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Because I Live in the US 168

Because I Live in the US 168

Chapter 168 – Economic YouTube

It is the hottest job among people in their 20s.

‘I heard that famous people earn billions.’

Sora also knows the story flowing in the river.
YouTubers are so promising.

He has become famous as if he were an easy-to-be celebrity.

“Hello everyone~ I’m Sora, a channel that explores the mysteries of the economy.”

It cannot be said that such influences do not exist.
To be honest, I think I’m a little envious.

‘Well, it’s good if it happens.’

Maybe even yourself?
There is a real reason why I did YouTube as an incidental thing to the end.

“Last time, I told you what microeconomics is, right? This time, I’m going to go a little deeper.”

It is a test of knowledge.
Talking about what you know is the most effective way to study.

‘Wouldn’t it be difficult at this level of difficulty?’

And upload it to YouTube.
It is a way to kill two birds with one stone while studying and earning money.

“This was an explanation of microeconomics. I’ll see you next time with an easy-to-understand economics story. If today’s content was helpful, please like and subscribe.”

That’s under the premise that it works out.
It’s not a field that’s going to be popular.

At first, I was determined to just be buried.
But since I am sincere.

‘Today’s video was filmed, shall we look at the comments on yesterday’s video?

Subscribers are increasing.
Recently, there are quite a few comments, so I feel like posting them.

Semin Hong 1 day ago 乃 2
Your voice is so pretty!
Please upload more videos in the future♡♡
Trotman 1 day ago
I’m sorry……
Commentvillain 1 day ago 乃 5
Do you mean missy?
It’s worse

‘Sister? You must be older than me.’

There are also comments that seem to have gotten the point somewhat wrong.
But with time, you will definitely understand.

It wasn’t that economics was easy for him from the beginning.
In particular, the professors’ explanations are more difficult than necessary.

‘If I explain it more easily and in a practical way, the number of interested viewers will increase.’

YouTube viewers are of all ages.
There will definitely be people who want to study economics.

Did the effort bear fruit?
Subscribers are steadily increasing.
I’ve never seen a bad response in the comments either.

“Look at this.”
“Your chest?”
“Cell phone screen!”
“No, because he’s pushing his chest.”

A small but significant achievement.
So-ra tried to proudly boast about her YouTube channel.


I hear only sexual harassment as always.
No matter how resistant you are, it’s angry.

“Aren’t you doing well with this?”
“Not Nandle.”
“You might be able to give me a more sincere answer!”

He does whatever he says.
He never takes his words seriously.

‘Where will it go if I help.’

The senior appeared on an internet broadcast a while ago.
That too became a significant issue.

Same economy youtube.
I came here to ask for advice, but he only behaves rudely.

『Sora’s Economic Exploration』 157 subscribers
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (2)」− 509 views · 15 hours ago
「Microeconomics explained easily and simply by economics students (1)」− 1.1 thousand views · 1 day ago

You can do well alone.
I feel proud when I see the number of subscribers and views increasing.

“In one day, 50 people increased.”
“That’s great.”
“It’s still a small number of people, but I think I can say that I’ve taken my first step as an economic YouTuber.”
“As an economic YouTuber.”

He often speaks meaningful words on such a subject.
Words that can’t be ignored.

‘No. That would be nonsense.’

About one in ten is sharp.
But most of them are just trying to make fun of themselves.

Sora also doesn’t know about YouTube.
Subscribers and views are the most important metrics.

When viewed in that sense.
Your YouTube channel is doing well.
There is no need to cower at the words of seniors.

“But I mean.”
“There are people in the world who don’t even know what to say.”
“Like a senior?”
“No, the words themselves may be meaningless.”
“…What nonsense are you talking about again?”
“You’ll soon realize too.”

Another significant sound.
He just said what he had to say, grinned, and left without answering.

‘A madman answers a Zen dialogue.’

The more you think about the senior’s words, the more you lose.
After returning home, Sora shoots a video to be uploaded tomorrow.

“Hello everyone~ I’m Sora, a channel that explores the mysteries of the economy!”

I am still doing well enough.
Just do what you are used to and you will increase your subscribers and views.

‘How can I explain microeconomics more easily and interestingly?’

And that means that your videos are being recognized.
If you work hard day by day like that.

