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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 6

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 6

Chapter 6 – -5- Exhibitionism Reincarnation Ryusia (Part 2)

It was a road that I usually walked without thinking about it.

A shopping mall with a cinema not too far away. It was a familiar place that I often visited when I wanted to go shopping with friends or enjoy cultural life.

The road to that place came with a completely different feeling today.

“I must be crazy… Ryushia…”

The brightness of the streetlights, which was not normally recognized, is clearly recognized today.

Under the white light, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see my skin covered by a thin layer of polyester fiber.

I’m afraid that those passers-by who usually don’t pay much attention will look at me.

No, what I’m afraid of is being caught. As long as you don’t get caught… It’s probably fine.

“Because I’m wearing a mask, you won’t know it’s me…”

Rather, it seems to be a little excited…


This dangerous thrill of not knowing when to be caught gave a chilling pleasure.

Normally, when I walked down the street, I used to enjoy watching men follow me a little, but today was even more special.

She felt a dizzying thrill that even one of those gazes could notice the slutty outfit she was wearing now.

Haha… I need to go see a movie soon…”

I hurried my way to the cinema with short steps, but as I moved from the residential area to the boulevard, the crowd increased.

“Ugh…What can I do, really…♥”

It seems that the eyes of the surroundings are flying and sticking. Those eyes that scattered her body as if scanning it made her flinch.

“You’ll never notice… Never…” She hurried her way to the cinema with frequent strides.

If I ran away, I felt like my wildly swaying breasts would attract a lot of attention.

The inside of the building we arrived at was too bright. My pink areolas, which are slightly different in color from the clothes, are slightly visible if you look closely.

“Huh… At this rate, if you look through it a little bit, you’ll see it right away…”

So it was difficult The reason I didn’t wear underwear wasn’t because of strange expectations, it was simply because there weren’t any matching underwear.

He didn’t wear underwear because he didn’t want to be seen in a lewd outfit that emphasized his black underwear, and he definitely had no other thoughts.

But, what am I expecting?

“…I’ll take the elevator and go quickly.”

The cinema was on the 12th floor. Maybe it was late at night on weekdays, so I was lucky enough to be able to ride the elevator by myself.

“It’s fortunate… If we’re together in such a small space… I’ll definitely get caught…♥”

The elevator door slowly opened with a thud. Fortunately, no one was on board.

On both sides of the narrow elevator, large mirrors were decorated. Only then did she see her own condition.

‘Ugh… Since when did it come out like this…’

The beige see-through top that clings to the body was not a particularly striking outfit choice.

From the outside, it was a piece of clothing that covered many areas, like a tight knit over long black jeans.

The fact that the body was wrapped in a single layer of thin polyester was inconceivable unless you looked carefully.

If that was what she thought. But her body clearly betrayed her expectations.

The part of her chest that should have hugged her body while drawing her supple curves, the pointy nipples propped up the fibers and advertised her excitement.

‘Why are you doing this…♥ Please go in…♥ Don’t get caught…♥’

Contrary to her earnest thoughts, the thought that she should not be found out made her even more agitated.

‘Did you keep going around like this until now?

On the contrary, it was showing her excitement that was getting stronger and heightened.

With the announcement sound “The door is closing”, The short time the elevator automatically closed felt too long.

“Please don’t let anyone ride…♥ Please…♥ Please…♥

It was then. A hand stopped the elevator from closing.

“Heeep!” Surprised, she uttered a strange noise, and stood at attention awkwardly, unable to decide whether it was suspicious to cover her breasts with her hands or not.

“I’m sorry.” The man who came in while playing on his phone glanced at Ryusia, pressed the 11th floor button, and focused on the game on his phone.

“What…You don’t care at all?” It must have been his purpose to remain unnoticed, but he felt disgusted by the man not paying attention to him.

Enough to cover up the idea that I shouldn’t be found out.

‘There’s something more interesting right behind me than the game on my phone…’

“Huh, I feel a little sore today…♥” A voice that wasn’t small filled the elevator as if to listen.

‘…The hand is stopped’ The game in the cell phone that I glanced at was stopped. It’s because the man’s fingers, which are supposed to control the game, have stopped.

The man’s gaze focuses on my chest reflected in the mirror. In disbelief, I felt my pupils shake.

Creepy goose bumps felt from the back.

‘Haa… ♥ I noticed… ♥” Those gazes glancing at my chest through the mirror bring a dizzying feeling of pleasure.

‘I can’t come to my senses.Hehe…♥’

I stretched my left arm all the way to the right and stretched it as if pressing my left arm with my right arm.

Because of the upper part of the chest pressed by the arm, the cute nipples protruding were visible to him.

‘Haa…♥ I’m watching…♥ I’m looking at you like crazy…♥’ The man who had been staring at my cell phone was now coveting my breasts with his eyes out of the corner of his eye.

In those eyes entangled with desire, I felt very erotic.

‘Huh…♥ Dangerous…♥ This…♥ Might become a habit…♥’

When the elevator reached the 11th floor, the man pondered for a moment as if thinking about something, then got off the elevator with a hesitant gait and disappeared.

