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The Great Demon King 20

The Great Demon King 20

Chapter 20 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

I’ve been thinking for a long time If you look at the type of returns, the main character is a great wizard, so either he is omnipotent in any job or he brings subordinates who can do chores.

First of all, I didn’t learn magic because I wasn’t good enough. If you learn, you will build up some skills, but there is a limit to what you can do. It’s not that the brain is bad, but it’s not particularly good, so it’s obvious that I can’t do things like manipulating memories or making magic tools.

Second, he’s a subordinate… I have friends like Shion, who are connected even after reincarnation. But there is no one worthy of being called a subordinate. I’m a reincarnated person, so I don’t know how many more reincarnations I’ll have in the future, but if you have to support me like that, I’m not in hell, but it’s excessive tyranny.

Zion is enough to be with me for the rest of my life. Even now, I honestly think it’s too much.

Anyway, even if an incident occurs, it is said that I cannot handle the aftermath with my ability. There is no way to cover up the case of being able to use magic or having competent subordinates.

At best, killing them all and covering their mouths. If Hibiki hadn’t been there, he might have really killed everyone and kept his mouth shut. Anyway, this case is a bit big, so it’s only a matter of time, so I decided not to worry about hiding my identity from now on.

Like rescuing people from a fire. The difference between killing an enemy species that is difficult even for a master level user alone is huge. When this news comes in, Korea will start looking for me in earnest.

If you ask Shion, he will erase all records and data, but it would be nice if I pooped and asked my wife to clean it up. It is a matter of responsibility before claiming that it is self-esteem.

“How far is it from Japan to Busan… If you go in a straight line, it will still be quite short, right?”

Once you have to go to the sea Japan is sea on all sides, but if you go to the sea closest to Tokyo and swim to splash, you have to go round and round.

The fastest way is to first pass through the Japanese archipelago in a straight line and go out to the sea in the direction of the East Sea, then swim to Korea.

Around the time I was on my way from Tokyo to Nagano, stepping on empty air and admiring the scenery. A call came in from Zion. The mobile phone was caught in the EMP due to the hostile species and became unusable, but the iron raccoon suit made by Shion had a built-in communication function.

-Jjangjjang artificial intelligence assistant Xion.

“Ah, if you’re a secretary, it’s a job that should be under the boss’s desk.”

-Do you want to play like that when you go home? Let’s consider it. But I don’t have a suit that fits my size, so I’ll have to buy it.

“Anyway, what happened? Oh, did you evacuate properly?”

– Just got out of the shelter. You don’t have to worry because you came to the airport to return home right away.

“Coming to think of it, I think I could just get on a plane and return home…”

-This side is strictly bordered. In particular, there are a few people who look like force users at the airport, so the immigration screening is strict.

“There’s a small chance that I’ll be found out unless I’ve met them in person, but… I’ll have to think about when I don’t know.”

It doesn’t matter if it gets caught, but then Shion gets caught up on the spot. If I ask you to choose between getting hit with a knife and Shion getting a small cut in one place, shut up and say the latter.

-But why are you going the other way and not the airport? Are you going back to Korea by boat?

“No, I’m going to swim”


“Hey, there’s no law saying that airplanes are inspected like that, but ships aren’t like that either. Ah… Come to think of it, I’m sure my entry records remain.”

-I can just delete it.

“I’m sorry if you put effort into what I did.”

– What are you doing with this? Oh, I just deleted it.

Also an alien. Computers on the 21st century Earth can be easily hacked. It’s even easier if it’s not a computer with other abilities.

As a result, I became a person without a record of leaving Korea. So, if I am still in Korea, I am a person who has never been abroad.

If you go back to Korea quietly, everything will be perfect except for the alibi. No, since he never went out in the first place, there is no need to prove an alibi. ‘Cause I won’t even doubt

– But why are you swimming all the time?

“Huh? Oh, come to think of it, you can run. You can walk on water, so you don’t really have to swim?”

-It’s not like that, but you can move by tearing the space, right?


I’m sure I’m a jerk

Normally, I thought it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good hair, but when I think about the fact that I couldn’t think of a really simple way, it seems like I’m really crazy.

-Aren’t you stupid?

“I’m a human too, human! Sometimes I can forget and make a mistake! Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t make a mistake!”

-Anyway, please go to Korea first. I’m going to get on a plane today and go home.


-What happened?

“Boy in Luv Special) Keeping the Words Spoken”

-No, are you really thinking of swimming and going back to Korea?

“There are other reasons too. If I’m here, at least the surveillance over there will be thinned out.”

