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The Great Demon King 9

The Great Demon King 9

Chapter 9 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Cho In-hyung, head of the 67th KFU Seoul branch, narrowed his eyes as he continued to watch the news broadcast yesterday.

The master-class Force user he was looking for. The bizarre raccoon masked Force user who suddenly appeared there cannot be regarded as a separate person no matter how much you think about it. They appear at the same time and have excellent weapons. And there…….

“I mean, they look similar.”

A blurry figure of a man taken at a rest stop on a highway in Chuncheon, and a raccoon masked man appearing in the news. In short, Raccoon Man’s appearance was similar. From the big body to the back. And his force characteristic ‘sensation’ was telling him that he was the same person over time.

“Team leader. I’ve narrowed down to roughly 50 people, but can I find them? This”

“If there are two pieces of evidence rather than just one, you can compare them and find common ground. Then it’s over. If you alternate between blurry CCTV footage and news footage taken from different angles, you can pick out the details in detail. Anyway, I worked hard.”

Selecting 50 people from the entire list of people discharged that day in Gangwon-do was possible because of time and effort. When the force ability of team leader Jo was added to this, it was possible to analyze quickly.

The Force ability is not simply an ability that makes a human into a superhuman who is only strong. It has made it possible to do difficult and complex tasks that sometimes require the use of a computer to be done with one human body.


Eventually, the team leader was able to find one man in the directory.

I finally found it after a long time. He is sure that there is more than 80% chance that he is the raccoon man mentioned in the news and a master level force user at the Chuncheon Expressway Rest Area.

“Who is it? Uh…Worst?”

“Do you know someone?”

“No. I remembered the name because it was unusual. Honestly, who names people the worst?”

“There are times when you live in the world, there are many strange names. I know that there was a person in the past who had the name ‘Golden Eagle Surprises the World'”

“Ah, that’s a bit far-fetched.”


Seo Chang-in, a Force user from the same branch 67 who is helping Team Leader Cho, made a suspicious expression and took out his cell phone to search.

There really was

“No, really?! Who names a child like this?!”

“Anyway, don’t say anything about his name. Give me his personal information.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Reading personal information is an invasion of privacy, but first of all, POS users belonging to the country are public officials. Furthermore, since the ID used by Chang-in belonged to the team leader, he was able to read quite a bit of information. It is one of several privileges given to being a Force user, even if they belong to different affiliations.

Most of the information about the worst began to flash on the computer screen.

“Let’s see… I was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do. Both of my parents died. Oh, it was lost in the Great Depression 20 years ago. After that, I grew up in a national facility. Are you a reserve soldier who was discharged in January this year?”

“I feel dirty”

“It is”

When they were issued their resident registration cards, the two agreed by looking at the worst picture registered.

Even empty words, the worst was the appearance that I couldn’t think of as handsome. It was a decent, decent appearance, and it would get better if I decorated it, but there were eyes that ruined it all.

Just by looking at it, timid people would turn their heads away, and threatening people would shout, “Are you a bitch?” To the extent that if you walk down the street and talk to a nearby female student, the police will immediately come running.

“Huh? Married?”

“You must have been married? It seems that my girlfriend didn’t wear rubber shoes backwards when she was in the army.”

“But isn’t it too early? No matter how early 20’s, you’re already married.”

“It’s good to be young. I don’t know if a marriage made with blood will last long.”

It was natural to marry when economically and socially stable, and in modern society, the minimum age for marriage was considered to be in the late 20s. A lot of people think it’s too early.

Couples who married at an early age rarely lasted long. Was there parental support or something else? Otherwise, it is most likely broken.

“This person says he runs a chicken restaurant?”

“A chicken house?”

“Yes, it’s quite popular on the Internet these days. [Shall we raise a chicken?]. They say it’s a popular place in Myeong-dong these days.”


“I wanted to try it once, but I couldn’t go because I didn’t have time.”

