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The Great Demon King 11

The Great Demon King 11

Chapter 11 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

I let out a sigh after the guys from the 67th branch in charge of KFU Seoul passed by. I didn’t want to pay taxes, and I didn’t want to do business with people who wanted to rub their hands together and peel pumpkin seeds from behind.

“I didn’t know that they would track it down. I didn’t expect it either, so I didn’t even think about destroying evidence. I’ll take care of it now.”

“Ah, please”

I don’t know about Raccoon Man, who has already been on the news, but the data I did at the Chuncheon Expressway Rest Area are probably stored on CCTV or the branch computer of the guys I just visited. If Shion is there, electronic devices are powerless, so hacking is easy.

After 3 seconds, Zion said if it was over.

“I have deleted the data”

“Is it fast?”

“Korea’s firewall level is as good as a sheet of paper. At least, the United States is at the level of Woodlock.”

“There’s no difference.”

I do the hard work, and Zion does the brain work. So we divide and share. I’m not at the stupid level, but compared to Zion, I’m a firefly in front of the sun. How can you beat an alien who isn’t human in the first place and doesn’t think with his brain? It’s only when AlphaGo comes out in a thousand years that it’s worth trying.

“It will be a little noisy from now on”

“Well, then I’ll be able to go abroad. I have no regrets in Korea. I don’t know if chicken restaurants will work overseas, but you can do business with something else.”

In the first place, our family’s wealth comes from Zion, so I don’t have to work. As it is, even if you travel around the country and travel abroad, you will not run out of money.

If you’re going to be loud, why are you staying in Korea? All of them would have to accept the inconvenience and go abroad, whether it be the United States or Russia. Russia treats naturalized people well.

“Still, I won’t call unless it’s a nationwide noise. I have something else to do.”

“Do you have anything else besides working at the store?”

“I have to meet Baekri’s father. I have someone else to visit.”

Wills left behind in the face of death should be fulfilled as much as possible. Of course, if the other person is trash, there’s no need to do that, but the monster I met at the Yeongdeungpo department store the other day didn’t do it voluntarily.

In the midst of confusion, I was just wandering in search of something I longed for. It was only when he died that he came to his senses and handed over to me what he wished for at the end.

“Hyundai Apartment Building 102, Room 703. I’m not sure about the family relationship, but the child’s name is Seong-hye. Her father’s side seems to be a force user. Could you look for her?”

“Are you in a hurry?”

“You can do it slowly”

“Then I’ll investigate. Speak up when necessary.”

Slowly, Shion came closer to me and leaned on me. Having lived as a couple for a long time, I knew what I wanted at this point.

“What kind of game do you want to play today?”

“I also prepared a headband with dog ears and a tail.”

“Cosplay play? Wait a minute, the tail side is worn as a butt…….”

Somehow, it was delivered from Japan the other day.

Are you ready for the back? Aliens don’t go to the bathroom. Really.

*        *    *

A week goes by quickly for a business person. Especially if you have a busy time. In the past week, the number of customers has increased, so that if the store is not expanded, it will not be able to treat all the customers who come.

However, I have no intention of expanding the store here. Originally, there are few cases where the business goes well even after remodeling or expansion work. I am confident, but I am not in the business of throwing away a lot of money in the first place. You can hit it if you miss it.

“Come to think of it, it’s Baekri. How did you work with the Force user side?”

“Ah…Actually, I’m thinking of going that way. National POS users and corporate POS users make a lot of money. To pay for my brother’s school expenses, I have to work at least that way. But if I don’t do that, more taxes will come.”

“Are Force users not even the people. No, people are right, but they are more hogu. Who the hell made that tax on force users?”

It looks like I lost a decent part-time job. From Baek-ri’s father’s point of view, both of his children are force users, so he has to pay more taxes. From firefighter work to taxes. The reality is that only people without it die.

“But my father is against it. Hyung, can you persuade me when I meet my father this time?”

“With what? You want permission to work in KFU?”


“Arthur. It takes only a moment to die. Especially a sunding like you would be cut before the first time.”

“But that makes more money. First of all, it’s a civil servant job.”

