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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 7

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 7

Chapter 7 – -6- If You Got a New Body, Wouldn’t It Be Natural to Use Ryu Xia’s Mouth?

“Tell me again”

Chairman Park said that he could not hide his uncomfortable feeling. He was because of the unbelievable news that had just been delivered.

“…Disappeared? Without a trace?”

“Yes, I…I am”

Blood flowed out of the thin, long, slit eyes reminiscent of a pit viper.

Chairman Park said while resisting the desire to hit the chief of staff in front of him. It wasn’t something that could be resolved by taking his anger out on his secretary.

Chairman Park was known for being cool and rational, but the fact that his new body was stolen was hard news for him to accept.

“How much is that…”

Humanity recently developed a way to avoid death.

Complete transmission of consciousness.

He was able to transfer his own memories into a new body in perfect condition.

It was still an eternal life that was only available to the privileged and only a very few rich people could use.

“…What does the GK side say?”

The chief of staff, who was lowering his head in a bloody atmosphere, answered cautiously.

“I am very sorry for this incident, and I replied that there will be full compensation for all damages. I promise to deal with it quickly…”

With a thump, he hit the floor with his cane to cut off the prolonged speech.

“Only say the essentials, a few days, no… How much longer do I have to wait?”

“If the body of the disappeared president is there, 2 weeks… 2 weeks are said to be enough.”

“…I don’t have it right now, if I do it again from the beginning. How long do I have to wait?”

Cold sweat forms on the chief secretary’s forehead. The answer I’m going to spit out now will greatly go against the president’s planting.

“Two years, they say at least two years,” Said the chief of staff with his eyes tightly closed.

The sound of teeth grinding filled the terribly quiet room. As if he was barely holding back his anger, his wrinkled hands were gripping a luxurious wooden staff.

“…Whoa…” The chairman sighed as if he had barely managed to hold back the screams that were about to come up and thought about the lost opportunity.

A few days ago, he looked directly at his new body, which was obviously perfect.

A healthy-looking, strong body. Even the small muscles are tightly attached to the body, and even the appearance that anyone would consider “Handsome”.

‘It’s like a god trapped in a vat’

The body he was moving into had a perfect shape like the gods in Greek and Roman mythology.

Such a body, the new body to which it was soon to be transferred, had disappeared.

Chairman Park felt that he was getting old these days. He was exhausted from working at the same intensity as before, and he felt that his ability to understand was diminishing.

The fear that he was declining, that he was dying, was nothing compared to anything he had ever felt.

“Find it, for sure. You can use whatever budget you want.”

Compared to the youth he would regain, spending a little of his current wealth was not a waste at all.

“I will not disappoint you.” As if proving his loyalty, the chief of staff, who looked like a weasel, answered quickly.

“Tsk. Let’s go out and see,” Said Park. He spent the rest of the day worrying about his body somewhere else.


Getting a new body was not difficult. Except for the security system of GK virtual reality that I designed, most of the security systems to me now are at the level of child’s play.

I crawled out of the culture tank after transferring my consciousness to the body that a rich man had prepared for replacement.

“…Puha” The feeling of firmly supporting the ground with both feet, a feeling I’ve never felt in my life. Even the legs that move quickly according to my will.

It was a very thrilling moment for me, but now was not the time to indulge in sentimentality. Because I had to escape right away from this dark laboratory.

I rummaged through my personal locker, dressed roughly, and checked my condition.

“…Connected.” The new body was a chip located in the brain, and even communication was possible. I was also able to confirm the connection with myself in the virtual world.

After checking my mind, my gaze naturally turned toward my body.

‘…It’s amazing’ flawless skin, a clear impression, and big good-looking eyes.

A large body of about 185 cm, well-developed muscles, long legs and an inverted triangle-shaped upper body.

As for the most important genital organ, the expression “Tremendous” Was appropriate.

The short people of the Greek era considered men with small genitals to be ‘beautiful because they are intelligent and restrained’.

If so, from their point of view, this object that is now up to me would be ‘unintellectual, sexually promiscuous and ugly’.

Even in the non-erect state, it had the size of a decent adult male.

Decided to slow down the appreciation of the body later, I focused on trimming my clothes and going out.

The laboratory was wary of intrusion from the outside, so getting out from the inside was easier than expected. Preparations to go out were also thorough.

Because the personnel system was infiltrated in advance and all guards were allowed to take leave at the same time, the absolute number of guards was insufficient.

The security personnel’s mobile phone allowed them to know the location in real time.

In addition, because the CCTV screen was set to repeat the scene at a specific time, they were able to leave the building safely without any suspicion.

“I need a place to stay…” After thinking for a while, I decided to go to Ryusia’s house.