“Here, is delivery available?”

“They say it’s packaged only. Chicken restaurants have the guts.”

If so, you have no choice but to go see it yourself.

“Call Miyeon. She says she’ll buy you chicken.”

“Why Miyeon?!”

“Damn it, it’s better to have a woman with you when you talk.

Team leader Cho’s gaze returned to the TV screen where the news was playing.

Jumping dozens of meters at once, stepping on the air. You don’t know what kind of characteristics it might have, so you have to be a little careful.

“And there are safety issues.”

*        *    *

Team leader Cho In-hyeong and team member Seo Chang-in. And Lee Mi-yeon, a member of the same team, left the 67 branch together. It is not known when a dimensional earthquake will occur and the enemy species will appear, but they are not the only ones in the branch. There was nothing dangerous unless the dimensional earthquake suddenly exploded simultaneously.

“Is this over there?”

“Yes, but there are too many people.”

“Hey, team leader. What are you here for?”

“I’m here to meet a person who is a Force user. Do you want to eat some chicken?”

“I will not refuse”

“Someone said, God is always right.”

At Changin’s words, Miyeon nodded her head. While working as a force user, she lost a lot of weight, so she has to eat well, so she doesn’t have to worry about gaining weight. Rather, she was Lee Mi-yeon, who ate whatever she wanted more than before because she didn’t need to go on a diet as long as she was dispatched.

[Shall we fry chicken?], Which has become so famous that one or two out of five chicken restaurants are found on the Internet, and is now one of the best restaurants in Myeong-dong, was in full swing. The customers who ate in the store as well as the customers who lined up for take-out were quite long.

“I think it’s a bit difficult to eat inside… Beer is a bit wasteful, but let’s take it out. Let’s sit down and open a can of beer somewhere.”

“That’s right, chief.”

The line was long, but the speed of withdrawal was quite fast, so it was their turn in 30 minutes. Most of the Force users had stomachs that allowed 2 chickens per person instead of 1 chicken per person to eat more than ordinary people.

“Three fried, three seasoned.”

“Yes, I received your order”

The person who took the order was not a part-time worker in charge of the store, but the worst in the kitchen. Dirty eyes that cannot be mistaken for someone else are the same as seen in photos.

The team leader inspected every part of his body. He didn’t have the Gaia Force that flowed from him, a characteristic of a novice Force user. Rather, it came from part-timers.

I became interested in him, and when I remembered where I had seen the part-timer’s face, it was one of the people saved by the raccoon man who appeared on the news.

“Does it continue like this?”

80 percent certainty rose to 99 percent.

“The chicken you ordered is here. 3 pieces of fried chicken and 3 pieces of seasoning, right?”

“Ah yes”

After paying the bill, I received the chicken and left the store. It was a brief encounter that he did not even recognize, but it was a fruitful meeting that convinced me.

They took a separate seat nearby to have a meal and talk and talked about each other’s opinions while eating chicken.

“I don’t like the impression, but the chicken is delicious. I think I will become a regular.”

“It’s the most delicious chicken I’ve ever eaten. I need to stop eating it. It’s cheap.”

“Yeah, chicken is delicious.”

The exquisite seasoning and aging made the chicken even more delicious. Normal fried chicken also had something to whet the appetite, unlike ordinary fried chicken.

“Is that the boss there, boss?”

“That’s right, that person is most likely the force user of the last Chuncheon highway rest area incident and this Raccoon Man incident.”

“Raccoon Man?! Really?”

Lee Mi-yeon gave her a surprised expression, widening her eyes as she munched on her chicken leg.

She watched the news because she didn’t live with her ears closed either. She was there and of course she saw something about Raccoon Man.

Even if it seems like this, Lee Mi-yeon, who is the most powerful user among Force users, belongs to the strongest axis among the rest of the Force users, excluding the few master-level and expert users. Looking at her as a whole, she is located in the middle.

