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The Great Demon King 14

The Great Demon King 14

Chapter 14 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live] ※Including 19 Scenes.

I approached Zion and kissed her. I pressed my lips against the hot lips and stuck my tongue in. Sweet wine flowed between their lips.

He drank the wine and licked her lips. However, she did not quench her thirst and craved more sweets. She crossed her lips, licked and sucked the tongue inside it. Like her obsession, he kept kissing her lips to her without letting go a bit.

More, more, that greedy heat continued to urge me on. I wanted all of her and she wanted all of me.

Eventually, it was only after 15 minutes had passed that Zion and I were separated from each other. I passed that time with just one kiss.


They exhaled hot breaths from each other. The breath was filled with desire for each other beyond simple heat. As if responding to that desire, her breath touched me and I carefully picked her up.

“Do you want to wash up?”

“I am okay”

“A country like that…”

Shion said tight and hugged me by the neck. This time she playfully put her own lips lightly over her mine and kissed her cutely.

“Personally, I prefer something that smells like sweat to something that smells like soap.”

“Having a fetish”

“Aren’t you the same?”

I’m not in a position to say anything. Honestly, I like the smell of sweat more than the smell of shampoo or soap.

Sweat, saliva, and juices are shed, but excretion, that is to say, does not go to the bathroom. So it’s nice that I don’t have to deliberately prepare when I’m back, but if there’s something I’m disappointed in, I don’t even pee.

“……Is it necessary?”

“Your play is a bit hard.”

“It’s a reward in our industry”

I took Shion to the bed as it is and gently laid her down. Even though she was young, she had a strange charm as a woman from before.

“Because it’s the first night of the newlyweds. Wouldn’t it be better to be a little different than normal?”


Shion smiled slightly. Soon, her body began to change. From a child to a perfect adult woman.

Her breasts are not big, but they stand out modestly. A bulging butt as a distinctly feminine. Her beautiful silver hair used to be a little longer than her shoulder blades, but now she has long hair that reaches down to her waist.

She was a beautiful woman who did not feel human except for the expressionless face that seemed devoid of humanity, or rather because of that.

“How is it?”

“You didn’t mind that because it consumed energy, didn’t you?”

“I’m reluctant, but I’m not saying I won’t. Especially on a day like today.”

Shion’s body defaults to a normal elementary school student. If you give her something more change there, she will drain the energy she has accumulated in her.

“I know your taste. Aren’t you blonde, with an eyepatch, and with small breasts?”

“When did you like…”

“People don’t change that easily”

Shion changed her own silver hair to blonde before she knew it. She covers one eye with her black eyepatch, which she created with her own power. Somehow, it was like a character that could come out of a novel. Of course, her apparent age is larger on this side, and her breasts are smaller. To put it bluntly, it is a slender body type.

“This is my own service”

“Then I have to serve you as best I can.”

I think I will be able to do positions that were difficult to do before because of my physique. Shion and I took off each other’s clothes on the bed, heating up our excitement.

Zion’s lips lick my tongue down and bite my throat. Maybe there will be kiss marks on my neck tomorrow.

They stripped each other down to their underwear and became naked. As we hugged each other, we felt the body heat so hot that we felt like we were going to get burned. The weather was summer, but the heat was better.

My cock was already erect. If you don’t stand here, you’re impotent.

“The foreplay…”

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but…”

Shion turned her head away as if embarrassed, and held her hand slightly open. She was already dripping with sticky juice.

Originally, it was insensitivity, if not insensitivity, so I had to catch it by the hour, even for foreplay. In short, it is said that he became an assistant.

“Who is responsible for such a lewd body, and are you talking about that?”


“No matter how insensitive a race is, if you accumulate dozens of times a day for hundreds of years, your sensitivity will increase.”

“Effort is a victory”

The moment I was about to put Shion on the bed. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto her bed. And she got on top of me. It’s a common saying.

From the view below, her bulging breasts and curves that descend to her stomach look enchanting. Unwittingly, she put her hand on her waist.

“Today I am on top”

“Why did the guy who liked being hurt get motivated?”

“Don’t you like being hurt too?”

To put it bluntly, if you ask me whether it’s S or M, I’ll say S. No, it’s not that you’re a brute, but there’s a level where a crying child looks cute. Shion subtly has her M-like tendency, so she prefers doing things rather than moving herself.