“She’s almost done.” Changing her memories and way of thinking was something she was used to.

If it had been hers, she was quick to accept even suggestive flashers that would have had no effect on her.

Suggestions for manipulating her in her reality must have settled well enough in her unconscious.

“Hmm, maybe I can try this stuff out today.”

I calmed down and headed for her house.


I hear the doorbell ringing “Ding-Dong”.

‘Who is this at this hour?’ It was 3:00 in the morning, a very rude time for someone to visit.

No normal person is awake at this time.

It wasn’t something I would say, as I was engrossed in masturbation until late with the excuse of “One more time, just one more go…”

I tried to focus my mind on the lewd video on the screen, saying ‘I should ignore it’, but the sound of “Ding-dong” “Ding-dong” Bothered me.

“Who is it…Really…” I opened it a little and saw a tall, handsome young man at the door.

It was then, that the man clapped his hands and shouted, “Lysia, ice”.

As soon as I heard that one word heard through the gap in the open door, I couldn’t move as if my body was frozen.

‘What…?! Body…! Don’t move…!”

Leaving behind me in my panic, he slowly unlocked the door and entered my house.

He came in casually, took off his top that seemed small and didn’t fit, and came closer to me wearing only pants.

He hit his hand twice as before, and then he said, “Lyu Xia, bring me some water,” And began giving nonsensical orders.

What made it even crazier was that my body moved at his command.

I tried to move my body, but it didn’t move at all according to my will, so I walked to the kitchen and started carefully pouring water into a cup.

“Puha, it’s a little better.” After drinking water, he sat me stiffly on the sofa and clapped his hands twice again.

“Lucia, under hypnosis.” My consciousness gradually became hazy as I felt my vision spinning around.

‘Oh, no….”

“Ryusia, what have you been doing up until now?”

“I was masturbating all night…”

With a blank expression, I calmly confessed. Contrary to my consciousness, which is astonished.

‘No! What the hell are you talking about!’

He slowly began to undress me. Her naked body, which had been covered by a thin T-shirt, was revealed.

‘Ugh… So shy…’

“Hmm…What were you thinking while masturbating?”

In response to his question, my body revealed information that I didn’t want to tell at all.

“I masturbated while watching the video of being raped and chosen by my master… I wish I had a master too…”

‘What crazy things are you talking about!’ It was certainly true, but it was not something I would confide in the dangerous man in front of me.

No matter how handsome the man in front of me is, and even though the man in front of me looks like a perfect owner, the fact that he is a criminal who has invaded the house without permission doesn’t change.

“As expected, it’s finished,” He said in an incomprehensible sound, and he was trying to make a nonsensical suggestion to me.

[If you suck a cock, you can kick out people who enter the house]

[Every time you swallow semen, the chance of getting out increases]

‘I must be a crazy person…’ In what era do you believe in hypnotic bullshit?

It seems that a psychopath has entered the house.

Hypnosis? The material that is only used in cheap AV…

It was obviously strange that my body wasn’t moving right now. Not unscientific means like hypnosis, but other tricks like drugs.

…But just in case, I desperately remember what he said. Not to do that

‘Don’t suck cock…Don’t swallow semen…’

“When I hear the sound of hand clapping, I wake up from hypnosis”

‘You can’t suck cock! You can’t swallow semen!’

With a clap-clap, my consciousness was briefly cut off and then returned.

‘…Don’t suck cocks, don’t swallow semen!’

…Thank god. I remembered. He was also a dangerous person.

To make such a dangerous suggestion.

“You can’t suck a dick, so how do you get that guy out?”

Apparently, that guy, if he sucks his dick, he can kick out anyone who enters the house Common senseI guess I was trying to forget.

‘Foot, so you’re trying to suggest something ridiculous like ‘don’t suck cock, don’t swallow semen’?’

Perhaps because of his immaturity, fortunately I was sane.

Physical freedom also slowly returned. I threw myself at the man in front of me.

As if the man in front of him was perplexed, he didn’t commit anything. I pulled down the man’s pants and pulled out his cock.

“Be prepared, suck a lot of dicks, and I’ll kick you out right away! …What?”

As soon as I took off my pants, a vicious meat stick came right in front of my stomach.

What an unbelievable size. An object larger than my face tapped my cheek. The hot pulsation I felt from the viciously swollen cock touched my cheek.

“Kuh…Hmm, well, it’s a useful item. But, well, it can be done…!” I tried bluffing to hide my bewilderment, but I was a little afraid of that heinous size.

‘It’s okay…I practiced a lot with videos…!’

I put my soft lips on the glans and made up my mind.

“Because I will never lose to a big cock!”

The man smiled and started stroking my hair.

The night was long. Until the end of this night, I was determined to kick this man out.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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