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The Great Demon King 10

The Great Demon King 10

Chapter 10 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

“Hmm, I think the story will be long. It’s not like going somewhere else, let’s go to my house first.”

Team Leader Joe nodded. It seems that he has an intention to share a story.

It would have been difficult if he had intended to evade it or use force, but fortunately, his personality doesn’t seem to be bad.

Worst of all, I took out my cell phone and made a call somewhere. Listening to the contents, it seems that he bet his wife at home.

“Oh, it’s me. I’m going in with a guest now. Prepare for the guest. I’ll ask.”

A few times, yes, yes, and the phone hung up right away. Seeing that, team leader Jo remembered that he was married.

“I’m guessing it’s your wife?”

“She’s the prettiest wife in the world.”

“It’s a good time. I was married too, but I got divorced. Because I became a Force user, there were so many different opinions.”

“Because we are newlyweds. We will be newlyweds even after a thousand years from now.”

Haha! Any newlyweds would say that.”

The conversation continued in a nonchalant way. A taxi took them to their worst home. Two-story detached house with yard. The location was also good, so it was a house that seemed to cost hundreds of millions of won.

“The house is nice”

“It’s all because my wife bought it. The chicken restaurant I run is also in her name.”

Team leader Jo, as well as Changin and Miyeon, were surprised to hear that he was the owner of the building. There will be no rent in that way, so chicken with that quality and price will come out. If you look at restaurants on air, many of them are run by the building owners.

The four of you entered the house. When I pressed the password for the front door and went in, Shion, the worst wife, walked quickly and greeted me.

“I’m here”

“Are you here? I heard that a guest was coming, so I prepared a little bit. Are you going to have a meal by any chance?”

“I don’t know about that yet, but it won’t be too long. Thanks for doing it.”

I thought the person I thought would be my wife would come out. The person who came out was a small girl who looked like an elementary school student.

“Hey, are you my daughter? No, but how old are you…”

“I’m your wife.”


An uncomfortable silence followed for a long time.

Team leader Jo didn’t say anything, and Changin and Miyeon glared at the worst as if they were seeing the worst as the name suggests. The meaning of the eyes was about ‘this filthy pedo bastard’.

“Even if you look like that, you’re older than me.”


“No, it can’t be…”

“It’s because I suffered from an illness when I was young. My hair was also bleached because of the medicine, and I was barely cured, but my body, which hadn’t grown in the meantime, didn’t grow back, so it’s just this.”

“Ah……Sorry. We asked something wrong.”

“No. Oh, please call me Zion.”

She didn’t even put saliva in her mouth and Shion lied. Although it was true that Shion was older than the worst.

Team leader Jo looked closely at Shion’s hair.

“It’s a bit strange to see someone else’s wife that way”

“Ah, sorry. Sometimes Force users have high Force aptitude, so her hair is bleached.”

“My wife is not a force user”

“I apologize for any inconvenience”

Shion brewed coffee for the number of people and served it. It is not instant coffee, but drip coffee made by grinding coffee beans and pouring water into them. The coffee beans are good and the roasting skill is good, so Lee Mi-yeon, who drank the coffee, opened her eyes wide and expressed the taste without hesitation.

“Ah, the coffee is delicious. Seeing that you grind the beans, do you think you like coffee?”

“Yes, I like it and my husband likes it too, so I deliberately buy and use good quality coffee beans.”

Shion gave a V and held out her hand, posing proudly to the worst. He quietly stroked Zion’s head.

Even though there is a problem with their appearance, it is a picture of a newlywed couple who are on good terms. If you just look at it, you should do well, but it’s a father and a daughter.

“Now then, let’s go to the main room. What are you here for?”

Worse took a sip of coffee and proceeded with the story. The purpose they came for is the least favorite part of the worst.

“I know what Mr. Choi did at the Chuncheon Expressway Rest Area and what he did during the last Yeongdeungpo department store incident.”

“So what?”

“First of all, I’d like to ask why you hide such power.”

“Because I don’t like it. What do you do if you have power? There are a lot of naughty bastards who want to use it. I don’t want to look at all kinds of human group bastards trying to eat their dicks, so I’ll just run a chicken restaurant and live quietly.”

“For that matter, didn’t Raccoon Man cause a lot of fuss?”

“If I really wanted to make a fuss, I would have shown my face. Does anyone here know about me other than you?”

“It is, but……”

“So I’d rather just leave it as it is.”

There are also people who are Force users but live a normal life without using that ability. A close example is Baekri’s younger sister.

“But aren’t you an unregistered force user? That’s tax evasion.”

“……Ah, damn it”

Eventually the story came out. Force users have three main options. Belonging to the state, belonging to a company, and finally paying more taxes and living as an ordinary citizen.

To be honest, if an ordinary person awakens as a force user, taxes are not a problem. With that ability, you can earn a decent amount of income just by working hard through physical strengthening.

For students, the story is different.

“So, after I go and register, sell my face, do everything the government tells me to do, and tell a newlywed person who has been discharged this year to wait 24 hours to prepare for the next dimension and hit the jackpot?”