‘What if I become a real YouTuber? I have a dream of being a trader.’

Ad revenue will be generated, and a fandom may even be created.
Just like popular YouTubers.

Tak, Tak!

Imagination is free.
The YouTube channel, which I visited with pleasure, is also gaining more subscribers.

Seunghyeok Choi 1 day ago 乃 5
Are you a real college girl?
It’s green
Kanchomancho 1 day ago
Do you not turn on the cam?
Trotman 1 day ago 乃 10
It’s snowing, I’m living, huh……

The cause was a little different from what I thought.

* * *

Sora’s YouTube.
I am not opposed to doing it myself.

‘YouTube is also one of the great communication channels.’

Wall Street investors of the future go live.
For communication with customers.

YouTube is one of them.
Although the recorded video can also play the role sufficiently.

What does 〈 Missy mean? Does that mean you look small? Microeconomics is a small, detailed study of the entire economy. ….〉

Sora is thinking a little wrong.
She makes use of her talent, but doesn’t make use of it at all.

‘Missy, that’s a married woman. Naughty bitches like married women like microeconomics.’

It is a female statue that you can see a lot when you go to Dongtan New Town.
She’s not exposing her raunchy body.

It’s economic youtube?
So that’s more important.
To be honest, who will see that?

〈 Everyone, you worked hard today~ Next time, I’ll see you with a more fun and easy-to-understand economics story. If today’s content was helpful, please like and subscribe.

The voice is quite supportive.
Maybe it’s because he’s a nerd, but he’s calm and has a good tone, so just listening to it makes me feel good.

‘That kind of voice is popular.’

The reason why subscribers stick to this kind of discontinued broadcast.
In fact, it’s a pretty important virtue in ‘study broadcasting’.

「Medical University TV] I really stayed up all night… Cramming | Medical students” − 1.25 million views · 3 months ago
“Spring for the exam. Bom’s secret book revealed?! There was a miracle of 100 days” − 3.57 million views · 1 year ago
「Honey Jam Bot) Let’s study together/study with me/10hours/firewood burning🔥」 − 1.79 million views · 1 year ago

Study youtuber
He is a YouTuber who literally studies.
There are surprisingly many people who see it.

‘To the extent that there are YouTubers who pretend to study.’

As his popularity grew, he quit his full-time job.
Instead of being a broadcast for studying, it becomes a broadcast that shows the pretty image of studying.

That’s why.
Subscribers also noticed.
Uh? You seem to have lost your focus?
And they set out to find the real ‘natural product’.

Seunghyeok Choi 1 day ago 乃 5
Are you a real college girl?
It’s green
Kanchomancho 1 day ago
Do you not turn on the cam?
Trotman 1 day ago 乃 10
It’s snowing, I’m living, huh……

From the udder to the study, there is no place other than natural production.
This is probably why Sora’s YouTube is gaining popularity.

‘The same as recognizing a room manger, he recognizes a public manger at a glance.’

Currently, I am only filming strange lecture videos.
If you open a lot of things, the number of subscribers can explode.

Tak, Tak!

I want to help Sora’s talent bloom.
It means a lot to Sora and me.

I need talented people for my future plans.
A pretty older sister who will make a face madam.

‘Because Sora is perfect.’

I’ve been eyeing it since I first saw it.
It’s rare to find a character that works so well for broadcasting.

The problem is that he stubbornly refuses.
At this opportunity, I naturally draw them into this lair.

‘Your voice is good, but economics is too difficult. Confirm’

How it can be.
We also know that it is absolutely impossible with the regular method.

‘Why don’t you turn on the cam? If you turn on the cam, I think it will be great. Confirm’

It’s Ui reading.
No matter what I say, I won’t listen
Rather, the repulsion only grows stronger.

‘Nunna and Juji are strange. Confirm.’

It’s embarrassing.
Prejudice is thick.
That’s why it can be a good opportunity.

A place where you can do things you wouldn’t normally do.
Because that is the pure function of the Internet.

‘Today’s comment manipulation has reached this level.’

All you have to do is pat someone on the back.
If you can’t do it alone, summon multiples.

This shit youtube.
It is not difficult to hold and shake public opinion.

‘A female cam and a fallen assistant…… , No, it’s only a matter of time before it leads me to the right path.’

Sora and Sora’s YouTube are also changing.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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