“You know that not everything, even saving people, is viewed with a positive eye, right? Your father is a firefighter, so you know better.”


The story is different when it comes to master level force users, but force users below that level are the target of the neighborhood book. There are many people who complain about why you came late, my house was destroyed, how to compensate, save my family, and give a bundle to the person who saved me.

You need a place to pour out your resentment, but even if the target is wrong, it’s a long way wrong.

The resentment twists and turns to disgust. Hatred without ethics and morality is just a madman’s chatter and selfishness to pursue one’s own gain.

“If you still want to do it, I won’t stop you, but let’s meet and talk with your father and me. Will it be okay?”

“Yes I’m okay”

Baek-ri’s father must have known that I was a raccoon man. If you look at Baekri’s personality, he’s a good person, so there’s no need to keep his mouth shut.

Soon, the promised Saturday came. I dressed neatly and headed for the house address Baek-ri gave me.

Baek-ri and his family lived in an ordinary apartment with nothing unusual. The outer wall was newly painted, so it didn’t look old from the outside, but when you go inside, the facilities felt a little old. It is probably close to 20 years since it was built.

Ring the doorbell and wait a moment. And I heard a voice as if I had answered the intercom.

[Who are you?]

“The owner of the chicken restaurant where Baek-ri works is said to be the worst.”

[Ah, I heard that you are coming. Come on in]

A middle-aged woman’s voice. She is probably Baek-ri’s mother. When the door opened, Baek-ri’s parents, who had aged beautifully, greeted her.

“Hello. It’s the worst.”

“Ah, welcome. My name is Ha Jung-wook. I heard that Baek-ri is indebted to us.”

Even though I’m younger in appearance, I ask for a handshake without showing any signs of ignoring it. She lightly took her hand and said hello.

It was quiet, as if Baekli was not at home. There was no sign of his sister, as if it were the same. She said she was in her third year of high school, so it seems like she went to an academy. Or maybe a library.

“Baekri’s mom. I’m going to burn the coffee, so why don’t you buy some late-night snacks for Ruri? You’ll be hungry when you get home.”

“I have a guest, but I need to treat him to something other than coffee.”

“No, it won’t take too long. I’ll take your heart.”

Come to think of it, I had never heard of Baekri’s sister’s name. She only now finds out, is her name Haruri. Your name is so unique. I feel a sense of déjà vu.

It’s not uncommon for her to meet several people and even meet someone with the same name, as she has gone through reincarnations. Rather, she was quite often. Her name, Ruri, was also the name of someone close to her in the past. It reminds me.

Baek-ri’s mother went out to buy groceries, and all that was left was me and Baek-ri’s father, Ha Jung-wook.

“First of all, I heard that you saved Baekri and me from the scene of the accident. How should I thank you…”

“Take it easy. You’re older than me.”

“Respecting each other means that there is respect for each other. I’m rather comfortable with this.”

I’m not going to tell you to be flat, but once you’re a firefighter, you’re in that category. Even if you are a reincarnated person, there is a part where you can’t help your appearance age, but for old people with no concept or trash who have lost their personality, no matter how old they are, they put on a short story.

“I want to ask you one thing. Wasn’t there a strange man on the scene at the time?”

“There was”

“How did you do it?”

The opponent is bad to say openly that he killed him. I am a strong person to bad scumbags like myself, but rather weak to people who are close to the good side. Stronger to the strong, weaker to the weaker.

“I tried to subdue it by dealing with it in moderation, but in the middle it turned into something weird and self-destructed.”


The guilt that I couldn’t save is reflected in my eyes. The reason why he was hurt and the heart that he couldn’t reach out to the person who caused the fire was goodness that humans can have.

I like these people Even if you kill people, you’re trash without guilt, but I know that it’s admiration or awe.

“He was a hopeless person even to me.

“Yes, thank you for telling me”

Mr. Ha Jung-wook bowed his head and said thanks. I shouldn’t have put it deep in my heart.

“That’s over. I have something to talk about in 100 miles.”

“Ah, so am I. I want to hear advice about that, so there’s that as well.”