“It’s not…”

“I think that being a patriot is enough for me to be patriotic for 2 years in the army. I would have been paid 200,000 won a month and worked as fuck. If I had only received 50,000 won for travel expenses every time I went out to work, I would have opened the store with my own money.”

Worst of all, personally, I think this country is good. But only if you have a lot of money.

In the days when there was no money before meeting Shion, he did not earn money with his own ability even if he was in a hurry. This is because if caught, it will become noisy, and it is clear that the government will infringe on every case.

It is not specifically limited to this country. Depending on where you are, there is only a difference in treatment, but the result is not different.

He likes individuals but hates organizations.

“It’s a shame to go back to the country, so will you have the heart to do it for the country?”

“Then what do ordinary citizens who have suffered think?”

“What do you know? Whether or not people I don’t know die.”

Looking at the worst eyes, I thought Team Leader Cho was a more twisted person than I thought. In the first place, each master-class Force user had his or her own firm thoughts, so he expected it, but for a hero who saved people, it was an unexpected range.

She heard him, and she tried to say something to Miyeon, but her team leader stopped her. She shouldn’t be hasty and provoked.

“But since I live on the country’s money, I have no choice but to report the information I find out. If that happens, the existence of Mr. Worst will be known, and the government and companies will not let it go. There are only eight master-class Force users in the world. Because it doesn’t exist”

8 master-class force including [Cheongeom] Lee Gyeong-jin in Korea, Hiei Hibiki nicknamed [Shuten Doji] In Japan, and [Kwonryong Empress] Yong Hwa-jeong in China Users exist.

There are many countries that do not have master level force users, but there are currently no countries that have more than one. In the midst of that, the worst that was supposed to be such a strong person appeared.

There is no case of loss because there are many in the world. Especially if you are a master level force user. Even now, there are countries that are aiming for the possibility of conciliating force users from other countries.

“To be honest, there are radical people in the government and corporations. If you don’t know the worst, there might be people who might harm your wife…”

As soon as he said that, the atmosphere cooled.

As if the background had suddenly changed to a polar region, chills rose and gave rise to goose bumps. The source of the changed atmosphere was the worst.

The narrow eyes, the stern eyes, contained a clear intent to kill.

A capricious murderous intent thinking what to do with the people right in front of them.

“Ah, should I kill them all and bury them and keep my mouth shut?”

He spat out lightly, but no one could move from the spot. Even Lee Mi-yeon, the strongest Force user among them, could only tremble in front of the blood that strangled her heart.

His whole body muscles were paralyzed and he couldn’t move. Even breathing, as if the diaphragm had stiffened, I couldn’t even make a slight movement on the spot.

Their right to life and death depended on the man in front of them.

“Do it in moderation”

Took, and Shion playfully hit the worst side. Then the murderous intent that made the atmosphere chilly disappeared like snow melting.

“It’s been a problem that you’ve been radical since before.”

“But it’s easy to kill and cover your mouth, right?”

“You shouldn’t kill me because it’s annoying.”

Hearing Shion’s words, the worst sighed.

In fact, it is possible to destroy the evidence. If you use your worst hands, you can dispose of corpses without leaving a single bone fragment, and since you have Shion, you can create an alibi, and even manipulate the fact that they didn’t visit here, or left after visiting.

Killing is simple. Manipulation of evidence is also simple. But I deliberately go the hard way. For the worst, Shion is the final limiter.

“I hate having my identity exposed. I can pay taxes if I want to, but I’d rather not pay them because I could get caught with them.”

“Then how do you do this?”

Team leader Jo presented a mediation plan.

“Currently, the number of dimensional quakes is increasing every year. The level of hostile species that appear is gradually increasing, and if something goes wrong, medium-sized octagons from the US may appear in Korea.”

In fact, it was a leap forward. Currently, the highest grade of aptitude species that have appeared in Korea is about medium-sized heptagons (heptagons). There has never been a more suitable species than that, and there have been cases where it has appeared in Japan or China. It is said that Korea is a relatively safe country.

“If an enemy species appears that is difficult to deal with only by us, I would like you to deal with it.”

“Who is that? Is it Lee Kyung-jin?

“Because the more trump cards there are, the better. If you promise us that, we will keep our mouths shut.”

“Is that a position?”

The worst thing to ask is ‘Are you qualified to hide the fact about a master level force user just for the sake of the team leader?’ In the public interest, reporting to the top is a better option.

“It’s my personal decision.”


The worst saw Zion. Shion nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think it’s bad”

“Okay then”

Finally, the worst nodded. A secret known only to those present here, the Raccoon Man Alliance was signed. Another analogy would be the Guardians of Korea.

“By the way, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if the two people next to you are keeping their mouths shut.”

“It’s okay. I won’t tell you where to go because they’re my favorite kids.”

“I keep my promises like a knife. As long as you don’t break your promise first, I won’t harm you and ask for support and I’ll come forward and solve it.”