Shion grabbed my cock and moved it little by little. Place the tip of her glans against the opening of her own vagina and let it steam for a while.

The sticky liquid from her vagina runs down my glans. Then she bent over and started trying to insert her slowly.


“I’m sorry……”


She may not have known when she was a normal child, but now she looks like an adult woman. It’s a body that wouldn’t be strange if only half of my cock went in, compared to the body that went in a lot. But once she got in, she felt a little snagged.

It feels like there’s something just like that… Ah.

“You can’t even have a hymen?!”

“Isn’t it the first night? Come to think of it, there’s hymen regeneration surgery, but there’s nothing I can’t do. Rather, I feel like I realized it too late.”

“The guy who hates being sick…”

“I don’t like pain, but I quite like pain accompanied by pleasure. It’s a different feeling.”

However, this is why she was deliberately trying to ride. If I had done it as usual, I would have inserted it without even knowing that there was a hymen, and the pain would have come at once. It was pretty weak

As she moved her hips to lower her body, she began to insert them little by little. I don’t know if it’s a big pain at once, but it seems that I can tolerate a little bit of pain that lasts.

“Ah, oh, oh…….”

About a minute long, but as the short time passed, I went so deep into her body that I couldn’t see my cock. Red blood flowed with her juices and soaked her bed sheets.

She had sex with her not once or twice, even when it was her first real experience, but even if she was fake, seeing her virgin blood made her feel something new.


With the achievement of her goal of inserting all of her, she let out a sigh filled with pain and moaning as if her tension was relieved. Her body is said to have been relaxed, but the lower part is the opposite, or the tightening and wrinkles of a completely different feeling continue to be stimulated even though it is just inserted.

“Are you okay? You’re not overdoing it, are you?”

“Wait, don’t make a fuss over the torn hymen… What’s wrong?!”

Shion let out a groan at the rebound as he gently bounced back. Even with her hymen, it wasn’t the first time that she was already having an orgasm. I know this because I am a doctor in this field, but when I fully inserted it earlier, I went lightly once, but I put one side of my ball on it.

“How is it? By analyzing your body this time, we have implemented the uterus and vagina that have the best compatibility.”

“Hey, don’t move. I think it’ll be cold even now.”


As if the pain had already gone, her Zion moved her buttocks. Her ass bobbed up and down with a clicking sound. If it was too tight when she was a child, it was a big problem, but now it seems to be wrapped around her, but the tightening that is hot and pleasant, and the vaginal wrinkles that secretly stimulate the glans area are quickly stimulating.

“You dude…! I’ll get my revenge later!”

“Take the next opportunity. Hey, oh, I’m going to lead today… Oh, hey!”

Squeak Squeak Squeak!!

The mixture of the piston movement of her juices and my Cooper fluids and the sound of her butt colliding with my flesh mingled and reverberated throughout the room with a muddy, lewd sound.

She couldn’t stand the slightest bit of her onslaught. The genitals created by aliens’ arithmetic power target only my erogenous zones and give a pleasant tightening. Only for me With that thought, the tension was relieved, and reflexively, he grabbed Shion’s waist and lowered it, ejaculating as deep as possible inside her vagina.

She also began to catch her breath for a moment and feel the afterglow of her ejaculation. She touched the tip of her cock at the top of Venus Hill, where she was still spitting out semen, with her fingers, and groaned softly.

“It’s a fun feeling whenever I do it. You went first before I went with this after a long time.”

“When you inserted it earlier, you went lightly once.”

“……Nothing like that.”

“Well, yes. Let’s say you win this time.”

Instead, after the second game, I plan to guide you even one point.

I got up and this time reversed it so that I was on top of her. Now it’s my turn to attack.

“Ah, after removing it at least once…”

“You don’t plan on taking it off until tomorrow morning?”

“That’s right?!”

I’m going to keep it inserted until tomorrow morning. Ignore things like fellatio and anal today.

“Even, how much do you plan on doing?”

“Because it’s the first night of the newlyweds, I have to work hard”

Energy is meaningless to transcendentalists. With the same Transcendentalists, you could probably live with only sex for a whole year.

