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Training Game Has Become a Reality 88

Training Game Has Become a Reality 88

Chapter 88 – Episode 88

‘You’ve grown a lot.’

Jinseong watered the wish tree at least twice a day, usually three times, and at most four times.

[Hope Tree 90/100]

Each time I gave water, it went up by 1 point, and before I knew it, it had reached 90 points. There are only 10 points left until it bears fruit.

‘I’m curious.’

What kind of fruit will it bear?

How special an item will you get?

I was curious, excited, and excited.

It was similar to the feeling of a child expecting a surprise Christmas gift from Santa Claus.

‘I need to read.’

I sat down on a chair and opened a book. It was a book called ‘Retrograde’. It was one of the books Myung-ho Lee gave as a gift.

A reading achievement has been created.

[Reading Achievements 40]

[One. Read for more than 200 minutes.]

[2. Speed-read for at least 100 minutes.]

[3. Think for at least 15 minutes.]

[Reward: 40 points]

Before you know it, reading achievement 40 has been created.

[Reading (B): 2.145%]

I have already achieved a B grade in reading ability. His pace was faster than his athletic talent.

These days, I read whenever I have time, and as a result, I was able to quickly raise my grade.

If the efficiency was around 1 during F grade.

During E grade, the efficiency was about 5.

If the efficiency was around 15 during D grade.

When I was in grade C, the efficiency was around 50.

And the class B efficiency was around 80.

As the grade increases, efficiency increases exponentially.

‘My speed reading ability has increased incredibly.’

My ability to immerse myself in reading has also greatly improved.

‘My understanding has increased surprisingly.’


I quickly turned the pages.

If it used to take more than 3 minutes to read one page, now it doesn’t even take a minute. As the days passed, my speed reading and comprehension skills became excellent.



I focused entirely on reading.

There were no other thoughts in my head, such as family, women, worries, etc. I forgot everything and focused only on reading.




I often paused while reading. I recalled and organized what I read.

I don’t think I’ve read much.

[You have achieved reading achievement 40.]

[You have earned 40 points.]

Achieved reading achievement 40.

Of course, Jinseong did not care at all about his reading achievement 40.


I continued reading.

‘It’s fun.’

Reading led Jinseong to a good world. Reading gave Jinseong an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

I keep reading.

Ding dong-!

Today too, I was awakened from my concentration by the interrupter(?) Who appeared as usual.

I opened the door.

[Affection level: 52]

[Mental Restoration: 64/100]

Pretty beauty. White shirt. Wearing a skirt. Bag in hand.

Oh Mi-yeon was standing there. As soon as she finished her work, she came to Jinseong.

[Inner thoughts: All I could think about was Jinseong all day today. Even when I was working, eating, or exercising, I kept thinking about Jinseong. Just thinking about him made me excited, happy, and crazy because I missed him.]

[Inner heart: I… Very… I think I’m falling for Jinseong… Did Jinseong miss me? Did Jinseong think of me? Maybe… You probably didn’t want to see it as much as I did, right? Maybe… You probably didn’t think about it as much as I did, right?]

I quickly looked into Oh Mi-yeon’s inner thoughts.

Oh Mi-yeon liked her more than she thought.

A bright fairy smiled.


It feels perfect to be loved by someone.

It was great to see other people smile brightly when they saw me.

My heart was racing.

His world seemed to become as bright as her bright smile.


Jinseong smiled at me.

I hugged him tightly.

“I really missed you a lot.”


“Huh. “I almost went crazy because I wanted to see it.”

Actually, it’s a lie.

Oh Mi-yeon didn’t think much of her. Because she was so devoted to her life, she couldn’t afford to think about her.
She just wanted to please her. She whispered her sweet white lie that she wished for.

“I don’t like being called ‘older sister’…”

“Sorry. I can’t help it. “You’re so feminine, and I like you so much, that I end up calling you sister without even realizing it.”

The door was closed.

He hugged Oh Mi-yeon so hard that her waist was crushed and kissed her.

Her lips were so attractive and delicious. The gazes directed at each other were hot and erotic.

“Miyeon. “I have a favor to ask.”

Ask? What request?

I tilted my head.

“… ? … “Please?”

“The pink rotor in your room. “Bring it with me inserting it into my vagina.”

“… ?!”

It was a strange request. Oh, Mi-yeon could not help but be speechless for a moment due to her pervert request that went beyond imagination.

“Mr. Jinseong, are you perverting…” ?”

“So you don’t like it?”

“A real pervert. Tastes like dog food.”

“Love you. “I want to see your sexy side.”

I love you.

She collapsed at that one word.

“Ha… Dog pervert… All right…”

“Thank you. “Good.”

I stroked Oh Mi-yeon’s head.


Oh Mi-yeon put down the red bag and grabbed her pink rotor.


The ideal and reality were different.

She thought that if she was in a relationship, the man would die for her.
She thought she would be cared for and have sex.
She had no doubt that she would be loved, loved, and treated well.


It wasn’t. Not at all. It wasn’t even the slightest thing. I became the perfect partner in my romantic relationship.

She liked Jinseong more than Jinseong liked her.
She couldn’t refuse a request for a vulgar act. She obediently responded to her request by saying ‘I love you’.


