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Survive as a Golden Sun in University 61

Survive as a Golden Sun in University 61

Chapter 61 – The Beginning of Second Year and a Pretty Freshman

The next month, February, I had the opportunity to enjoy a new department event as a second year student.

[Hey, don’t pay attention to new students.]

“No, I wanted to do that too, but when I saw the self-introduction posted, I saw that there was a pretty girl.”

Friday, February 17th, is the day when reserve classes are held for new students in the Department of Social Welfare.

From early in the morning, the cell phone was noisy with calls from Kim So-yoon,

Kim So-yoon, who went down to her parents’ house for vacation, kept her hot-headed freshman in check.

[Pretty girl, who?]

“Even if you tell me the name of the café for the 22nd and 23rd class, I can’t use my sister’s ID.”

[Hey, so annoying… Are you only going to treat me like your older sister at times like this?]

Kim So-yoon was unable to join the café, where department information is uploaded and where freshmen, sophomores, and student council members are encouraged to become friends.

Even if you sign up, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students must post a self-introduction including a photo.

There was no way Kim So-yoon, who was a third-year student and not a member of the student council, would post her self-introduction.

“I’ll treat you like a sister properly on the first day of school.”


“So, don’t be jealous like a big sister, but hope that I do well with the new students and the reserve team.”

[What… Why do I want that?]

It was easy to appease Kim So-yoon even when she was acting tsundere. All she has to do is throw in one thing she wants and wait for her bite.
Even just now, on the first day of school, Kim So-yoon’s voice changed when she said that I would treat her like an older sister.

[Ah! Hey, if there’s a kid who’s being annoying during the reserve game, tell me.]

“There were some returning students?”

[Don’t worry about it, just tell me everything. Got it?]

The calm voice was mixed with worry, and the call ended with Kim So-yoon showing off her kind personality.

And, she hung up on Kim So-yoon, but there were more calls on my cell phone.

[Did you finish calling?]

“Yes, Soyun’s sister called first, so I couldn’t answer your call.”

Song Hana, who called her around the same time as Kim So-yoon, was also at her parents’ house for her vacation.

[Oh, I see… What did Soyun and her older sister say?]

Lee Kang-hoon had a big influence on Song Ha-na not working part-time during the winter vacation and going back to her parents’ house.

Even though she grew up with Song Hana since her childhood,

Lee Kang-hoon and Song Hana were of different genders, and problems inevitably arise for a 21-year-old man.

Lee Kang-hoon, who was about to enlist in the military, went down to his parents’ house, and Song Ha-na’s parents, who had lost their watcher, called their daughter home.

Because of that, Song Hana left her messenger in the morning, or I called her every day.

“One, I think you said the same thing you wanted to say to me?”

[Hit! I was going to tell the new student not to be nice to me…]

Today again, without fail, Song Hana, who called, repeated the same words that Kim So-yoon said.

Kim So-yoon, who told the new student not to pay attention to her, and Song Ha-na, who told her not to be nice to him. I didn’t just dislike the obsession of the two women.

“Soyun is similar, she told me not to pay attention.”

[Oh, did you?]

“Yeah, but when I told him he would do something for me, he hung up and said he wouldn’t say anything more.”

I trained Kim So-yoon in the first phone call, and through that, I was able to train Song Ha-na as well.

[What did you decide to do?]

Song Hana was very curious about her desires and sexuality, about her deviance.
I was very curious about what I was going to do for Kim So-yoon, so it was tantalizing.


Instead of telling Kim So-yoon what he was going to do, he silenced her.

[Taeyang, can’t you hear me? Sun?]

On the phone, where I can’t even hear my breathing, a heartbroken Song Hana desperately calls my name.


“Sorry, I heard a noise outside, so I went out and came back. Did you say something important?”

[Yes…! I didn’t say anything important! There’s nothing going on outside, right?]

When Kim So-yoon’s voice was mixed with disappointment, when she spoke, the sadness in her voice immediately disappeared.

“But, Hana, how much did we talk about?”

[What So-yoon decided to do for her sister was cut off while she was talking.]

At this stage, Song Hana listens more closely to my voice.

I felt like she was holding her breath until I spoke, and I calmly confessed the promise I made to Kim So-yoon.

[Taeyang is calling you noona…?]

On the first day of school, I will treat Kim So-yoon as my older sister. Since Kim So-yoon is older than me, it was natural, but Song Hana gave it special meaning.

If Kim So-yoon is treated as her older sister, her leadership will also be transferred to Kim So-yoon, and that stimulates Song Ha-na’s tendencies.

“I promised, so I have to call you sister at least for one day.”

[Me too…]

Song Hana wanted a relationship that she had never had before or something different.
At the end of her summer vacation, she took the pill beforehand, so much so that she was even allowed to cum inside her vagina.

Even for me, it was difficult for her to gauge Song Hana’s curiosity about her sexuality.

“Can you call me sister too?”

[Ugh… Other than sister, I prefer other titles.]

Still, it’s just difficult to estimate, but it’s not difficult to use.

“What title?”

[… A title that Yejin sometimes uses?]

“What? Honey, something like that?”


When Song Hana’s curiosity was stimulated by her involvement with Kim So-yoon or Bae Ye-jin, unexpected results often emerged.

This time too, Song Hana wanted a new title, Yeobo, and I tried to show her greed even more in the relationship between Song Hana and Yeobo.

“I need to buy an apron.”

[Huh? Why am I suddenly buying an apron?}

“Hang up the phone and search for ‘airpron’ among the events offered to men.”

[Airpron… Is the English word for apron, right?]

I expected Song Ha-na to play Naked Airpron, something that even Bae Ye-jin couldn’t do.

