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The Great Demon King 19

The Great Demon King 19

Chapter 19 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Hiei Hibiki. One of the three master users in East Asia, nicknamed [Shuten-douji], Is a purely martial-type Force user among many Force users of various attributes, such as breathing fire and throwing thunderbolts.

There are only three Force characteristics.

Strengthen, Accelerate, Discharge.

Since it is a simple and easy-to-understand feature, the way to use it is also simple. Strengthen your body with Strengthen, accelerate with Acceleration, and attack with Discharge.

The attack power of a pure emission-type force user needs to establish the characteristics of other attribute systems to take effect, but Hibiki does not have such a thing, concentrating and releasing the force in his fists and converting it into physical force, so that he is not defeated by any force user in close combat. Showed off

Also, the physical enhancement he uses not only strengthens his physical abilities, but also strengthens his durability. Its strength is also top-class, and its durability is similarly impervious to bullets and even missiles.

Because he is a human, he has a limit on the amount of force. If he goes to short-term combat, there is no opponent as scary as this.

“Hmm, that was a bit excessive.”

Hibiki murmured as she looked around where the dust was rising. The building was already shaking, so it was unstable as if it would collapse over time, so I had to escape outside as soon as possible.

The worst, buried between the collapsed ground, the broken chunks of concrete and rebar, and the mound of dirt, got up.

There were no wounds on his body. Even the ordinary clothes I bought at a sale in the neighborhood and wore were not worn anywhere.

Hibiki, who did not know that there would be no injuries even after being hit, exclaimed exclamation with a surprised expression.

“Oh, that’s great. I thought it would break at least in one place.”

“Did you blow it because you thought it would break? What if it really broke?”

“At least those kinds of injuries have to be worn so that it feels like we fought.”

“I think I know roughly what you’re thinking. Is that okay?”

Worst of all, I tried to bring out Hibiki’s inner thoughts that I knew a long time ago.

“Did you plan on sticking with me and letting me escape in that gap?”

“How did you know?”

“That’s exactly what you think. You’re a person who will take care of one person more than the country or organization.”

Hibiki noticed that Raccoon Man was the worst when he encountered him on the spot. He thought of letting go quietly from then on, but a problem arose because he himself did not do so.

“But would it be okay? Even if you treat someone you’ve only met for one day so well?”

“When it comes to making friends, the time spent dating isn’t the problem.


The worst had already stepped up to transcendence, transcending the limits of the race, that is, being human, but he was pursuing humanness himself.

Although it is a killer monster that can kill all life on earth alone, it melts into society, goes to school, makes friends, and even gets married.

It’s like a wolf putting on sheep’s wool and pretending to be a sheep, but you can live as a sheep until your identity is revealed and the relationship breaks down.

Of course, I’m upset right now, so I can’t see anything.

“Babe, thank you for the favor. By the way, I won the drinking at that time. Then, should I confess?”

“……Ah, um. That’s it.”

“Could it be that you just groped?”

“What are you talking about! I said it’s middle class. I keep my promise.”

“Should I help you with your friend’s love business?”

“Hmm? How?”

The worst gaze was directed upward. The unsteadily shaking ceiling of the building catches my eye.

“You didn’t notice. Actually, you wouldn’t be able to notice the ability of this side unless it’s from the same side.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Could it be that the ground has been completely crushed and the entire basement floor is destroyed without collapsing? No matter how well the earthquake-resistant design is, it’s because there is a foundation that supports it. You’re the one who destroyed it all.”

Only then did Hibiki realize what the worst was trying to say.

The entire basement floor has been blown away. There is usually a parking lot in the basement of a building, but if you look around there, you can see that there are always pillars in the open space.

The pillars are not the pillars supporting the ceiling, but the pillars that bear the weight of the entire building. However, it is even more strange if the entire basement floor, as well as the columns, is smashed and crushed, but the building remains intact without collapsing.


“This much is easy”

“This, really… Is beyond common sense. I can’t believe it even after seeing it.”

The hyperkinesis-type force user who lifts things acts as a support role, such as blocking the movement of enemy species from a distance.

However, no matter how much the dragon is used, there is a limit to its telekinetic power. If you are a skilled force user, you can even lift an elephant, but when it comes to a blue whale, it is impossible unless there are several harlot type force users.

The weight of a single building varies depending on the type of building, but is at least thousands of tons. Considering the amount of reinforcing steel and concrete that goes into building a building, it is a natural figure.

But when he saw the worst of him holding up a high-rise building weighing thousands of tons so that it wouldn’t collapse, Hibiki’s back gave rise to goosebumps.

“First of all, wouldn’t it be better if the situation was dramatic?”

“Wait, you…!!”



The holding power was gone in an instant, and then what should have happened happened.

