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The Great Demon King 16

The Great Demon King 16

Chapter 16 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

A person who is the strongest in Japan and possesses a level of strength that ranks in the top 3 in East Asia. Under those conditions, no one can guess.

I’m not very interested in force users, but I know a lot about famous people. It’s often aired on TV, so I’ve seen your face before.

We took the escalator up to the store on the 5th floor and looked around.

“Who is it?”


I said, pointing with my chin to the man in the computer store.

These days, the world has improved and there are many tall people over 180cm tall, but it doesn’t mean that people over 190cm don’t go unnoticed. Especially if it’s a man with a strong physique who would feel a bit burdened if he was next to him.

“What is it? A bodybuilder?”

“For a bodybuilder, the muscles are real.”

“What kind of man is he not the strongest man on earth, but he is a muscle trained in battle? As expected, Japan. Don’t underestimate reality. Fantasy! I think I can exclaim.”

He had black hair mixed with a bit of brown, and his appearance was a manly style with thick lines. No matter how many Asians you put side by side, you can’t tell the same Asians apart, but looking at that, it was a rugged impression that made me think that I was definitely not a Japanese. Moreover, the exposed forearm is full of numerous scars. In a way, they can be mistaken for Yakuza.

It’s a Japanese class with genetics. My parents worked hard.

Anyway, when such a muscular man with a height of over 190 cm was wandering around the computer store, the store employee was frightened and did not rush to approach.

Even in a service job, such a person needs courage. If there was even a dragon drawn on the forearm, I would have called the police first.


“Why is that?”

“No, it’s because he’s the same person I’ve seen somewhere.”

“If you’re the strongest force user in Japan, won’t you appear on TV often? Didn’t you see it then?”

“Don’t limit yourself to the outside. Inside”

If you master a certain field, you can get a quote just by looking at it, so if there is a memorable person, I can think of a similar part.

I’ve seen the face before, but I felt like I’d met somewhere before, and I was going through my memories a little, and it was annoying, so I decided to look further inside.

The soul within the human being. Just as each person’s fingerprint is different, even twins have different soul forms depending on the life they have been through. If you’re like that, you’ve probably seen it once in your previous life, and if you look at the soul, you can get a rough idea of ​​who it is.

“I wondered where I’d seen it… Did we meet here like this? Besides, he had a nickname like Ji.”


“You’re probably someone I don’t know, so leave it alone. It just reminds me of the old days.”

The soul goes through cycles of reincarnation. It can be called reincarnation, but the memory and karma of the soul are zero, and even if it is reborn, the fixed soul remains.

A person with a high level of spirit who becomes a transcendental figure will stand out in the next life.

That person’s soul has the same soul as someone I know. But not the same person. Because the most important factor that makes up a person is memory.

Memory is the most important factor in forming a person, just as if I, who have been reincarnated several times, lose the memory right away, it would not be me. People who have been reincarnated and whose other memories have been reset are not treated as the same person just because they have the same soul.

“Anyway, let’s look at the camera. I came here to take pictures at Comiket, so I’ll have to pick one up soon.”

“Unconditionally good performance! Unconditionally pretty!”

“It’s pretty and nice, but expensive?”

“Open the door of your wallet!”

Things like cameras are more expensive than you think. If it’s a disposable camera, I don’t have to worry about the price, but I want to buy a good one because I’m going to use it often in the future.

If you think about it, things like cameras are not often used because of the civilized device called smart phones. Of course, there are many people who use it, but there is a big difference between generations looking for a camera and looking for a smartphone to take pictures.

……… These days, the kids who are fanatics don’t even know Haruhi. When you have kids later, I can tell you a fucking story.

After looking around, Shion chose one. I don’t know the type, but the company is Sony. Shion chose it, so it seems to be the best or the best value for money.

“I decided on this”

“Why Sonny?”

“To honor the late Sonic…”

“That’s Sega, not Sony. The company is wrong?”

“Sony and Sonic are not similar in pronunciation with only one consonant difference. I made a pun once.”

“So, Sony’s nickname is Sonic?”

“……Ah, man, are you standing?”

“You died today”

Don’t send it mainly in the sense of night and day. I have to show you how great a married man’s sexual desire can be at a time when sexual desire is in full swing.

After paying the bills and finishing my errands, the only thing left to do was to go down, so as I was walking towards the escalator, I passed the man I had seen earlier.

I was thinking about the computers displayed in front of the store, and what was on sale among them.

It seemed like they were contemplating what to buy when they saw that they had come and shopped for a long time, as if they hadn’t come to see a quote.