Even if she jumps in place, her limit is several meters. Even with that alone, the limit of an ordinary human being has already been exceeded, but he cannot easily run dozens of meters like the raccoon man on the news. That is the domain of the minimum expert, and if it is not exhausted, it may be a master level.

Thanks to that, there was an uproar even in the same branch. Only one in Korea. Lee Kyung-jin, who is called the [Thousand Sword], Was the only Force user who was named as the master. However, with Raccoon Man as an opportunity, one more person increased.

Thanks to that, the government was also looking for Raccoon Man. Since it is an unregistered force user, there are many problems in finding it.

In the case of Team Leader Joe, he was lucky. Because I caught his tail in the Chuncheon highway rest area incident, I was able to follow him this far. Otherwise he would have been able to find it only by heading to the bare ground.

“If he is called Raccoon Man, what kind of Force characteristics does he have?”

“Well, the ability to jump dozens of meters seems to be just a physical ability, but the ability to create invisible footholds in the air… Hmm, there are quite a few guesses. “

“I see. If you freeze the air, you can make it into a scaffolding.”

The property used as Gaia Force can ignore the laws of physics. This is because the act of ‘freezing the air’ does not simply mean freezing, but can be used in the sense of ‘fixing the air in the air’. In that case, the difference is whether an ice platform is created in the air or an invisible platform is created.

“It’s hard to guess because there’s not much to show. Anyway, it’d be nice to meet.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous? He’s a master-level force.”

“You don’t think a person who jumped into a fire to save a part-time worker has a bad mind?”

Of all the guesses made by the team leader, that was a miscalculation.

He passed the time and ate chicken with the two of them. It’s not when I’m in the middle of running the store, but to meet when I get off work.

Time passed and it was time for the store to close.

*        *    *

The chicken restaurant [Shall we fry chicken?] Did not open for a long time despite being a chicken restaurant. Normally, it would be natural to stay late, but they only open until 8 o’clock and close the door. The longer the store opens, the higher the sales will be, but it doesn’t seem to be that greedy for business.

“Brother, then I’ll go alone.”

“Are you really okay? You can rest because you were hurt at that time. The burn marks are still there.”

“What is it? Maybe it’s thanks to becoming a force user, but it’s rather fine? It’s a burn mark, and if you apply ointment on it, it will disappear right away.”

“Okay. Hurry up and rest.”

“Ah…And hyung. My father wants to see me…”

“Your father? Did you ever tell me about me?”


“Well, I know. I have to do business, and your father is injured this time and needs to rest, so tell him to see you next Saturday.”

“Okay. Then see you tomorrow.”

After the part-time job went out, the worst thing left was to clean up the store and close it. Soon after, three people, including the team leader, approached him as he left work.

“Who are you?”

“You’re the worst, right? I’m Cho In-hyeong, the team leader of the 67th branch in charge of KFU Seoul. Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Twinkled in his eyes. And he showed no sign of displeasure. Combined with the dirty eyes, it naturally creates a threatening atmosphere.

“I don’t know why you came here, but I don’t think it has much to do with KFU, which Force users enter.”

“Have you had dinner? Oh, I made a quick meal at a nearby convenience store. ‘Nuguri’ ramen.”


It’s not good, but I noticed what it means to the worst. Raccoons and raccoons, which are different from each other but are often confused because of their similar appearance, are not easy to distinguish for those who see them for the first time.

The reporter who called it a raccoon in the news is also the worst.

“I like yukgaejang. I still can’t forget the taste of yukgaejang I ate while marching.”

“That’s right, it’s been less than a year since you’ve been discharged, so it’s worth it. Were you comfortable on your way home after being discharged?”


Worst of all, I noticed it only then. He was no fool either, so he realized what Team Leader Cho had followed to him.

An incident that happened at a rest stop on the highway in Chuncheon led them to pursue it all the way here.

“Then can we talk?”

Team Leader Jo smiled and asked again.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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