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The Great Demon King 18

The Great Demon King 18

Chapter 18 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

When an enemy species comes over due to a dimensional earthquake, it usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the force user team to mobilize. Even in the metropolitan area or in an area far from downtown, it was the basic level of response of a country that is currently in the ranks of advanced countries that it did not exceed 20 minutes.

The level of antagonistic species is divided according to the size of the antagonistic species and the core shape by output. The highest grade is nonagon (spherical), but the highest grade identified so far is up to octagon (octagonal).

However, regardless of the output, if there is an enemy species that is tricky and difficult to deal with, it is a large species.

The physical force that comes from a size of at least 10 meters was unstoppable as a single Force user. A large number of force users, especially long-distance attack type force users, clung to it and slowed down their movements before they could barely catch it.

Anything big is strong.

“Josh, you’re going to be cut by me today and I’m going to use it to match three Jin-Ou. I’m going to give it to Shion, so it’ll be a souvenir.”

The worst growled and jumped over the wall of the building and flew in front of the mouth of a large species.

Recognizing the human appearing in front of its eyes, the large species opened its mouth. Not for eating, but for biting and chewing to kill.

The command, more than the instinct that filled the head of a large species, was to kill the human in sight. I listened to the command fully.




Worst of all, even in the mouth of a large species, it was received as if lifting the roof of the mouth, preventing it from being chewed. It was blocking the teeth of the large species with the same strength.

“First of all, the jawbone”


I lowered the tongue that was stepping on it and kicked it. Along with half of the tongue, even the jawbone is crushed and ripped out.

The reason why force users can inflict more damage than modern firearms on enemy species is thanks to the resonance caused by the force fusion phenomenon.

When the Gaia force is fused and dwells in the body of an enemy species, the force contained in the force user’s attack resonates and nullifies the activities of Raph energy, so the enemy species that are resistant to physical attacks are also damaged by the force user’s cold weapons.

But that was only when the force fusion phenomenon was completed. In small red species, the force fusion phenomenon is completed in 1 minute no matter how long, but in the case of large species, it often takes more than 10 minutes if it is long because of the size of the body.

Force users have no choice but to fight purely with their own skills in front of enemy species that have not undergone force fusion.

It hasn’t even been 5 minutes, let alone 10 minutes, since this large enemy species came over.


“Your breath smells like a dog!”

A large species with half of its tongue and lower jaw ripped off screamed and glared at the worst, the culprit. It hums and concentrates the raff energy that can be handled instinctively, causing high fever. Electricity started to bounce, probably because it was a characteristic of the enemy species.

A lightning-like blow with the leg strength of a large species and enemy species fell on the worst. The worst frowned and clenched his fists in front of a blow that would split even a beautiful tree that was hundreds or thousands of years old.

“↓→↘-Punch! Seungryongkwon!!”

Following one of the famous fighting game techniques of kicking the ground, throwing an uppercut upward, and jumping, the attack collided with the forepaw of a large enemy species and generated a huge air wave.

The windows of nearby buildings were shattered and fell into the street, or the impact of a small earthquake shook the ground.

[Kiak! Kyaaaaa! Gyaaak!!]

“Does it hurt? Hey, don’t bother with a missing nail. It’s a law that a nail can fall out at least once in a lifetime. What really hurts is sticking a needle in between them.”

Although they collided with each other, it was the large species and the enemy species that were unilaterally injured. All the toenails and a few toes were all gone, not even the remaining toes were intact.

The monster who crossed the dimension to kill humans felt fear for the first time in his life.

It is the highest grade among the enemy species that have appeared on Earth so far, but there was no answer in front of the worst. In his eyes, there was no such thing as protecting people or fighting spirit, only murder intent to kill.

Wood deok!

“One leg at a time”

The worst that grabbed the legs of the large species and the enemy species without knowing it twisted it and pulled it off with force. Although they have bodies beyond their biological limits, in the end they are just creatures. For transcendental beings who have surpassed the physical body, muscular strength is nothing more than a variable force.


“Are you trying to run away?”

The large species, which had been walking backwards with their tails curled, kicked the ground at the worst kill and ran away without looking back.

The survival instinct took precedence over the order to kill a human being. Vehicles on the road ran lightly, trampled on and smashed, and jumped to the point of jumping over quite a few buildings with a slight run.

“Oh no dildo!”