“Search it. Other things will come up. If you can, I’ll call you honey.”

[… When?]

“On the day I want to do it.”

Song Hana, who was preparing for the air front event and wanted to hear her voice, got ready to hang up on her.

[March 3…]

With Song Hana setting the date two days after the start of her semester, the results of her Air Prom event will be released on Friday, March 3rd.

“Okay. I’ll just assume it’s done then, right?”

[Yes, ah! Are you doing well in the reserve unit?]

After proposing an event and promising to repay the favor, Song Hana’s obsession decreased.

Just like Kim So-yoon, Song Hana hung up the phone and told her to do well in reserve.

‘When the semester starts, I need to work on my discipline.’

I was still able to deal with Kim So-yoon and Song Hana, but the time we were apart during winter break was long.

She seemed possessive and clingy, which she wouldn’t have been if she had been in school, and although she didn’t hate it,

On the first day of school, I planned to hang out with Kim So-yoon and Song Hana until the weekend so that they wouldn’t show obsession.

[Yes, I received a call.]

To do that, she called Bae Ye-jin.

“When will the work be done?”

[Um… I can finish it before March at the latest.]

Bae Ye-jin, who has the characteristics of a married woman, was in charge of coordinating between Kim So-yoon and Song Hana.

Bae Ye-jin played a big role in the three women not fighting over one man.

Bae Ye-jin was a kind older sister to Kim So-yoon and Song Ha-na, and she fulfilled several of their wishes.

Kim So-yoon was able to take the initiative in her relationship thanks to Bae Ye-jin,

Song Hana was able to learn the obscene techniques and expressions used by Bae Ye-jin.

“Then it could be on March 1st.”

[Yes, all you have to do is pack your bags.]

So, Bae Ye-jin, who helped deal with Kim So-yoon and Song Hana, is in the process of divorcing her from Choi Seong-han,

I decided to find a room near the university and stay near me until March.

Fortunately, Bae Ye-jin’s parents cared for her daughter, and Choi Seong-han left Bae Ye-jin alone, criticizing her for going fishing every weekend.

With the help of her parents, Bae Ye-jin’s divorce and her move went smoothly,

I was able to get Bae Ye-jin into the promised schedule from March 2nd to 3rd.

[Won’t you hate it? It’s time to be alone with the owner.]

“You two can do it together and do it towards the end.”

[Wow… That’s too much.]

“I can’t help it because my obsession has gotten worse. I need to stop worrying about it unnecessarily.”

After listening to Kim So-yoon and Song Hana’s sex fantasy, they have a second match with Bae Ye-jin.

This was the surest way to assure them that I would not abandon them and that they would not wither away in indifference.

In this way, you can appease the possessiveness and obsession that intensified during the winter vacation and add a new woman to your harem.

[I’m not worried even if you add more women.]

“I knew that. Teach the new kid well.”

[Yes, when you come in.]

The phone call with Bae Ye-jin also ended.

Now, after appeasing Kim So-yoon and Song Ha-na’s obsession from early in the morning and telling Bae Ye-jin about her plan, she has set her next goal.


Name: Ha Seo-eun

Date of birth: 2004. 04. 08

Hobby: Reading…?

Priorities (sleep, food, alcohol)

: Sleep! 〉〉〉〉 Rice 〉 Alcohol.

Nickname: I don’t have one, so I wish I had a new one!

Future dream: I want to work at a general welfare center!


Below the brief information written in the café’s self-introduction, there was a photo that caught her eye.

A woman with a lively appearance with hair dyed ash gray tied in a ponytail,

Out of the 40 freshmen, she was the girl I was aiming for, and today, I can see her face in person in her photo.

“Hello, senior.”

“Huh? Why did you come so early? And why are you wearing a hat?”

Choi Tae-wook, who was the vice president of the soccer club and then went on to become president of the plain clothes and student council,

He was originally scheduled to join the army after finishing his sophomore year, but he got a new girlfriend.

“First impressions are important.”

“So, oppa, if I show this guy’s hair, what will the freshmen girls think of the plain clothes department?”

“Ah… That’s right.”

The woman who agrees with me, ever since we did group work together in the first semester of first grade,

Kim A-ram, who often went to karaoke bars or went out drinking together, became Choi Tae-wook’s girlfriend.

The two, who had shown signs since the first semester, came to fruition during this winter vacation,

Choi Tae-wook and Kim A-ram helped me, and I sincerely congratulated them.

Even though I enjoyed playing Geumtaeyang, I never took Kim A-ram away from Choi Tae-wook until the day I died.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Can I ask you to do hard work?”

“Yes, well, it’s okay.”

“Then, hold up this sign outside and tell me where the reserve unit is.”

I thought it was a job to carry heavy luggage, but the job was to guide new students outside the building in mid-February.

‘Is it actually better because I can see the face in advance?’

Wearing civilian clothes and holding a sign with a large arrow indicating the location of the reserve unit, I went outside.

Even when the cold wind passed by her face, she carefully checked her surroundings,

After seeing the sign, not a single one of the freshmen who came to where I was wearing a mask.

“When you enter the auditorium, sit in the front row first.”


And, among the newbies who showed their faces, I caught a woman who hesitantly walked towards where I was standing.

Survive as a Golden Sun in University

Survive as a Golden Sun in University

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Six feet tall, athletic body, 20+ centimeter cock, coppery skin and blond hair,
and a history of being kicked out of his house for stealing his neighbor's married wife.

Kim Tae Yang grew up in South Korea and entered university.
Even in virtual lectures, where he couldn't meet his classmates and seniors, he took advantage of women's weaknesses.


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