The guy I know locked himself in a room with his wife and did it a thousand times without a break for a week. It’s not just exaggeration, it’s real. He set a new dimensional record with it and became a legend in many ways.

Of course, I can do that too, but at least I know how to control myself. I’m not a lower-body Berserker, do I need to be thirsty for sex? He’s in his prime, but it’s because he’s a virgin. If the middle ear knows the taste of meat, there won’t even be bedbugs left in the temple.

“Let’s do it 40 times in moderation”


*        *    *

In the end, I hung out with Shion until the next morning. He said he did it up to 40 times, but in fact, after 30, I never counted because it was annoying. Still, I probably didn’t go over 40 times.

If you ask me if my energy is crazy, some crazy bastard I know locked himself in a room with his wife for a week and took a thousand shots. Unlike me, who was always unsympathetic after being reincarnated as Hagisa, there must have been a lot of accumulated since the other side was a transcendental person who was stronger than me in virginity. They say stealing, which I learned late, is more scary.

“The sheets are wet. I think this is a bit of a nuisance…”

“Let’s leave a little tip.”

If I knew it would be like this, I would have looked for a love hotel, even if it was a hotel. If Shion says ‘Su, I’m 20 years old’, I might be able to go.

Ah, since it was fiction, is it an exception? I think they won’t let me in even if I show them my passport.

“Comiket is the day after tomorrow, right? Shall we eat something on the way?”



I nodded and agreed to Shion’s words. Although there is a distance from here, it is a distance that can be reached by subway, and if given a day’s time, you can see everything there is to see.

A week seems shorter than I thought. I would have liked it to have been a little longer, about 2 weeks. I can extend it even now, but I can’t because I’m worried about Baek Ri-rang and Seo-ae who will be in Korea.

Well, I have to promise the next one. There is no such thing as a once-in-a-lifetime trip abroad. What should I do, I should go on a domestic trip in moderation. It would be terribly expensive, though.

I packed my wallet and a few things and left the hotel. Oh, I left some tips in 1,000 yen. To be honest, the situation I committed yesterday was a bit so… It wasn’t even a motel, so I used it too much.

Anyway, the destination is Akihabara. It is a place called the sanctuary of otaku. It is a place rich in subculture to the extent that there is a joke that even at immigration, if you ask ‘what is the purpose of your visit?’, You can skip to ‘Akihabara’.


“I came with a black card. You can ask from this side to this side at the store. After all, in capitalist society, money is the most important. Money is the truth.”

“Why is the truth not in English again? Do it in Korean or English, either.”

“Ee-gaku BB-toug Ka?”

“At least do it in a solar system language”

“Exactly, it’s Martian.”

“It’s good that he’s multilingual. Do you pronounce it with vocal organs?”

“Ah, it’s an ice cream shop. I was thirsty, but it worked.”

“I’ll see if you go overboard. Just eat it with mint chocolate flavor.”


Shion expressed her disgust by pretending to vomit. Me and Shion have different personalities, but they have a few things in common, and one of them is that they hate mint chocolate.

Ugh, why are you eating that toothpaste flavored thing? I wish I could just make some toothpaste at home.

At an ice cream chain store that sells 30 kinds of ice cream, each other bought a cone and ate it. I chose the almond bonbon, but Xion subtly chose ‘Mom is an alien’.

“The mother eaten by aliens is an alien……That combination is amazing”

“I think it will be fun for my son to eat later. It will be a spoiler and a foreshadowing.”

“Isn’t it a bit early to plan a child yet?”

“Isn’t it fun to try to cum in a series of ‘Get pregnant!’ As a setting play from time to time?

“It’s like that at work. Not the chicken restaurant, but the main job.”

It’s like receiving Zion as a reward for your main job. It’s prepaid, so you have to work hard to do what you do. I’m like a subcontractor, so to speak, when I come down from above, I have to jump on my feet.

Although the term of the day coming in is an average of several decades, it certainly comes regularly. As I said just now, the reward is like Zion. It is paid in advance and cannot be avoided.

“Afterwards, when we do family research for our children, it’s not possible to write down the father’s occupation as ‘The Great Demon King’, isn’t it?”


“These days, the general public is the trend rather than the Great Demon King. Don’t you know it’s unemployed?”

