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The Pure Love That Is Being Eaten, Golden Taeyang

The Pure Love That Is Being Eaten, Golden Taeyang

따먹히는 순애 금태양
Native LanguageKorean

changed the style with a golden sun. From then on, crazy couples try to fuck me. I have a girlfriend…? NTL (Compulsory)

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  1. Arlos says:

    I feel genuinely horrified by what the MC has to go through, wow.

  2. Phantom says:

    I also feel bad for the MC. These women are crazy and he doesn’t want any of it but blackmailed into it. Heck even the boyfriend of the second girl was happy her attention was on the MC so he could finally be free.

  3. NovaShadow says:

    Honestly, as a harem lover, i’m usually gunning for harem endings. But this series is one of the few with heroines so trashy that i genuinely can’t accept any ending other than a pure love one with his original girlfriend

    Also, i usually like POV changes as it’s adds depth but this author doesn’t understand TMI – especially when you’re using POV changes to overly describe their experience with a guy other than MC

  4. The.Not.Really.My.Name says:

    Pure love?

    Spoiler: nah bro his gf is the worst of them all

  5. Blaze says:

    What happens with the girlfriend?

  6. dendi says:

    why is his girlfriend the worst?

  7. The.Not.Really.My.Name says:

    She gaslighted him for over 10 years to the point he doesn’t realize it himself.

  8. Hakdog34 says:

    Yeah what a dumbo ending. MC’s brain gets nerfed in thr final arc to a point that his decisions didn’t make any sense. Also, given the mindset of the heroines, leaving them to dry out for 3 years should’ve led to a bad ending (either getting taken away by another way or go ded because what’s life without the MC? as they always narrate) but nope, plot armor states that they waited for him..

    It’s an interesting read at least until the final arc. Good smut but I’d rate this as 3.1/5

  9. Fizonel says:

    I think it has a manhwa too

  10. Fizonel says:

    I think it has a ongoing manhwa too

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