The blow that was pierced in the face without warning was fierce. The body of the enemy species fell to the ground as it was and trembled the ground. A street was devastated by the impact of rolling to the ground, but the worst was not to worry about.

“And two more legs”


I kicked it down and broke one of its legs.



They crushed the bones with their bare hands and pulled them out alive.

“The Last Four”


As the worst slammed into the capital, the last remaining leg was severed.

Every time it appeared, the large species and enemy species, which any force user team struggled with, turned into ttogi dolls with their legs cut off in just a few minutes. He was screaming and wriggling, but it was just a struggle.

Now that the environment has come to start work, the worst part has untied his hands.

“A bastard to be caught on the day of the dog and boiled in soup. A bastard to pluck out the horns and eat an antler hammock. Even if I hadn’t used EMP, I wouldn’t have thought of stepping out.”

Wow! And kicked him in the face. The upper jaw, which was still intact, was broken and rattled. The majesty of large species and enemy species that threaten humanity has long since disappeared, and there is only time left to beat like dog on the day of the dog.

For about 5 minutes, the worst of them beat the large enemy species, and as time passed, the force user team and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces mobilized and appeared to arrive at the scene. A CH-47 transport helicopter was flown in for the movement of the force user team, and an F-35A aircraft was flying near the site to check the situation for support and containment to deal with the large species.

“What is it, like the cops in an action movie, do you go out only after solving everything incompetently?”

In fact, it is not incompetent.

If a large species, an enemy species appears in the city center, it is difficult to respond quickly because it takes time to prepare and respond. In particular, if it was 10 minutes purely considering the appearance without a dimensional alarm, it would be a level to praise because it had a good attitude to deal with a sudden situation.

Worst of all, I have no intention of running away.

I have already done everything I was supposed to do. If you get caught, you get caught, or you don’t. The important thing now is to kill this large species after fanning it a little more.

A team of dozens of Force users descended from a transport helicopter. Since the large bell and the condition of the site were grasped from the sky, it came down safely without any other preparations.

The worst of them found a familiar face.

“When I saw it on TV, it didn’t look like a modern mask.”

“You never know when that sales mask will come off. You can’t fight like that.”

Worst of all, I thought I would notice it with my voice, but when I spoke differently than before, my voice automatically changed.

“What are you doing here, whether you are a raccoon man who should be in Korea?”

“It’s sightseeing. Why can’t I come over?”


“Even in my country, I’ve never registered as a Force user, but I must have done well. I came as an ordinary person.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“Have you ever done anything illegal?”

“At least I haven’t done anything I’m ashamed of.”

“You said you did something illegal.”

The force user team that came with Hibiki. It was an elite team centered on him. Most of them possessed the strength of an expert or higher, and even if they did not, they had skills equivalent to that.

A few were looking at the half-dead corpse of a large species of enemy species behind the worst, and some were preparing for the worst while glaring at the worst with Hibiki.

“Seeing that he was caught by himself, his skills…… Hmm, to be honest, is he stronger than me?”

“After evaluation”

“I can’t handle that alone”

Even master level force users have their limits. Even Hibiki could catch a large species, especially an enemy species with high core output, only with the support of other Force users.

However, it is safe to say that you are already a master user if you have the power to kill half of a large species that has not yet finished the force fusion phenomenon.

“So it’s certain that he was stronger than me. If he runs away from here, he won’t be able to catch me.”

“I have no intention of running away yet.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to pick this bastard off the hook. I’m upset because of this bastard.”

“Go when they send it nicely. I have a limit on what I can handle at my own discretion.”

“Hey, since when did you treat convenience like that?”

“Well, maybe with a drink.”


You can’t see it because it’s covered by the mask, but the worst kind of sneakily put on a strange expression.

“If a force user from another country enters the country without reporting, the incident will become an international problem.”

“It’s called Bunji. It doesn’t matter what happens anyway. Whether you’re arguing in Japan or arguing in our country, just destroy it.”

“Then, if other countries interfere, you’re the one who’ll be in big trouble. It’s not like you’re not sociable, and you probably have friends and family, right?”

“Life is about being able to do whatever you want. I’m not thinking about it right now, so I’m just thinking about doing whatever I want. First, kill this bastard.”

The worst turned his back and looked at the large-scale enemy species. He clenched his fists and gave a light blow, completely shattering his skull.

