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Because I Live in the US 170

Because I Live in the US 170

Chapter 170 – Economic YouTube

The more you do it, the more you fall for it.

‘Let’s see. I think the response to the video today is good…….’

Sora has never blogged, let alone social media, in her life.
The first YouTube I ever tried was a whole new world.

You don’t even know the time is passing.
I keep doing this and that to get a better response.

Kanchomancho 1 day ago 乃 30
Wow pit kills
Sorry for not being good at coding
But exposure? It seems that this is difficult to digest.

Just look at the comment box.
I see a bold subscriber who threw up on himself yesterday.

‘Yeah, how well I dress. If you put your mind to exposure…….’

Sora knows too.
The truth is that it’s a prank on purpose.
But it doesn’t matter if you give in to that ulterior motive.

As a result, the number of subscribers has increased.
The fact that it is filmed with a double sign means that there are many viewers who sympathize with it.

“Hello everyone~ I’m Sora, a channel that explores the mysteries of the economy!”

Wear clothes with a hollow chest.
He pulls out the camera and sets the focus that men like.

Kanchomancho 1 day ago 乃 50
Are you not eating?
I’m also an economics student, so I’m watching the video with great interest.
Occasionally, it would be nice to upload everyday materials like mukbang!

‘Eating show? But…… , If I only upload lectures, it would be too tight.’

Even professors are not popular if they clenched their teeth and lectured.
Sometimes you need to chat and joke around so you can concentrate better.

You may want to try other content yourself.
I think I can do it if it’s mukbang.

Kanchomancho 1 day ago 70
Wow, the room is so clean!
My room is a garbage dump.
Sora-nim, I’m curious about how you’re usually doing. Could you film a simple Vlog video?

‘Vlog? I’ve heard……. You’re filming your daily life. If it’s something like this, maybe I can do it too?’

Besides that there was
In addition to economics lectures, the content will be increased.

『Sora’s Economic Exploration』 3892 subscribers
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (7)」− 5.1 thousand views · 10 hours ago
「Vlog | College Student Vlog | A housekeeper who plays well alone”− 20,000 views · 2 days ago
“What do you eat to be pretty? Daily diet + dormitory food revealed!」− 15,000 views · 3 days ago

Was it worthwhile?
Subscribers are increasing every day.
The number of views also increased noticeably.


Sora is excited.
It’s fun to do things for the first time, and it’s fun to read viewers’ comments.

Kim In-soo 1 day ago 乃 152
Sora’s breast quest! Sora’s breast quest! Sora’s breast quest! Sora’s breast quest! Sora’s breast quest! Sora’s breast quest! Sora’s breast quest!
Cream Man 1 day ago 乃 87
My heart speakshaha
Trotman 1 day ago 乃 10
My head doesn’t understand, but Juji understands!

There are some naughty ones among them.
Even that is recognized as fun to do on YouTube.

‘If it was a year ago, my eyebrows would have twitched.’

Sexual stories have been shunned.
But who changed it anyway.

Sexual harassment is almost daily.
I’m so indifferent now that I’ve been subjected to all sorts of extraordinary things by my seniors.

1 year science 1 day ago 乃 152
I don’t know what microeconomics is.
You have a sexy body like Missy.
Lotteria 1 day ago 乃 87
Excuse me, but is your last name Aoi?
Bright Smile 1 day ago 乃 10
The clothes are almost pockets on the chesthaha

I don’t mind having my body figured out.
It’s because I’ve been grinding and polishing myself by skipping meals lately.

‘I did become a bit prettier.’

She has been working hard ever since she returned from her trip.
There is a feeling that the achievement is recognized in a strict place.

But youtube.
If there are more subscribers and views like this, there will be a real profit.

‘If you like me this much…….’

You might want to try being a little more active.
For YouTube revenue.

Sora is waiting for the outcome of his investment.
For a while, I’m in a position where I can’t do stocks.

Regular revenue.
Economic study.
If YouTube prospers, it catches two rabbits.

‘I’m not selling my face, so what is it?’

Sora, who had made up his mind, put more energy into it.

* * *

Economics YouTuber.

[Personal Broadcasting Gallery.]
─I think if you push it a little, you’re going to crush your face too?
─Ganbang Galpic YouTuber status.Real
─Livestock sued jpg
─As it turns out, isn’t this the department of economics at a sloppy university?

I am claiming to be that way.
However, how viewers would accept it was another matter.

