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Survive as a Golden Sun in University 62

Survive as a Golden Sun in University 62

Chapter 62 – Pretty Freshman Ha Seo-Eun

And among the newbies who showed their faces, I caught a woman who hesitantly walked towards where I was standing.

“Um… Senior?”

The freshman female student I caught did not enter the elementary school building where the auditorium is located.

The female student stopped in front of me and wiggled her fingers.

“Before I came. A lot of other classmates came…?”

From her gait to her voice and actions, the new female student showed a timid personality,

Her face looking up showed that the photo posted in her self-introduction was true.

Ha Seo-eun, based on her self-introduction on her café, the only woman I targeted was

She showed off even more beauty than the photo she posted in her self-introduction.

Bright eyes, skin as white as snow, but cheeks flushed due to the cold wind,

A well-defined nose and lips, a smoothly drawn jawline,

As soon as I saw Ha Seo-eun, I thought she was cute, and her hair tied in a ponytail had a subtle charm.

“How many people is that many?”


“Other classmates. How many people must have come to think that there are many?”

When I asked him about his small height of about 160 cm, he reacted with surprise.

Although Ha Seo-eun had a cute and lively appearance, her personality was timid.

“… Twenty people?”

“Not even ten people have arrived yet.”


“Don’t you want to sit in the front row?”

Since she has a timid personality, it was natural that she didn’t want to be in the front row.


Ha Seo-eun nodded her head, showing that she did not want to sit in the front row, and because she lowered her head, her ears and tail were droopy, like a puppy.

“Then don’t go into the auditorium, but help me.”

Ha Seo-eun was quite different in appearance and personality from the women I had met so far.

Kim So-yoon, Song Hana, and Bae Ye-jin, whom I have met so far, are all taller than 165 cm and have a graceful body,

The three women had a strange personality with their own colors.

“… Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Actually, I don’t have anything, but I said I don’t want to go in, so just talk to me outside.”

Therefore, Ha Seo-eun, who is less than 160 cm tall and has a timid personality, came to her as a new stimulus.

“I’m not good at talking, so it won’t be fun…”

“It’s no fun standing alone.”

“… Can I stay here?”

“Yes, you can stay there. Oh, if seniors in the department or my classmates come, should I let you know?”

She entered the auditorium early and placed Ha Seo-eun next to me because she didn’t want to sit in the front row.

Before Ha Seo-eun and other men came into contact with new stimulation,

I have to construct an image of her as someone her senior can trust.

“No. It might be annoying, but it’s okay.”

“Is there my motivation for that?”

When an unknown problem or something difficult to solve arises, Ha Seo-eun is the senior to contact.

That was the image I had to compose, and I used every element I could to compose the image.

“Noona Seona!”

“Hello, but Taeyang, do you know that everyone calls me that these days because of you?”

“Yes, this is easier to sing.”

The image is composed using Noh Seon-ah, a second-year student approaching the elementary school.

Seon-ah, with her gentle appearance, was able to approach people comfortably even when she was meeting them for the first time.

“Hmm. It’s easy to call, right. Is there a freshman next to me?”

“Oh, I was bored, so I asked you to talk to me.”

Ha Seo-eun, who has a timid personality, looked much more at ease when Seon-ah was by her side.

“I don’t think so… I think they kept it because it was pretty…”

“Oh, no!”

Ha Seo-eun, who was relieved of her tension, could have raised her voice and denied Seon-ah’s words.
Even though her cheeks were blushing as she was embarrassed by her actions, Ha Seo-eun took my side.

“Sister, listen carefully.”


“I guess sitting in the front row is burdensome because you have a timid personality. I’ll let you in later.”

“Ah… Yes, come in slowly. I’ll go in first?”

My plan to create a trustworthy senior image was going quite successfully,

Seon-a Seon-ah, who helped me create a good senior image, left after hearing what I whispered.

“Are you worried?”

“… Yes.”

Even when Seon-ah leaves her place, Ha Seo-eun remains by my side and shows her concern.

“I see that my first impression was ruined.”

“I… Am I really screwed?”

“No. Seon-ah is kind and cute, right? But I still apologize when I see her.”


Thanks to the incident where Ha Seo-eun raised her voice and denied Noh Seon’s words, the distance between us decreased.

“The person who just entered is my classmate. Just memorize his face.”

“Yes, I will memorize it.”

Ha Seo-eun accepted my favor so that she would not make the mistake she made with Seon-ah again.

I told them the grades of the people coming to the elementary school,

Ha Seo-eun only briefly memorized the grades I told her and the faces of those people.

“The new students aren’t coming. Isn’t it cold?”

“No. It’s not cold.”

“Then even if I give you a hot pack, I won’t accept it.”

“Yes, it’s okay if you don’t give me a hot pack. I’m really not cold.”

In addition to the grade level of the people in the department, I also provided brief information, so I was able to talk naturally.

Ha Seo-eun also did not bow her head or hesitate to speak,

There were times when he accepted the favors I gave him, and there were times when he rejected them, like now.

“Ah! Give me the sign!”

And, there were times when Ha Seo-eun showed favor to me.

“If your hand gets cold, tell me.”

“Yes, I will definitely say it!”

Ha Seo-eun, who received the sign, waved it at the students approaching the elementary school.

“Seo-eun, what are you doing here?”

“Helping senior!”

Among the new students who came to the elementary school, there was a student who was familiar with Ha Seo-eun.

“Ah! Hello!”

“Hello. Are you in the same group as Seo-eun?”

“Yes! This is Choi Ye-eun, who joined Seo-eun!”