Judging from the smashed form, it is natural that even the brain was crushed. Even 10 minutes ago, the monster that had crossed the dimension to kill mankind had become a wriggling corpse intermittently.

“Even if this bastard didn’t explode the EMP, I would have stopped caring and just went sightseeing. Oh, really. I’m pissed off even thinking about it again.”

As if that alone had lessened his anger, he approached and kicked the corpse several times. Seeing that the corpse of a ton unit moved and moved every time it was kicked, it was possible to know that even a simple kick contained tremendous power.

“……Is it late?”

Looking at the worst, Hibiki murmured. A person from the Self-Defense Forces, who had completely grasped the situation, came forward.

The force user team is strong, but not all strong people know strategy and tactics, so they receive orders from a separate chain of command. Of course, as long as the master user is Hibiki, there is no such restriction, but it cannot be ignored.

Hibiki was trying to make the worst of the situation before it became more annoying, but it was too late as she waited. The flying flies that the worst hated began to get twisted.

“You did it yourself, so do it in moderation”

“I see you doing”

Hibiki took a step back. It’s a sign that you won’t interfere anymore. The worst was a small nod of his head to say thank you and look at the person approaching.

Two stars and two lines. Worst of all, I didn’t know the rank of the Self-Defense Forces, but I knew that a lowly person would not step up in a situation like this.

“Hello? I’m Torame Hachida, second rank sixth officer of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.”

“Well, this is a passing raccoon man. This raccoon man took care of the large species and the enemy species, so don’t worry!”

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.”

His legs are all cut off and swollen from being beaten, his lower jawbone is out of place, and his skull is smashed. If you’re alive, that’s great.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Thanks to you, we were able to reduce the loss of life and damage to property.”

“It would be fine if the roads and buildings were destroyed and a few cars were blown away. So what’s the point?”

“I’d like to accompany you for a while.”

“Are you going to send me home when it’s over?”

“Yes, of course”

The second worst ability, ‘sensation’, was telling me. That’s a lie

“You’re groping. Don’t you want to let go?”

If it is certain that there are force users who have not been registered in Korea, and even those who may be at the top of the master level, it is better to bring them in than to send them to Korea.

If there are two master level users, there are so many benefits that arise from that. It is much easier to defend one’s own country, and at least one person can be dispatched abroad to gain an advantage between countries.

It is said that he first appeared in Korea, but there was a difference between his worst appearance then and now. The biggest difference is the mask. There was a difference in the level of cheap goods sold as souvenirs and elaborate crafts.

Once you’ve detained them and created an identity, you can make them master users in your own country. In Korea, it is enough to insist that you are a different person when the word comes out.

“No. I’d kill that bastard too. I’m just going home.”

“Do you think it will be possible to smuggle Force users, damage property and even human lives? Will it become an international problem?”

“Yeah, no. International issues or whatever. Korea is suffering, am I suffering?”

“……Isn’t there such a thing as patriotism?”

“If I had done this out of patriotism, I would have registered as a Force user and belonged to the country long ago.

“Then, how about becoming naturalized? If it’s treatment, I’ll promise you several times more than Korea.”

If you are a master level force user, you must recruit them at any cost. Considering the impact that only one person has on national defense, some privileges can be granted even considering the benefits.

“It’s not a bad idea. If you have a lot of money, there’s no better place than our country.”

“Is Japan a more economically developed place than Korea?”

“What about the topic that caused me to shoot Fallout because of radiation?”


Prick the sensitive part as if poking it with a skewer. Honesty goes too far and seems arrogant.

“Kheum, but socially and economically, Japan is better”

“The economy is a problem for any country, but don’t say that only Japan is good. Can I say that society is not even a democracy?”

“Is Japan a democratic country?”

“Looking at the politicians in your country, I wonder if it’s an aristocracy or a monarchy, let alone democracy.”

Until a few years ago, the worst thought was the same in Korea, but I liked it when I saw a president who was impeached for corrupting state affairs and saw that Korea still had a sense of citizenship.

I know when I really need to stand up, so I admit that one thing. However, since Japan does not have a good perception of protests, even if politicians make the wrong choice, the only weapon they can use as a citizen is the right to vote.

“…You’re being a bit rude. If you don’t cooperate, we won’t stand still.”

“Oh, why don’t you bring a tank or a fighter jet and have a fight?”

“Even a master level user cannot win against an army. They will struggle, but in the end, they will lose.”