The job of a firefighter is low compared to the hard work. There are only a few people who apply saying that they will cut the salary even on a subject that is not well supported.

On top of that, the youngest is a force user and he said he would live as a citizen, so the tax and Baekri awakening as a force user this time add to the problem.

If you let Baekri live a normal life, taxes will be a problem. Baek-ri is now an adult, so he can live on his own. However, the idea of ​​getting a job at another company should be abandoned.

A force user is a walking weapon. You can crush a person’s neck with your bare hands, so it’s hard to get a job unless you’re in that company. In the first place, there are many people in such a place, so it is more prominent.

You can do it if you make money. On the contrary, Force users are welcomed in labor occupations. Even the weakest Force user could easily do the job of ten ordinary people.

However, this is not something to look at in the long run. How long do you want to do something that is neither income nor stable job? You have to make a living by simply loading and unloading for the rest of your life. And after getting married, you can’t write the father’s job up and down in the child’s family survey column.

“Saving people is a good thing, but it’s also hard work. I’m good enough to do that. That kind of thing would be too much for Baek or Ruri. Besides, force users fight at the risk of their lives.

“I heard that your daughter is also in her third year of high school this year. Considering the college tuition next year, you must be worried about money.”

“Me and my wife know it.

This is the heart of a parent. In any case, I want to raise a little better than my children. There are parents who go astray, but these people are right.

People say that heaven helps those who help themselves, but that is bullshit. If the sky was like that, lightning would have fallen on the rotten bastards a long time ago. The world doesn’t help, so the country should help too.

“Then, how about this? I’ll hire Baekri as a full-time employee at our house. Well, it’s a chicken restaurant, but I’ll make sure the salary is right for you.”


“It’s not just a part-time job, it’s okay if I pass on my family’s know-how. I need someone to run the store when I’m not there, but there are some difficult parts if you’re not a Force user. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job where you can earn money and be stable, and don’t have to fight for your life?”

“Then the worst is…”

“I’m a newlywed. The store building is my wife’s, so why not have a job, so I opened the store to pass the time. It doesn’t matter if I don’t pay much rent.”

Money is important in life, but it is not the most important thing.

Why is there such a thing as receiving 1 billion won and becoming a eunuch? Of course, that doesn’t mean sexual desire is more important……. Ah, I’m not talking about having a fight with Shion every day.

“If you leave the store to Baek-ri, it would be nice to go on a honeymoon with your wife that you couldn’t go on.”

“……Why do you care so much?”

To be honest, the recipient is also uncomfortable with the generous favors. What kind of ulterior motive It’s because I’m afraid of what purpose is hidden.

To be honest, I’m not without a black heart. However, his dark heart is purely that he wants to keep a rare child like Baek-ri by his side.

As I went through several reincarnations, I realized for sure that I couldn’t be a good person forever. I am trash to the extent that in my reincarnation there was never a time when my hands were not stained with blood. That’s why I long for good people and heroes.

No matter how old I am in middle age, I cannot understand the answers I have realized over and over again throughout my life. To compare it, is it similar to yearning for freedom while watching the sun outside the cage in prison? Ah, Mr., Because it’s like this, it’s like a second grader.

Even if I tell you my heart honestly, I’d rather not be convinced. Let’s mix in some lies.

“It’s been a while since I met him, but while working with Baek-ri, I knew he was a sincere kid. It’s probably thanks to his parents’ education policy. There are very few kids in the world these days who are nice and would rather be deceived by others. If they’re like that, they’ll be able to run the store well when I’m not around.” I thought about it. At least, I should acknowledge my effort and heart.”

It is an era when even elementary school students are becoming mentally mature while talking about mealworms. Excessive information is ruining their minds. Elementary school students before the 2000s dyed one side of their hair yellow or wore something like a Magic Kid Magical necklace, but these days kids go to PC cafes after school and turn high-end watches or rolls. Then it’s common to ask about your parents.

The development of civilization must be accompanied by the spiritual maturity of the people of that era. Otherwise, you can hear the sound of a dead end like in Korea today.

