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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 6

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 6

Chapter 6 – Talkative Girl in the Deep Forest (1)

Can class be divided between friends?

Ask a question that has an answer. In fact, you and I already know the answer. Even with the same friends, there are opponents who cannot be treated carelessly. There are some friends who need to be treated a little more kindly than other friends. I know I shouldn’t do that, but I have a friend who has no choice but to discriminate against me.

For me, that was Lena.

Even she was my only friend.

That’s why I was able to think about our relationship only after we had been apart for a while. Were we really friends? I twist my old mind a little vaguely and throw it into a question.


What was I to you?

Unlike before, the answer to this question is not fixed.

Because I, too, don’t know what you are to me no matter how much I think about it.


The way back from the academy is always arduous and difficult. That much has not changed at all from before the fall. If it was hard to dwell on the humiliation and humiliation I received for a day before, now it’s hard to support my moral standards that are crumbling.

And on a day like today when they return with a full load of supplies, they must be vigilant in preparation for an unexpected raid. In the beginning, it was quite a headache because of the guys who didn’t know what to do.

But lately, that kind of situation has disappeared a lot, so I don’t go around with rabbit eyes open like I used to. If I evaluate it coldly, I wonder if it has become dull this way or that.

Besides, it’s even more so today because I’ve heard this and that.

“Three days later.”

I pondered Hayter’s words once again. He didn’t give him a clear answer, but he seemed to expect that he would come. Maybe you noticed my expression change when I mentioned Lena.

The time given to me was three days. It was plenty of time to ponder. Even so, my head was already starting to throb. Should I go should not Only two options flickered in front of my eyes.

But strictly speaking, it was a problem that I didn’t have to worry about. Should I save my friend from being caught and gang-raped by angry men, or should I leave her alone? Looking at it this way, the answer seemed very clear.

Of course…

“Of course I have to go get it.”

The decision he had uttered sounded too empty even for himself to hear. Why? Even if you try to burn your anger by imagining Lena becoming a mess, your heart is still cold.

And most of all, whenever I think about going to the rescue, I keep thinking of Lena’s side face, who turned away from me.

Lena has already turned away from me once. Actually not once. Have always neglected me Except for that fleeting moment when he went to wake me up every morning, he treated me as someone who didn’t exist and didn’t even treat me as a friend.

Then what the hell will I get if I save Lena? Those hugs and smiles as always? And thank you for just saying I love you? There were times when I was thrilled with those words and actions. But now I don’t really miss that warmth.

I know very well that I can’t get more than that anyway. Lena had never given him anything more than an awkward hug.

Even if I saved his life, it didn’t seem like his values ​​would change.


When I woke up, the dormitory visit caught my eye. The sunlight had long since gone down, and the evening sunset was gloomy. As I walked while thinking of Lena, I didn’t even realize time was passing.

It’s a bit embarrassing when you think about it. I doubt that even 1% of your thoughts about me will remain in your head. What are you thinking right now The day I left the classroom, am I regretting that I should have followed suit earlier?

Will you cry out my name with one last outburst, before Hater spreads your wet thighs to crave your cunt?


It’s so frustrating not knowing what you want. I hope that I, like other people, go mad with sexual desire and spend the time before destruction worthwhile. But I don’t want anything Whether it was before destruction or now, we just live without any hope.

At this point, I even question why I am living right now. What am I doing in an era where everyone lives with distorted desires?

No matter how you think about it, you shouldn’t carelessly wish for the world to end.

I’m going to go inside and sort out my thoughts. With that thought in mind, I stretched out my hand toward the doorknob. My boredom-filled front door, as always, smelled of fragrant forget-me-nots.


Pleasant smell…?

The hand on the doorknob stopped. The soft scent still wafts from the tip of the nose. When Lena came out of the shower, she smelled like the kind of perfume she used to smell.

And it was too luxurious a smell for a rotten palm to give off.

I glanced sideways and saw a nail nailed to the wall. As always, it looked half-decayed, but strangely, not a single fly was visible. If you sniff it, it’s clear that forget-me-nots will come from there too.

I don’t know if it’s a stench, but the time the scent stays is not that long. There must have been someone around here.

The moment I thought so, I was already holding the sword.