“It’s better to be by your side.”

“Oh, you mean this?”

I stopped Shion, who secretly spat out while passing by. I even told them not to interfere on purpose, but everything ended up being a joke.

I don’t know if there was a bad relationship with that side, let alone the opposite, but strong guys are bound to get involved in troublesome things when they have a relationship.

“Honestly, can’t you help me with something that’s not a big deal?”

“You’re not……”

-Isn’t it a bit like not seeing friends every weekend and staying at home? I play all the time, but I’ve never seen a call from a friend. Make some friends. Some friends

Shion secretly conveys his will with his will.

No! I have friends too! All of them went to the military and were discharged later than me, so it’s just hard to meet them now! There are two or three guys that I could call real friends.

Most of them are lucky guys, so most of them go to the rear, so it’s hard to go back to see them in one day, so they just don’t meet, but they have friends. Who do you think has zero sociability!

“Thank you for letting me know, little girl. I don’t know much about computers, so I didn’t know what to buy.”

“Why don’t you do some research? These days, if you ask for a quote on the Internet, they’ll tell you everything.”

“I don’t like things like the Internet. I don’t play games, so it takes me 5 minutes to type a sentence.”

“When a man doesn’t have a computer, what does he usually do?”

“Drinking, or using the body”

Isn’t this guy really the one I know? Why does it seem like being a drunkard doesn’t change even after reincarnation?

Of course, since the soul is the same, there will be some similarities.

From the beginning, we were talking in half language, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. As the story progressed as if it were natural, the sense of incongruity disappeared. He had that kind of personality in the first place… No, I don’t remember him, so why do I keep looking at him because he’s a different person? Is it a stereotype?

“I’m Hiei Hibiki. I’m 35 years old this year.

“Mister. Worst. 22 years old. This is my wife.”

“It’s called Zion.”


“Get rid of those weird eyes. He’s older than me.”

“I’m submitting my ID card, marriage certificate, and passport as evidence, Judge!”

Looking at Shion with eyes that are hard to believe, he seems to agree when he sees that his birth date is before the 2000s, not the 2000s, even on his passport.

“Young baby… Is a little too much for you. Anyway, call me Hibiki. That’s what I’m used to.”

“Isn’t Yobiste (calling by name only) a bit like that from the beginning?”

“It’s better than being rigidly formal. If I really didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have done it. I would have changed it if it was uncomfortable even when I first started talking to you in plain language.”


………This kid really has no memory, right? Looking at my face, hearing my name, and seeing what I don’t know, I don’t think I really have any memories, but my personality is very similar to my previous life.

“Since this has happened, can you help me with choosing a computer? I want to give it to someone I know as a gift, but I’ve been wandering around a bit because I don’t know. Even if I try to ask the staff, it seems a bit busy.”

When I peeked, I saw the staff who were deliberately acting out of concern for Hiei Hibiki. Like cleaning when you don’t have to, or pretending to entertain other guests.

“Would you just buy the one I recommended earlier?”

“I’m buying it as a birthday present. I don’t care about money, so I want to give you the best thing possible.”

“Who are you giving it to?”

“My team…So I’m giving it to the youngest at work. I’m going to give it to the youngest person at work. He grumbles that the computer is old, so I’m giving it to him while celebrating his birthday.”

When I sneakily noticed Shion, he had already drawn all the estimates in his head.

“Something that is expensive but has good performance, or something that is good for the price and performance. Which one is better?”

“The price doesn’t matter. Money is rotten anyway, and the only use is when drinking. The alcohol is usually paid for dinner, so I pay for it at work, so I don’t really have a place to spend it.

“Don’t ignore the computer. A single part costs hundreds of thousands of dollars… So there are things that cost tens of thousands of yen, and to put one thing together properly, you have to think about hundreds of thousands of yen. It’s a computer.”

“Not much”

I wonder how much this kid gets paid. I think I can make more money than a good chicken restaurant. As long as it’s a job, I’ll take care of the risk pay.

“By the way. If you’re a person like you, you can have someone else do it for you. You’ll be in a position to do that, right?”

“Oh, did you already know? I thought you wouldn’t know because I’m Korean.”

“I’m Korean, so I know better. You don’t know the face of our country’s master user, but what?”

Chinese Longhua Pavilion.

Kyungjin Lee from Korea.

And Hiei Hibiki from Japan.

As such, these three are master force users representing East Asia. His face is occasionally reflected on TV, so you can find out if you look closely. Still, it’s a level that comes out occasionally, so you won’t know if you don’t try to find out.