“The moment you break your promise, no matter who broke it, that day is the anniversary of all three of them. I’ll kill them all and throw them in the middle of the sea. “

It wasn’t bullshit or anything. It’s true, judging by the feeling of a creepy murderous intent climbing up your back. If the worst is known to others through their leaks, they will come to kill them, whether intentionally or not.

“Okay. Then it would be rude to stay at the newlyweds’ house for a long time, so let’s go.”

“I’ll give you my contact information later”

“Oh, that’s fine. I got Mr. Worst’s phone number during the investigation.”

“If you call that number, it will be tracked. It means that you will give it to another number.”

Slightly the worst looked at Zion. When it comes to electronic devices, she is unrivaled on this planet. Inside her tiny head, she has computing power that is many times greater than that of a super computer.

It’s as simple as making one untracked number.

“Then let’s see next time. Mr. Worst.”

“I prefer not to see as much as possible.”

The first meeting with her was a bit rough, but somehow the button was put in place. Team leader Jo let out a sigh as he had achieved his goal.

*        *    *

Team leader Cho and his party, who left the house of the worst and Zion, barely sighed on the way back to the 67th branch. Like a prey facing a predator. No, it was right in front of me like something absolute that comes to everyone fairly, and even thinking about it again, it was so heavy that I broke out in a cold sweat.

Lee Mi-yeon, who barely came to her senses, spat out nervously.

“What?! What the hell is that guy!”

“Eh… Master level force users must all be so eccentric…”

“If you’re not crazy about one place, you can’t reach master level. It’s not weird if your personality is like that.”

However, the worst personality was more heterogeneous than the personality of the other masters. Korea’s master user [Cheongeom (千劍)] Lee Kyung-jin has an upright and upright personality. He can be called inflexible and stubborn at worst, but he knows how to say that what is not right is not right.

Thanks to his personality, he is free in politics. There will be no member of the National Assembly without a single corruption, so on the day you get caught for doing something wrong, it will be exposed and your political life will end.

The Master’s realm cannot be reached without such a peculiar personality. It is because the will that comes from such a personality becomes the driving force and leads.

“More than that, what does Shion-san, who was next to Mr. Choi, think?”

“Yeah? Isn’t he just a kid-looking guy?”

Although she has the appearance of a lovely girl, she is a full-fledged adult woman. Other than that, I didn’t think she was that unusual. Even if she puts aside a face that rarely expresses emotion.

“He could choose, but I dared to ask his opinion with his wife next to him. Maybe it’s because they’re newlyweds, so they must have a good relationship. In other words…”

“Are you losing your arms?”

“It’s like that. Sometimes, if you bring a gift set and score points, it will help later.”

“If you buy me a gift set, I’ll go. The coffee there is delicious.”

Changin jokingly agreed. It’s a joke to relieve the tension that still remains.

Lee Mi-yeon, who was also relieved of tension at the joke, expressed her dissatisfaction with a small grumble.

“But no matter how much I think about it, he’s a really strange person. He says he kills people so easily. He has a bad personality. “

“I don’t know, maybe it’s my taste”

“If I was that pretty and had a lot of money, I would have gone out to meet a more handsome and wonderful man.



At the moment she felt the pain in her neck, Lee Mi-yeon touched her own nape. She is smeared with a sticky liquid. The red color drenched her clothes.

It wasn’t a deep cut on her, but her blood was slowly dripping from the wound that cut her throat. She is not dead, but it is a scar that will not affect her life if the bleeding is stopped.

“What, what?!”

“Changin-ah, first stop Miyeon’s bleeding!”

Knowing her basic first-aid procedures, she quickly stopped the bleeding from Mi-yeon’s wound. The wound was shallow and the force user’s recovery was quick, so even stopping the bleeding was enough to improve his condition.

And there was a call from her team leader’s cell phone.

“…….I am Jo In-hyung, the team leader of the 67th branch in charge of KFU Seoul”

[Tell the lady over there. I’m basically a piece of trash so it doesn’t matter if you curse at me. I can’t stand cursing at my wife. This is a warning

Soon after, the phone hung up. Not marked as sender restricted.

“What, what is it, chief?Heheard what he was saying here? It’s been 20 minutes since he came out of that house?!”

“Even if it’s a wiretapping device…”

Miyeon ran her trembling hands through herself as she searched for her wiretapping device, just in case. But she couldn’t be there.

Team leader Jo realized that the worst person was not the one to use such a thing, and that there was a more convenient way.

“That person…Just heard it. Just like I am a Force user with a perceptual trait. He must also have a perceptual trait…”

“Yes?! But how far is it from here to there?!”

“So, that distance must be within his ability range. He’s a master level force user.”

Among Force users who cannot be free from firearms and armies, he is the only one who can stand against them. All those who reached Master User were monsters.

A sensing distance of several hundred meters is not surprising. No, beyond that, the detection range was more likely in kilometers.

They trembled with fear for a time, feeling that they had caught a glimpse of something more frightening.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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