In short, it’s a bait, sex dynamics. If I make a fuss, it becomes much easier for Zion to get out of Japan. Even if I spread some witness information, the attention will be focused on me. Even if you pursue it, you won’t be able to track it. No matter how good the radar is, it will be difficult to track something like a person moving at high speed. Above all else, I’m going to disrupt radio waves.

It’s been a while since I ran away from Akihabara, but I can already feel the presence of a pursuer. Keeping a distance and just following them seems to be working on this side of things……. Because it’s Japan, do you think it’s a ninja? Ohh, if I could use something like a spiral ring, I would love to see it.

It doesn’t matter if the tracker sticks. Because I won’t be able to follow you in the first place.

Using his ability, he made a foothold so that his power could be fully transmitted to the floor, trampled on it with all his might, and then jumped. With physical strengthening added to his abilities, at once, a high-rise building seemed small enough to be seen under his feet.

The surrounding background flies by, but if you compare the speed per hour, you have to bring a racing car that looks like something out of an F1 Grand Prix in order to be able to run alongside me. Even more so, if you want to chase me, who is almost halfway through the sky, a helicopter or a fighter jet, let alone a person, can catch up with you.

-I just went through passport control and boarded the plane.

“But apparently, a child rides alone, so what do you say?”

-I didn’t get a visa anyway, and I didn’t get much suspicion because I was a Westerner. In addition, I have grown and changed my appearance a little.

“To what extent?”

– She is a shiny, glamor silver haired beauty with beautiful legs. It’s a look of a bubbly early 20’s.

“Oh, I’ve seen that before…”

Shion can change her appearance at will, so it doesn’t make any sense, but she does, but she does have a look she does often. The appearance of an elementary school student who usually wears it is the basic shape, and if there is a figure that is followed frequently, it is the figure of an adult woman who seems to have aged about 10 years from there by human standards.

I saw it so often that it was so imprinted in my memory that I immediately recalled it.

-It’s embarrassing that there are some people who try to work in English with Japanese pronunciation.

“……What kind of bastard are you?”

-This is why I don’t like to do this look. Every time I do it, I get a lot of attention, so it’s hard to send it back quietly. Sometimes, there are people who want to cross the road…

“Are you okay? Shall we destroy Japan?”

– Thank you even for empty words.

“It’s not an empty word”

There is a saying that people burn all thatched roofs to catch bed bugs, but if Zion wants it, he has the intention of killing bed bugs even if he burns down the entire city.

Xion in the growth form has long silver hair that goes down to her waist, and a D cup that looks skinny when worn. Her butt is a Western beauty who only looks expressionless in an easy delivery type. Moreover, she is only hidden by her appearance that looks like an elementary school student, but her original beauty stands out more, and if she stands in a snowy field, she becomes the subject of a masterpiece painting.

To be honest, in all of her reincarnations, she has never seen a woman prettier than Shion. Even if she evaluates it objectively, she prides herself on being in her top five.

Married to such a wife, even if I was blessed, I was very blessed. I wondered if I might have saved a country in my previous life, but if it was the opposite, I tried it, but I didn’t save it, so it’s rather questionable.

As I was chatting with Shion about this and that, I began to see the sea in front of me.

“I’ll hang up the phone. I have to go to the sea soon, so I’ll see you at home.”

– Are you really going to swim?! At least fly away!

“If I see tuna on the way, I’ll catch it. You like tuna, don’t you?”

-…….The fat belly is mine.

Zion features. I’m weak on food and naughty things. Ah, erotic things were originally strong, but after hanging out with me for a long time, my tolerance fell. Do you want to say that you have been trained in such words? It can be seen that the constitution has changed from the insensitive constitution to the lewd constitution.

A young wife who is cute, pretty, can change her appearance, and has a lot of money.

…….What? Are you whole? Could someone like me marry Shion? There is no regret, but a deep sense of guilt arises.

With a plop!!

In a matter of moments, without even having to land, he fell straight into the sea. There was a huge ripple as it swayed.

If there’s a big fish on the way back, let’s catch it.

*        *    *

The speed I can achieve while swimming lightly in the water is about 110 km/h.

You can do more, but it’s more efficient to run on the water rather than using that much power in the water in the first place. Swimming to the end is purely my stubbornness.

Even if there is resistance from water, if you use your ability to reduce resistance and strengthen your body, you can easily swim to that extent. It’s the same speed as a car running on the highway, but this is the sea. There is some depth, so if you just swim, you can go straight without obstacles, so you can get good speed.

