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The Great Demon King 15

The Great Demon King 15

Chapter 15 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Nendoroid. It is a type of figure made by deforming a character. The size is also much smaller than the normal figure, and it gives off a cute feeling. If figures are dogs, Nendoroids can be compared to dogs.

Anyway, there is a saying that even if there are people who have never bought a Nendoroid, there is no one who has bought only one. If you leave it alone, your companions multiply by sacrificing your own wallet.

“I’ll buy all the Vocaloids for now”

“Derivatives too?”

“Patta carrot shiva!”

First of all, the most famous Miku has Rin and Ren…… Oh, and Yuzuki Yukari as well. Could he be a voiceroid? How are you? Even if the ship goes to the mountains, it is only necessary to go to Seoul. Oops, the boat shouldn’t go to Seoul.

Oh, it’s a Kizuna Ai figure!

I slipped it into my shopping cart.

“……As expected, it’s a poor school.”

“Noisy. I also like big breasts. If I had to choose between big breasts and small breasts, I would only choose small breasts.”

“A normal man chooses the big one”

“I’m abnormal, so I chose the smaller one. Okay?”

“That’s why you chose me, so I’ll take care of you even if I’m abnormal.”

“You’re Lori, not small breasts.”

“There is no growth potential, so it is small milk”

There’s no such thing as a knife here. Because medicine is like a guy.

Shion and I already had several figures piled up in our shopping carts. I just look at it and carry it, but it seems to be a hindrance. No, the weight is not a problem, but the volume is zero. Even if you tie it properly and pack it, it seemed like two or three boxes would come out.

“Don’t worry. This place usually ships overseas.”

Hankyu’s worries flew away.

After roughly choosing everything that caught his eye, Shion held out his black card at the checkout counter.

“How would you like me to do the math?”

“A lump sum, please.”

“Yes, thank you for using it!”

I bought that many figures with a single card swipe. The dark card is awesome. No, you can do it with a credit card, but the weight is different.

“Let’s see the receipt. How much did it cost?”

“It came out for a little less than 300,000 yen.”

“It’s 3 million won in one shopping. It’s worth watching from the beginning.”

“It’s the most expensive item anyway. Doujinshi or something like that can’t cost more than 300,000 yen, right?”

“I don’t know. If I buy something like an electronic product, I might pass it.”

“My home computer is also a full specification that I have customized myself, so do I need to buy it?”

“Oh, was that so? Somehow, I didn’t even eat Lek and wanted to go back well.”

Even after installing and playing games with good graphics, I didn’t see any sign of lag, so I was curious about where the product was, but if Zion adjusted it himself, it’s understandable. The aliens made it themselves, but it seems rather strange to eat lag with an earth game.

The store asks for the figure to be sent by international courier, and when it comes out, the steps are light. Where should I go to see next?

“Next is doujinshi”

“Ah, can’t it be that Toranoana is our next destination?”

“It’s called a tiger’s hole in the vulgar language. But I’m going to go somewhere else. Toranoana these days is more feminine than masculine, so I don’t like it.”

“Because you’re a woman…Then Melon Books?”

“I want to see melon stacking in the hometown”

If you look for some famous brands in this line, there is a store called Melon Books among them. It may be a bit lacking compared to Toranoana, but if you look at Japan as a whole, the number of stores here is at the top.

Instead, the shops in Akihabara are small. Rather, to the extent that other local stores are larger. Hagisa Akihabara Land is expensive.

A small store for a famous brand. However, the eyes are focused on something huge that welcomes the inside.

“This is that melon pile!”

“It feels like I’m looking at the Dabotap Tower.”

Melon stacking is a display method in which works that are popular in Melon Books are piled up in a spiral shape to reach the ceiling. Anything big and tall is worth seeing, but seeing something like this as a virtuous person is somehow more thrilling.

Lets think. If you build a tower with money, you can exclaim, right? It’s similar to that.

“This is a new book. Would you like to buy one?”

“It’s Japanese. You’re going to have a haircut in Korea, but didn’t you buy it then?”

“It’s a souvenir. A souvenir.”

“Yes, yes. You want to pick out the top one?”

I barely noticed and put my hand between Shion’s armpits and lifted him up. Shion pulled out a book at the top, almost touching the ceiling, and triumphantly spread her arms and took a Y-shaped posture.

“Long live the virtue!”

“Isn’t it embarrassing to do something like that?”

“If a sane adult man does it, he will be treated like an idiot, but if a pretty girl does it, they will treat him with aegyo.”

“Kuh, next time I’ll have to become a pretty girl too!”

“Then, in the next life, will you be able to have rich slug lesbian sex?”

Let’s talk about that right before I die. Anyway, my hands got heavy after buying various coterie works here. Books and other types are small in volume, so if you buy dozens of books, you can pick them up yourself, so only you have to suffer.

