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The Great Demon King 13

The Great Demon King 13

Chapter 13 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Me and Shion have never had a wedding. So, inevitably, I never went to the honeymoon that followed. First of all, the wedding is like Zion’s appearance, and even if he invites, there is no one to invite, so even so, I want to go on a honeymoon.

Even if I’ve been there before, it’s my first time with this body. Besides, if you are going on a trip as a couple, where is anyone to tackle you?

“It’s noisy because of the dimensional earthquake in the news these days.”

“It seems to have increased from last year.”

“It doesn’t seem serious, but isn’t it going to be a big deal later?”

In the morning news, it was reported that the enemy species appeared due to the occurrence of the dimensional earthquake today. The location is not in our country, but in the vicinity……. So it’s on the side of China or Japan.

In our country, one appeared the day before yesterday, so the frequency has increased considerably. I don’t know why the red species appeared, but I don’t think it’s a good intention.

“Should we postpone our honeymoon…”

“There is nothing to worry about. Whatever comes out, just defeat it.”

“That works, but after that is the problem. Overseas, various problems arise.”

For Force users to go abroad, the procedure is complicated. In other words, since walking weapons are leaving the country, they are strictly inspected in every country. Is there no way to get out other than being dispatched outside?

However, I’m a normal person on the surface, and I don’t intend to use my hands unless something like a hostile species appears in front of me.

“The fact that the frequency is increasing means that there is a high possibility that this will happen in the future. Perhaps over time, dimensional earthquakes will occur so often that people will be reluctant to travel abroad.”

“So you’re saying now is the right time?”

“I think you’d better get out before it gets any more noisy.”

“Then where shall we go…”

After about a month, Baekri-do and Seo-ae got used to the store. Baekri is accustomed to strengthening his body with the Force, so he uses it to recover from fatigue or to supplement his strength while working.

The taste was also thoroughly taught, so it got better. I think I’ll be able to go on my honeymoon with peace of mind because I’ve improved enough to take care of the store when I’m not there.

“How about participating in Comiket this time?”

“Is there even a doujinshi you want to buy?”

“Actually, I wanted to buy a doujinshi with a big blue busty girl. I gave up.”

“I’m interested too. Isn’t it noisy these days about anti-Korean sentiment?”

Japan was still trembling as usual while advocating anti-Koreanism. It’s so obvious now that it feels like North Korea provocations sometimes.

Aren’t you tired? In order to cover up Japan’s internal problems, such as Fukushima radiation, I deliberately go outside, and among them, I close my eyes and hold on with my eyes closed with Korea, which is the best place to divert my attention.

I assure you, let’s see if that’s still possible in the next 20 or 30 years. If the radiation issue is not resolved, Japan will face a major crisis.

“Are you going to make and sell radioactive neutralizing materials?”

“Leave it alone. In about 200 years, they will develop it too.”

Oh, it might be faster if it’s not a pure science technology, but a compound technology using the Force. Originally, when science and superpowers are combined and developed, explosive results are bound to be achieved.

“It’s okay because I don’t look Asian, but you might go and hear the noise of Josenjing.”

“It doesn’t matter. If they attack you, just beat them.”

“Then you get caught.”

“You can beat it secretly. It’s fine if you don’t get caught.”

Then let’s try Japan. Shion is actually like Comiket, but he has a lot of interest in it. Radiation is not a problem for me or Shion. It’s close, and I’m good at Japanese at the level of a native speaker, so I don’t have to worry about the language.

Rather than looking for a travel agency, it would be better to go and look around yourself. But Japanese subways are at the level of dungeons.

I need to pack my passport and luggage.

“Visa… Ah, short-term visits to Japan are now visa-free.”

“I’ll take care of the luggage. When are you going to do it?”

“Let’s do it next week or the week after that. I’ll tell the store.”

Since you said you would go on your honeymoon, you just have to tell me when you will go and leave the store. Should I get a little bonus this month?

“I think it would be better to call someone else instead.”


“Isn’t there someone who thinks he’s the assistant team leader of the KFU?”

Oh, I asked him to call me if I had a job, so I think I should talk to him when I go abroad.

I immediately took out my cell phone. Shion deliberately created an untraceable line, so I am connected, but no matter how much I investigate, it is impossible to find my location.