A fast-paced undersea landscape. Even if you don’t see colorful coral reefs or tropical fish that are common in places famous for overseas tourism, the underwater ecosystem is worth seeing.

Personally, I like landscapes untouched by humans. It is because of the purity of the environment itself, which has not been touched by humans.

But on the contrary, I also like landscapes created purely by human hands. Because you know what human passion is. That’s why I also look for famous foreign buildings.

“Found tuna!”

Although underwater, thanks to the mask, you can breathe and talk. Anyway, since it’s underwater, it just rings inside the mask, but I don’t get bored if I talk to myself when there’s no one around.

The season right now is also summer. It is time for tuna to come to the East Sea. To be precise, it goes up along the East Sea and comes down again in autumn. That’s the tuna ecosystem.

It was quite spectacular to see dozens of tuna swimming at high speed. Tuna is also a mackerel family, so it is a fish with a blue back, so the outer surface glistening in the sunlight is pretty.

I swam alongside them and made an estimate. Among the dozens of tuna, they look for the largest and most delicious-looking tuna.

Even considering the swimming speed of the tuna, it is like running on an open 8-lane road, but it is no joke if you get hit. Even if it’s because of my ability, the tuna is swimming a little slower than me for a 1-ton weight subject. Let alone a person, if it collided with that condition, it could overturn a small boat.

“Ah, this guy’s weight has risen well”

Among the dozens of tuna fish, I pinpointed the one in the middle and swam in. Then he grabbed it and rode it on his back.

I’ve been a dragon rider in my previous life and a griffon rider, but this is my first tuna rider!

“Baby, let’s go as far as Haeundae like this. Heck, the sea car is here.”

Tuna can’t hear me, but as long as it’s a living thing, its survival instinct can’t help it. I let go of my life and guided him in the direction, and he started swimming in that direction.

If you eat it after pampering it, you will be pretty stung by your conscience, but in the end, the world will return to the law of the weak. I will go into my wife’s stomach, so die and live in paradise. Actually, there is no such thing as heaven.

Some hours I ride tuna, and some hours I swim. I didn’t know which side it was in the middle, but I saw something like a submarine, but I pretended not to know and moved on. To be honest, if you ride a tuna in this sea, you can’t tell them apart no matter how much you use the radar.

If there was a level of technology in our country that could distinguish a person riding a tuna with a radar, there would be no place in our country to beat in the sea. Practically unreasonable

It doesn’t seem like the Japanese side is trying to track it either. There is not exactly a submarine or destroyer on my route to Korea, and it is difficult to track it once I have missed it.

Dokdo is invaded at any time, but since there is originally a lot of disputes there, even so, if you come into normal territorial waters, it means to fight, so it spreads into a problem between countries.

If it was like the old days, Japan wouldn’t care too much about that, but now the enemy species have appeared and there is no time to turn military power to the outside. It’s not even a big deal if a large enemy species floats in the ocean and if you don’t handle it properly, it’s not even a matter of anyone flying away……. Oh, wasn’t Japan a democracy? I don’t know because the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have done it all.

“It’s been a little over a day. You came earlier than I thought.”

I rode tuna, swam, and actually swam to come from Japan to Korea. Real men keep what they say no matter how stupid it is. All right

I must have caught tuna to give to Shion. Let’s go up You can go from the East Sea to the West Sea through the sea as it is, and then go via Incheon, but the current season is summer. It is a time when many vacationers come. I want to take a sneak peek.

Personally, I want to buy some Busan fish cakes. Hmm…… I think they sold whale meat when I went to the market. I tried it before and the smell was a bit strong. Shall I buy Zion Ju? If you mix it with the right amount of seasoning, the smell will disappear, and if it’s Shion, you’ll eat it all without covering the meat.

Oh, did you have a wallet? A sudden thought occurred to me and I checked the pockets inside my clothes.

………Cards could be used if they dried, but the bills were soaked. Once I get to the land, I’ll have to dry my card first and get some cash.

I began to feel the presence of many people within my detection range. Ah, over there is Haeundae. It’s full of people right before it bursts.

“Dongwon, let’s go upstairs”

I headed for Haeundae on a tuna fish named Dongwon. I swam close to the surface and my upper body was above the water so I could breathe. Instead of feeling the presence, I began to see the shore with a large number of people in the distance.

If we keep going like this, we might be noticed again, so let’s sneak into a corner and take off the mask. My clothes are wet, but since this is the beach, it won’t look strange even if my clothes are wet, even if it’s not a swimsuit.

