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The Great Demon King 8

The Great Demon King 8

Chapter 8 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Relax your body by bending your neck back and forth. I don’t know why Baek-ri has the worst here, but more than that, I was amazed at the ability he showed.

“Your brother was also a force user?”

“To be precise, I should say no. Because the one I use is different. Ah, that’s not important, it’s old for now. Take this.”

Worst says that and throws something at Baekri. It’s a strange thing to give in the current situation.

“I thought it would be better to use it. I will use it later, so keep it.”

“Isn’t this like a movie souvenir?!”

“I brought one on my way to the cinema. Oh, I was going to watch three of them, but I have to go with my wife tomorrow.”

“Is this the time to say that?!”

Cried the white lily. In front of his eyes is a bomber who is still insane. Although the ability of the worst was great, it was not a situation where he should be so relaxed.

“Because there’s no way to finely catch that guy and drag him away. I’ll have to kill him here.”


Eventually, Worst kicked the floor and ran out, lightly twisting his body and kicking him. It’s a simple attack, but the kick is lodged in the man’s neck and plunges his body into the rubble of the building next door.


Considering that he was a Force user, at least he died instantly considering the power of destroying the wreckage of a building. Even if the cervical vertebrae were damaged in one fell swoop and heaven luck followed him, he would become a vegetative person.

“Okay, it’s over”

“Lord, did you kill him…?”

“So? In a situation where you don’t know how many people have died after causing such a commotion, how would you feel if you carefully caught and dragged a crazy person? Do you think you could put him in a mental hospital for the rest of his life? A crazy guy like that?”

The worst was right. Something frightened him. He kills people without hesitation.

“Let’s get out of here. If it collapses further, we have to break the wall and escape. Oh, can we stand?”

“Ah, yes, it’s okay”

The worst urged Baekri. The fire is gradually getting worse and you have to escape quickly.


In the midst of the burning sound, something strange was heard.


It was a strange, terrifying sound of bones breaking or bones fitting together.

“……Bastard, you’re tenacious.”

Worst looked back at the wreckage of the building where the man’s body had been thrown.

The sound of bones crunching continued, and the man’s neck, which had been broken and dangling, was put back into place. Even that was not enough, and a change occurred in the man’s body. His eyes were dyed a muddy red, even to the whites of his eyes, which affected his hair, turning it red.

One finger on his hand suddenly stretched into a six-handed one, and a menacing spike sprouted from his elbow. His legs became inversely articulated, bending backwards rather than forwards like a feline.

No matter where you looked, it didn’t look like a human. Seeing his change, Baekri also muttered.

“That’s not a Force user. That’s…”

It was like an enemy species I had seen before.

Swallowing his back, Baek-ri stepped back.


With a scream, a man, no, a monster attacked. Now I’ve lost the reason itself that can speak.

Masses of force condensed formed around his body. A mass of force that can be seen with the naked eye contains his characteristics and causes an explosion.

However, if it was simply that, it was no different from the explosion he had used before. Its advantage is that it automatically tracks the target.

Toward the worst, the force masses began to fly. The size is small, but the number is five. The attack that came at the same time could not be avoided or prevented.


Worst of all, I caught the force chunks flying indifferently with my bare hands. And explode. However, as if the space had been blocked, there was no sign of an explosion in his hand, and even the sound was not heard.


The man continued to fire chunks of force at that figure. The power of each one was not great, but the number could not be ignored. Even in the blink of an eye, more than ten masses of force attacked the worst.

But the worst didn’t stop it. As if it was annoying to catch him, he just casually walked towards the man. Even though the explosion occurred right in front of his nose, the worst thing was that his body didn’t even show a small shake.

It was as if a transparent veil was covering his whole body. A very strong curtain that can never be broken.

Before long, the worst that got close to the man grabbed his face. He hit the ground with his iron claw as it was.


“Where is this bastard going to ruin our part-time job?”

Thump thump!!

“Did you pay your salary today? If you work part-time, it’s not even a short-term part-time job, so you have to work for a few months. Are you trying to make me look for another part-time job in less than a month?”

Thump thump thump thump!!!

“But your head is fucking hard!”


The floor was broken, so that the floor below could be seen. Still, the man was relatively fine. It is an ignorantly strong body.

“Keep it off!!!”

The man’s hand was stretched out. The force condensed in that hand created an explosion that was incomparably stronger than anything used before. That’s what happens right in front of your worst eyes, at zero distance.

“I am the Superman of this town”

Worst of all, he clenched his fists with a condensed mass of force. Soon after, an explosion occurs.

Quietly, without any shock.

“When the body is bad, the head suffers.

Worst of all, he stopped the big blast with just a clenched fist. To be more precise, he was using his ability, but it was a very unreasonable sight.

“Goodbye then”

His fist now pierces the man’s face.

Kujik! And heard the sound of his head being smashed.

*        *    *

Baek-ri put on a bewildered expression as he watched the worst he had done to knock down an opponent he couldn’t even use his hands on.

“Uh, um…… Hyung, you’re a very strong force user.”