High-rise buildings with dozens of floors collapsed as they were.

*        *    *

If a high-rise building with a collapsed basement collapses, it will look like a box of cookies being pushed into a hole.

As a result, the fragments of the broken building were sprayed as if they exploded in all directions by the impact. Like a shotgun, people at close range evacuated or used the Force to block the shrapnel.

After some time, the dust settled. Looking at the wreckage of the collapsed building with no noticeable change, someone swallowed and was nervous.

Clashes between master users had never happened before. It has been 20 years since the appearance of hostile species, and during that time, the earliest appearance of master users was 10 years ago. It was rare to meet them, and even if they did, the prestige of the nation was at stake. Like a child, who is stronger! If rumors spread, putting everything else aside, a national prestige problem arises.

That’s why two master users were clashing in a reality where they couldn’t even engage in private sparring.

That is, of course, a representative of Japan and a person presumed to be a POS user in Korea.


Something exploded from the rubble of a collapsed building weighing thousands of tons.

Those who were on the same team as Hibiki expected it. For them, the strongest person is Hibiki. He is a man who stands alone and defeats tough enemies and always shows confidence and confidence.

Sometimes it’s stupid, but it’s bold, it seems rude, but it keeps the line, it’s tolerant and confident. He fights with such an indomitable will, saying that he is not, and wins confidently in the end.

They never doubted that such a person could not get tired of it.

There were times when they thought ……..

The bouncing object flew up and crashed into the wall of another building, crushing a part of it and falling to the ground. The shape of the object was familiar to them.


Force user-specific equipment was also messed up, and his forehead was torn and blood was flowing down to his chin. It seemed to be in poor condition to think of it as a light skirmish.

As he staggered, a Force user woman ran up to him and supported him.

“Are you okay? Hibiki-san!”

“Stay back, Mizuna. He’s not normal.”

“We will fight together!”

“If you’re not as good as me, it’s not helpful. Being harmed rather helps.”

There were several thumping and vibrating sounds. And the inside of the cavity where Hibiki jumped out rumbled! As it collapsed, the worst came out.

Unlike Hibiki, who was messed up, she was standing there with not a single tear on her clothes. Others were frightened by the sight and doubted their eyes.

Anyway, I thought there would be traces of a fierce battle. If Hibiki was at that level, I thought the opponent would be in a dying state or more injured. However, I couldn’t believe it because it looked clean without a single injury.

Worst of all, he laughed at Hibiki and the woman supporting him.

“Get out of the way, I pursue gender equality, so women beat me like men.”

“I can’t get out of the way!”

The woman Hibiki called Mizuna stood before the worst with her fists clenched. There was fear in her eyes, but she had no hesitation.

“I apologize for the rudeness I have done to you. Please stop here!”

“Well, do you think it will end well if I stop here?”

“If you make things bigger than this, you’re ruining something that could have ended amicably!”

“I’ve cleared the fight over there, but what will happen to me if I say let’s end it again? Is it your way to start doing it your own way and then end it as you like because you’re at a disadvantage? Did you apply for suicide because you wanted to lose?”

The worst raised her fist. Even though it was covered by a mask, the bloody intent to kill that could be felt even without being seen was concentrated in the fist. Power enough to send a master-level force user into the goal with just a swing was imbued into his fist.

It was impossible for even Hibiki to return that blow. It was doubtful that he would be able to receive it even in perfect condition, much less now that he was injured.

“I’ll just grind all the guys here. Well, it’s an assassination if there are no witnesses. You first.”

The worst punch was thrown at the woman supporting Hibiki. Even with death coming right before her eyes, she did not shy away from women. She didn’t even run away. Even though she knows she will die, she knows what she has to do.

At that moment, Hibiki’s fist slapped him in the chin, skimming his arm before the worst fist could close on her.

Heavy blow. It was an onslaught that could not be compared to before. The cross counter that seems to have been hit by concentrating anger into one point was enough to blow away the worst.

“This baby”

Hibiki glared at the worst with an angry face. If Hibiki had fought with a sense of victory earlier, it was anger that moved him now.

The biggest driving force and emotion that easily moves humans. In response to such feelings, the Gaia Force began to flow and resonate in the air. It was like the sound of starting a car.

“Where did you touch ‘my woman’ and fall asleep?”


The woman Hibiki declared to be ‘my woman’. Mizuna looked at Hibiki with her slightly bewildered expression. But there was no time to explain now, and the two collided again.

The worst that I had fallen on quickly landed on the ground and charged again. The blows to each other once again, the same cross counters as before exploded on each other.


It was Hibiki who fell out this time. It was only because he was careless that he could not defeat the worst with his skills in the first place.

“What, was this over there?”

