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Because I Live in the US 169

Because I Live in the US 169

Chapter 169 – Economic YouTube

Sora heard the fun of running YouTube.

“Hello everyone~ I’m Sora, a channel that explores the mysteries of the economy!”

It feels like tending a garden.
It is rewarding to see the plants grow beautifully.

Same with him.
The number of subscribers is increasing, and my heart is enriched every time a new comment is posted.


Take a video and check the trend of increase and decrease in the number of subscribers.
Didn’t rise as expected.

What is the cause
Looking at the comment window, even the insensitive cow has no choice but to realize.

Aoi 1 day ago 乃 10
I have a good voice, but economics is too difficult.
Kanchomancho 1 day ago 7
Why don’t you turn on the cam?
If you turn on the cam, I think it will be great!
Trotman 1 day ago 乃 5
Noonna and Juji are weird

It wasn’t always a compliment response.
No, complaints had been piling up from before.

‘Cam? Turn on the cam?’

I’ve seen similar comments.
But I was embarrassed to show my face, so I pretended not to see it.

Dissatisfaction grows
This may be the reason why the increase in the number of subscribers has been stagnant and public opinion has deteriorated.

‘What do we do? Selling your face is a bit…….’

It’s something to be rejected.
There was a time when there was an uproar on YouTube because of some crazy person.

But I think I can’t disappoint my subscribers.
Sora takes a big heart and decides to take a picture.

“Hello everyone~! I’m Sora, a channel that explores the mysteries of the economy!”

Retake the video
It is judged that even if the face is unreasonable, there is nothing that can not be done up to the lower part of the neck.

‘Hmm, hmm! Will this be enough?’

It’s embarrassing though.
In my mind, I want to beat him because he is a YouTuber and a nabal.

Something that had already begun.
I was going to make a decision based on whether viewers like it.

『Sora’s Economic Exploration』 705 subscribers
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (3)」− 1.4 thousand views · 10 hours ago

The reaction was instantaneous.
The next morning, Sora checks her own YouTube channel and is surprised.

‘Oh, five hundred? In one day?!’

553 to be exact.
But she’s a huge number for her, who used to detect even 50 people a day.

People who only watched the video and did not subscribe.
I subscribed as a group because of yesterday’s video.

‘Is the cam presence that big? Then in the future…….’

Get greedy

* * *

Samin Seongho.

─Three-in-one Seong-ryong (三人成龍)
If only three people insist, it will create a purpose that does not exist
So, it means that if three people conspire with each other and lie that there was a dragon, no one will not be deceived.

└ Huh? That four-character idiom would not be Samin Seongryong, but Saminseongho.
└ It’s not a tiger, it’s a dragon, but what a tiger
└ NookhahaTigerhahaDidn’t you learn the Three-person Seongryong in school?
└ㅅㅅㅅㅅ I think I was mistaken;;

It roughly has this meaning.
This is a common phenomenon found on the Internet.

‘What if everyone else said that? Is it? It’s human psychology.’

I’m not being fooled because I’m stupid.
Humans are social animals.
Being swayed by the opinions of others is a natural phenomenon.

〈 Hello everyone~! This is Sora, a channel that explores the mystery of the economy!〉

Just like when stocks go down.
He believed that Sora would not disappoint.

‘Yes, how good it would be to use my talent.’

It is not a flat video with only subtitles on the PPT as usual.
The proud milk container is now illuminated.

Season 1017680 1 day ago 乃 25
You kissed the cam a long time ago~
So pretty and sweet!
Jaewon Kim 7 18 days ago
I thought you were majoring in economics, but you were majoring in physics.
Sweet uncle 1 day ago 乃 10
I like the milk carton

That’s enough.
I thought it would be fine if I just opened the water like that.

‘How true.’

The female broadcaster is very big on her looks.
It is a fact that cannot be denied.

Contents? Horse teeth?
Rather than preparing for such things, it is more helpful to maintain a smooth appearance.

Tak, Tak!

You yourself will not know.
You might think that a really purely economics lecture works.

‘If it’s Sora’s skill, it’s still there.’

He has a good head for studying, but he is not very knowledgeable in other aspects.
As a senior, I want to help.

Kanchomancho 1 day ago 乃 20
Oh you have a great body ㅇㅇㅇ
But what about the criminal? Because I’m the type, I don’t seem to be good at coordinating.