Was the number of officially known master force users 9? One of them is Hiei Hibiki right in front of me. By the way, his nickname is…….[Shuten-douji(酒呑童子)]

It’s a familiar name to me. It is a name that suits this man more than anyone else.

“Aren’t you reluctant? Speaking of force users, there are many people who are afraid of various things. Besides, aren’t Japan and Korea on good terms?”

“What does that have to do with me? Did we meet as national vs. National representatives? We just met a tourist couple and a local. Should we discuss that?”

“It’s cool, it’s nice”

To be precise, I see myself and the country separately. Nationality doesn’t mean anything to me, but revealing our accumulated emotions doesn’t affect me.

“If you don’t mind money, I’ve adjusted it to the best performance. I’ll write it down on paper, so you can ask for delivery as it is.”

“Oh, thank you. I was at a loss as to how to buy them, so I thought about just buying them all with expensive ones.”

“Expensive things are at least expensive, but if you don’t know well, you might be overcharged.

Shion handed Hibiki the piece of paper on which the estimate had been made. A few of the company’s products that I’ve heard from time to time are listed, and I think I just looked at the options and didn’t care about money.

“As for assembly, there are shops in Japan too, so ask them to assemble it.

“Thank you, I owe you even though we are seeing each other for the first time”

“Then, I’d like an autograph later. Getting autographs from famous people is my hobby.”

“I’ll do as much as I can… Then I can buy it as it is. Do you have time in the evening?”

Hibiki smiled lightly and made a motion as if lifting a small glass with her index finger and thumb. Sign for a drink

“I know a good shop. I’m indebted, so I’ll buy dinner. Do you both drink?”

“Alcohol is good. Even my wife and I drink well despite our bodies.”

“The only thing I have to worry about is the store that will treat me as an underage and the alcohol stock left in that store.”

“It’s good to be confident!”

During my reincarnation, I met many types of people. But it’s the first time I’ve met someone else with the same soul.

Not the person I know. Still, I feel good because he seems to remind me of the old days.

Sometimes there will be days like this.

*        *    *

The restaurant Hibiki recommended was a well-known teppanyaki restaurant. I heard that it’s a place that doesn’t accept reservations, but the owner of the shop takes care of it, so it’s always the same as a reservation.

“It was ten and a few years ago. At that time, I was flying all over Japan because of the aftermath of the Great Depression.

“Did you say you’re 35 now… Since the Great Depression was 20 years ago, since you were 15? Isn’t child soldiers a violation of the Union Act?”

“In the first place, we can’t organize an army. At most, it’s the Self-Defense Forces. Even then, we were in a hurry to deal with hostile species, so we went over to a special organization, not child soldiers, but civil servants.”

“It’s similar to our country.”

“The treatment is better than Korea, however…. There and there.

“America is a place where I like heroes, so I know when I see stocks go up in Marvel or DC, and in Russia, even naturalized people are treated generously.”

It was a very old store. It’s a store that seems to have been around for at least ten years, so it has its own atmosphere.

I must have already called, and someone came out to meet me from the entrance. He is a middle-aged man with years of experience, but judging from the calluses on his hands, he seems to be a shop owner and chef who does the work himself.

“Are you here, Hiei-sama?”

I bowed politely and was ushered to my seat.

A hot iron plate welcomes you. Teppanyaki is something to watch for its performance, but if you do it well, it tastes good. There is nothing to lose by burning anything.

“It’s been a while. Are you friends here?”

“I dated today. They’re good guys.”

“Then I’ll have to show off my skills. Do you have any kind of cover?”


“You can eat a chair with legs”

Don’t talk like that to a guy who can really eat.

At Shion’s answer, the owner smiled slightly and checked the ingredients.

“Which one should we start with?”

“If possible, start with vegetables or seafood. I’ll ask for meat next.”

“Why is the meat later?”

“Do you want to eat something heavy from the beginning? And meat has a heavy taste, so if you eat it first, it’s hard to taste it later.”

“What kind of drink would you like?”

“I don’t remember much about Japanese sake… Hibiki, you order it.”

“Hmm, then lightly drink beer, and when you’re done drinking the soju you kept the bottle from last time”

“Do you have bottle-keep sake? It seems you’re more of a regular than I thought.”

“Because you come here often. Originally, our store doesn’t offer that kind of service, but Hiei-sama is an exception. Oh, how about the lobster first? This time it’s fresh.”