“You should be ashamed if a boy is unemployed, you bastard”

“Don’t you sometimes reincarnate as a woman?”

“What, why, what, let’s examine my gender identity? Now?”

Do you really think there is such a thing as gender identity for a reincarnated person who is reincarnated as a man or a woman? Of course, I have reincarnated as a man many times, so my personality is close to that, but I have been born as a woman and have been pregnant. I don’t care too much about that.

That’s why I don’t really care about the gender of the other person. Even if Shion became Shota instead of Lori, there would be no problem in loving her. If anything, in my next life, I’ll be a woman.

“Isn’t that the case?”

“Why? It’s because you want to do it once? Then next time, let’s do it as a woman and you as a man. Oh, this is the first time I’ve done that. I’m going to take your virginity away, so this might be a game worth trying.”

“Let’s talk about something else after we’ve talked about things that should have passed. Like pioneering a new play.”

“I’m going to Akihabara, so let’s buy some cosplay goods”

“Don’t try to sneak past topics that you don’t particularly like in nurse uniforms or maid uniforms.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Well, there’s a play I’d personally like to try, the thin-book rape play.”

“Hey, hey, I don’t have that taste anyway.”

“I’m not persuasive on a topic that has a subtle sadistic temperament. And I have a subtle masochistic temperament, so it’s a perfect match.”

“You didn’t want to hear that?!”

Personally, even a thin book is a rape play in the yard where I look for pure love. That’s the part I’m a little reluctant to do. I’ve been married for hundreds of years, but it’s also something I’ve never tried.

…….I’m a little interested.

“I think it would be nice to have a play where you forcefully insert it all the way down your throat while doing blow job, or treat the opponent like an on-a-hole without caring about it.

“Uh, uh, uh…”

Girls are more active! Ah, it became like the title of a thin book of memories.

But well, I think it would be nice to try it at least once if Shion wants it. When a couple’s relationship fades, their married life also becomes estranged. I’ve always been energetic, so I’ve never been like that, but I think a new play should show a pioneering spirit for a smooth couple relationship.

…….It’s a rape play that sees the opponent not as a woman, but as a tool. It’s a bit maniacal. Shion’s taste is really good.

“I always treat you kindly, so sometimes I want to feel rough.”

“Okay. Let’s do it later, later”

“By the way, this is the 1st episode I am preparing. There are also 2nd and 3rd episodes. Please remember this as it is an important foreshadowing and main event.”

“What the hell are you preparing for?”

“I’ll save that for later. You can look forward to it.”

To be honest, I would be lying if I said I had no expectations, but I also have concerns. I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to do to make me expect so much. I can’t even predict this.

After talking about miscellaneous things, we arrived at Akihabara. However, no matter how you think about it, public transportation in Japan is garbage. I don’t want to suck on soup, but Japanese railways are complicated and twisted like a dungeon, so it’s easy to get lost if you’re not familiar with it.

Therefore, if you are traveling to Japan, do your research, local, or travel through a tour package.

I’m glad that you’re in good health. It’s not a country where you can carry guns like the United States.

“Arrived in Akihabara. The smell of virtue is already wafting through.”

“What does Deokjil smell like?”

The streets are quite crowded with people. Not only were there a lot of people, but there were also maids and people wearing fancy costumes, so there were many interesting things to see.

I’ve been coming here for a long time too. Even when reincarnated, it wasn’t reincarnated on Earth every time, so the term occurred in units of hundreds of years, and it felt fresh because I didn’t come to Akihabara every time.

The appearance of a person wearing a cosplay is also often noticeable. Maybe there are people who prepared it because of Comiket.

First of all, I will look around the figure or doujinshi first, and then look at the electronic product side. As for rice… Should we go to the maid cafe? Shion also likes maids, so he might rather ask to go first.

“First, a figure! A figure! Buy a Nendoroid and send it to Korea!”

“This guy got excited about something that wasn’t sex for the first time in a while. Is it something to be passionate about?”

“Before I met you, I decided to only do gacha. Now I’m off limit! Didn’t I already have a separate display room for gacha at home?”

“Ah, that’s right, was the room with the glass showcase for that purpose?!”

Anyway, I’m glad you like it. I held hands and followed Shion, who moved quickly.

……….Lori big breasts Hestia-sama figure, right?

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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