It’s simply about strength. Even if you don’t use your ability, there’s no problem in ton units. Use the ability? It can be lifted separately by adding a little exaggeration. First of all, it’s not going to be judged by strength.

After visiting the figure shop and doujin shop, the morning had already passed. Now that it’s time to eat lunch, the maid cafe I thought about earlier came to mind.

“Do you want to go to the maid cafe and eat?”

“Do you want to eat heart-shaped omurice with ketchup in return for your love? Can’t I make that at home too?”

“What are you doing when you want to go see a maid?”

“No, otoke know!”

A guy who only looks like a girl but inside his taste is no different from a guy is pretending to be nothing.

Even at home, there are about two sets of nurse uniforms and maid uniforms. If you use it once, it’s a headache when you wash it, so I use it sometimes.

………Is it suitable for a laundromat? How did you take it to the store because you were embarrassed? And you know what’s buried there. It’s just that I’m comfortable doing laundry.

Also, maid uniforms aren’t just something you wear, no matter how part-time or job you are, there is meaning in ‘serving’ wearing that outfit, unless you’re just doing a cosplay.

“Actually, this is my first time at a maid cafe. I’ve never been to a place where I’d be concerned about other people’s eyes.”

“Why? It must be a place that people who are sloppy and those who are smart in that field often go.”

“Even so, I’m not alone. The only person I can go with is you.”

“Keuuu, it feels like a proper honeymoon. It’s good to have fun going to a new place.”

“Apart from the fact that the place is a maid cafe.”

There are several maid cafes in Akihabara. It’s good to go to the place you like because each of them has their own attributes.

There are butler cafes that women might like, and there are also vampire maid cafes. There are even transvestite (hmm) maid cafes.

“You’re making an expression that if you’re a pretty boy, it wouldn’t be bad to date.”

“Wait a minute, does that make a difference?”

“We’ve been together for how long, and you can’t tell one of them apart. And if I’m a girl-like boy, I’m in favor.”

“Boys like girls, girls like boys”

“Both are good”

Shion raised the thumbs of both hands and snatched them away! Bisexual! He had the same elated expression.

“Welcome, Master!”

Upon entering the maid cafe, maids in short skirts and improved maid uniforms with an emphasis on activity greeted me and welcomed me.

Ah, that maid outfit has a shorter skirt than the one Shion wears at her house a few times…. Is it a reflection of the sad reality that exposure and sales are inversely proportional? Great, great capitalism bastards!

“What are you glancing at?”

“Ah, sorry. Were you uncomfortable?”

“Take a look confidently rather than peeping in small ways”

“Did you feel uncomfortable that way!”

In fact, the only thought in my head is the image of what it would be like if Shion wore a maid outfit like that.

Hmm, cuteness is -30 points, but sexiness is +80 points. I want to try it on… Ah, there is a service where you can try it on yourself, but if you have adult women’s sizes, you can’t wear Zion.

“I’d rather make it myself or make to order.”

“Did you try it on as a growth form?”

“If you know how much energy it takes to maintain your growth form for a day, you can easily say that. I don’t transform often for no reason.”

“I can give you that energy.”

“I hope that energy isn’t protein……I like it”

If you think about it like this, the inner compatibility is good. I produce unlimited energy. Zion stores infinite energy. It’s just a natural match.

“Can I help you order? Master?”

“Ah, this with omurice… Hmmm, a parfait for dessert?”

“It would be nice to order one and share.”

“Then two omurice and one parfait.”

“Thank you!”

After a while, the menu we ordered came out. The maid, who had brought a bottle of ketchup with the omurice, asked what to write on the delicious yellow egg roll.

“How would you like me to write it?”

“I’m just a heart shape”

“Please draw me in a kawaii star shape.”

It’s not asking me to cut it, but what else is it to draw it in the shape of a star?

Anyway, the important thing is the taste, so I tried a bite. The dishes at maid cafes are often of poor quality because this is not the main dish, but here it was just okay. So I deliberately ordered omurice. Originally, omurice is a menu that is difficult to taste no matter who does it.

Shion also managed to eat it without saying anything, as if it fit in his mouth.

“What kind of dalgo are you eating in a star shape, like splitting it according to its shape?”

“Respect. Please like it.”

“Isn’t that the opposite?”

Let’s eat all The parfait I ordered also came out. Although the parfait was served in a small wine glass, it was enough for two people to share.

I thought the price was a little expensive, but seeing that they put one macaron on top of it even if it was cheap, it was worth it. If you look at the price of this, it will be a little bit less.

“Would you like some macaroons?”

“It’s a little bit cheap with flour mixed with dough.”

“Well, the difference in taste between flour mixed and unmixed is quite large.”

Macarons are cheap depending on whether flour is mixed with the dough or not. Mixing is much cheaper and easier to make, but you can definitely tell the difference when you eat it.