Worst of all, he raised his little finger at Hibiki with a squeamish appearance. And giggling, he took a stance.

“Not yet”

“I don’t know if I’m going to drink kimchi soup first, but… Anyway, it’s annoying, so let’s finish the plate with this.”


For an instant, the air seemed to become heavy. The air turned into water and a feeling of stuffiness, as if it were being swallowed, oppressed the people around.

The worst, the slightest sincerity began to come out.

“I’m going to wipe you all out with this.


“If you don’t curse first, I won’t curse either”

Hibiki felt that this blow would be on a different level. The atmosphere that had been vaguely relaxed was now engulfed in a hideous atmosphere.

“Okay, come see me! I, Hiei Hibiki! I’ve never avoided or run away from a game I’ve walked in since I was born!”

“I like the young spirit!”

The worst muscles started to move organically. Arm to shoulder, shoulder to waist, waist to leg. The muscles connected to each other kept their weight and strength intact, or rather, added elasticity to it, inflating their strength several times.

His center of gravity was focused on his legs for a moment. If you land a blow, there will be a gap, but in other words, it was an attack that hit all the attacks as much as the gap was created.

Wood deok!

The worst muscles and bones screamed for an instant. The kick, which hit the body’s elasticity, strength, and weight, scratched the floor and stretched out.

“My viciousness, extend to a thousand miles!!!!!”

Thousand thousand miles.


The worst kick went beyond a simple shock and became a slash. The attack compressed into a single point was a definite line attack, not a plane or a point, and the things blocking the line revealed a sharp cross section as if cut with a knife, no matter what strength they had.

The tip he struck had the power to affect the entire city beyond a single skill. If not stopped, he had the strength and sharpness to tear Akihabara in half.

Hibiki neither dodge nor run away. Then he just accepts it.

The remaining Gaia Force was compressed into his fists. And at once, he struck down the flying slash.

A shock wave rang as if the eardrums would be torn apart by those who were nearby. The aftermath of the collision of different wills shattered the windows of the building as it shattered the surroundings, and the vibrations traveled along the ground and shook the ground like an earthquake.


Japan’s only master level force user. Also, Hibiki, who is a fighter, is pushed back in close combat. The floor made of his asphalt began to crack, and the place he was stepping on was already deeply dug.

The slash half ignored the condensed Gaia Force in Hibiki’s hand and dug into his hand. There were deep scars from the back of his hand to his forearm, and considerable blood was scattered all over the place.

But he did not retreat even a single step.

If it misses just a little bit, the slash will hit Hibiki’s body and cut it to pieces. But he never gave up and stood firm.

Hibiki clenched his left hand into a fist.

“Uh, heyaa -a -ah !!!!”

With a thunderous lance, he slammed his left fist upwards. A heavy uppercut. If a person had been hit, the blow that would have lifted the roof of a high-rise building in an instant collided with the slash.

A straight line attack will miss if you slightly change its trajectory. Just as lines forming parallel lines would move away from each other if the angles were only 1 degree off, the only thing Hibiki was trying to do was to make them deviate so that the damage would not increase.

As his fist of firm will struck the slash, the trajectory deflected just a little bit. The slash, which should have split Akihabara in half while riding on the ground, slashed diagonally through three or four high-rise buildings next to it and cut away the clouds in the far sky.

Silence passed for a moment.

After pouring in everything, Hibiki took a deep breath and staggered to her knees. There was no remaining Gaia Force or physical strength left. Rather than just parrying the blow, he risked his life to make it miss.

It was a silence created by the overwhelming power difference and awe of Hibiki, who endured it and created a miracle.


The worst laughed. He liked that style. He is a man who stands firm with his upright convictions. He was, so to speak, a hero.

“I made a promise, so I’ll keep it.

The worst thing so far that the fight was a joke shook his hand and said hello lightly. The Japanese Force users who were dumbfounded by the appearance showed various emotions such as anger and fear.

“From now on, I won’t come to Japan. If I need anything, I’ll have to order it online.”

“Wait a minute!!”

Hachida Torame, the second-class rank of the Self-Defense Forces who had an argument with the worst, summoned the worst.

“Where are you going after you’ve done this! We will hold the nation accountable for this!”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Th-That’s… Do you think you’ll be able to escape from Japan before then? If all ships and aircraft are blocked, there’s no way to get out of Japan!”

“Did you forget what I said earlier?”

Hachida Torame briefly reflected on the conversation she had with him. Then obviously…

“If you go swimming, you can reach Busan in a day. Shall we swim for the first time in a while?”

Throwing everything else away, the worst thing is to really swim and go from Japan to Korea.

Sometimes the most ignorant way can be the easiest way.

If the body is bad, the head suffers!

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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