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Because I Live in the US 171

Because I Live in the US 171

Chapter 171 – Economic YouTube

To become a star.
It may bring about slightly different results than you expected.

“Sora, YouTube is going well?”
“Did you open your chest and shake it at least? Does this make sense?”
“Oh, it’s not?!”

The guy who was lying like a corpse gets hot.
Soon, as if she had lost her strength, she slumped back on the bed.

“I haven’t done it yet…”

And mumbles words that don’t make sense.
It seems that there were various difficulties.

‘I know that well.’

Sora’s YouTube.
She couldn’t help but watch, so she gave me a lot of advice.

As a result, she pointed me in a constructive direction.
This is the secret to the rapid growth of the channel.

『Sora’s Economic Exploration』 1.02 million subscribers
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (7)」− 17,000 views · 2 days ago
「Vlog | College Student Vlog | A housekeeper who plays well alone”- 50,000 views · 4 days ago
“What do you eat to be pretty? Daily diet + dormitory food revealed!」− 45,000 views · 5 days ago

The number of subscribers has already exceeded 10,000.
The number of views is unbelievably good for a rookie YouTuber.

“It’s going well. What’s wrong?”
“Everything matters.”
“In my opinion, it’s a good example of a female cam, right?”

Sora doesn’t seem to realize it yet.
She buries her face as if she wants to hide in a mouse hole.

Lie down softly next to Sora.
As it is, I stretch out my hand and tinker with my subsidiary in which I have a stake.

“Did the viewers really like it?”
“My breasts.”

I mean the chest.
It is such an explosive mass of flesh that one hand cannot fit all of it.

‘Because I’ve been showing off things like this.’

It was natural to be caught.
Sora was obsessed with YouTube and didn’t know that.

“It’s all because of the senior.”
“Yes. It happened because of you.”

It seems like you want to escape reality.
She pouting her lips and acting childishly.

‘He’s doing something cute.’

I want to blame anyone.
She listens to the complaints of her juniors, who only have a big body and her mind is still young.

“If it wasn’t for the seniors, it wouldn’t have spread on YouTube.”
“A Korean University busty girl?”
“Yes, that’s it!”

Old story.
The video from a year ago was one of the physical evidence.
It is the case that Sora’s heart became a national star.

‘I didn’t know it was so absurd at the time.’

He was a model student character.
I did not lose a single point to what I said and stood up to it.

Absolutely absurd at one point.
Knowing his personality, he is full of childlike points.

“The news interview was done by Sora.”
“I also went to sector di without my brother’s knowledge.”
“Because I went purely to study?!”

Her appearance is grown-up.
Her body is Missy itself.
The color scheme that I squeezed in is not something of a 20-year-old.

‘Because his personality is pure.’

Even the slightest teasing causes seizures.
As I squeezed the cute Sora’s breasts, she let out a strange moan.

She also learned how to feel properly.
If you just touch her breasts like this, you will be able to see her disheveled figure.

“The reason her breasts got bigger is because of you.”
“You were originally grown up.”
“Her underwear didn’t fit after you kept touching it.”

It’s still not enough.
She can’t control the lust and charm that oozes out of her own body.

‘It really only makes my chest grow bigger.’

It’s tight.
The shape is also pretty.
It’s a breast that you won’t get tired of touching all day long.

Recently, I even took care of my body and refined my lines.
It’s confusing whether it’s Sora or Aoi Sora.

“What did you buy for your trip?”
“That’s… I’m grateful for wearing it.”
“Then can I touch you more?”

Even if you erase the data in Sora’s head and use her as a sex slave, it’s worth it.
He grew up really naughty.

‘Because it’s a heart like this, it’s obvious.’

Video uploaded to YouTube.
If not, it would have been a matter of time.

Collective intelligence should not be ignored.
It’s not even a task to find one person.


Makes a kiss mark on Sora’s neck.
I lick the red-hot ear lobe like ice cream.

“I’m full of worries, but play a joke again.”
“I’m serious?”
“I mean, I can’t even carry my face around anymore.”

Even so, I still don’t feel relieved.
I am taking the YouTube incident quite seriously.

‘If anyone sees it, they’ll think they’ve been caught doing BJ’s with their friends.’

Virgin thoughts.
It’s nothing special, but I was the only one who couldn’t eat Jinji, so I was impatient.

“What’s the problem?”
“It’s embarrassing to see my friends.”
“Are your breasts too big?”
“No, exposure!”

The reason is that she wore a slightly revealing outfit.
It could be because my usual image is a model student.

‘Because I have to do everything anyway.’