In the future…… What if 100 years from now? At that time, if society is exploited by a very small number of companies and the majority of the wealth is exploited, and the people lose their power and become mere accessories of companies, and if it really becomes a dead end without freedom or anything, I don’t know if I’ll be alive until then, but I’m going to feed you a countdown. .

For reference, like baseball, if you strike out, you are out. What is out is to be saved for later.

“You are different from young people these days.”

“You’re young, so you’re looking for a dream.”

Anyway, the reason I came here is roughly finished. We don’t intend to go out for dinner, so let’s go home early. Zion awaits at home.

“Then, I’ll see you again sometime next time. Goodbye. Baekri’s mother, please say hello.”

“I’m sorry I’ve caused you trouble.”

“No, it was worth it.”

Is it the law of any country that a good person is harmed? The moment it is taken for granted, society loses its existence value.

I was just treated like that.

*        *    *

The place I went to was not only Baekri’s house, but there were other places as well.

What I asked Zion to investigate before. So, about the family of the Yeongdeungpo department store arsonist.

[According to the results based on that information, his name is Chae Jeong-hyeok. He was a user-level force user belonging to KFU]


[Recorded as a dead person]

Suddenly, he remembered the last thing he had said. Say ‘I’m alive’ As soon as the connection was revealed, my intuition smelled rotten. A very thick rotten smell.

One’s own people recognize one’s own people. Garbage also recognizes garbage. If I kill people and have no sense of guilt, they are scum with twisted ethics, then they are also scum with twisted ethics somewhere, no, no, there are many, so they’re scum.

[This is a modern apartment on Saseong-ro 104beon-gil. It’s faster to go to the Cheolsan 1-dong district office]

“When did he die?”

[Last year]

It wasn’t as long as I thought. It’s only been half a year at most.

The ranks I classify Force users into are Master, Expert, User, and Worker. I know there are only these four, but I don’t know exactly what criteria to divide. However, if the power displayed by the monster, Chae Jeong-hyeok, was at the level of a user, it could be said that master level users in the world are at the level of stepping into the ranks of transcendentalists who can single-handedly compete with countries.

It can’t be.

I don’t know about the United States or such a distant place, but I have figured out the level of Force users in China, Japan, and our country.

I haven’t even met you, how did you do it? My ability is not to boil soup and eat it. If you use the two together, you can also explore a wide range thanks to synergy.

[Currently living in that house is Chae Jeong-hyeok’s wife, Jin Seo-ae. And her daughter Chae Seong-hye, there are only two of them]

“Any other family matters? In-laws or parents’ house”

[None of them. It is said that it was lost during the Great Depression 20 years ago]

Same case as mine… No, if you look at her age, it would be more accurate to lose her parents when she was young rather than after she became an adult. Sometimes I forget that my current body is in my 20s.

I was the one who killed Chae Jung-hyeok. And thinking that it was worth fulfilling, I listened to his will. He didn’t want to die voluntarily. He’s just as good as dead.

Although he was a Force user, he also had the Raph energy of enemy species. It can’t be natural, so it’s highly likely that it’s artificial.

I don’t know what motherfuckers did it, but we gotta make them pay.

When I arrived at the address, I rang the doorbell and waited for a while. A soft voice came from the intercom.

[Who are you?]

“Uh, is this Chae Jeong-hyeok’s house?”

[It’s my father’s name. Who are you?]

“Um…… I’m an acquaintance of your father. Is your mother at home by any chance?”


Judging by his voice, he appears to be about 10 years old. Is he still in the lower grades of elementary school?

Before long, the voice changed to that of an adult woman.

[Who are you?]

“This is Chae Jeong-hyeok’s house, right? Chae Jeong-hyeok’s acquaintance. Do you have any time?”

[……….Come on in]

An elementary school girl opened the door. Perhaps this child is Chae Seong-hye. This is the daughter Chae Jeong-hyeok cried out to the end.

When the head of the family dies, it is natural that the family will be remembered. If that remains as a lingering attachment, even if you die, you won’t be able to go there comfortably.