“I’m not a Force user. Well, it’s similar, so let’s just assume that.”

“But why do you have a chicken restaurant?

“I want to live well with my wife. To be honest, I was going to go there if there was no answer, but my wife has a lot of money and doesn’t want to pay taxes, so she just doesn’t register as a POS user and opens a chicken restaurant. There’s no better place to live than Korea if you have money.”

“Tax, tax evasion…”

“This is a secret from others? If you go somewhere and tell me, you get a part-time job. The pay is good. The environment is good, the boss is good. If you don’t want to do a part-time job like this, tell me.”

“What did you just say, brother?”

Baekli has succumbed to capitalism. They are like pigs of capitalism!

“Anyway, let’s escape quickly. Because of the explosions earlier, the building is slowly reaching its limit.

Worst of all, Baek-ri took back what he had given him when they met earlier. It’s something you need to use when you get out of here.

“You, your child, and your father need to be treated quickly. But I don’t want to have my personal information stolen. I don’t want to be known as a Force user and belong to the country or pay more taxes. Sibal, I want to immigrate to the United States, but the internet is slow.”

“But why is it this way?”

“There was something else, but this one would have been better.”

The worst thing I brought was a mask from the movie theater building next door. In line with the newly released movie, I brought something to cover my face from a place selling souvenirs and related items in one corner of the movie theater.

“Do you like Marvel movies?”

“I like you too and my wife likes you too”

Instead of Baek-ri, who was injured by the worst, I carried him on my back and carried Ha Jung-wook and the girl, one each, as if they were pinched by my sides. It was the weight of three people, but to the worst, it was not even a burden, let alone felt the weight.

Just when I was about to escape. A voice is heard from one side. Man’s voice. The worst frowned and expressed annoyance at the persistence of life.

“What, are you going to transform into a three-stage transformation like Freeza?”

His head had been crushed in half, and death was certain. Even if it has excellent regenerative power, it is the end if it destroys the brain as long as it relies only on the body. Because all the memories stored in the brain are blown away.

“Sung, Hye, Hey”

The man began to speak intermittently. It wasn’t until he shaved his head halfway that he seemed to regain his sanity. Or will it be the last round of light reflection?

“If you struggle like that, you die”

The man’s body began to disintegrate. The strong power of a moment causes a recoil. Rapid physical changes and strong Force abilities all became poison, making the man’s body run toward death.

The man who was well aware of the fact also shed tears.

“Our Seong-hye……Huh, Seong-hye. Honey…”

“Do you have anything to say?”

Worst asked.

It was the last consideration he gave to a man. This is the question of a man who has gone from being a madman to a monster and then again to become the head of a family who loves his family.

“We…….Family…Hyundai Apartment Building 102, Room 703…Promise, Picnic…”

“Yeah, I got it roughly”

The will of the dead belongs to those left behind. Delivering and fulfilling.

The worst didn’t have to use his hands. A man will die if left alone.

The man shed tears in his thin breathing.

“I am… Alive…”

I didn’t know who I was talking to, but not my family. What do you see and who do you speak to?

“I am… Alive…”

Soon, the breath that followed stopped and disappeared.

Quietly, the worst faced the man’s end.

*        *    *


The department store building began to collapse. The heavy vibration shook the ground, and the aftermath was so great that not only people far away but also citizens in the nearby underpass could feel it.

A collapse accident followed by a fire. Whether it was a terrorist attack or an accident has yet to be clarified in detail, but the collapse of a department store has been experienced to a degree that South Korea does not want to even think about.

People watching scream. The majority of young people shouted, and some middle-aged and elderly people sighed. Generational differences over time.

“The fire scene has just begun to collapse. It is estimated that one firefighter and one force user who rushed in have not yet emerged from the fire, and that no children have been rescued.”

Jin Seo-hee, a rookie reporter at MBS, was working hard as a field reporter. As she was about to move to go out to cover another scene, she happened to pass by and found the scene of the incident.

It was a coincidence that the headquarters of the broadcasting company and the scene of the fire were close. Since the issue was a big scoop, even a rookie reporter started airing live as soon as news came in.

“The cause of the incident has not yet been identified. It is unclear whether the cause of the fire was an accident or terrorism…”


An explosion occurred. While filming reporter Jin Seo-hee, her camera was pointed at her collapsing scene, not at her.


“Isn’t something falling?”

Something fell, destroying collapsing department store buildings. Even after falling from a height of tens of meters, it was fine.

The man who seemed to have rescued a firefighter in one hand, a girl in the other, and a young man on his back…

“There is someone who seems to have just escaped from the scene of a fire! Judging from the fact that he jumped out of a collapsing building and escaped, it is presumed to be a Force user. The face, that’s why…”

Reporter Jin Seo-hee said something that left her speechless. What was he supposed to say about that?

“I’m wearing a raccoon mask!”

“I’m a raccoon, stupid!”

She was speechless again at her barrage of words as if they were shooting at her. If it’s a broadcast accident, it’s a broadcast accident.

He put down the three people he rescued.