Hehe… I got an erection… Look at me… ♥’

Her suggestion, etched into her head while she was receiving her ‘her hypnotic counseling’, was eating her bit by bit.

Let her indulge in her destructive pleasures, leaving no remorse for her impulsive acts.


Lucia couldn’t concentrate on the movie. It felt like the pleasures from earlier were floating around her head in a soft and fluffy way.

She felt the thrill of being caught, and the pleasure of being caught, melting her head.

Maybe that’s why, in the back seat of a dark movie theater, Lucia decided to commit another deviation.

With a bang, the vehicle on the screen explodes. The intense noise of the action scenes in the movie drowned out the noise of Ryusia lowering her pants.

Along with that, even a shallow moan.

“…Huh…” His suppressed moaning was drowned out by the majestic music of the movie.

‘Ah…Everyone is focusing on the movie, but I…Here… Do something like this…♥”

Like dripping honey, sticky wet pussy flesh welcomes her fingers. Every time her screen lit up, her whole body tensed up, worried that anyone would turn around.

“… Sobbing…” Even though she covered her mouth with one hand, she winced every time her surroundings brightened, her own vagina reacting sensitively to the biting of her muddy fingers. Did.

‘Ah…♥ This thrill…♥ The best…♥’

Encouraged by her excitement, her second finger, which she forcefully inserted, gave a strangely familiar pleasure as it rubbed against the inserted finger.

‘Hyuk…♥ Me…♥ It’s my first time with two fingers…?♥ Why?…♥”

The fleeting doubt disappears as if being covered by the waves of pleasure. Her thumb was sweeping the clitoris, stimulating it.

Her tortuous vaginal walls were biting as if she didn’t want to let go of her two fingers.

‘Sss…♥ Sssss…♥ I don’t know…♥ Now…♥ Ah…♥ I’m going…♥”

At the climax of the film, Lucia also climaxed quietly. Chewing on her fingers in her mouth, she barely contained her moans.

Her breath was hot under her mask. She was damp, to the point of difficulty breathing.

With her pants half down, she sat low and crossed her legs, she pulled herself away from her orgasmic afterglow.

Haha… ♥ This… ♥ What should I do… ♥’ Although she was aware that she was dangerously addicted to her pleasure, she felt full of satisfaction.

And, a little shortcoming as well. That she didn’t notice anyone, she didn’t understand herself, but she was deeply regretting it.

“Whoa…What should I do…♥ I must have decided to ruin my life…I…♥”

If it goes on like this, there will be devastating results. Even as she feared it, she was horrified at the prospect of her self.

“I… Must have gone crazy from the stress… Go home quickly and seek counseling…”

With the teacher’s advice, even this strange state of mind can be corrected.

It’s a little embarrassing to say, but her belief that she could always trust her teacher was stronger than anything else.

Right before the end of the movie, she stood in front of the elevator, barely keeping her legs still shaking and trembling.

An A4 piece of paper with only 3 letters printed on it, [Repairing], Foreshadowed her ordeal.

“Ah…!” As she descends from the twelfth floor to the first floor, crowds of people will stare at her from her escalator.

And some of them, some of them will surely find out. That she was a pervert walking down the street with her nipples erect without shame.

“What should I do… ♥ What should I do… ♥” With chilling anticipation, she pulled on her baseball cap and casually took the escalator.

“Calmly … I won’t be seen … ♥” Her general appearance that she is not interested in others more than people think, she did not work for her level of body.

She had to experience again and again each time she descended a floor, the stares following her, the eyes shining with lust, the hum as she passed.

‘…What did I just see?’ From the gaze of the eyes

‘…” A silent, embarrassed look

As if judging oneself, scattering up and down, even a strange gaze…

For 13 times, over and over again.

When she got home, she jumped onto the bed as if tossing herself.

“Ahh! I’m crazy, really!” I tried rolling her legs all over the place, but I couldn’t forget the memory of the day.

“Ah… It’s so shameful…” Her rationality accepted the current shame so painfully.

She was ashamed of her humiliation because she had always prided herself on being arrogant, chaste, and wise.

Wearing lewd clothes and showing off them to everyone!

“Crazy…! Crazy… Crazy…♥ Really…”

Contrary to her reason, her senses were using even this shame as a seasoning for pleasure.

“Ah… ♥ Creepy… ♥” Both of her breasts rose sharply as anyone could tell now.

She proudly boasted the pink color to the extent that the expression vulgar was appropriate.

‘This will never… Never… Happen… Probably…” Seemingly unsure, she huffed and blurted out her words.

Her own mind could not comprehend this mad desire that had suddenly appeared.

“Haa…Really…Weird…♥” Consultation seemed necessary. No. I had to consult unconditionally.

If you are a teacher, you can solve it.

It was a belief close to faith, but she didn’t find it strange.

She was a teacher who made the difficult times in her life enjoyable.

“…Since Sensei will solve it anyway…Before that, just once…”

Ryu Shia rationalized that this perverted taste was only a temporary deviation, and that it was something that would be solved anyway, and she began to focus on masturbation while chewing on today’s work.

She remembers that she was so ashamed, so ashamed, so thrilled.

“Because it’s only once…♥”

Ryu Xia is like that, she trained herself hard today as well…

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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