─Ganbang Galpic YouTuber status.Real
[Sora’s YouTube capture.Jpg]
I’m doing everything that the opener asks me to do, and mukbanghaha

└Be naive and do everything you are told to do
└ I’m struggling to float
└ㄹㅇ YouTubers are nice. That’s right
└ Kancho Mancho 〈〈 This guy is the most evilhaha

She is perceived as a naive female broadcaster.
I don’t care what youtubers say.

All I see is a pretty woman.
She is also a woman with a premium of academic background.

─As it turns out, isn’t this the department of economics at a sloppy university?
In fact, it would be funny if you didn’t even know the map.

└Somehow, my body is optimized for sex
└ Jijab University Yas Departmenthaha
└ I heard you got the 1st grade on time?
└ I tried to find fault with her because she was a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, but I couldn’t catch her. Know better than me

I want to play a joke.
It’s for a ‘real’ female broadcaster, not for a worn-out female cam.

It becomes a small issue in the community.
Although it had the effect of rapidly increasing the number of subscribers.

─Gannbung found out where Sorajwa University was
[Sora Vlog video capture.Jpg]
[Capture Garosu-gil, Korea University.Jpg]
Went to our school

└ I go to Hankuk University.
└ Oh really?
└He has a good head and a nice body ㅜㅑ
└ A pretty face is perfect, but I’m curious about your face

Side effects are also not uncommon.
Being famous on the internet is a double-edged sword.

Collective intelligence.
There are times when you can make an inference that is close to the correct answer with very trivial information.

─If you’re a Korean University student with a straw that exceeds an F cup
Aren’t there a few of them?
It’s not a joke, it’s a Korean dance

└ It could be milk or mulberry, right?
Author− Prosthetic milk is obvious at first glance. Subscribe right away because it’s true milk
└ What is an F cup? At least a G cuphaha
└ I think I know who the fuck really is!

And it was only a matter of time.
It was because of the physical characteristics that set them apart from others.

“Issue King. The Latest Status of Korean University Busty Women” − 710,000 views · 6 months ago
“CBS News. The secret to the profit of the Korea University stock club?」 − 1.02 million views · 6 months ago
“Stuffed monster. A female college student who made 20 million won at the age of 20 (pretty dog)” − 230,000 views · 6 months ago

There was once a time when I rode on YouTube and made a fuss.
Its impact was not easily forgotten.

[Personal Broadcasting Gallery]
—Is Sorajwa a breast girlhaha
─Comparison GIF) I brought a breast girl GIF.Jpg
─ ㄹㅇ There’s no way a milk carton like that is common
─Is it true that you are a student at a prestigious university?

It is revealed by users in the community.
Soon after, it also affects YouTube.

Yasuhayas 1 day ago 乃 505
I’m watching the video of Korea University’s busty girl ^^
Evil Sniper 1 day ago 乃 289
You’re a busty Korean girl, right?
Please lighten up coolly and cover your face too keke like your chest
Kim Ryeon-ho 1 day ago 乃 267
Write…… , Bee, that’s my heart, that’s a watermelon

Popularity breeds more popularity.

* * *

Female cam.
It’s not that I’m just looking at the conch and trying to use my talent.

‘It’s important in the modern stock market.’

In the past, the person with the quickest information won.
Preoccupied with information that others do not know, sell first and buy first.

There was no phone, let alone internet.
The value of receiving information quickly was enormous.

‘To the extent that there is a family that has made a lot of money with it.’

Rothschild actually.
It’s also how the family I am grinding my teeth amassed wealth.

I used a family-only speedboat and a pigeon checkbook.
It brought information from Europe to England 30 hours earlier.

‘Europe was at war at the time.’

French vs British Allies.
The famous Battle of Waterloo, in which Napoleon was defeated, was unfolding.

If the British army wins, the stock price goes up.
If the British army loses, the stock price goes down.

Which one won?
Rothschild was able to move freely while others were stomping their feet.

Combining his unique skills, he made a profit close to 20 times.
This is the case that made the Rothschild family famous.

‘There’s no way that’s possible in modern times.’

It is no longer possible in the 21st century.
Organs may get them before ants, but the ultimate enemy of organs is the same organ.

Equal combat conditions.
Information has no advantage.
That’s why the existence of ‘superstar’ came to mind.


The future superstar sighs deeply.
Sora, who has been burned to white, is barely alive in her own house.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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