[Ah yes! I’m Jo In-hyung, the team leader! What are you doing?]

“It’s me. I’m going to go on a honeymoon this time.”

[Come to think of it, I heard that you have not been married for a while. Haven’t you gone on your honeymoon yet?]

“So I’m going this time. To Japan”

[…….Yes? Are you Japan? Are you going abroad?]


[Force users, the process for going abroad is complicated. Especially if you’re a master-class Force user… Ah, you’re just an ordinary person, right?]

“There’s no problem with going out.”

[Instead, you shouldn’t be active as a raccoon man overseas. If a force user in Korea secretly appears abroad and is active, they may be punished for smuggling.]

“How well I’ve lived so far. When I hear a dimensional alarm, I jump out once, but it’s rather rare that the last time.”

At that time, it was a rest area in the middle of the highway, so the alarm didn’t go off. There are alarms in places where the population exceeds a certain level, such as cities. If you hear it and jump out, there’s nothing to do.

[But these days, it’s not serious. Also the number of occurrences of dimensional divisions. The level of antagonists also rose suddenly. What will happen when […

“So I have to go now. You’ll call me when something bigger happens. How do I know if I’ll have time then?”

[At least now, when the situation calms down, why don’t you go? It’s not bad to travel domestically than Japan]


Where are you going to use this as you like?

I even called him on purpose to let him know, but it’s easier not to get angry when you hear these words.

“What does it matter that I’m going on a honeymoon that I couldn’t go to with my wife? I’m not saying I’m going to the Middle East, but I’m going to a country right next door. What right do you have to stop me? I treat you with respectful words and treat you well, so you seem easy enough?”

I’m not going to a country with bad security there to propagate like a church somewhere in the past, but I’m going to travel abroad to a country with good security, right next door, where there are master level force users. What does it matter?

If I had known that I was a normal person, would I have sounded like that? He would have told me to have a good trip or to be careful of radiation, but I wouldn’t have stopped him.

I don’t know what kind of heart is stopping me from going on a honeymoon.

[……..Sorry. Have a good trip]

“Okay, hang up”

Now there was no point in saying respectful words. Oh, really, I was upset before the trip.

When I hung up the phone, Shion was staring blankly at me.

“For me, domestic travel isn’t bad either”

“I don’t want to go to a place where I go overboard on every vacation spot and get paid for illegally installed facilities”

“Sometimes when I see that you hate Korea, I wonder if you hate it because you originally didn’t like it.”

“It’s not that everyone hates me. The internet is fast and security is good. What country is better to live in if you have money?”

“That’s right. Where is the security of illegal possession of a gun?”

Overseas, especially in the United States, it is said that because of the hostile species, the number of people carrying guns has increased in case they do not know. Only the gun company was excited. In fact, despite the fact that ordinary people’s firearms cannot do any damage to enemy species.

Thanks to the increase in the number of gun owners, there are also more gun incidents, so security in Korea, where gun possession is illegal, is better than overseas.

“Clothes…Well, I guess I’ll just have to buy that. Just in case you don’t know, I’ll bring a thick wallet.”

“Power Black Card!”

“Ah, that alone is all it takes. Still, you need cash.”

Preparing for a trip feels good. There were a lot of things to pack, but it didn’t feel bad to go on a trip.

I need to book a plane ticket soon.

*        *    *

The preparations for the trip went smoothly. You can leave the store for a while by talking to Baekri and Seo-ae at the store.

The duration of the trip was thought to be a week. I chose it because I thought it would be enough to enjoy the trip.

The hotel was known as a good place and the flight ticket was finally booked. All you have to do is pick up your luggage and head to the airport.

[Yes, bro. Don’t worry and go to the store]

“I’ll leave it to you in the meantime. Say hello to Seo-ae. Don’t ruin the store?”

[Go on a honeymoon and spill sesame seeds. I also buy a present when I come]

“I’m afraid of radiation in Japan, so I can’t buy anything. Instead, I’ll give you a bonus this month.”

[It’s my brother, but what about my sister-in-law? Radioactivity doesn’t cover people.]

“It’s fine as long as you use your abilities. Protecting the people around you 24 hours a day isn’t even a job.”

In fact, let’s hide the fact that radiation can be a nutrient for Shion, but not a harm.