I leaned against the wall with my sword drawn. Judging from the fact that the door was still locked, it was unlikely that this mysterious intruder had penetrated all the way inside. So it sounds like you’re still around here. At least there were no suspicious shadows where the eyes could reach.

But that was a story within my field of vision. This damn dormitory was built near a forest, so there were plenty of places to hide. For example, behind the rock over there. Between the gorgeous trees. In a pond with dried fish carcasses. Even where I can think of it, it easily crossed the double digits.

What was clear was that he was a much smarter guy than the guys who had come so far. Instead of attacking right away, observe the opponent’s movements. That fact alone made him feel like he was going to get neurosis.

And above all, it was night soon. I’m so sick, my eyes are really dark at night.

Thinking about it already made my eyes go dark.

So, let’s go inside and think about it. If I couldn’t figure out the position of the opponent, it was also a way to pull them into my field of vision. The purpose of the intruder is, of course, the supplies of the house, so if you open the door, they will crawl out. Besides, if there are many enemies, it is better to fight in a narrow place than on a flat area like this.

First I have to open the door.

“Driving me crazy…”

I quickly inserted the key, doubting my own judgment. I wasn’t really sure if this was the right thing to do. However, the doorknob had already returned with a clang. Now just push to open the door.

Even then, there was no sign of the intruder. No matter how much I looked around the places I had looked before, there was no suspicious movement. Rock. Tree. Well. At least where a human foot can reach, nothing…

Suddenly, I remembered the words Heter had thrown in passing. After all the bullshit he said about needing more condoms, he must have said this. There are suspicious flying creatures roaming around the academy.

Okay. Flying beast.

“Flying beast…?”

At that moment, my eyes were drawn to the large tree in front of me. A blue crescent moon was hanging from the top of a tall tree.

And on it, I finally found the silhouette of the intruder.

It was a black silhouette, but deep blue eyes were clearly shining in it. It looked down at me and then met my eyes. This side’s eyes are already dark, so I can’t see, but it seems like it’s been a long time since he caught me.

The guy who was staring at my face like that turned over his body little by little and then threw himself under the tree.

And at that moment, I was already running at him with the tip of my sword erect.

Breathing exploded in an instant, and cold air clawed at both cheeks. There was no disturbance in the posture he had practiced for years, and hesitation had long since been shoved into the scabbard. Even then, he was falling from the tree.

I don’t know what the opponent’s identity is, but the moment I land, my posture will definitely collapse, and that was the best opportunity for me. Even if he couldn’t cut it, it was clear that it would be easy to take advantage of the situation later. There was no doubt about this judgment.


And as expected, the moment he landed, he staggered and put his hands on the ground. I ran quickly without missing the time and raised my sword high. But he didn’t even raise his hand to block it or make a move to dodge it.

He just slowly shook his face, which was tightly wrapped in a hat and mask.



At that moment, my hand stopped unknowingly. The opponent saw it and shook his head even faster. It reminded me of a girl I saw in a classroom a long time ago.

“No way…”

Dust rose from the tip of his toes, which stood completely still. I said the girl’s name just as I was raising my sword.

“Should I buy it?”


Then the opponent nodded slowly this time. Even that was the same as it was back then. However, this time it didn’t stop there.

“Hello, Lope.”


When I heard Saya’s voice, I opened my mouth in a daze. But that wasn’t the fact that she wasn’t mute. That was surprising enough, but even more surprising was the voice itself. It was a voice out of place in this rotten world, like the scent of forget-me-nots that prevailed in the hallway.

To put it in a word, it was more beautiful than any other girl’s voice. To the extent that my name that I just heard was in my ears like petals.

While I was in shock, Saya brought her hand to her face. And she began to unravel the pieces of cloth she had covered herself with.


I gazed at the scene as if bewitched. It was the first time in my life that I had been so mesmerized. As soon as the last remaining mask fell to the floor, Saya looked at me without wavering.

Only then did I understand everything. Why has she covered her own face so far? Why did you stay alone and not mix with others? How could I fall lightly like cotton wool from that tall tree?

That could be seen just by looking at Saya’s pointy ears poking through her hair.

“Buy it…”


When I called his name, the voice came out once again. There was only one race in this world that looked like this.

“Long time no see.”


She was an elf

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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