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Training Game Has Become a Reality 21

Training Game Has Become a Reality 21

Chapter 21 – Episode 21

“It smells perfect. What brand is it? “Is this your first scent?”

The corners of Park Ha-yeon’s mouth rose.

Her eyes became softer.

It felt like my brain, which had melted due to the assignment, was healing. It felt like my uncomfortable feelings were melting away like snow. Her heart became warm, cozy, and comfortable.

And it was a strange thing.

She just smelled it…

My trust in her sincerity seemed to deepen. She feels like she can trust this person. It seems like she can get along deeply with this person.

“Brand… Uh…, Hmm…, I don’t know either.”

“Please find it and let me know. The scent is so good that I want to buy it and use it too.”

“Sorry. It’s probably a discontinued brand. Even if you have money, you can’t buy it. Actually, I found it by chance.”


Park Ha-yeon felt sad.

“If I get it again, I will give it to Hayeon as a gift.”

“Really? Thank you very much. I really hope I get it.”

“I’ll try my best.”

Park Ha-yeon’s expression became more serious at her sincere answer.

Her gaze towards him showed a deeper sense of trust than before.

[Likeability: 82]

“Hayeon, aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m hungry. “I haven’t had a meal yet because I have to do my homework.”

“Gosh, you must be hungry. “Let’s go eat dakgalbi quickly.”


I found a chicken rib restaurant. I ordered 3 servings of Dakgalbi and a bottle of Fanta.

“Hayeon, do you like drinking?”

“I tend to like it.”

“Oh, what kind of alcohol do you like?”

“I like soju. “The beer tastes good, but I don’t like it because I’m full.”

Jinseong didn’t bring up her drinking for nothing.

After reading Park Ha-yeon’s inner thoughts, he subtly brought up the topic of alcohol.

[Inner heart: I want to drink soju. Soju is perfect for spicy dakgalbi.]

[Inner thoughts: I don’t drink often, but I’m craving it today.]

Jinseong asked.

“Should I just order a bottle of soju? “Soju is the best for dakgalbi, right?”


Park Ha-yeon was worried about Jin-seong’s suggestion.

Normally, she would have flatly refused.

Ha-yeon Park was very wary.

She didn’t know that accidents happen when men and women go out drinking.

She only drank with women, never with men.

“Just one bottle. “I’ll drink it if you only share half of it.”

“Okay. Just drink one bottle. “Aunt, here’s just a bottle of soju.”

“Yes, just a moment.”

It was a function of high likability.

I agreed because my liking, trust, and belief in Jinseong deepened.

From 70 on, it could be considered ‘a little trustworthy.’

It was safe to say that a person with a likability rating of 80 was ‘moderately trustworthy.’

And from 90 on, it had to be considered ‘deeply trustworthy.’

[Inner mind: It’s only half a bottle. No accidents with just half a bottle.]

[My inner thoughts: I don’t think Jinseong will beat me up.]

[Inner thoughts: My brother is terrible at fighting in the first place. If it pops, I win.]

Soju came out. We poured soju into each other’s glasses.

We clinked glasses. I drank it right away without anyone asking first.

“Kya, is it because of my mood? Is it because you drank with Hayeon? Is it because you drank it after work? Soju is all there. It’s sweet.”

“It’s really delicious.”

“It’s something you have to live a long life to see. “I eat and drink soju with a pretty woman like Hayeon.”

I filled the empty glass.

“Hayeon, by any chance. Can I please call you by your first name? “It’s not Hayeon, it’s Hayeon.”


Ha-yeon Park was worried.

She really hated it when people she wasn’t that close to called her name in a friendly way.

And among her gym members, no one called her Hayeon, Ms. Hayeon, or Miss Hayeon.

After thinking about it, she nodded.

“All right. Please feel free to call me.”

“Good. Since I got permission, I’ll call you Hayeon from now on.”

“I gave you permission to just call me by my first name, but that didn’t mean I had to stop talking, right?”

“Uh? Is it so? I’m sorry if I added it. “I’ll just call you by my first name.”

“Well, I’ll give you special permission. You can feel free to talk.”

We clinked our soju glasses.

“Oppa, what do you plan to do if your diet is successful?”

“I need to build a body. My goal is to build a muscular body.”

“Make it affordable. “If it’s too lumpy, it’s not attractive.”

“I will.”

Jinseong also did not want a body that was too lumpy.

My goal was to go somewhere and hear people say, ‘You have a strong body.’

“Would you like me to help you build your body?”


“Yes, even though I look like this, I am the daughter of a gym worker. “I’m very knowledgeable about how to build my body safely and efficiently.”

Ha-yeon Park filled her soju.

“Thank you. Thank you for helping my dad. I want to give something in return. “I will help you get in shape.”

She lifted her glass of soju.

“I would appreciate your help. Thank you.”

We clinked our soju glasses.

Jinseong did not necessarily refuse.

Learning exercise from Ha-yeon Park?

It would definitely be of great help in building my body. As contact points increase, favorability will naturally increase.



“What prompted you to go on a diet? How did you get started?”


I thought about it carefully.

“It’s an opportunity…”

She always had a desire to live a wonderful life in her heart.