[Then have a good trip. See you next week]

I even said goodbye to Baekri and it was over. We can start right away tomorrow.

“Did you pack everything you need?”

“I’ve got everything. There’s nothing missing, so don’t worry.”

“Sometimes I’m forgetful, so I forget and don’t bring anything with me…But I’m glad you brought it.”

Even reincarnated people and transcendent people are not omnipotent. Because I am a human being, I am imperfect, so I forget and make mistakes.

There have been times when I forgot to bring necessary things.

“Let’s just sleep for today”

“Are you preparing for the first day of your honeymoon tomorrow?”

“I need to eat a lot and replenish my energy… Shall we go eat Japanese eel rice bowl?”

If you go to Comiket and go to Akihabara, the only thing left will be a food trip. Oh, would you like to go there? Zoo in Saitama Prefecture.

“Are you going to see the Ta-Nosihan Humboldt penguins?”

“That would be nice too. Buy some souvenirs.”

Come to think of it, I don’t know what to eat, but I think I can give a souvenir as a gift. If there is radioactivity, it is enough to remove it. Thought was short. It’s a bad thing that happened because I only thought of food when I thought of souvenirs.

Even if you said that, you could buy it. Even if it’s not a big deal, I feel good when I receive a gift, so I’ll buy something useful.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s trip, I laid down on the bed with Shion and went to sleep, but when I closed my eyes for a moment, it was the next day.

That’s so fast.

“I’ve packed everything, so let’s go right away. Incheon Airport, right?”

“It’s a 10:30 ticket. But is it okay to just sit in an ordinary economy seat? If you want, you can get a seat in first class instead of business class.”

“But what’s wrong with wasting money? If it takes all day, I don’t know, but I’ll only ride for a couple of hours, so there’s no need to choose an expensive seat, right?”

Plus, economy seats can be a bit closer together. Ah, this is a personal desire.

It doesn’t take too long to get to Japan, the country next door. It takes about 2 hours from Incheon to Tokyo at most, so you can arrive by sitting down and waiting for a while. There is no inflight meal either.

We leave the house with our suitcases, wallets, and passports. I’ll be back in a week, so let’s lock the door.

“I activated the security system, so no worries”

“What is it? Secom?”

“It’s nothing special, it just erases the intruder from the world on a molecular level.”

“Hey, that’s scary. What kind of security system would you put something like that on?”

“It’s a joke”

Well, you must have installed an alarm or something. I wouldn’t worry if Shion did it.

I was able to get to the airport without any problems. It’s just a matter of taking the limousine bus that goes directly to the airport. It’s the holiday season and it’s crowded with people who want to go on a trip. How many of these people go abroad?

I looked at the time and it was 9:30. There was about an hour left until the flight time, so I didn’t even eat breakfast, so I decided to eat at a restaurant inside the airport to fill my stomach. As for the menu, I chose kimchi jjigae at a snack bar-like place.

“Oh, come to think of it, I’ll have to boil some kimchi stew later.”

“Your kimchi stew was very delicious. Please do it after returning from your trip in Japan.”

“Okay, I need to show off my skills after a long time.”

Of the skills I’ve accumulated over and over again, except for killing someone, if I had to pick one thing I’m good at, it would be cooking. It is impossible for a person to live without food, and I did it as a hobby. Among them, the most popular menu is kimchi stew. I’ve never made kimchi in a place where kimchi doesn’t exist among the reincarnated worlds, but it’s still my favorite menu. It received good reviews from everyone who ate it, so if I hadn’t opened a chicken restaurant, I would have opened a snack bar.

The snack bar at the airport restaurant was just okay. I didn’t expect great taste from this place in the first place.

Eventually, it was time to board the plane. The stewardess’ eyes were drawn to Shion’s appearance, but she was surprised to find out that she was an adult despite her appearance.

For the first overseas trip in my life, even the tedious waiting time was enjoyable. Since I was chatting with Shion next to me, there might be something like that.

“It looks like it’s lunchtime when we go. What do you want to eat? The hotel is in Shinjuku, so I thought it would be better to think about the time to go.”

“Hmm… The only food that comes to mind when thinking of Japan is sushi or sashimi. Is there anything to eat in the city?”

