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Training Game Has Become a Reality 87

Training Game Has Become a Reality 87

Chapter 87 – Episode 87

Dark pink inverted nipples. The cute little nipples were shyly pushed in. I’ve only seen it in porn, but this is my first time seeing it in real life.

“And?! It’s so pretty?!”

Jinseong let out an exclamation without realizing it.

Oh Mi-yeon tried to cover her breasts with her hands out of embarrassment. But she couldn’t cover her breasts because her hands were held by Jinseong’s hands.

Jinseong leisurely observed her pretty face, pure white neckline, smooth armpits, water drop-shaped breasts, inverted nipples, and cute belly button.

“Did you want to show me your inverted nipples?”

“No? Absolutely not.”

“Did you want me to suck your inverted nipples?”


“Then why did you come into my house?”

“That… I just want to see Jinseong…”

“I warned you that I wouldn’t leave you alone if you came in, right?”

“It’s mischievous…”

Oh Mi-yeon trailed off and avoided her gaze.

“Tell me honestly. “You wanted to show me your inverted nipples, right?”


“You wanted me to suck your inverted nipples, right?”


“You wanted to do something dirty with me, right?”


“Did you masturbate yesterday?”


“Tell me quickly. “I want you to tell me.”


Oh Mi-yeon let out her sigh.

“Naughty person… Is it so… That’s right… I wanted to show Jinseong my breasts. I wanted to have my heart sucked by Jinseong. Furthermore, I wanted to do something dirty. In fact, I masturbated yesterday while thinking about Jinseong.”

In the end, she confessed her true feelings.

“Did you masturbate? How did you masturbate?”

“Touching her breasts with her hands…” Touching the clitoris… Putting the pink rotor inside the vagina… I masturbated…”

“Watching porn? Or thinking about me?”

“Thinking of giving Jinseong a heart-pounding… While thinking about sucking my pussy… I did it…”

“Ha… It’s so dirty… ? Just hearing it or imagining it makes you excited?”

Since ancient times, the first time with anything was difficult. It’s hard to confess your feelings at first, but it gets easier afterward.

Jinseong’s breathing became rough.

I realized that he was extremely excited because of me.

It was strange. When he got excited, he felt strangely happy. My skin felt hot. Strangely, my nipples and pussy felt itchy. My breathing became strange.

It felt like my nipples were about to become erect.

“Ha… Jinseong… Please suck it up… Please eat my breasts… I hope Jinseong enjoys it…”

I was excited. I lost half my senses.

“I understand.”

Jinseong used an erogenous zone detector before tasting. Oh, Mi-yeon’s erogenous zones were both her nipples and her right armpit.

There were very dark red dotted lines on both nipples. Park Ha-yeon’s anus was as dark as Choi A-young’s G-spot.

‘When I have sex with Miyeon, I have to touch her inverted nipples a lot.’

Before sucking on the inverted nipple, I touched the right armpit with my hand.


Oh Mi-yeon’s waist shook.

He pressed the center of her armpit with his thumb.



Her tongue flickered continuously.

He buried his head in her armpit, smelled her, and stuck out his tongue to lick her.




My armpits were shiny with saliva.

Oh Mi-yeon lifted her waist and rubbed her thighs.

“Ha… Why… Why does it make me feel better… ?”

“It’s because you’re a lewd woman.”

“Ha… I… She’s not a cheap girl…”

“Not a cheap woman, but a lewd woman.”

He persistently targeted her right armpit.
The more my armpits were stimulated, the hotter my body became.
Her excitement gradually increased.


I only targeted the armpits for about 5 minutes.

Oh Mi-yeon’s excitement has reached its peak. Her face was bright red. The sound of her breathing is erotic. She didn’t know it, but her panties were probably wet.

He buried his head in her chest. I smelled her. The delicate scent of flowers bloomed. She stuck out her tongue and licked her right nipple from bottom to top. Her inverted nipples were shiny with saliva.


Oh Mi-yeon burst out in excited laughter. He twisted her waist violently. It was only once. With just one flick of the tongue, her nipples swelled significantly. Like a flower in full bloom, her pink nipples became erect and bloomed.

Inverted nipples were revealed to the world.

“It’s pretty.”

I put it in my gaze.

Her right nipple was swollen, and her left nipple was sunken.

‘Left nipple too.’

She placed her tongue on her left nipple and swept it up.


It was in full bloom. Both nipples bloomed beautifully. It was such a naughty inverted nipple, such an obscene nipple.

Buried her head. She sucked her left nipple with her mouth. As he sucked, Oh Mi-yeon reacted violently.

[Inner thoughts: Jinseong… Ah… I lost my temper… I’m tasting my breasts…]

[Inner mind: Haha… Furthermore, I feel like I’m going crazy… Furthermore, I feel so good…]

[Inner heart: My heart… What if it doesn’t taste good… ? I hope it’s delicious…]

Contrary to Oh Mi-yeon’s concerns.

Her breasts were as delicious as mountain and seafood. It felt like a mix of Park Ha-yeon’s chewiness and Choi A-young’s softness.

‘D cup? It seems bigger than Hayeon and smaller than Ayoung.’

Ha-yeon Park was about a C cup.

Choi Ayoung had an E cup.

‘When it comes to color, Hayeon has the best tool.’

Park Ha-yeon’s nipple color was the prettiest.