“No, from the beginning, if it’s a lobster, what kind of meat comes out of it…”

“There are two types of wagyu at our restaurant, Matsusaka and Yonezawa. Which do you prefer?”

“I am both”

“Look at your eating habits, dude. Why didn’t you eat that much at home? It’s not like you don’t have money.”

“It’s the way to eat more than usual when traveling.”

Admit that As the saying goes, what you eat is left over, so taking pictures and eating are both entertainments you can enjoy while traveling. No, actually, most of them are two.

The beer I ordered came out, and I saw the owner’s surprised expression in various ways as he drank the 500cc bottle at once and quickly emptied half of it. I saw the cooking skills he showed while grilling lobster.

Beer is just like water, drinking to quench your thirst, and the real thing is soju. I forgot Japanese soju because my memory was hazy, but it still feels good going down my throat.

“Keuuu, that’s good. It would be nice if other days were like today.”

“Come to think of it, you’re a Force user. Can I stay here like this?”

“You just have to stay no more than a certain distance from the lodgings set by the team. This time, we booked lodgings around here. Besides, it’s not like we don’t have free time.”

“My country is on standby 24 hours a day.

“Is that where people live?

First of all, although Force users belonging to a country in Korea or Japan are treated as civil servants, which public servant they belong to is different. Japan is more like civil servants who don’t really have the freedom to leave work on time, and Korea is more like soldiers.

Even on weekends, it’s as if it’s a nominal waiting day. Sibeol, can’t you just leave the officers on duty on their days off?

“Still, there is no better country to live in than Korea if you have money.”

“On the contrary, isn’t it a country where it’s hard to live without money?”

“It’s hard to live in Japan because there are so many things. Force users are okay, but what about ordinary people?”

“I’m not immune to radiation either… But you managed to come to Japan while worrying about that.”

“I’m stronger than radiation”

“It’s good that you’re crazy, you’re ambitious”

You may think it’s a joke, but it’s true… There’s no way something physical like radiation would work for a Transcendentalist. There are a lot of guys who won’t die even if you hit a higher concept.

Are you my wife? Radiation to a guy who would believe even if he went on a day trip to get a hot bath in the sun for a while because his shoulder was sore? Puck.

“It’s nice to talk, but eat some meat. I’m not the only one eating it.”

“Would you like something else to drink? Do you have anything other than soju…”

The boss’s skill was good, but it was a passing grade for my taste. To evaluate teppanyaki dishes solely on their taste, the skill of the cook is more important than anything else, and seeing that, it’s understandable that they’re regulars here.

Drink and eat, drink and eat. And talk

After spending a lot of time, I got a little drunk too. Originally, I would detoxify something like alcohol right away, but I left it alone because I wanted to get drunk on purpose on a day like today.

A feeling of intoxication rises as if the body is floating.

“Honeymoon? I thought it was just a trip. Honeymoon?”

“Uh, I came after I hadn’t even had a wedding and had settled down. That’s why I was late even though it was my honeymoon.”

“I envy you.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t know about my girlfriend, but there is one similar person.”

“Same job?”

“So what”

“You’re not alone, are you? Are you sure it’s like a relationship where only you have a crush and the other person has no feelings?”

“Do you think I’m a guy who can’t tell the difference? I’ve known you for at least 10 years.”

“Even if you’ve been friends for a long time. That’s more than friends and less than lovers. It’s up to you to decide what you want to become. If you’re going to get married, make it clear from now on. It’s too late to go and see?”

“I’m still in my 30’s”

“It’s mid-year. It’s only a matter of time to grow old.”

“You talk like someone who’s lived it once.”

Not once, but fifteen times. Time flies unexpectedly. After that, of course.

What I thought would never come back if I spent it floating around is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

For example, something like global. When I enlisted, I wondered if I was ever going to be discharged, but it’s already been several months since I was discharged. It is an example that is easy to understand for the military writer.

“But is she pretty? That girl?”

“It’s pretty”

“Wait, leave me alone and talk about women?”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re pretty too. You’re the prettiest in the world.”

“It sounds like a good word, but I’ll look at it.”

Shion also seems to be a bit drunk. First of all, my body is adjusted to the level of a normal girl, so most of my metabolism is functioning, so when alcohol enters, I get drunk.

“It’s nice to see you sweet. Is it because you’re newlyweds?”

“Maybe even after a thousand years, they’ll still be newlyweds.”

“All married guys say that at first.”

I want to tell you that only married life has been hundreds of years. It is said that the hormone action of the feeling of love does not last for a few years, but the true affection that comes from the heart lasts a lifetime.