Worst of all, he could instantly kill everyone in Japan on the spot, but he agonized over what kind of expression he should make in front of an opponent who didn’t know that. You won’t be able to see it anyway because of the mask, but should you make a funny face, or should you just laugh, or should you make an angry face, saying it’s absurd.

Individuals cannot defeat the majority. It is natural that the difference in numbers is large.

However, if a person heavily armed with modern firearms and 100 primitive people are opponents, the relationship between the individual and the majority collapses. In the end, the difference in class determines the winner or the loser.

“First of all, let’s organize it. I caught that one, but there are property damage and other damages, so you guys take it. You don’t need change.”


“And I’m going home. Okay?”

“That part isn’t ok”

I did it knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get out of it comfortably because there were so many problems at worst. Right now, it’s just being forced.

“For now, why don’t we move after hearing the story from this side?

Hibiki stepped in to intercede for a moment. If this continues, the story will not end.

“Of course, you’re right, but if you don’t do things like holding me accountable and then subtly trying to naturalize me, I’ll answer as much as I can.”

“Without your will, neither will we.”



Minority opinions do not have a great effect on what a country or organization does. Whether it’s right or wrong, rationalize it and move on.

“Let’s go easy. Easy. Can’t we just take what you caught and ignore it?”

“There are eyewitnesses.”

“It’s like that. You can manipulate the press. Any country is best at manipulating the press. I’ve never seen a country that can’t do that. Is it better at manipulating the press than politics?”

“Then what’s next? How are you going to go to Korea?”

“I can’t even get on a plane or a boat, so I can swim and go. I’ll be able to get to Busan in one day.”

Hibiki clenched his fist. Since they disagreed with each other, the only way to resolve it was to use force in the end.

“If we continue like this, the story will not fit.”


“I’ll try to solve it with the best thing first.”

Wow, Hibiki clenched her fist and showed it. The worst laughed at the thought of what he had already figured out.

“I told you earlier. Do you think you can beat me on the subject of saying that you can’t catch that enemy alone?”

“There is a difference between dealing with monsters and dealing with people. Just like a national martial artist who awakens as a force user cannot become an excellent force user.”

As Hibiki said, there was a difference between the two. It’s not that martial arts players have awakened as force users, but even so, it’s not that they stand out to the extent of being outstanding.

It’s just that the starting point is different, but in terms of ability, it is a beginner level that has been experienced several times in real life. There is a big difference between a game in which safety is secured between people and a battle in which people risk their lives every time.

Conversely, there are cases in which Force users who are successful in dealing with enemy species cannot use their strength properly against humans. People with personalities who are reluctant to kill or who do not want to hurt others belong to that category.

But no matter where you look, the worst is not like that.

“Let’s stick together”

Saying that, Hibiki fired the first attack.

“Wait a minute, Hibiki-san!”

Someone’s voice broke out to stop him, but it was too late. His fists lodged in the worst part of his stomach. The attack, which was so powerful that even the concrete pillars of a large building could be shattered in one blow, shook the worst without mercy.

The asphalt road Hibiki was stepping on vibrated once. What is not broken is that he has strengthened the ground he will support with the Force ability trait, making it possible to slam his power fully.


True to the principle of action and reaction, the worst body flew through the air and smashed nearby buildings before crashing into them. The blow was so powerful that the crashing sound overlapped with the sound of the air being torn apart.

Hibiki, who jumped in without giving him time to run, threw his fists at the worst one after another. The shock wave alone shattered the glass of the shop window inside the building, and the ten-story building itself began to shake. Because it is Japan, it was fortunate that the earthquake-resistant design was well done, so it did not collapse to that extent.

Punching, punching, punching, screaming. He raised a guard to block only the mask that covered his face from the repeated blows, and looked up at Hibiki with a calm face as his body was half buried in the ground.

“Are you done?”

“Damn it, it looks like you’ve only bought your mouth”

Ugh! The air trembled, and strength began to build up in Hibiki’s right fist. Sturdy and strong. And it was a fist that was compressed and released in a single moment of collision to shatter the opponent.

“Oh, looks like there are some. Do you have a technical name or something?”

“Well, I’m not really sure, but other guys call it that.”

One of the Force users who belonged to the pinnacle of lifespan on Earth’s fatal blow was struck in the worst part of the abdomen.

“[Drop Oesan]!”


The heavy pressure drove the worst of the entire nearby ground into the ground.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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