With a bewildered expression, Baek-ri saw the worst. What he is wearing is a raccoon mask. It was a mask inspired by the talking raccoon, one of the characters in the space operatic series of the Marvel hero movies. It hasn’t been long since it opened this year, so souvenirs and character goods were sold on one side of the theater, but the worst thing was a raccoon mask.

Worst said, keeping his thumbs up.

“Don’t worry, the fireman and the girl were saved by this raccoon man!”

The worst shouted while hitting a useful drip with an internet meme. There was silence for a moment, followed by laughter, applause, and cheers.

In any case, it was the right thing to do to save a person from a collapsing building. Wearing a mask to hide his identity, he was enthusiastic about his appearance as a superhero that could only come out of a movie.

Even in reality, Force users exert the same power as superheroes, but they do not rescue people from disasters, only to deal with enemy species. Although it is in the limelight, the number of Force users is not enough just to deal with the enemy species.

However, an unidentified force user appeared to save people right in front of them. Wearing a ridiculous raccoon mask came closer than revealing a face.

He led the three men to the firefighters who had come running. Fortunately, none of the three suffered any life-threatening injuries. Team leader Ha Jung-wook suffered a slight concussion and Baek-ri suffered burns.

Eventually, Raccoon Man, the worst, moved on. The police also ran a little late, but he moved faster.

Even if we meet again later, I wanted to say thank you now, so Baek-ri shouted at the worst that was trying to run away.

“Thank you, Raccoon Man!”

Slowly, he turned around and gave Baekri a thumbs up. The scene was captured live on camera and broadcast nationwide.

Before long, Raccoon Man stepped on the air and jumped as if there was a platform in the air. It was a level that could jump over a building simply by its height or distance.

The ranks of Force users are divided into Masters at the top, Experts at the top, Beginners who are beginners, and Walkers who can only do the basics. In this way, there is a difference in level depending on the amount of force.

The appearance of Raccoon Man in front of him was not at a level that a beginner or a walker could do. At least among the experts, something that could be done by someone at the top… If that wasn’t all, there was a possibility that it was a master class.

An unidentified hero who is presumed to be a master-class Force user, with only one currently existing in Korea.

“Oops! I got it!”

Reporter Seo-hee, who was shocked to discover the scoop, clenched her fists and cheered.

Incidentally, that scene was also being broadcast live across the country.

*        *    *

A raccoon man with stupid mobility that could run dozens of meters at once, the worst of which no one could catch up with. If you want to catch up, it was something you could talk about after launching the helicopter first.

Take off the raccoon mask in a secluded alley, roughly tear it up and throw it in a nearby trash can.

And as if nothing had happened, the worst went home. While using public transportation.

[Oh yea! Got it!]

“That reporter is going to be a dog drip now”

Worst of all, I laughed at the appearance of reporter Jin Seo-hee, which was broadcast on the TV installed on the bus. Like the journalists who once became popular on the Internet, such as ‘This car is mine now’ and ’11-meter model tower training’, it will rise that way.

Maybe you can make a meme and use it.

“That’s none of my business”

Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday. The shop is also closed. I acted as a raccoon man in a funny way, but it was actually an impromptu idea, and I don’t intend to act like that anymore. He will move on to brief happenings.

The worst is no hero. He wouldn’t know if he was standing on the other side.

In fact, half of the reason he came out was because he couldn’t lose a good part-timer like Baek-ri.

“I’m here”

“Raccoon Man!”

“No, you’re a chimpanzee villain!”

Worst returned home as if they were playing with each other, and Shion greeted him wearing a monkey mask.

“What the hell have you done? Are you trying to play a hero out of proportion?”

“No, it happened because I was trying to hide my identity. I don’t know if it’s the other way around, but I’m not a hero.”

“If you think about it, you can become an anti-hero or a dark hero.”

“I don’t like that. It’s ticklish, but I don’t like it.”

“Anyway, wouldn’t it be better to bare your face and play an active role? I wouldn’t play a strange hero and just pay more taxes.”

“Because I don’t want to pay more taxes? To be patriotic to a country that is going to get sick, two years in the military is enough. Sibeol, even if I paid money for what I did in the army, I would pay for one street vendor even if I couldn’t pay for the store.”

The reason why the worst hides its identity is simple.

I don’t want to lose as a member of the state, but I also don’t want to pay more taxes. Therefore, it would be better to act as an unknown force user.

Besides, Korea is a good country to live in if you have money. It is in the ranks of developed countries, security is good, and the Internet is good.

It’s all good, but compared to the United States, where gunfights happen occasionally, Japan, which is full of radioactivity, and China, which is a country of dictatorship, it’s at least passable.

“Anyway, in case you don’t know, I’ll prepare separately.”

“What are you ready for?”

“Shouldn’t it be something like Iron Raccoon?”

“Don’t raise something you laughed at to die?!”

At least right now, the worst had no intention of playing an active role as Raccoon Man again.

It just happened that way.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


  1. At this point I can already predict author force Mc acts as a hero again and again and again for some reason and he will get involved in it pretty deeply unable to come out

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