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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 9

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 9

Chapter 9 – -8- Lucia Will Never Become a Female Slave

“…You don’t feel it? Then what is this?”

He pointed to my cunt, which was dripping with creamy juice and dripping gooey liquid as if it were ready to be inserted into his cock.


This is strange…?

I couldn’t expect to have sex with such trash.

Such a thing was never possible.

As I pondered over it, I came to a very embarrassing conclusion.

“…Because I might love you a little bit”


“That, uh, your cock… Is a little bit my taste, so I could love it a little bit. I’m not in love with bugs like you at all.”

A vicious pillar that covered everything from the place where it was hung to the top of the navel. A red glans like a harpoon, as if it were about to unreasonably expand the vagina. To the pillars with blood vessels sticking out to a frightening extent

Only the cock, which boasted a huge presence that seemed to suffocate when put in the mouth, was definitely his preference.

So, falling in love just a little, a little… Maybe it’s natural for a woman.

“Just a little…” He opened my cunt, flirting with his cock, and stimulated the agitated skin of the clitoris.

“Hii’s profit …. ♥ Let go … ♥” I pinch my clitoris like a toy with an index finger and a stop.

“Puh, then, do you love my fingers now?”

Is there anyone who feels love for something like a finger? However, he did not think about the ejaculation of females in a violent way. At the touch that roughly pierces the pussy

It was inevitable that [Master] Came to mind naturally.

“Hmm, not at all…♥” I tried to lie while avoiding my eyes, but Zooey… No, the man saw through my lie right away.

Every time she lied, her clitoris, which grew a little bigger and boasted a dainty presence, was teased.

The man rubbed the protruding clitoris shell and forced me to answer.

“How is it, have you come to love my hands ‘a little’?”

“Because I don’t like it… ♥ My tongue… ♥ Not a single one… ♥” I tried to deny it to protect my pride, thinking that if things continued like this, something would break.

The man inserted his finger into the vagina as if it were not the same, and with the other palm, he rubbed and caressed my clitoris as if pressing it.

My legs tightened in an instant, reminding me a little of my pussy caressing his stomach. As if his hands were more mobile, he began to play with the inside of my cunt.

“Hikehehe…♥ Jo…Joa…♥” I had no choice but to be honest because of the finger pointing at my weak point, as if she knew the dangerous part of a woman, no, her own female.

His thick fingers scratched exactly where I was grieving, so I feel like his fingers are also [Master’s]. I had no choice but to admit that.

I drooled and fixed my loose expression and glared at him with ferocious eyes.

Eyes glistening with lust… The lustful desires hidden in the first impression of a well-educated boy looking like a young boy from a rich family are visible through the eyes.

‘You must be a crazy person. You’re not afraid of cumming on me who you don’t even love…Are you?’

I made up my mind to get a quick creampie and punish him the worst.

…If I continued to be swayed by this man’s actions, it would be difficult to come to my senses.

‘Really, if you touch her pussy so kindly, you’ll mistakenly think you’re loved…’ Her cock, which she had pitifully soaked in a sticky pussy crack, was glistening with love juice and was ready to be inserted.

“You’re a cock with no restrainthehe… Do you even know that you’re in danger of cumming inside a womb you don’t even love?” She tried to bluff with her remaining pride, but she was still worried.

It was an impossibly large cock. I’ve tried masturbation a lot, but I was worried that I, who was only a finger at best, could handle it.

“…It won’t be long”

“With my eyes tightly closed, I slowly began to lower my back.

My whole body was in pain from an object of a size I had never experienced before.

“Kkeuh…Sss…Uh, when…Feeling, good…Ah?” He covered my back, which was enduring the pain of breaking through, with his hand, and pulled it towards him.

“Try to slow down, breathe slowly.” I collapsed under his guidance and could only listen to what he said in my ear with my body overlapping.

‘I don’t need your advice…!’ As if I had been stabbed by a harpoon, I fell on top of the man and couldn’t do anything, but I growled at his words.

His cock was a little lovely, and he only had a smooth face and fingers that roughly teased my pleasant places, but he was a man who was a bit lacking to serve as my master.

Not knowing the subject.

“It’s my first time, so my body is so nervous, because I can’t enjoy it like this…” Between our chests touching, we heard each other’s heartbeats. We could hear each other’s beating hearts.

“You’re doing well enough, you’re one of the best students I know.”

With lines and voices that sounded familiar somewhere, I followed his advice unknowingly. As her breathing stabilized, her body, which had gradually relaxed, was gradually freeing herself from the pain.

“Are you okay now?” The words that seemed to ask a friendly question almost made me respect him without realizing it.

“Yes, no, um…”

‘You’re stupid’ It’s just to punish you by extracting semen, but what are you trying to be considerate of?

As I felt my cock touching the entrance to my womb more and more clearly, I felt a bit ashamed of being held by the man in front of me. It was as if [Master] Was right in front of me.