Oh Mi-yeon let out her sigh.
However, it was not a sigh made out of lamentation over her sad situation. It was an excited sigh.

Her nipples were itchy.
My pussy was shaking.

She was excited by the thought of doing something dirty.

She pulled down her black stockings and red tee panties down to her thighs. She usually enjoyed wearing stockings and red thongs.

Zeke- Zeke-

She smoothed her pussy with her fingers. Both the thong and the pussy were soaked with love juice.

Her slender finger was inserted deep into her pussy hole. As she hit her soft G spot, she felt a rush of pleasure.


I pulled my fingers out of her. Her hands were sticky with love juice. Her love juice flowed down her thighs.

She inserted a pink rotor. The round rotor was pushed into her pussy. The feel of the cold rotor was stark.


Her waist shook slightly.
She wore tee panties. She also wore stockings. The pink rotor was blocked by the thong and was unable to escape.

She took her steps. She put on her slippers, opened her door, and came out.

‘Jinseong… The taste of rice… I want you to tear my stockings roughly…’

She is so miserable that she can’t be recycled.
Like an animal that has lost its mind behaves violently.

I want you to tear my stockings.

‘Jinseong… I want you to treat me roughly…’

Suddenly, I remembered hitting her in the chest with my palm


My pussy twitched.


It felt like the tip was about to become erect.

I don’t know why the thought of getting hit in the chest makes me excited.

I hope Jinseong hits her chest again today.


I stood in front of Jinseong’s front door. She let out her dirty breath and opened her door lock.

She opened the door.

Jinseong was sitting in her chair.

“Did you put it in?”


“Give me the remote control.”


I handed over the pink rotor remote control.


Jinseong pressed the switch.


It was step 1.

As the rotor worked, it stirred Oh Mi-yeon’s vagina.


I pressed the switch once more.


The vibration got stronger.


Oh Mi-yeon let out her excited moans.

“Miyeon. “Can you check if I put it in correctly?”

“Eww… Yes…”

Oh Mi-yeon took down her stockings and panties.

Her clothes fell down.


The pink rotor that had been inserted into her vagina fell helplessly to the floor.

“Should I put it back in?”


She picked up the pink rotor. In front of Jinseong, the pink rotor was inserted into the vagina.


I don’t know why it’s so shameful.


I don’t know why I’m so excited.

“Huh… Jinseong…”

“Can you suck my dick?”

“Ha… All right…”

In fact, Oh Mi-yeon did not consider fellatio a good thing.

She had no doubt that there would be no fellatio in her life.

Suck a man’s dick with your mouth?!

Suck the pee hole with your mouth?!

It was extremely disrespectful.

“Get on your knees.”

Oh Mi-yeon knelt down on her bare floor.
The floor was extremely hard.

“Take off my pants.”

She faithfully fulfilled the request.
Jinseong took off all his bottoms.

“Kiss my feet.”

“It’s the foot… ?”

“Why? “You don’t like it?”

“It’s dirty…”

Oh Mi-yeon frowned.
The act of her kneeling and the act of sucking her cock were all signs of courage on her part.
Her foot crossed her line.

“Okay. “If you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do.”

You have whetted your appetite.

It’s a pity, but I can’t help it. I have to ask Ayoung Choi.

When Choi Ayoung asked her to kiss her feet, he not only kissed her, but even sucked them with care.

“Huh… Really… Why do I like this guy…”

Oh Mi-yeon let out her sigh.

“Really..? Consider yourself blessed. Be nice to me.”

Her eyes were tightly closed. She lowered her head. Her upper body went down. I kissed the top of her Jinseong feet.


I kissed again.

Side. Side. Side.

I kissed the top of her feet several times.

Oh Mi-yeon looked up at her. Jinseong was smiling happily.

She felt very satisfied to have her feet kissed by a beautiful woman.

My desire for conquest was satisfied.

The male’s self-esteem has increased.

“Do you like it?”

“Huh. Good. The best. Thank you.”

“Huh… Know it with glory…”

Oh Mi-yeon lowered her head again. I kissed the top of her foot.

In a thick way. Long. She kissed the top of her foot and didn’t move away for a while.



She stuck out her tongue and licked the top of her foot.


I licked the top of my big toenail.


I licked between my thumb and index finger.

Side. Okay. Side. Jjong.

Oh Mi-yeon kissed her feet for a long time.

“Lick your hands too.”


There was no particular resistance to the hand. She kissed, bit, and sucked every inch of Jinseong’s fingers.

I’m about to kiss her feet again.


Oh Mi-yeon’s waist twitched. She was climaxed by a pink rotor. Furthermore, she let out her harsh breath.



I kissed her feet.

[Affection level: 53]

[Affection level: 54]

My affection level rose as I licked her feet.

“It won’t work.”

I’ll have to get fellatio next time. She couldn’t contain her excitement. I took Oh Mi-yeon to bed.

The stockings were torn roughly. I pushed the thong aside. The pink rotor and love juice flowed out.

It was driven in roughly.

Training Game Has Become a Reality

Training Game Has Become a Reality

육성 게임이 현실이 됐다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I can nurture myself or others.
To run for growth and success.


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