a day that can be done inside.”

But at night, what I thought was right.
The speed at which sex is learned is unusual.

‘It’s going to be a lot of work today too.’

I also like to do it raw.
There are even days when she begs me to do it first.

“How many days from today?”
“About a week?”
“Then I’ll have to fuck her every day. I’ll have to get her pregnant.”

He often acts aegyo.
She does cute things with a sexy look, so the balance is on the contrary.

‘I’m worried about the future because the growth is so fast.’

Then she will be a good girlfriend in her own way.
She enjoys the cute conch now.

“Does Sora want to have a baby?”
“You said you’d give birth?”
“I didn’t know… But it looks like you want to have a baby for someone you love.”

She does a bout and catches her breath.
Sora sucks up his energy and wiggles the thing that has become a dick.

‘It’s true that I like cock.’

I love it so much that I always touch it whenever it’s just the two of us.
She even bluffed that this was her own.

Of course, I also claim ownership.
As long as you’re holding a body full of tolerance, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Either responsibility or property.
Such trivial worries were before dating Sora.

“I like one son and one daughter.”
“I’m son, son, daughter, daughter, son, daughter.”
“Do you like barley?”

To think that I would fall in love with a woman like this.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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