“Anyway, tell me about that pretty girl. How did you meet her?”

“He’s a year older than me. He’s my junior. We met after the Great Depression. I was the first female team member to join, so he took care of me in various ways…”

“Isn’t it that you spent 20s together even if you roughly catch 15 years? That’s half of it as a girlfriend.”

“I never said anything like a confession.”

“Have you no courage?”

“It’s not like that. It’s just because I’m anxious because I don’t know when I’ll die. If we confess and go out, they won’t like being in a dangerous place.”

“One of you has to go out. You’re overdoing it.”

“That’s a problem on its own. I’m not a guy who would be calm at home by nature, and I don’t like to keep you waiting when I might die.”

“The answer is retirement!”

“I can’t. The government is still in their 30s and working hard, so how can I retire? I don’t know if there are other master users other than me, but I’m not just retiring without a successor.”

“Master users aren’t common.”

“Looking at it that way, I like Korea. Who was that? Raccoon Man?”

I got goosebumps for a moment, but I pretended not to know and kept a poker face. I pass it over naturally as if I don’t know.

“Oh, about that department store fire?”

“He looks young, but his skills are amazing. It seems that his abilities have the characteristic of interfering with something. His body strengthening ability is also more than an expert. It seemed like he could definitely become a master if he studied properly.”

I’m sorry, actually Master is so strong that I can kick him.

“If there is a Raccoon Man or something, Korea at least has a successor to Lee Kyung-jin, so I’m envious”

“But, while talking about something, you fell for Raccoon Man… Oh, was it about a girlfriend? Then, the two of you should get along well and then retire. If a man is mature, he should think about getting married, and at the latest, he should do it when he is middle-aged, but there is less time than I thought. At least you should try dating.”

“Love… I want to try it.

“Bastard, then I’ll confess if I lose in a drinking contest with me today? If I lose… Oh, I’ll pay for the computer I bought today.”

“No matter what wins or loses, it’s your duty not to refuse the fight that comes! Come!”

Each of them opened a bottle of soju (that is Japanese-style soju with a large bottle) and went into one shot. The smell of alcohol rises from the inside.

Shion quietly cut and ate the grilled wagyu steak next to him.

“All men are fools”

Noisy, leave it alone!!

After that, I bought all the alcohol in the store as well as alcohol from a nearby convenience store and made a masterpiece, and the decision was made.

“I won aaaaa!!!”


Dozens of bottles of different colors were laid all the way to the floor, and Hibiki slumped his face on the table, admitted defeat, and regained his composure.

Maybe I drank a little too much, and my mind is faintly agitated. I was pleasantly drunk, but I don’t want to detox right away.

“Ah, that’s right. It’s a bit difficult to calculate because the water column has collapsed…”

The shop owner waved his hand at the sudden thought.

“It’s okay. When Hiei-sama wakes up, don’t worry.”

“No. We’ll pay for it this time. We can eat it next time.”

Shion calmly took out her black card and counted it in one go. Even though I ate and drank a lot, seeing that it was all done with a single card, as expected, long live capitalism.

Hiei couldn’t be taken by us due to local queuing problems, so we decided to leave it at the store for a while and let the same team member pick it up.

“Let’s go quickly… Ah, I can’t go to the hotel because the last bus is blocked.

“Don’t open your mouth. It smells like alcohol.”

“It’s been a while since I drank to my heart’s content. Even when I drank with my friends, I never ate like this.”

It was late, past midnight. The streets of Japan are also bright at night. This is mainly because of people who work overtime. Fuck, is it bad if it’s a bit dark at night…

Living in Japan or Korea is the same. It depends on who lives with it. It is said that the law of preservation of ttolai exists in Korea, Japan, and ttolai.

Oh why am I like this Did you really drink too much?

“……I won’t do it today.”

“Why not!”

“Your breath smells like alcohol. I’ll get over it if I drink moderately and feel good, but I don’t like that much either.”

“I’ll just hold your hand and sleep”

“I’m fine with that”

It was bright, but it was still past midnight, so I walked with Xion down the street. Anyway, the atmosphere is good.

“Hold your hand”

“Why did you suddenly become a brat?”

“It’s because it’s cold”

“Now it’s summer weather even at night. Are you so drunk that you can’t even comprehend the muggy air?”

“How about it, let’s hold hands. Hands. Oh, my wife is so cute.”

“I feel like I’m really drunk.”

However, it seems that it did not look natural to others.

“Hey, is it okay for a moment?”

A policeman who was on patrol at night came to talk.

Chunk Chunk Chunk.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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