However, reality was so overwhelming that I couldn’t do anything.

It was as if the dormant greed had hatched from an egg in the era of success.

“I wanted to live a great life. I wanted to be socially successful. So I started dieting.”

Jinseong smiled.

“I think I did really well with my diet. I got to know you and Boss Park, and as my physical strength improved, I was recognized by the boss for doing a good job, and my salary also increased.”

My friendship with Lee Ji-seong has deepened. She also became close with Choi Ah-young. She went to the gym and won second place in the lottery, and she also won an instant lottery while playing with Choi A-young.

“More than anything, I gained faith. The belief that I can change. The belief that things can change nicely. The belief that you can do it.”

It was a firm belief.

It was absolute hope.

It was straight and sincere eyes.

“… “You look great.”

[Likeability: 83]

“… “You can do it.”

[Likeability: 84]

Ha-yeon Park liked people who were sincere, hard-working, and dependable.

Her sincere and firm eyes were full of the elements she liked.

It looked cool for no reason.

I ended up cheering for no reason.

The alcohol was sweet today.

“Aunt, please give me another bottle of soju.”

Ha-yeon Park added soju.

It shouldn’t be like this.

I was planning on drinking just one bottle.

I usually don’t drink with men.


Dakgalbi eaten with Park Ha-yeon.

Drinking soju.

‘I’m happy.’

It wasn’t at the level of delicious. This moment was special. It was sweet. I was happy, excited, and grateful.

‘I’m full.’

I emptied the chicken ribs thoroughly. We also emptied three bottles of soju. We each drank 1.5 bottles.

I also ate fried rice. The radish fried rice was the truth itself. I heard the sound of gaining weight, but I didn’t care.

‘If you eat it deliciously, it has 0 calories.’

In fact, I was taking an item that makes you lose weight the more you eat.

The more I ate, the more I lost weight, so I was able to eat without burden.

“Hayeon, do you want to go to the second round?”

“No. That’s all for today. “It’s late.”

Ha-yeon Park seems to be a strong drinker.

Even though she drank 1.5 bottles, her complexion did not change at all.

Sharp focus. Calm complexion. A calm tone of voice.

[Inner heart: I want to go to the second round too…]

[Inner heart: No more. I ate too much today.]

[Inner thoughts: My brother is on a diet. I have to exercise today too. You have to go to work tomorrow.]

Park Ha-yeon thought she shouldn’t interfere with Jin-seong’s diet. She declined the second offer.


After confirming Park Ha-yeon’s true feelings, Jin-seong savored her regret.

She wanted to go to the second round with Park Ha-yeon. She wanted to stay together a little longer.

You can eat a lot today. The more you eat, the more weight you lose.


On the other hand, Park Ha-yeon is pretty.

Thank you.

Park Ha-yeon’s delicate and warm heart that thought of her was beautiful.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

Ha-yeon Park calculated.

In fact, she was trying to calculate, but she was beautifully blocked.

She came out

“Do you like rice bowls?”

“Can’t I eat it because I don’t have it?”

“I work part-time at a rice bowl restaurant. “Please come eat when you have time.”

Is it because of the chicken ribs? Is it because of soju? Or is it because of likeability?

The distance became closer. There was friendliness in the gaze directed at him.

“Oh right. Take this.”

Jinseong lifted the shopping bag in her hand.

Ha-yeon Park suddenly took the shopping bag and looked at it.

“What is this?”

“It’s a shoe. “Thank you.”

Jinseong scratched his cheek with his index finger.

“You bought me sneakers, right? I was really happy back then. I was able to do morning exercise comfortably.”

Yesterday, on my way home, I stopped by a Nike store and bought some shoes.

She didn’t know Park Ha-yeon’s foot size, so she quickly contacted her and found out her size.

I didn’t know what shoes she preferred, so I asked her part-timer for advice.

“… Thank you.”

[Likeability: 86]

“… It’s pretty.”

[Likeability: 87]

“… I’ll wear them well.”

[Likeability: 88]

“This is my first time receiving shoes as a gift.”

Park Ha-yeon smiled.

She thought her heart stopped.


She devoted herself to exercise.

She ran on the treadmill, did her jump rope, and did burpees.

Pop. Pop. Drop.

She was dripping with sweat.

With each drop of sweat, the alcohol slowly disappeared.

When her dry towel became damp, she was freed from the alcohol.

‘Whoa, it’s refreshing.’

After sweating, I felt momentarily refreshed.

In the past, it was difficult and painful.

She wasn’t bothered at all.

Now it is impossible to imagine life without sweating.

‘I won again today.’

I clenched my fists with a sense of accomplishment.

You have whetted your appetite.

‘Wait, late night snack. My brother is going.’

Today was cheat day.

It was also a big event day when the more you eat, the more you lose weight.

‘I never even dreamed that eating late-night snacks would make me fat…’

What should I eat? What should I do?

What should I eat to spread the word that I ate well?

‘First, ramen is fixed.’

I got off work. Seasoned chicken stewed in ramen. I felt like my stomach was going to burst. He even drank sugary cola.

Training Game Has Become a Reality

Training Game Has Become a Reality

육성 게임이 현실이 됐다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I can nurture myself or others.
To run for growth and success.


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