If I want to go from Busan to Seoul, I will have to buy a KTX ticket. Ah, I can’t bring Dongwon with me, so I have to freeze or dismantle it and bring only the delicious parts……..


“Oh, Shiva”

I’m not talking about Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed that existed until the day before. It was insulting

The sound of the dimension twisting was heard even though the dimension alarm hadn’t sounded. What are you doing these days? Even a year ago, the quake warning sounded 15 minutes before the occurrence… At least 10 minutes ago, so even if the response was delayed, evacuation could be assured.

But it’s like the rest area on the highway before, and it’s like that in Japan too. This is the third time that a dimensional earthquake has been opened without warning.

…….. Couldn’t it be that some kind of technology has developed and opened the dimension faster? In the first place, the dimensional quakes that occur on this earth are not natural, so the possibility is high.

Even if evacuation time of 10 to 15 minutes is given, casualties often occur due to hostile accidents. However, if they just invade without warning, you don’t know how many victims there will be.

I ignored it as usual. I ignored it and ran away at a rest stop on the highway before, but would it be any different this time?

“I think I need to manage my image a bit. I’ll be exposed later anyway, so it’s easier if I make a friendly person.”

Even before leaving Japan, he had no intention of hiding his identity. It was something I did with the intention of getting caught someday anyway.

At least not right now, but later, when the opportunity arises, the identity will be revealed. It was a word that was exposed due to an unavoidable situation, such as when I was angry and exposed my face.

So, since it happened like this, I need to manage my image.

There are things that can be used as weapons.

I patted the fin of Dongwon-i (tuna) and prepared to go out.

*        *    *

Busan Haeundae Beach.

It is a famous beach with more than tens of thousands of people flocking to enjoy the sea bathing in summer. It is safe to say that it is the most popular beach in Korea, as the number of summer vacationers alone exceeds 10 million.

It is said that it is still the beginning of summer, but the weather in Korea has already hit the heat wave. There was no typhoon coming, so the crowds who came to cool off the heat that did not cool down were as good as usual.

“…In order to avoid this sweltering heat wave, a large number of people go to the beach to bathe. As a result, the problem of price gouging by merchants during the season is on the rise.”

While others were enjoying the sea bathing and relieving stress, there were people who were faithfully working on their day jobs.

Reporter Jin Seo-hee, who had never been in the sea for three hours since arriving at Haeundae, gestured to lower the camera and let out a sigh.

“It’s hot, so I can’t do it anymore!”

“Cheer up a little bit more. Seohee noona. You can just shoot everything and spend the rest of the time playing around.”

“Even though I got a scoop, what’s the point of sending it all the way to Busan? Let people lose steam. The beach is good, but I can’t even go inside. What’s the use?”

“Let’s just take a few shots, anyway, it’s convenient because we just have to shoot similarly to the one we took last year, right?”

“……Yes, the manager gave me a corporate card so that I could work hard, so let’s have something expensive for dinner.”

“What would you say if you ate a sashimi set that costs tens of thousands of won per person?”

“Ah, I don’t know. That’s all right. Rather than that, I want to eat raw sashimi now. If I pour dongchimi soup with thin ice and stir it up and eat it with a slurp, how much is sashimi worth tens of thousands of won?”

“Hey, mulhoe is good. Do you want to have mulhoe for lunch?”

Reporter Jin Seo-hee, who came down from Seoul to Busan to shoot, refreshed her breath by drinking water provided by the cameraman. Even though it is still early summer, the untimely heat wave makes you sweat even just standing still.

If you are on asphalt, the effect is doubled. You can feel the feeling of dumplings as if they were in a steamer. I could understand the feeling of people coming to bathe in the sea to escape the heat.

Reporter Jin Seo-hee and cameraman Shin Jeong-soo, who belong to MBS, sought shade to cool off in the heat. And I take pictures of the beach to make a little bit of space.

………Of course, as a man, I couldn’t help it when the camera zoomed in on an attractive woman in a bikini in the middle. If you film it blatantly, someone might report it, but the broadcasting station mark attached to the camera had the power to turn illegal into legal.


While taking pictures of the beach, Jung-soo noticed a rip in the air beyond the horizon. For a moment, he thought he was mistaken because of the haze caused by the heat wave, but the half-submerged crack in the middle of the surface of the water gave off an ominous look.

Since the water was deep, no one had set up a safety line and went all the way there, but no one was paying attention to the crack. No one noticed because there was a distance from the crowd and there were so many people playing and chatting loudly.