Oh Mi-yeon was worse than Park Ha-yeon and better than Choi A-young.

‘Hayeon has the original tool in shape.’

However, the taste was the same for all three.

All three were delicious enough to make men go crazy.

I tasted her nipples for a while.
Lick with your tongue, suck with your mouth, and chew with your teeth.

Touching her with her hands, pinching her with her fingernails, and hitting her with her palm.

“Huh… Why are you hitting me? ?”


I didn’t hit him hard. I hit him hard enough to stimulate him.

[Affection level: 46]

[Inner mind: It’s strange. Every time I get hit in the chest, I feel strangely good.]

[Inner mind: Ah… Nipple… I feel so good…]

[Inner thoughts: It feels ten times, no, a hundred times better than when I touched it.]

I tasted her breasts for about 15 minutes.

“Whoa… It was really delicious…”

“Are my breasts okay?”

“It was the best. It was so delicious.”


It was strange. I felt better when I heard that it was delicious. Oh, Mi-yeon smiled her sexy fairy smile.

“Mr. Jinseong… Below me… It will be 100 times more delicious than breasts… Please try it below as well…”

I saw Oh Mi-yeon’s lower body. The center of her pants were wet. I was excited by sucking her breasts.

She took off her gray shorts. A bright red thong was revealed.

“And… Fuck…”

A bright red thong soaked in love juice. She was so feminine that the word ‘sister’ came out naturally. It was so sexy and lewd that it made her eyes roll.

“Noona Miyeon – I think you’re really sexy.”

“Huh… I told you not to call me sister… Treat me like you would a subordinate…”

“I understand.”

Oh Mi-yeon didn’t want to hear that she was an older sister, at least not to Jin-seong.

I buried my head between the crotch. I smelled it. The fragrant and obscene scent seemed to paralyze reason. When I licked the top of the panties with my tongue, wet and sticky love juice came out.

‘I’m curious.’

What does Oh Mi-yeon’s lower body look like?

She took off her bright red tee panties. Her secret valley revealed. Her vagina was covered in black hair. The hair was so long and plentiful that it reminded her of the jungle. Beneath her vagina was a dainty cunt. It was dark pink. The anus was darker than the vagina.

Erogenous zones were confirmed.


Oh Mi-yeon’s lower body erogenous zone was hexagonal. The clitoris, G-spot, and anus were all erogenous zones.

Right armpit -〉 anus -〉 G-spot -〉 clitoris -〉 There was a bright red dotted line in that order of both nipples.

“It’s pretty.”

Buried her head. I tasted Oh Mi-yeon’s pussy soaked in her love juice. Her love juice was thick and sweet. It was the love juice of a mature woman itself. She had a taste that made men crazy.


He squeezed Oh Mi-yeon’s buttocks harshly. I sucked her pussy roughly. She seemed to be addicted to her love juice.




“Huh- yes- why-?”

“I love you.”

Oh Mi-yeon responds to Jin-seong’s sweet whisper.

[Affection level: 47]

[Affection level: 48]

[Affection level: 49]

[Affection degree: 50]


The string of reason has been broken.

“Huh… Fuck me… Please fuck me quickly…”

She spread her legs wide herself. She danced like flower petals enticingly.
She was leaking erotic love juice.

At her plea. To the dizzying temptation. Jinseong’s reason was paralyzed. I couldn’t maintain my senses.

“I love you.”

“Me too. I love you too. Please put it in quickly. Please take my first time. “I want to give it to Jinseong.”

He rammed his raging cock into her pussy. It was inserted deeply into the root at once. The hymen was destroyed.


Oh Mi-yeon let out a scream in her pain.

“Fuck me. Make it rough.”

Her legs wrapped around Jinseong’s waist.

She clung to me stickily as if she wouldn’t let go.

“Ah, Mr. Jinseong – I love you.”

I couldn’t even answer.

Jinseong lost her senses and had no choice but to shake her waist.

“Huh, huh, it feels like it’s going to be cold…”

“Cum inside. You can cum inside. Because I can use birth control…”

She thought pregnancy wasn’t a bad option either.

Oh Mi-yeon was a very conservative woman in her gender concepts. She thought that if he gave her a virgin, it was natural for her to date him, and if she had sex, it was natural for her to get married. It wasn’t for nothing that she kept her virginity all this time.


She stuck her dick deep inside her pussy and ejaculated.

Tsk. Chueup.

They hugged each other and kissed passionately.


Jinseong looked at Oh Miyeon’s lower body as she let out a rough breath.
Semen, love juice, and blood mixed together and flowed out.

“I’ll clean it for you.”

She carefully wiped her dirty pussy with a wet tissue.

“Miyeon. “Whose is this?”

I asked, pointing to the inverted nipple.

“My breasts… Now it’s Jinseong’s…”

“Huh. Your breasts are mine now. “Then whose is this?”

“My pussy too… Now it’s Jinseong’s…”

Very, very satisfied. Jinseong smiled happily. Oh, Mi-yeon was now his woman. She was her own.

Jinseong gently stroked Oh Miyeon’s back.


She gave water to the wish tree with her wishes.

[Hope Tree: 90/100]

Training Game Has Become a Reality

Training Game Has Become a Reality

육성 게임이 현실이 됐다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I can nurture myself or others.
To run for growth and success.


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