He also knows the subject well.
If you scratch gently, you will surely come over.

‘Even if he doesn’t seem to care about his clothes.’

If you point it out once in a while, you will have a seizure.
It’s not that I can’t wear it, it’s that I don’t wear it.

There is absolute confidence in her own figure.
She has early symptoms of princess disease.

│Trotman 1 day ago
│ ㄹㅇ Clothes hanger is a waste
│Aoi 1 day ago
│I think I can’t wear clothes well because I only studyhaha
│413166193 1 day ago
│ Even if you pay a little attention, you will surely increase your subscribers

If you don’t know, add a little firewood.
When I hit the job with a few accounts, advocacy comments are running.

‘There is no senior like this. Such a senior.’

It understands the needs of viewers instead.
If you follow public opinion, you will succeed.

Is this an economic YouTuber or a female cam?
There will be a bit of confusion, though.

* * *

Subscribers increase rapidly when the cam is turned on.

‘Oh oh!’

Sora was filled with joy.
I had vague hopes of success.

『Sora’s Economic Exploration』 1.27 thousand subscribers
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (4)」− 2.1 thousand views · 17 hours ago
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (3)」− 3.5 thousand views · 1 day ago

Because I didn’t know it was going to be really good.
Even so, the content is ambiguous.

‘I didn’t expect to see this much.’

He himself had a hard time waking up in the first grade.
90% of it was because of that bastard, but the other 10% was also formidable.

Even if it is easy to explain, it is difficult to explain.
Even if it had over 1000 subscribers, it was considered a virtue.

Channel Analysis of 『Sora’s Economic Exploration』
Views +1.32 million
+1,271 subscribers
Estimated Revenue 21,892

Far exceeded 1000 people.
That’s not even 1 week.
When the goal is reached, another thought arises.

Are you a popular YouTuber yourself?
At this rate, it may be only a matter of time.

‘It’s okay if you earn a moderate amount of pocket money, but if you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers…….’

To be established as a single profession.
It’s a happy thing, but on the other hand, I can’t help but think that it’s difficult.

Own dream.
If you get busy with trader work, the time to upload videos will naturally disappear.

‘Hmm! Hmm! Traders are what you do after graduation, right? I can think about it then.’

He only has one body to do both.
One day you will have to make a choice.

And your choices are fixed.
I will say goodbye to the fans with tears in my eyes.

Kanchomancho 1 day ago 乃 25
Oh you have a great body ㅇㅇㅇ
But what about the criminal? Because I’m the type, I don’t seem to be good at coordinating.
│Trotman 1 day ago 乃 10
│ ㄹㅇ Clothes hanger is a waste
│Aoi 1 day ago
│I think I can’t wear clothes well because I only studyhaha
│413166193 1 day ago
│ Even if you pay a little attention, you will surely increase your subscribers

When things go well, of course.
In the eyes of Sora, who was looking at the comment window in a soft mood.

‘Ugh. You say I can’t wear clothes?’

This is the ID seen from the beginning of the channel.
At the time, few people commented on it, so it remains in my memory.

If you turn on the cam, it seems like a jackpot!
The reason why I filmed the video was a comment from a subscriber called ‘Kanchomancho’.

‘The clothes I wear are usually plain.’

It’s hard to say for yourself, but the fit is good, so it goes well with anything you wear.
Rather, flashy things are conspicuous, so I refrain from doing so.

Tak, Tak!

But youtube.
It is a place where various people are active, and among them there will be people who can be said to be really pretty.

‘Because I don’t feel bad if I wear only decent clothes, right?’

It’s not that I never wear clothes.
Sora takes out the clothes she has stored deep in her closet and examines them.

When you just graduated from high school.
When I come to college, the clothes I bought to try on come out folded.

‘This is a bit…… , Wasn’t it too big?’

I got into the mood and bought it.
There was nothing to wear.
But what about broadcasting?


I don’t even take a picture of the face anyway.
On YouTube, this level of exposure may not be.

‘There were a lot of comments…….’

What he wants to do is an economics broadcast.
Difficult and complex stories are easily and simply released.

That’s the motto, but there are things I realized while doing YouTube.
Communication with subscribers is also important.

‘The subscribers want it, so I have no choice but to do it. Is not it? Will that work?’

An excuse to rationalize.
A desire to be popular.
Sora pulls out the most erotic clothes she owns and puts them on.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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