The crevices opened silently and quietly, and eventually spewed out the monsters. The water surface was turbulent as it swayed. White foam rose up, but the monsters could not be seen because of the depth.

“…Hey, older sister. Have you ever seen a dimensional rift? I don’t have one.”

“Have you seen it a couple of times while you’ve been out for coverage?”

“Isn’t that this one?”

Jeong-su rotated the scene he had just taken and showed it to Seo-hee.

At that moment, a chill passed over Seo-hee’s back. It was so cold that it made me forget even the heat wave.

It is said that enemy species often appear in crowded areas, but due to the systematic evacuation of civilians and the dispatch of force users, the number of deaths has become extremely rare compared to 20 years ago.

However, if an enemy species appeared in a place where tens of thousands of people gathered without time to evacuate or force users to mobilize, the damage caused would be a catastrophe equivalent to the Great Depression 20 years ago.

It does not matter whether the enemy species that emerge are strong or weak. It’s a matter of how many people are gathered in one place.

Currently, Haeundae is the best area for rampaging red species.

People harden if they can’t adapt to sudden changes in circumstances. I couldn’t move because I couldn’t decide what to do or what to do in my brain, or even when I had to run away because I couldn’t.

Before long, the surface of the water swayed like a rushing wave, and the monster appeared.

It looked like a dinosaur. If you’re looking for a similar animal, consider the Komodo dragon.

It walks on all fours, flicks its long tail and reptile-specific long tongue, and its vertically split eyes shine. The golden eyes were like jewels, but they also gave off an eerie feeling. Of course, if you went this far, you could have thought it was a rather large lizard.

If it wasn’t for the strange egg growing on his back.

An egg big enough to fit one person in, no, something disgusting enough to be described as a piece of meat. The purple veins on the surface were wriggling in sync with the bastard’s heartbeat. There was a faint reflection of a monster that looked similar to him.


Someone’s scream echoed on the beach. It was not a scream of joy, but a scream of fear. Only then did the people face the monster swimming towards them.

A hideous monster in purple and black. Carrying a metal-like outer shell and a wriggling egg mass on its back, it was running recklessly to kill the humans in front of it.

“What the fuck!!”


“Don’t push! Don’t push!”


The gigantic reptilian species, large enough to swallow an adult male lightly just by opening its mouth, eventually set foot on the sandy beach. As it swam over, it chewed and killed several people with its rough teeth, turning the sea into a sea of ​​blood.

“Croc, Croolok”

The reptilian species looked around while making a cry like boiling phlegm.

A lot of people were running away, but it would take a long time to avoid it by following a set route and keeping order. Only a handful of people escaped to a safe place in a situation where they ran away in fear in an orderly manner.

The rest were pushed over and trampled on by the crowd, killing more than the hostiles who had not killed a few.

The first thing the red species did after seeing such people was ‘to kill more people’ than ‘kill people’.

The egg masses on his back exploded. The sticky green liquid burst out in all directions, and the baby monsters inside began to come out.

To be called cubs, they were similar in size to adult males. Unlike its mother, it stood on its own two legs and began to make strange cries.

Eventually they realized what they had to do. It is to kill the creatures called humans in front of your eyes.

“Sister, shouldn’t we run away?”


Looking around, the crowds had already gathered and were blocked. Even if you tried to get out of the nearby driveway, people who abandoned their cars and ran away, and the already cramped roads became more cramped because of cars that could not move due to accidents.

Even if they run right now, it is faster for the enemy species in front of them to attack and crush their heads.

Before the advent of force users, when the human 100-meter run record was 10 seconds to 9 seconds, the enemy species broke that record lightly. The same is true for bipedal species with the same conditions as humans.

Before long, small hostile species such as the lizard man were active. It spreads out in all directions while exposing its sharp claws and teeth and dripping green ooze.


At that moment, an unfamiliar sound rang out.


The sound of something like a piece of meat being crushed echoed loudly. It was mixed with the sound of metal clashing to say it was human.

When reporter Jin Seo-hee looked in the direction of the sound, she saw something shiny blue in the sunlight.

It was too big to be a fish.

It was incredibly large, thick, and heavy, so it would have been better to call it a stick.

It was tuna.


The questions were not resolved, but rather piled up.

She saw the face of the man who grabbed the tuna and brandished it.

It was made of grayish metal, but the pattern and shape drawn on the mask seemed like I had seen it a lot somewhere.


“I’m a raccoon, you bastard!”

She felt deja vu about a situation she had heard of somewhere.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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