While the mixed side is crunchy, the non-mixed side is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. If you look closely at a place that sells macarons, you can find items worth about 1,000 won, but many of them are mass-produced products made with flour.

Considering the labor and material costs, it’s not something that can’t be cheaply made… Even if you try to turn it into a factory, it’s a difficult thing to make. Can only be expensive

While eating dessert, I leisurely watched the maids and people. The fact that there are quite a few people who seem to be doing a good job is, of course, the feeling of Akihabara. I feel a sense of homogeneity.

“Where would you like to go next?”

“Hmm, shall we go to the electronics market? I saw one right next to the station.”

“Do you have any electronics to buy?”

“It’s a spectacle, and if it’s that big, it probably won’t only sell electronics. It’ll feel more like a complex than an electronics store.”

After deciding on my next destination and paying for lunch, I walked lightly to the electronics store next to Akihabara Station to get something to digest. Vehicle traffic is restricted, so it feels good to be able to walk by car because it feels open.

“But if you go to Comiket, are you going to just buy doujinshi and watch cosplay?”

“Is there anything else you want to do? Oh, try cosplaying yourself.”

“That’s not bad, but is there anything you and I can cosplay for?”

“If you look for it, everything is there. Besides, I can accept all characters, so there is no problem.”

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but when I look at the mass market, when dragons transform into humans with polymorphs, I definitely think about it.

If you cosplay with it, you’ll be damned. There is also such a thing. If I had a methamont, I would transform it into a fucking pretty girl..Hehe.

“You can replace your hair with a wig. All you need to prepare are props. Hmm… Come to think of it, there are cosplays worth trying.”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“That’s a secret. Anyway, I’ll prepare the props, so don’t worry. All you have to do is cosplay and go.”

“I’m not sure what to do”

Surely you’re not trying to force me to expose too much. Men have a lot of exposure, so I’m going to use it somewhere.

While talking moderately, we arrived at the electronics store. At first glance, it looks like a department store, but the main part is electronic products, and the rest are side bridges.


“What’s wrong?”

“No, not really… It’s fine if we don’t meet.”

Ignoring the intrusive signs of feeling, I started eye-shopping leisurely in a shopping mall with few people because it was still a weekday.

“I thought about buying something while I was there. The Japanese product and the Korean product have different outlet specifications.”

“I can’t help it because the country is different”

“How nice it would be if it was properly standardized. It was inconvenient to use miles and meters separately for distance units.”

“That’s right. There was also a major accident where an American space battleship crashed into Jupiter by using the wrong metric and yard methods in the warp program.”

“What about that sci-fi traffic accident? So what happened?”

“Warp is a technology that can be avoided if mishandled… Jupiter’s internal density and space field due to warp. Other factors mixed together and Jupiter exploded. Of course, in the aftermath, Earth was blown away and a civilization was destroyed. It’s a case that was ruined by an absurd mistake.”

“Hey, it’s no joke. Even if you develop space, it’s only a matter of time before it collapses. It’s rare that a civilization that started space development is destroyed.”

I have also lived in Zion for a long time and have seen many civilizations, so I have seen a shocking incident even though the scale is large. However, the result is a bit bigger than the mistake. Does a civilization fly away just because the units are wrong?

After the talk was over, we decided to look at electronic products. It’s quick to adapt, but there are times when you’re surprised by various things when new features come out in electronic products.

For example, in the case of TV, there was a time when I just watched programs from broadcasting companies, but these days, I can watch movies at home, and I can watch the broadcasts I want whenever they are available for free, so I think the development of technology is amazing.

Well, it would be really nice if it always develops in a good way.

“Still, there are many products that are quite good. There are some unique items, perhaps because they are Japanese. Look at this. It is an egg-shaped humidifier.”

“Oh, I saw this on the Internet. These days, even humidifiers come out this small.”

Even if it wasn’t really necessary for life, there were more strange things than I thought. When I was reincarnated in a sci-fi world, I saw things that were more mysterious than this, but it was fun from the point of view of the earth living in the 21st century.

To be honest, I went shopping with my wife on my honeymoon, wouldn’t it be fun?

“By the way, do we have a camera or something?”

“You can take a picture with your cell phone.”

“My dream is to take a commemorative photo with a camera, pull it out, and hang it in a frame.”

“Then shall we buy one?”

When I asked the store clerk, he said that the camera store is on the 5th floor along with the computer store.

“It’s the 5th floor, so be careful there.”

“Why is that?”

“He’s a bit of a jerk by the standards of this Earth.”

“Are you a force user?”

“Yeah, I’ve been hanging around for a while, but if you don’t mind, that’s fine.”

“Then how strong are you?”


I did a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of The range is small compared to the maximum of my will, but it was enough to pay attention.

“The strongest in Japan”

It was in the TOP 3 in East Asia.

Zion responded to my answer.

“Isn’t it a caheo fold?”

You are a real bad guy

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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