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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 8

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 8

Chapter 8 – -7- If the Semen Doesn’t Come Out No Matter How Much You Suck It Out, the Only Thing You Can Do Is to Scold Me With Your Pussy, Right?


The cock in front of me had a hideous appearance just by looking at it.

‘What, is your cock this long…?’

I thought that if I stabbed myself in the stomach with something like this, I would die.

‘Let’s not be weak, Ryusia. I’m going to get all the semen out and get you out of my house right now’

“Hey! Did you break into someone else’s house by believing in something like this? Stupid…”

I yelled at the man, looking at his cock against my cheek, bobbing with strange anticipation.

Even though it was only to get rid of criminals and not for a sexual purpose, it was a little burdensome to suck the cock of someone I had never seen before.

‘Because it can’t be helped…’

He struggled to rationalize that the situation was similar to rescuing a person who had been bitten by a deadly poison in an important part.

In both situations, genital sucking is an act of necessity, not choice.

“..Go…Be prepared, I’ll swallow every single drop and kick you out of here right now.”

After kicking the man out, of course I was going to call the police.

This morning, he was a dangerous man who broke into a house where a woman lived alone. The purpose must have been petty theft or unreasonable burglary, targeting weak women.

‘Unfortunately, he came to visit me at my house’

Even when his cock was sucked and he was about to spit out his semen, it was rather clumsy to see his hands on the sofa and his cock pulled out so that this side would be better for sucking.

It must be a rookie robber.

It’s very common sense that if a cock is sucked and semen is taken away, it is forcibly kicked out.

The intruder in front of me was looking down at me with a relaxed expression, to the extent that I couldn’t even recall such obvious common sense.


I bowed once more to the glans and prepared to suck the cock.

Following the kiss with soft lips, I rolled one round with my tongue as if coating the entire glans, creating a smooth surface.

‘Really, why did the preparation process take so long…’

I started to use my tongue while recalling the video I used to eat as a side dish every day, [I will tell you how to volunteer as a female female canyon in Majo ♥].

As if gently tickling the entire glans, he rolled the soft offal meat and caressed the tip.

“It feels good…?

Continued serving the cock, watching the man’s reaction.

The gaze from above was unpleasant, but every time our eyes met as we kissed his cock, I knew he was feeling it.

“Keuheum, it’s very ugly, but can you pull out my semen that much?”

“Don’t be conceited…! It’s from now on!”

I felt so pathetic for that man who only caressed the glans and took it easy.

‘Isn’t it embarrassing not to break into the house, but to be sucking a cock without moving?’ Thinking that I had to ejaculate him quickly, I guided his cock in earnest into my mouth.

‘Be careful not to touch your teeth…’ As the thick glans passed his mouth, he felt a column slipping into his lips.

[When serving the master, you have to be careful not to touch your teeth~] And exclaimed, feeling better than before, perhaps thanks to following the advice of the AV actor on the screen carefully caressing the dildo.

“Hmm, this was quite pleasant…” The man answered with a fishy smile as if he was still full of composure.

‘It’s conceited…!’ I was angry at the way he was still showing his composure.

‘I heard that visual stimulation is important when playing fellatio…’

I started acting while thinking over the contents of [How to become a female loved by the owner].

[Looking at the cock as if it’s so lovely]

Directing [Watery eyes that allow even the slightest pain to be violated up to the back of the neck]

The ones that give you a [Bashful kiss on your cock, eye contact and a smiley face].

If it could be made quickly and cheaply, this level of acting would be a piece of cake.

After kissing his pillar, which had not yet been able to enter his mouth, he took a deep breath and buried his face between his legs.

It was a bit painful just to hold his object, which was so large, in his mouth.

As if creating a vacuum, I sucked hard on his cock and licked his glans with my tongue to hasten ejaculation.

As his cock throbbed and pulsated gradually, I felt that things were imminent.

“Puhh…! Cheaper…! Cheaper, quicker, get rid of it…!”

He suddenly took my head in his hand and continued a long ejaculation as if to stuff it deep inside his neck.

‘Ahhhhh’ he grabbed my head forcefully, burying it inside his legs, his eyes darkening.

He felt dirty hair brushing against the back of his nose, and he felt fishy, ​​gooey liquid filling the back of his throat.