He looks younger than his age because he looks a little younger. If she had a 10-year-old child, she would be in her mid-30s even if she got married early, but as a rule of thumb, she is quite beautiful even if you think of her in her early 40s. It seems that my husband earns money and feeds a lot of good things. You love your family

“It’s the worst. You’re Jin Seo-ae, Chae Jeong-hyeok’s wife, right?”

“Yes, my name is Jin Seo-ae. What are you here for?”

She glanced back at her phone with one hand behind her, looking suspiciously into her eyes. Ah, I know that my eyes are dirty, so I have a bad impression, but this is a bit harsh.

“This person saved my life thanks to Chae Jung-hyeok. I tried to visit you later, but it was late. I’m sorry.”

The only connection I have with Chae Jeong-hyeok is that I met him at a department store in Yeongdeungpo. But I don’t know what will happen if I say it right away. Far from being trusted, the police may be reported right away.

“I was taken care of by my husband when I was about to die in Boramae Park about 5 years ago. After that, things got better, so I came to visit you.”


It’s an ambiguous and hard-to-believe excuse, but this is the only way to find a connection. In fact, it is true that I was present at the incident in Boramae Park five years ago.

I didn’t want to interfere, so I evacuated a long time ago.

“I also heard the news of Mr. Chae Jeong-hyeok’s death. It’s not much, but it’s a relief.”

I slipped a white envelope out of my pocket and held it out. There is no one who hates money, saying that Zion is no different from painting with pork and oiling, so this is the money I gave you to use in moderation.

It’s thin, but there’s a big piece inside. Oh, but it’s not 100 million, it’s a check for 10 million won.

“I can’t take this”

“It will take a lot of money to raise a child, so please accept it.

After a few struggles, I finally gave it away. No matter how much money you have to raise a child, it is not enough. In particular, daughters spend more money than boys. Girls’ products are frankly more expensive.

It will be quite difficult to send a few academies later, so it is the money given to add to that.

“Isn’t it hard to raise children?”

“It’s okay. I’m used to it now. I’m a little worried about raising a single parent, but…”

“If you go later, your child will go to private academy or college, and you will have to spend a lot of money doing things. Excuse me, but may I ask about your family situation?”

“It’s okay. I got insurance money.”

Insurance money?

Obviously, you won’t get regular insurance. The world has improved these days, so dental insurance is available, but it is not known when a national force user will die. Insurance for a job with a high mortality rate will have a high insurance amount or a lot of restrictions.

But I’ve never seen an ad on TV or anything like that. If it was an insurance like that, I would have advertised extensively and promoted it a long time ago.

“It’s because the father bought insurance. It’s similar to organ donation… That’s why the father’s funeral was also held with an empty coffin.”

“Oh, is that so”

I sneakily caught the clue. I remembered the force user insurance and passed it in moderation.

“But since you never know what will happen, isn’t more money better? It’s good to have a regular income. You don’t have a job yet, do you?”


“I’m running a chicken restaurant. Do you have any plans to work there?”

If you leave baekri in the kitchen, you will run out of hands. I could hire one more part-timer, but I would like to supplement the manpower in a better way.

The chicken restaurant’s profit will reduce labor costs, but it’s actually not that bad. In the first place, there was no rent and two people worked, and one of them was me, so the labor cost was only for one person. It doesn’t matter if I drop out and increase to two people.

“A chicken house?”

“Yes, [Shall we raise chicken?] In Myeong-dong. It’s a pretty famous place these days.”

“Ah, that house…”

Jin Seo-ae nodded her head to see if she knew. It seems that our house is more known than I thought.

“If you have any ideas, please give me your contact number.”

This side also finished my business, and I got up from my seat.

“Uncle, good bye”

These days, elementary school students are feeding caterpillars, and their pure appearance has faded a lot, but it seems that there are still some children who remain like natural monuments. It’s cute how you greet politely.

Seeing him bowing and bowing, I took a 50,000 won bill out of my pocket and gave it as pocket money.

“Give it to your mom and ask her to buy snacks with the money.”

“Wow! Thank you!”

I hope to have a daughter like this in the future.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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