Come to your senses, Ryusia, the man in front of you is not your master or anything. He’s just a crappy criminal

The heart I held earlier was reliable enough to make my heart flutter a little, but now was the time to do what I had to do.

The owner, who had developed a little inner intimacy through skin-to-skin contact… No, in order to ‘punish’ the man, I started moving my waist.

“Hey, I’m a little sorry… I’ll take the semen?” As if she had become accustomed to the vicious size before she knew it, when she bounced her waist, the vaginal wall grabbed her cock.

The familiar pain came. And… The unfamiliar pleasure.

“Huh…♥, Now, what…?” Unexpected pleasure, his legs loosened, and he landed on his buttocks.

I tried to pull his cock out halfway and then sat down, which resulted in deeper penetration.

“Huh…♥ No…♥ If you feel it…♥ No…♥”

Is it because you feel it now that you fall in love with the man in front of you?

Or did I fall in love with him because I felt it?

These questions have become as unimportant to me as the chicken or egg debate.

This is because the man in front of her is starting to look more and more like a perfect master.

He caresses my soft breasts and even violates the uterus with his big dick.

My beloved master, the one I was looking for…My master.

….The current accident is a bit strange, come to your senses, Lucia. Now, you want to punish this man…

The ensuing accident had no choice but to stop immediately.

Master grabbed me by the waist and once again greeted the glans at the entrance to the womb.

“Hee-guk…♥ Hee-ik…♥” Every time my uterus is stabbed, I start to feel lovable by the owner who plays with my breasts like a toy.

No, master, I

He grabbed me by the waist and started pounding me hard until my uterus turned into rice cake. In a short time, I got used to Master’s body, and I just let out a sermon that couldn’t be put into words.

“Ah…♥ Heuuuuu…♥”

After a few minutes of distracting pistoning stopped, my master drove his cock deep into me and began to ejaculate. The semen was so thick that it was hard to believe that he had ejaculated once.

‘Huh…♥ If it’s wrapped inside…♥ My… Victory…?’ As if there was nothing to fear inside me, the master ejaculated without any hesitation.

Ejaculating on someone you don’t love is the greatest humiliation, but isn’t it natural for a master to cum inside a female slave?

Rather, it felt like something to be thankful for on this side.

…It felt like the accident was being polluted. Because of the pleasure now, it felt like my brain was melting.

I barely got up from being stretched out after having been cummed on, and crawled over to my cell phone to report it.

‘If you think slowly next to the police, you will be able to make a rational decision’

I was crawling toward the phone in a prone state, and as soon as I grabbed the phone, I was stopped by the owner.

As if carrying a light backpack, Master grabbed me by the waist and punched me in the air.

Perhaps because of the change in posture, a different stimulus wrapped around her body than before.

“Hikesssss… ♥ This is… Good…” My legs trembled and lost their strength. He overcame the fact that he almost lost his cell phone due to lack of strength in his hands.

“1….*Hee ♥* 1….*Shiny ♥*2….”

Now, if you just press the call button, you just press the call button. That way, you can get out of this strange situation now.

At that time, my master stopped fucking my womb.


“Report it, if you want to,” My master said, and my fingers lost their way, and I lost my smartphone in a daze.

“…Ah..♥” As if my life had crashed, the cell phone fell on the floor with a clumsy knock.

I cried and looked back at my master.

“Master, did I do well?”

“…Yes” The owner petted me with a fishy smile.

Just today, you poked at the entrance of my womb, which had peaked with pleasure, a few times.

My master’s cock was about to squeeze into the nursery, and I tried to stop it by tightening my vagina.

“…I’m happy…♥” Why, why did I do something to disappoint my master?

Why didn’t I immediately recognize that he was the master?

Why did the master recognize him only after he taught him earnestly and kindly…

Only regrets piled up.

‘Stupid bitch….’ If you think about it, you tried to report the owner on the subject of a female slave. It must have been what had happened to his head.

His face burned at the thought of not recognizing such a perfect master, and having done something stupid.

These days, it seemed like the goddess of luck was really on my side.

My grades go up, and even the perfect master comes to me…

It’s a little regretful that I didn’t visit first, but from now on, I just have to slowly dedicate everything and serve.

My youth, my body, my mind…All of my life, just for the Master…

“Let’s start today…” I thought as I bit into my master’s cock, which satisfactorily ejaculated once again inside me.

She swallowed even the drop of semen remaining inside her with a grateful expression on her face.

“I love you… Master…♥”

As she kissed her master’s cock sleeping on her bed until late at night, Lucia felt tired.

It was natural. Since 3am, she was constantly getting fucked.

With her mouth kissing her cock like her blackmail nipple, Lucia left for her dreamland to make up for her lack of sleep.

Having a happy and lustful dream of being violated by the master…

Her sleeping face had the happiest smile I had ever seen.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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