“Huh…That’s a real bitch…” After ejaculating as if he was satisfied, he pulled the cock out of my mouth.

With a boom, the cock came out of his mouth, and the remaining semen began to fall to the ground.

“No…!” Even in the middle of a daze, I kissed his glans as he was about to spill the remaining semen after ejaculation.

Jjook, while doing it. I squeezed his prick, as if urging on to a salty snack, sending every drop of semen left on the post into me.

Swallowing the turbid liquid that felt like jelly in my mouth, I opened my mouth to show him off as if I was showing off my skills.

“Fuha, I ate all of them.” I got sick like an idiot in the middle, but my victory was certain. He has ejaculated too much, and he will not be able to avoid going out.

Like the idiot who helped him swallow all the way by squeezing his head until a few hairs stuck to the back of his nose.

No matter how many times I ejaculated, I could feel the thick smell of semen every time I breathed.

“Come on, get out!” I said, clearing away his cock, which was hanging limp on my cheek even after I had ejaculated.

He just clapped his hands twice as if it was funny…


“What?” For a moment, it felt like an accident.

It was a momentary sense of discomfort, as if the power outage had been restored in an instant. I could clearly feel it.

It was to the point where I couldn’t remember what I was doing just a moment ago.

That’s right, I’m sure…

I was trying to scold that guy who didn’t even want to go out to the extent of sucking his cock.

Vomiting semen into the womb of someone I don’t even love was the worst punishment I could give him.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the hymen, which I’ve cherished for 20 years, is gone, but it’s unavoidable in the process of punishing, so it’s not particularly immoral.

Is it just to the extent that the hymen disappears during vigorous exercise? Of course, it was annoying to lose her virginity over something like this, but it was more important for her to punish him properly.

“A sickly delusional bastard…”

What he had just said slowly began to come to mind.

“Every time your womb is pierced, you see the man in front of you as the perfect owner you’ve always dreamed of.”

“Every time you tell a lie, your sexual feelings are heightened”

…Do you seriously believe in hypnotic nonsense?

Misunderstanding was also an oil fountain. He’s the perfect owner you’ve ever dreamed of. It was an undeserved goal for a man who was completely different from the master I had hoped for.

A long, obscenely shaped cock that seemed like it would stick all the way to the entrance of the uterus, and a pretty pleasing appearance would have been acceptable, but in all other respects it was disqualified.

My master must be a kind, kind, and good man.

He couldn’t have been a man like this, who smiled badly and ran around in other people’s houses from the wee hours of the morning.

Besides, if you could heighten your senses with just a few words, there would be no such thing as insensitivity or boredom in the world.

Couldn’t there be someone who could warp a person’s consciousness or mind with just a few words, and completely manipulate their memory or way of thinking?

Even if he had, he wouldn’t use that ability to seduce a girl who had just turned 20.

“Be prepared, you can’t just leave this house.” I said to him in an expressionless voice, containing anger.

“Empty your cock right now. I’m going to fill my womb with your semen.”

“It’s no use crying and begging. This has already been decided.”

As if he had read my will, he gave up all resistance and moved meekly to the bed.

‘I’m in danger of irresponsibly sowing seeds into the womb of someone I don’t even love… Pathetic trash…’

I climbed on top of his lying body.

‘It’s growing up…’ The bed I bought according to the size of my body and my own room was a little small for him. With my pussy crack, I started massaging the shaft of his cock. Without insertion, each other’s genitals rub against each other.

It was a smarta in the upper female state. Without insertion, the thick chin of my pussy, split only by the thickness of the cock that was in contact with it, looked a little lewd even to me.

“…Is this your first time? Ryucia”

‘Come to think of it, how do you know my name…! Squeezer …! ‘

“Hmm, isn’t it…?” I couldn’t belittle a man like this. I wanted to let people know that I am a woman who can take semen with her uterus in an instant.

It seemed that the genitals that were rubbing against each other became a little more sensitive with the answer from earlier, but it must have been an illusion.

“A man like you deserves the punishment of having his semen extorted by a woman who doesn’t even feel this way”

In a relationship with someone you don’t love, it’s natural that you don’t feel it.

Isn’t it common sense that every adult knows?

“Into the womb of someone you don’t even love, spit up all the useless semen,” I said, looking down at him lying beneath me with hatred.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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