“So, why don’t we eat late at the hotel, or eat yakiniku in the neighborhood… Oh, come to think of it, why don’t we visit the restaurants that came out of a lonely gourmet?”

“That’s not a bad idea. I’ll try to find it somewhere first.”

After spending some time chatting, the plane started preparing for takeoff. I put on my seatbelt and waited for a while with the announcement, and then I felt a faint pressure and at the same time I saw the runway passing down outside the window.

2 hours seems long, but surprisingly short. I asked the stewardess for a drink or made a more detailed plan for what to do with Xion in Japan, so there were only about 15 minutes left before landing.

It was as if time passed on vacation over my first recruit. It goes fast, like a story about leaving the cigarette I was smoking on the day of vacation and putting it in the flower bed, and then I went on vacation and the cigarette was still burning. It would have been nice if my military life had gone so quickly.

[Passengers. The aircraft is scheduled to land at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan soon. Please take a seat and fasten your seat belt]

When I heard the announcement, I prepared to get off. There was only one suitcase, and I put it in the luggage compartment, so I didn’t have anything to pack, but I checked to see if there was something like a passport because I had to use it at the immigration checkpoint.

After the plane landed and waited for a while, everyone got up busily to get off with another announcement.

“Is immigration next?”

“Huh? Aren’t you used to this? At least the time you spent on planet Earth seems to be longer than me if you add it all up.”

“I’ve been to Earth many times as an extraterrestrial, so I’ve been given special treatment, so it’s rare for me to go through this normal formal process.”

“Then I’ll be the top here. I’ve been to enough to bite overseas.”

Japan does not require a visa for tourism purposes. It is not a country next to Korea for nothing.

Me and Shion headed to the immigration checkpoint. The words are only a formal confirmation of the immigration inspection site. Because it just goes through with a few questions.

“Hello. For what purpose did you visit?”

The judge greeted me with a slight smile. A little awkward pronunciation for a Korean. Being a Japanese airport employee, it is natural that he is Japanese.

I handed over Shion’s passport at once and said.


“Where do you plan to visit mainly?”

“First of all, the biggest goal is Comiket”

The judges seemed to agree with the name Comiket.

“What’s your relationship with the group?”

“A couple”


Slightly, Shion pulled out her marriage certificate. Your age will be written in your passport, so your age is fine, but you need a marriage certificate.

He must be able to read Korean because he is in charge of immigration in Korea. When he read the marriage certificate, an expression of disapproval passed by.

“Even if you look like this, you’re an adult”

When Shion motioned to see the personal information section of her passport, there was no problem on the surface even if she didn’t understand in her heart.

“It looks like you came personally, not as a travel agency. How about interpreting?”

“I’m good at Japanese. No problem.”

The judge asked him in Japanese.

“[Where are you thinking of staying?]”

“[Cerlian Tower Tokyu Hotel in Shinjuku. I’ve made a reservation]”

As if a little surprised, the judge opened his eyes wide.

“You speak Japanese well. There were some people who did it sometimes, but the pronunciation was awkward, but it’s enough to believe that you’re the same Japanese.”

“At least because I didn’t learn from anime”

There was a time when I was reincarnated as a Japanese. I learned native Japanese at that time.

Thanks to this, there is no problem with listening and speaking, and reading and writing are also possible.

“Welcome. Welcome to Japan. Have a nice trip.”

The examiner put the residence permit sticker on the passport. Pass through

After that, Shion and I were able to set foot in Japan in earnest.

*        *    *

Actually, my feelings about Japan are not that bad. Rather friendly, I think.

In the past, I hated it because it was a war criminal country that invaded Korea indiscriminately, because the behavior of the extreme right was annoying, but I did not like it for that reason, but my perception changed with one demonstration I met by chance.

It wasn’t a strange demonstration, it was a protest where Japanese people walked around saying ‘Let’s be friendly’ in awkward Korean. I’m not sure because it was a long time ago, but it was probably an anti-far-right demonstration or a friendly protest.

It was an opportunity to open my eyes a little wider. At that time, I blindly hated everything including the Japanese, but I didn’t try to think deeply. So after that, I decided to look at the parts first, then look at the whole, and then judge.

After going through many experiences, the conclusion I came to is that most of the shit is the government. It is the government’s job to promote policies of the far right and to commit foolish acts.