The Social Welfare Department student council created several groups, including freshmen and second- and third-year students.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the same group as Ha Seo-eun,

She met her classmate Ha Seo-eun, who was in the same group, and showed her liveliness in her photo.

A smile appeared on the faces of Choi Ye-eun and Ha Seo-eun as they chattered with her lively voice.


“I’m talking to a friend.”

With a smile on her face, Ha Seo-eun let go of her story with Choi Ye-eun for a moment.

“Senior, the hot pack is…”

“You wrote it and put it in your pocket, but it wasn’t very warm.”

After changing the signs and hot packs, Ha Seo-eun and Choi Ye-eun were sent to the bench in front of Sohak Hall.

Honestly, it was difficult to keep Ha Seo-eun by my side in the name of asking for help,

Since Ha Seo-eun also met her friend, giving her some time off was a better option.

10 minutes, after I sent Ha Seo-eun to Choi Ye-eun, after some time she was left to guide her by herself,

What I thought was a better choice became the right choice.

“Senior, can I go in first?”

“Yes, of course. When you go in, sit in the front row first.”

“I understand. But, can you please talk to me comfortably?”

Choi Ye-eun, who had the boldness of a newbie, did not naturally let go of her words, but instead demanded that she let go of her words.

“Okay, hurry up and get in. It’s cold.”

“Yes, brother, please come in quickly too!”

Then, when I spoke comfortably, he seemed to think he should get something too, so he called me his brother.

“Seo-eun, is Ye-eun’s personality really like that?”

“Yes, even in the group messenger room, I called my seniors ‘oppa’ and ‘unni’.”

“Seo-eun, what about you?”

“Huh? Ah… I called you senior…”

The distance that had diminished widened again after Choi Ye-eun visited, and an awkward atmosphere flowed between the two of us.


I didn’t like the awkward atmosphere. It is more dangerous when a man and a woman are in an uncomfortable relationship rather than in a comfortable relationship.

As if to prove it, Ha Seo-eun quietly called out to her senior,

Her small hands were holding the hot pack I gave her.

“Did you use it all?”

“Yes, thank you for the hot pack…”

Ha Seo-eun hands back her hot pack, and I receive the hot pack she handed me.

“Are you going to go in?”

Quite a few newbies came, and there was no particular reason for Ha Seo-eun, who handed me a hot pack, to be next to me.

“No. I’ll go in with my senior.”

Nevertheless, Ha Seo-eun remained by my side. The awkwardness that arose between the two of us was the cause,

Choi Ye-eun was also the cause.

The awkwardness that arises because it is not between a senior and a junior, but between a man and a woman

Choi Ye-eun, who called her senior as her oppa or her older sister, also told me to call her oppa,

Now she has led Ha Seo-eun, who has just entered university, to act impatiently.

“How many times do you sleep, senior?”

“Joe 3, do you know anyone?”

“No. I don’t know about the other groups… The only person in group 3 who knows is my senior.”

She asks Ha Seo-eun for information about me, who was only trying to memorize the information I gave her.

“How many trillion are you worth?”

“I’m in group 5. Does anyone know you?”

“No, I only know you.”

“Ah… Yes.”

Her growing distance gradually narrowed differently, and Ha Seo-eun twitched her fingers more often.

“Senior, you didn’t say anything…? To my classmates in the same group.”

When her fingers stopped wiggling, Ha Seo-eun asked a meaningful question.

It was as if she was trying to confirm that she was special to me,

Now that she understood the intent of her question, she couldn’t have known what answer Ha Seo-eun wanted.

“No, I tend to talk face to face.”

“… Then, am I the first?”

“He’s speaking strangely. Uh, you’re the first junior to talk to him.”

Ha Seo-eun’s face blushed when she told me that she was a special person to me.
Her face was red not because of the cold winter wind, but because of embarrassment.

“Sorry for speaking strangely…”

Ha Seo-eun has nothing to be sorry about, there is only something for me to be happy about.

Although Ha Seo-eun has a timid personality and cute appearance, she knows everything as a 20-year-old woman.

She knew what she said and what I meant when I pointed out that it was strange, and we were able to look at the other person with reason.

“No, where did you not say it was sexual harassment?”

“Huh…?! I didn’t think like that!”

The moment has come to use the image of a trustworthy senior.

What Ha Seo-eun said at first was nothing more than the stage of recognizing each other as a man and a woman.

Ha Seo-eun did not express her displeasure at what I did, and even when I directly told her that I was sexually harassing her, she immediately denied it.



“Since a lot of new students have entered, let’s go in as well. I’ll leave the guidance to my classmate.”

“Ah… Yes, let’s go in…”

A time when the distance was narrowed between seniors and juniors, but because of Choi Ye-eun, the distance widened again and narrowed between men and women.

From the first day of reserve training, the intense relationship with Ha Seo-eun continued without breaking even after entering the auditorium.

“Joe 5, please come up and introduce yourself.”

In the turn of self-introduction, Choi Tae-wook, student council president of the Department of Social Welfare, called Group 5,

Ha Seo-eun, a senior in Group 5, stood side by side with her classmates, her eyes focused on me.

Survive as a Golden Sun in University

Survive as a Golden Sun in University

대학교에서 금태양으로 살아남기
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Six feet tall, athletic body, 20+ centimeter cock, coppery skin and blond hair,
and a history of being kicked out of his house for stealing his neighbor's married wife.

Kim Tae Yang grew up in South Korea and entered university.
Even in virtual lectures, where he couldn't meet his classmates and seniors, he took advantage of women's weaknesses.


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