It would be a loss not to use this lewd body.
Even Sora, the time has come for her to become an adult.

“It’s not too much exposure.”
“But what else?”
“It’s not economic YouTube, it’s completely…, It’s like a female cam.”

Really nothing to worry about.
It is a value that Sora has maintained for a long time.

I don’t want to be judged by my looks.
She is the one who has been putting up walls and around her since the first time we met.

“What about that?”
“How are you!”
“Isn’t it okay to change the order?”

As an individual, it can be.
But more than targeting influencers.

‘Accessibility is also an important factor.’

Economics is not an easy field.
Most people live their lives against walls.

Breaking it down is also rewarding.
Sora has that talent.

“It’s like studying in the first place. Interest comes first, and you can do it later.”
“Are you trying to attract subscribers with this erotic body?”

Even shaking the chest becomes an act of solicitation.
If you grow more as a broadcaster.

‘It’s more than enough to eat globally.’

A body that is Asian but not Asian.
Even at the age of 21, still developing.

The chubby breasts are going in.
In the future, she will become slimmer and prettier.

“Then oppa might want to eat the conch too.”
“Go, what are you talking about all of a sudden!”
“Huh? Didn’t you say you wanted to be eaten?”

So much so that I couldn’t even eat it.
Actually, even now, I want to make her my woman.

‘If it wasn’t for M&A.’

A stake of more than 30% is probably too big.
If so, there are two ways.

One is to reduce the share to be handed over.
The other is to become a company worth eating.


She pressed Sora’s belly with her fingertips.
Although she has recently taken care of her body.

“You don’t have abs? You only have cute belly fat.”
“Wait, wait!”
“Why? You’re just touching your belly?”

It’s still not enough
He fidgets with her thighs as he fidgets with her belly.

‘You dare to seduce someone even though you’re a virgin.’

Just like that, he gripped her chest.
She only bothered for a moment, but she shuddered and sobbed all over her body.

“Haa…, Haa…, Haa…”

Sense of defeat.
Sora, who pretended not to know everything about her cock, becomes a knockdown.

‘It’s so freaking sensitive.’

If developed properly, it would really make it impossible for me to live without my dick.

“If you want to be eaten by your brother, try being sexier.”
“If you touch it a little bit, you won’t even taste it.”
“Ah! Aang♡”

She’s been bragging all along.
She definitely teaches her body that she is a female.

‘If you watch the show, even if you don’t like it, you’ll know.’

It was time for Sora to stop adati.

* * *

Department of Economics, Korea University.

“I heard Sora is doing YouTube?”
“Lies! Sora?”

Unbelievable rumors have been circulating lately.
Since the party is the party, the repercussions are large.

Class of 17 senior.
There was a perception that Sora was the model student among her model students.

“I can’t believe it.”
“Is it real? Take a look.”
“What is it, what is it, what is the name of YouTube?”

That’s how she does youtube.
And in a way I would never have imagined.

“”Oh oh…… !””

The reaction of the male students is explosive.
From a few steps away, she was an honor.

She can be seen in her private clothes, even through YouTube videos.
And that, too, in erotic clothes with her breasts hollowed out.

“What kind of wind is this…”
“Sora wasn’t the type to do something like that.”

The reaction of the female students is questionable.
Sora is very popular with the economics department female students.

Girl crush.
She is also tall and looks cool.
Even her words are sharp, so even her seniors can’t touch her.

In particular, she is the nemesis of that idiot.
She hit and fucked several times in the classroom to keep her in check.

“I’ve been hanging out with that senior lately…”
“Didn’t you move it?”
“It’s a complete virus, that senior.”

But lately she’s been doing the opposite.
As she hung out with Chan-wook, her image gradually changed.

YouTube is at the peak.
The story goes around that she is no longer the Sora she knew before.

“Are you still happy?”
“Because my teaching assistant is clearly marking these days.”

There were also other people.
A new assistant in microeconomics is the center of attention.

Gorgeous appearance.
It is a well-groomed face that cannot help but be liked regardless of the East or the West.

The class is great too.
I don’t know why she came all the way to Korea to study.

“Teacher sister!”
“Where are you going? What are you doing?”
“The professor ordered something…”
“I’m always busy. Do you have time on the weekends? I’m going to buy our clothes!”

I want to get to know.
But on the contrary, it was a wall for Rachel.

I don’t know how to interact with others.
Rather than that, he wants to talk about fields he knows well.

‘I asked him to visit me after the lecture if he had something he wanted to say.’

An argument with Chan-wook.
It was painful to be ignored by the object of interest that I had been interested in for so long.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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