Politicians who make such remarks sometimes have higher approval ratings, but there are still some Japanese who rather like Korea.

Why do we also hate Japan, but there are guys who are pro-Japanese in the lower half of the body?

“If you go to Saitama Prefecture, there is Kasukabe City, where the author of Crayon Shinchan lived, so it would be nice to go there.”

“Ah, really? I didn’t know that. Crayfish brings back memories, so I still watch it from time to time.”

I was going to go see the zoo, but since Kasukabeshi is over there, I think it would be a good idea to go.

Ah, I suddenly thought of something like Studio Ghibli. As expected, there are more things that come to mind after planning a trip.

After coming out of the airport, I ate at a shop called Titi in the nearby Ota Ward. This is a shop that sells shrimp fresh spring rolls that appeared in Lonely Gourmet. The spring rolls were delicious.

Even taking the train to the hotel in Shinjuku was quite far. I’m thinking of renting a car.

No, I’ll just take a taxi. One way or another, if you spend a lot of money and time, a more convenient taxi would be better.

And when we arrived at the hotel, the hotel we booked was the Serlian Tower Tokyu Hotel.

“I think I know why you got here.”

“Equipment is fine”

“That’s not the name of the hotel…”

“Isn’t your name also Tanoshi?”

“They’re not friends.”

This is a well-equipped luxury hotel. So, we decided to have dinner at the hotel. A restaurant like this is guaranteed to taste good. Sometimes there are hotels that serve as a buffet, but it’s not bad to eat. Buffets are always right.

I wanted to go around downtown Shinjuku, but there’s not much to see. Most of them are entertainment districts or office buildings. But the night view is beautiful. After dinner, Zion and I watched the night view from the window in the room.

We ordered wine from room service. I don’t have alcohol to cover, but Shion likes sweets, so she ordered a dessert wine.

Let’s share a toast with a wine glass while watching the night view in an atmospheric atmosphere. I think it was a good trip.

Even though she appears expressionless on the outside, her expression of slight pleasure is revealed on her face. FYI, I’m the only one who can figure this out. It’s a change in her expression that even her cousin and brother don’t recognize.

“Isn’t the night view beautiful?”

“Yes, that’s right. In Korea, the lights at night are a little like the harmful effects of working overtime, but it feels different here.”

“Hey, Japan is also full of formidable black companies. Perhaps most of them are people who work overtime?”

“To think that this night view is the fruit of human blood and sweat. Somehow it feels pitiful.”

“I would have been working somewhere if you hadn’t come. I might have worked at a manual labor board to earn money and run a small food truck.”

“It is the wife’s duty to support her husband.”

“Honestly, I feel like I’m not at the level of my assistant, but I’m the pillar of the West.”

So I feel a bit sorry. My economic power is not mine, but Zion’s. It bothers her that she continues to be indebted to her, even if, on her part, earning her money legally is a very simple task.

“You don’t have to think that way. I do the brain work, and you do the power. Isn’t it the husband and wife relationship that divides and supports each other like that?”

“Even though it’s pure destructive power, it’s stronger than me”

As Shion subtly clenched her fist, I turned her head to look at the night view and smiled.

If you ask me who would win if Zion and I fight, I win. However, purely considering the destructive power of the majority and range, Zion is the top.

I’m a boss raid character, not a siege character. In short, I am a warrior, and Shion is a wizard.

I’m happy just sitting down and chatting. Even if I didn’t have money, if I had Zion, I would have been happy. Even if she rolls in the gutter, even if her limbs are blown off, she just needs to be there.

“Ah, alcohol…”

Because the alcohol was strong, and since it was a dessert wine, it was sweet and not strong, so I passed it all the time, and the wine was already running out of the bottle.

Even though I brushed it off, a drop or two fell out and it was over.

“There’s a little left to remove. Would you like to take a sip?”

“No, you can order more…”

Shion pretended to hand over the wine from her own glass, and she drank herself. She didn’t swallow it, but held it lightly in her mouth.

And then grinning and laughing That look made me realize what it meant.

This is a honeymoon And there’s something to do on the first day of your honeymoon.

“If you say that, shall we take a sip?”

To say that Zion did the mood, not me. I’m still far away

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
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The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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